Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pleasantview, Round 5 - The Goth Mansion - Cassandra and Darren (Dreamer)

All Who Live Here:

Darren - Knowledge - LTW WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Beginning wishes:  Flirt with Brittany (Upsnot), learn lifelong happiness, kiss Brittany, and be BFF with Brittany.  First wish fulfilled:  Learned lifelong happiness.

Cassandra - Family - LTW Become Professional Party Guest - Beginning wishes:  Entertain, play with, hustle pool, reach TOC Slacker.  First wish fulfilled:  Entertain.

William - Knowledge - LTW - Become Mad Scientist - Beginning wishes:  Go to University, sneak out with townie Ian Vu, get into private school, and invite someone over.  First wish fulfilled: Invite someone over. thinks Darren has a fixation on Brittany. heh

Cassandra and Darren Dreamer
Darren puts the happiness book away just as Cassandra approaches him to tell him a joke.  When the lot was closed last round, he was just a hair away from learning all of life's happiness.. heh

Cassandra left for work, and Darren spun up 'Fall in love with Brittany'.  eeek!!!  I thought, how much fun can I have with that?  Darren always looks so stoic and serious.

Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie and Darren Dreamer
She won't even accept a flirt/charm action.  Ugh.  Their relationship is 95/65.  What is the matter with her???  However, the wish is locked in .  This might work out later.  Darren sends her packing right before William gets home from school.

Right after William got home from school, two new kittens were born to cats Cymmi and Alegra.  Heh.  Can you tell what movie was on my TV?  Cassie got home from work right around this time and sent the kitties off to the pound.

William gets into Private School Tuesday evening, fulfilling a wish.

Come Thursday, William's first want slot has not changed, not one iota, since Monday morning.  Go to college.  Erm.  He will be going.  Every day in the wee hours when Cassie wakes up, around 3 or 4 AM she spins up "Ask sim on date."  So she asks Darren...and that gets both of their wishes taken care of for the day.  This lot is going quickly, and not many pictures are getting taken.

Cassandra is showing these wishes:

Get TOC, well she has been off work for three days now.  Get kitties or puppies, and be bFF with Henry Goth.  She attempted to adopt a new pet, but the word came back there was no room in the house.  Cats are pregnant.  Not much can be done for Cassie this day, except take her off the lot.  So there she goes.  Sending her downtown helped, she rolled a 'make friends with...'. 

Darren and Cymmi
Since there are no children in the house to teach skills to, Darren constantly spins up that the cats should learn. 

Finally, spring hits, and Cassie rolls something different other than make BF with so and so and make BFF with so and so.  The dating wishes had stopped for two days, and she rolled nothing fulfillable.   She left home a couple of times to shake up wishes, but was being a difficult family Sim.   She finally rolled KISS, FLIRT, and ask on date.  Go you, Cassie! 

As soon as Darren gets Cymmi trained, go for it!!!  heh

Early in the wee hours on Saturday, cats  Cymmi and Natalie Caliente have three kittens.... Melvin, Ina, and Greta Goth.  They were immediately sent off.  Alegra the cat has aged to elderhood by now, and was allowed to stay in the homestead.   Natalie has become the new kitten mamma.

Alegra became so jealous of new kittens being born, she fought Natalie and lost...and was so upset she ran away. 

Being the cat lover in the house, Darren wants to call in his lost cat to the authorities.

William Dreamer and Dirk Dreamer
Saturday brings wishes to William to develop logic.  He sets out for downtown, where he meets up with his half brother Dirk.  I was surprised to see they had zero relationship, nice to get them together.  William is STILL showing a wish to attend to University.  It hasn't moved an inch, has not spun away once.

Natalie is now beating up her mate Cymmi....

And we end the week with William fulfilling wishes to learn anger management, and

Tiffany Zarubin
fulfilled a wish to obtain Garden Club membership.  Go you, William!  There was already a wishing well on the lot, however William craftily stuffed it into his backpack so another could be earned. 

