Sunday, April 29, 2012

Round 3, Lot 4 - Broke (Ebadi)

All Who Live Here - Brandi, LTW - To Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens, Tyson, LTW - , Beau, LTW - to Become A Professional Party Guest, and Charles - To Become A Professional Party Guest

Here we are again in Brandi (Broke) Ebadi's house. This is how it starts -

Brandi - Play with Don, make BFF with Don, entertain, and reach logic level 7
Tyson - Get fit, earn some money, get bronze fishing badge, and catch a largemouth bass
Beau - Go to university, go out with Brenda, go out with Opal, sneak out with Opal
Charles - Get an A, grow up well, get cleaning point 7, and play with Dustin

Let's get started. :)

Tyson - First wish fulfilled - earn some money via Dustin's money tree.

Brandi - Frist wish fulfilled - Play with Don, when she got home from work

Beau - Spun new wishes upon coming home from school. Made friends with George Caliente.

Charles - Meet someone new (Ivy Copur, when he went downtown to get a phone after growing up)

Meet Pleasantview's newest Romance Sim - Charles Broke. Think of it, Brandi the Family Sim spawned two Romance Sims. ha. Charles's LTW - To Become A Professional Party Guest. Doable!

On Tuesday, Tyson's chosen career field came up on the computer. Go you, Tyson! Also on Tuesday....

Suzi and Jake's puppies are born....finally got some puppies born in Pleasantview. *whew* These puppies are named after old time movie stars. Two of them happen to be in a movie that was currently showing on the TV while I was playing the game. (The movie was 'Song Of The Thin Man'). Can you guess what their names are in real life? (OLD black and white movies.....) Errr wait. 'Wayne' is the LAST name of the movie star I was thinking of. Heh.

By Wednesday I was starting to see big differences in the two Romance brothers. Charles seemed to be having good luck with the he dates cashier Michele Kearney...everyday wishes for dates, flirts, ect...

Beau wishes for nothing but logic and creativity skill points. However, he lost the "Go To College" wish for only a few hours, then spun it back. So far it has stuck. We will see, he may be going to University. Last round he was the romantic with Lucy Burb and Brenda Wong. Has had no thoughts of them this round, at all.

Awww! Poor Jake didn't deserve this! Why, all he did was give that 'lil 'ol skunk a That skunk looks like he is enjoying this, huh.

See is Thursday. These are the type of wishes that Beau is spinning up. What happened to impressing the girls? Dating? (University??) And his LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest??? His one true hobby is Music and Dance. I thought maybe it was Arts and Crafts. Duh. Hmmmm...trying to figger this out.

Ah well. In the meantime, Brandi gets her TOC...yay! And she chooses Pleasure for her second aspiration. Good for you, Brandi! And, all the puppies have grown up, and sent off to the pound. That is six dogs down for Brandi's LTW, 14 to go.

Marilyn Broke....

William, Wayne, and Myrna Broke. heh Brandi immediately influences Jake and Suzi to try for more pups.

Saturday meant a family excursion to the park. Tyson wanted to fish...

Charles hooked up with his bud John Caliente and talked about girls...

Brandi had a burning desire to max out logic skill.... (yes I do have the skill on community lots hack. I think it is moronic game behavior to not allow this).

And Beau finally spun up something different that wasn't skill or hobby related. Ask Sim on a date! So he calls up his steady Brenda Wong. They have a two bolt relationship. I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with him.


Sunday was spent with Tyson giving financial advice on the computer to fulfill a wish to make X amount of money, he also trained Suzy to roll over to fulfill his wish for her to get a promotion next time she goes to work.

Brandi reached max logic skill and continued along the logic avenues to get the Science hobby plaque but isn't there yet....having fulfilled a TOC in Law Enforcement (Captain Hero), she switched to Criminal (haha) so she could be the same as her love, Tyson.

Beau received the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts and a gold badge in flower arranging, fulfilling wishes...secondary aspiration is Knowledge. Did get an after school job in the Slacker field.

Charles stopped rolling romance type wants and wanted to make friends, and maxed out cooking skill. Secondary aspiration is Fortune. Got an after school job in the Slacker field.

I realized that the 'go to College' wish is triggered whenever a skill is maxed, or a hobby plaque is earned. Both Charles and Beau spun it at these times, but it didn't stick. Beau will not be attending University, even though his secondary aspiration is Knowledge. He got this right at the end of the round, and really didn't have time to roll any Knowledge type wishes. We will see how Charles does next round with a secondary of Fortune.

See the Brokes in Round four when they move to a bigger house! yeah!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Round 3, Lot 3 - Caliente

All who live here - Dina, LTW - To Become Head of the SCIA, Nina, LTW - To Have 20 Simultaneous Loves, John Caliente - Grow Up, George Caliente - Grow Up

First Wishes:

DINA: Minnie gets a promotion, and teaching the cats various commands
NINA: Make friends with Douglas, Minnie gets a promotion, talk to somebody, get a logic skill point
JOHN: Play with Nerissa, make BF with Charles Broke, get a skill point, and reach cleaning level three
GEORGE: Infant.

Well the first thing that happened, John ran out the door to school, so any wishes for him will wait. Nina convinced Minnie and Andy to mate, so more kittens are on the way for the neighborhood, then she left for work as a Home Video Editor. Dina went to bed, her energy was bottomed out.

Nina arrived home from work when I wasn't looking, I was working with John to get some wishes out of the way for him, when a notice pops up. Apparently Nina answered the phone. It was an invitation to go out on a date. Well, bein' that she is a Romance Sim, she immediately agreed, even though she was dog tired from work. She had dated this guy last round.

