Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lot 1: Don Lothario

Ha, yah, hi everybody. Ya know who I am, right? I am known in Pleasantview as the young handsome doctor, up and coming. I like that. But because I am a doctor, I am also a chick magnet. Chicks love a young, single, handsome doctor. I have no trouble attracting' chicks into my personal space.

This is my girl Dina. She wants to marry money, and has let me know. Right now I don't have alot of cashola but that is comin' down the road. I haven't told her that though, she thinks I am loaded because I am a doctor. She is barkin' up the wrong tree. It is all I can do to keep the bills paid around this joint. But ya know what, she is alot of fun in the mean time. I'll take it as long as she'll give it!

This is her lovely red headed sister Nina. She and I seem to click. I mean, we have some chemistry. Every time I start feeling that comin' on I shove it to the back burner and just enjoy the lovely babe in front of me. Like, I don't want to settle down or anything! No sirree!

And this is the beautiful lady that cleans my house every day, Kaylynn. It's a shame, I am usually at work when she comes over to my house, but there are times when I can schedule a ride for her with ol' Don! So many ladies, so little time! I would be the happiest guy on earth if I could bed 20 plus ladies....that is my goal in life.

I keep an open mind about women. I love 'em all shapes sizes and colors. And I am always on the look out for new ones to get to know.

Er, oh yah. I need to mention this one. The girl dressed in the black shroud...errr...dress. This is Cassandra Goth. She is from the oldest family in Pleasantview, and somehow I got myself engaged to her. I was sort of attracted to her money bein' that my practice is still struggling. Yes, her father is loaded and they live in a big old moldy mansion on the edge of town. When I think about being married, my gut just twists up in knots. But I think about her dough. I tell myself it isn't any different than Dina wanting to be with me because she thinks I have money. Except Cassandra really has money.

That night she showed up in town when I was on the prowl meeting new women, she almost found me out. To make it seem like I was 'all about her' I took her into the changing booth...and well...gave her a few minutes with Don. But I sure didn't feel good about it. Is this a premonition of things to come?

DON'S WISHES - Of course, Don's wishes centered around dating, flirting, and woohooing. However, every time he spun up a wish to gain a skill point, I grabbed it. It was no problem getting Don's five wishes a day in. He actually gained two job promotions during this play. Don's LTW is to become a professional party guest. When that comes up on the computer, he will quit doctoring and become a partier. heh.