William has already gone off to University!  (so I don't forget...haha)


Darren:  Ending Wishes:  Get hobby plaque in games (again), get struck by lightening, ask sim on date (locked) meet someone new.  Darren has never really turned me on me on much to play.  I relied on Cassie's wishes to date to get his 5 wishes a day in.  He ran a few wishes to buy stuff, and when spring hit, started wishing romantic type things.  Also wanted to spend time with Cymmi training him skills.

Cassie:  Ending Wishes:  Win a dance contest, get hobby plaque in music and dance, get TOC in Slacker, buy a modular synth.  Cassie wanted to date, date, date, but hit a couple of days where she decided she wanted her friends to be BF's for BFF's.  Saturday and Sunday she threw lots of wants to play intstruments. 

Didn't get William's ending wishes before he went to University.  He NEVER lost the wish to go to Uni.  Otherwise, wanted to get logic skill, learn life long happiness and anger management.  Could often be found playing with Cymmi and Alegra.

Alegra never came home after running away.  She doesn't have long to go before she dies, so I suspect she will come back right before she meets Grimmie.   Cymmi also aged.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pleasantview, Round 5 - Lothario - Don and Ivy

All Who Live Here:

Don - Romance - LTW - To Become A Criminal Mastermind.  First wishes:  Sell A Great Novel, Brittany the Cat gets promoted, woohoo in bed, and buy a painting worth $5,000.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Ivy - Knowledge - LTW - To Become A Criminal Mastermind.  First wishes:  Woohoo in bed, get a skill point, talk, invite someone over.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Emma - Grow Up - Be BF with Henry Goth, win a game against Henry, maximize charisma, win a game against Joseph Burb.  First wish fulfilled - Make friends with Robert Wolosenko.

Thomas - Grow Up - Grow up well, be tickled by Don, be played with by Don, and reach Mechanical 5. - First wish fulfilled -  Be played with/tickled by Don

Emma, Thomas, Don, Ivy
Monday night was Thomas's birthday.  Ivy and Don are throwing LOTS of woo hoo in bed wishes, and of course Don threw woohoo as soon as he got home from work.  Thus, all the kids in the Lothario household.  Thomas wants to spend lots of time with his mom and dad, but alas......they are always in bed 'doing it....'  hahaha!

Ivy, Gale, and Don
On Tuesday, another daughter is born to Don and Ivy, her name is Gale.

Don Lothario
Don keeps a wish to write a novel.  Who woulda thunk he always wanted to be a writer?  Well, being that he is an elder now and doesn't sleep so much, this is a great way to occupy his time.

Wednesday sees a snow day for the Lothario kids, and three new kittens are born to cats Brittany and Bailey.  They are immediately sent off to the animal shelter for adoption.

Bailey and Grimmie
Where there is life, there is also death.  While it was Bailey's kids' birthday, it was his death day.  A new mate will have to be found for Brittany the cat before Ivy  gets pregnant again.  (I am finding I like having animal breeding going on to help curb the human population).

Enter Tad Caliente from the Dina and Nina house.

Go you, Don!  On Thursday he gets TOC in the Criminal field, fulfilling another career.   New LTW - woohoo 20 Sims.  He has 11 woohoos to go.  Being that he has now fulfilled two LTWs, it wouldn't be worth any prosperity points.   At this point in time, he and Ivy keep rolling wishes to resurrect Bailey the cat.  Um.  I don't think so.

Ivy Lothario
In order to forget the pain of Bailey passing to the great pet beyond, Ivy decides to take a dip in the community pool.  Heh

Harry Burb and Thomas Lothario
Thomas and Emma didn't seem concerned about Bailey.  They continued to bring home friends from school, and fulfilling wishes by making friends.

Gale Lothario and Kendal Lawson
Good ol' Kendal Lawson was around to assist Gale with her birthday.  Mom and dad were busy out intimidating Law Enforcement in Pleasantview with their criminal masterminded ways.  Criminal Mastermind Don Lothario bilked the good citizens of Pleasantview out of $60,000 by NOT releasing the Doomsday Device. 

Round about Friday, some of Don's old romantic tendencies rolled up.  Meet someone new, public woohoo.  heh  Once a Romance Sim, always a Romance Sim.   Public woohoo was locked in, and he immediately ran outside to meet Christa Hsu who happened to be conveniently walking by.  Goodbye Christa, rush downtown with Ivy to woohoo.  Try for baby isn't an option, so the cats must be pregnant. 

Friday night, Ivy was sent home with a demotion.  It didn't seem to bother her much, at least she didn't get fired.  She does wish it would rain, or wants to go on oriental vacay, swing one of the kids around, or teach Gale a nursery rhyme.

Don Lothario and Melissa Fancey
Don had become quite the domestic with Ivy, (and loved her very much) however he longed for some of his old life.  He went to a little out of the way shop in Bluewater and called one of his old flames for a quickie date.  And other 'quickie' things.  ;)

I was hoping for some jealousy drama, but nothing happened.  But Melissa rollled a wish to fall in love with Don, and then to become engaged to him.  heh.  But being that she was not playable, she did not get that wish fulfilled.  (thank goodness, I don't necessarily like breaking up happy Sim families). 

Melissa Fancey
Apparently the date was good enough, Melissa dropped by an expensive date gift.  Don already has one of these so it was stowed in his backpack to give to one of his children later on.

Sunday three kittens were born.  Nick, Nora, and Asta Lothario.  Don got on the horn and called animal control to come get them.  The cats immediately tried for more kittens.  And they were successful at conceiving three more, as 'try for baby' was not an option for Don and Ivy later while fulfilling Don's wish to woohoo in the hot tub.

Emma, Gale, Ivy, Thomas, and Don
Sunday night saw a couple of birthdays.  Ivy is thinking about what just happened with Don out in the hot tub. heh

Emma (Copur)
Yes, Emma was born before her mom and dad had a chance to tie the knot.  She is a Pleasure Sim, and her LTW is 50 Dream Dates.  Ouch.  Well, look who her dad is.  The apple don't fall far from the tree.

Gale Lothario

Oh I like this combination.  Blue eyes with the CC dark purple hair.

Emma Copur
Makeover, pretty girl.  Again, look who her parents are.  Good genes.

Ivy and Don Lothario
And the week ends with the Lotharios in the back yard playing with the sphere...which Don had received many moons ago as a date gift from some beautiful woman.


Don:  Ending Wishes:  WooHoo ten Sims, be friends with townie Sadie Haggerty, sell a great  novel, get Gale into Private School.  Funny, at one point Ivy had spun up the same thing about Gale, but neither parent spun it up for Emma or Thomas.  Shows who they feel has the best chance of being successful. hahaha!    Don had lots of write/sell great novel wishes, he only succeeded at that once, although he has another novel in the works right now.  Otherwise, his romantic tendencies surfaced...lots of woohoo in bed/tub/car/public.  Never with anyone specific, unless it was car, then that was with Ivy. 

Ivy:  Ending Wishes:  Get Gale into Private School, get Logic 7, see a ghost, and be saved from death.  Ivy spun up lots of skilling wishes, and when the children were toddlers wanted to teach THEM skills.  Occasionally spun up to kiss/flirt with Don.

Emma:  Ending Wishes:  Flirt/Ask Sim On Date/Go Steady/Be Flirted With.  Heh.  One of her childhood (boy) friends aged up with her, so in case she doesn't meet anyone before next round that she can start dating with, he will be the one.   She wanted to interact with Brittany the cat alot, show love, ect.  Otherwise she wanted to constantly call people up on the phone and make friends, be swung around, ect.

Thomas:  Ending Wishes:  Be Bf with Edward Dreamer, get A+ report card, grow up well, and jump rope.  Thomas wanted to skip rope every day, play with the cats, call up/spend time with friends, and wanted to spend time with his mother.

Gale:  Ending Wishes:  Make a friend, learn anger management, learn physiology, get A+ report card.  As a toddler she wanted interaction with her parents, and could be seen grabbing one of the cats at any given time and snuggling.

That is it for round 5!  Keep on simmin'!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Veronaville University Update Round 2

All Who Live Here:  Desdemona Capp and (adopted) Spencer Monty, Ariel Capp.

Strange that Knowledge Sim Bottom Summerdream did not roll University enough to be sent.  Maybe in round 3.

YA Cole Shin and Desdemona Capp
The first year of play, it was only Desdemona. She seemed socially inept, struck out with every Sim she approached to make friends. She was given the cold shoulder at every turn. Silly Freshmen!

At this point she decided to pick up where she left off back in Veronaville, and work on getting her tinkering badge.  She slides into the Zone, and gets her gold in robotics.

She gets into the zone while getting her gold in flower making...she figured she should spruce up her looks too, and used some of the money she earned selling robots and flowers to get a new haircut and clothes. 

She finishes her freshman year full of confidence, and still carrying a wish that her Pop Sim sister Ariel would join her in University. I usually ignore those 'I want so and so to come to University' wishes, but being that Ariel has been given the shaft on wish fulfilling and had miserable parties back in the hood, she joined Desdemona, as did Spencer Monty. I went back and read over the blog, and realized that Spencer needed to go as well. heh.

Spencer Monty
First wishes for Knowledege Sim Spencer upon entering University:  go to class, study with someone, do term paper, and do homework.  The first thing Spence did was get new clothes.  I couldn't bring myself to snap his picture when he first made it to the lot.  *shudder*.  Here he gets a needed creativity skill before he can do his term paper.  Yes, he does have a bit of a belly, due to his mom's (Isabella Monty) great cooking.

Pop Sim Ariel's first wishes - brother Hal goes to University, get into greek house, first kiss, and go to class.

Spencer Monty, YA townie Trisa Futa, Desdemona Capp
In an unusual move, Fortune Sim Desdemona spun up 'have party' in the middle of winter. Heh, and so it was. Naturally, the next thing she spun up was 'woohoo'. There was no one she as in love with. So it was locked in, the party commenced, it was a good party, the cops had to come and break it up. Her eyes cast upon Spence Monty, thinking he might be a good public woohoo candidate, being that they had two bolts and all, but there was no love between the two. Aha. Sims do not have to be in love to public woohoo. ;)

Spence Monty is not all good....

Ariel Capp and Spencer Monty
 Spence:  Hey Looky over there.....(While I stick all my darts right in the middle of the bulls eye)

Spence:  Now I will just sneak back to the line...


Spence:  Heheheh!

Ariel:  Oh my, oh my, I will never beat this....

Spence:  Yeah, I'm bad...I'm bad...

This is something I didn't know was possible in this game. Cheating at darts.

Townie Avri Tomyoy and Desdemona Capp
 Desdemona meets the Streaker...and influences him to...

Desdemona Capp and Avri Tomyoy
Do her homework..fuliflling a wish for her.

Spencer Monty, Desdemona Capp
Looks like another Monty/Capp romance.  At the end of her sophomore year, and the first day of Spring, Desdemona spins up 'be flirted with'.  Naturally her old lover Spence was on hand.  The two immediately fell in love.  This instigated an avalanche of Spence wishes.

Sophomore year started for Spence, and he begins wishing for family and friends to join him in University.  I don't think so, if I can get around it.  heh  He is throwing lots of wishes otherwise to play games, even though his chosen hobby is Music and Dance.  A ballet barre magically appeared in the dorm to maybe tempt him, but he has no interest.  heh

Heh.  While fulfilling a talk to Spencer wish, Desdemona spins up 'get engaged to Spencer'.   That immediately took precedence over the 'flirt' wish locked in.  And so it was!!!

For some reason, Desdemona received a negative engagement memory. She is a Fortune Sim.  hmmm.....

Spencer Monty
Heh.  Why do Knowledge Sims want to be struck by lightening?  I rarely am able to get this wish fulfilled.  :)  Time to hit the energizer, buddy!

Ariel Capp
Oh my goodness, this made me LOL.  Here, Ariel gets a wish fulfilled for having a good reputation. How, you may ask?  She chose her sister Desdemona to tell a joke to in order to get the wish fulfilled.  However, Desdemona was on her way to the bathroom.  So, Ariel just stands there in front of the bathroom door, staring, waiting for Des to come out..  I think, gee, this is awkward.  So I convince Ariel she should at least move away a bit to give Des room to come out.  BAM.  The Get Good Reputation wish is fulfilled.  I guess a Sim can get a good reputation for not stalking another Sim in the bathroom. heh  While I am sure that probably isn't the reason the wish was fulfilled without Ariel actually doing anything, it is funny to think it is.

Spencer Monty and Todd Gergis
Spence reaches maximum enthusiasm in Music and Dance, his chosen hobby.  Yes, he finally found his way to the ballet barre, however despite all this dancing and exercise, he still has a belly. 

Spencer Monty
Learns fire safety.

Desdemona Capp and Nerissa Inada
In her senior year, Des gains the Science award, fulfilling a major wish.

Trevor Nagai and Ariel Capp
In her Junior year, Ariel wins the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts, fulfilling wishes.

Spencer Monty
Go you, Spencer!

Spencer Monty
Learned couples counseling.....

Desdemona Capp
Gets gold badge in pottery.....

And Des graduates, top of the class.  At this point she realizes she can choose a subaspiration, and rolls Popularity.   Buh-bye, Des!

Des wished to blog about mechanical and science, and to gain skills.  Occasionally wanted to talk about her hobbies.  She will need to patch things up with her grandpa Consort, as he is furious with her for peeking at him through the telescope. 

Dj Verse, Monica Bratford, Jessie Philferson, and Ariel Capp
At the beginning of her senior year, Ariel tries to get into the Greek House.  Although her wish for it had long spun away, she decided to play catch up and try for it.

She easily won the Greek House, and become Big Sim On Campus as well.  Go you, Ariel!  This is a far cry from he days back at home when the only attendees to her parties was her Grandpa Consort.

Ariel Capp and Grimmie
 Ariel also meets the Grim Reaper when pleading for Spencer's life.  And, she wins.

Grimmie, Spencer Monty and Ariel Capp
Spencer was showing the irritating 'be saved from death wish' that Knowledge Sims are want to throw...and would not shake it.  And so it was.  Spence gets a cool 8,000 aspiration points deposited into the coffers.

Spencer Monty
Spencer receives another large deposit of aspiration points when he maxed all skills practicing Charisma in the  mirror.  As a Knowledge Sim, this is a Power Want, and is Prosperity points.

Jordan Cormier, Gwen Johnson (suffering from the the dormie-ghosty syndrome), Angie Gray, Spencer Monty, and Ariel Capp
And, the  night before finals, Spencer gets abducted.   I had never had an abduction in University, EVER, so Spencer was benevolent enough to exercise his 'Summon Aliens' perk for me  so I could have one.  heh

Ariel graduates...

Spencer graduates... (must get him to the store...ugh.....)

And the three pool their Uni loot and buy this charming two building lot in Veronaville. 

It was the usual type with someone, smustle, blog about hobbies, skill, do research with someone/go to class, ect, ect, ect. 

Spencer earned:  Hobby plaque in Music and Dance (and an Alien Abudction).

Ariel earned:  Hobby plaque in  Arts and Crafts, gold badge in Toymaking.  24 friends, 3 best friends, and 16 best friends forever, Big Sim On Campus, and Greek House.

Desdemona earned:  Hobby plaques in Tinkering, Arts and Crafts, and Science.  Gold badges in Flower Arranging, Pottery, and Robotics. 

This ends this round in Veronaville.  Round 2 scoring:

Keep on Simming!