When she had public woo-hoo with him, (remember the wish to woo-hoo is never ignored in Pleasantview) she spun up engagement. What the heck? First Don Lothario, and now Nina. Good grief! What is happening to all the Romance Sims?? Soooo alrighty then! She will get engaged. But it will probably not carry through to marriage. Erm. Look at all those marriage fears she has!

So the deed is done, Nina is engaged to what's his name....Nery Hutchins. She immediately influences the Count to bite Abhijeet Deppiesse's neck, just because. I am ready for vampiric activity in this hood. And I don't like Abhijeet.

Mr. Big and The Diva also fall in crush, all on their own. I thought it was cute.

John fulfills wishes by getting a new womrat and playing with him.

John's half brother George grows up to toddler...George's daddy is Daniel Pleasant. Looks like he's got his mom's pretty green eyes.

A-HAH! Minnie the workin' mom cat gives birth to three more kittens...Tad, Doris, and Jean. :) Nina calls animal control and has them carted off right away.

On Wednesday, Nina and Don's son John grows up. Just what this neighborhood needs, another Fortune Sim! His LTW - To Become A Prestdigitator. Erm. At least it isn't Own 5 Top Businesses. *relief* But oh my goodness, what a handsome boy! *fans self* He wanted cleaning skills upon grow up, and to teach Minnie a command. Plus, he wants private school! I am not surprised by that.

On Friday, George grew up. Isn't he a cutie pie? His first wishes were to make friends with Dina, get 7th logic skill, make BFF with his mom, and scold Minnie. When I saw "scold Minnie", I thought, what the heck??? Hummmmm..then when it came time for everybody to sleep, the expensive sleigh bed upstairs was a pile of rubble. Bad Minnie!

Nina! What were you doing while Minnie was destroying the bed? The ONE AND ONLY DOUBLE BED in the house? Erm? Whut? Surely not gardening....OOoohhh okay I understand. There are four people crammed into the tiny Caliente home, and only the double bed and the single bed. Ahem. Well, since I played the Asylum Challenge where everything is in shortage, I figured out how to play a house with shortages everywhere. There is always somebody up all night since sleeping space is a premium. Heh. It was YOUR night to stay up, huh Nina???

On Friday George and John play water balloon together to fulfill a wish for George, and to bring up John's fun before the headmaster paid his visit. The score was 95....with zero points in the schmooze department. BJ Ryan didn't wanna hear anything anybody had to say. Sparkling salmon was served, thanks to the natural ingredients put in the fridge due to Dina's gardening efforts. BJ LOVED that, he gave it 45 points. Naturally once the boys got into private school, John rolled 'go to college' and hasn't lost it. He will be going.

I love this scene of Nina having breakfast with her boys on Saturday morning before an excursion to the park. George had a wish to go fishing. Dina has been difficult with her wishes. Due to prior wishes of getting Minnie and Andy jobs, they were never around for her to fulfill teaching them commands. And, it seems she wanted them to learn things that had nothing to do with their jobs. Grrrr! So my only other alternative was to grab her wishes when she hit a streak of wanting to buy things, then selling them the next day. Oy! It was apparent that she wasn't going to look for a man.

Dina occasionally threw wishes to skill, when it came to promoting for her job. I grabbed them when they came up. Here, both George and Dina want a logic point. My intention with this hood was to use the String Me method for job promotions, but that is pretty tuff to do when the Fortune or Knowledge Sim wants to skill, skill, skill and it will fulfill wishes to get them!

Nina's LTW is to have 20 loves. So she has spent quite a bit of time making friends from the wishing well. Here she happens to get all girls. Erm. Eventually, she will fall in love with 20 Sims. She is about halfway there now.

While making friends with these Sims, the 'network' interaction came up. I love to see this. Usually it means my Sim will bet getting a promotion, or getting something uber expensive to have as a sample. yay! This particular network notification will help move Nina toward TOC, which is points for the Prosperity Challenge.

John has a wish to see Andy get promoted. Well buster, it will be your responsibility to teach him the needed skills then!

Late Saturday afternoon, Nina rolled a wish to woohoo with 10 Sims. This doesn't usually roll unless the Sim is darn close to the goal. So she went downtown to get a woohoo from this young man, Daryl Chan, at the Spa. Let's hope Risky doesn't see fit to make her pregnant, as she consistently shows a fear of it. She goes home.

At this point, my laptop loses connection with the router. GRRRRRrrrr....and I can't update this blog whilst I play. So I go off to figure it out. Windows 7 can't fix it...but anyhow, I forget to pause the game. Hrumph. when I finally get the connection going again, it is a real time hour later, and late Sunday afternoon in the game. And the game is paused because Minnie and Andy's kittens were born, and the game is waiting for a response from me to name them.

So here they are. :) Named after some of my favorite old time movie actors/actresses. (Walter Pigeon, Ginger Rogers, and Eve Arden) lol Nina picks up the phone and has them shipped off to the pound.

And here is where we leave the Caliente household for this round. Dina working in her garden.


Dina: Seemed to fall off the map this round. Since she broke things off with Don, she seemed really one dimensional. Buy things, skill for job, wish for the pets to get promoted. Hum...I think I will have to find a way to spice things up for her next round. Ends the round with - Max hobby enthusiasm in Nature, max cleaning skill, get a juicer, and Andy gets promoted.

Nina: Was tons of fun as usual. Lots of dating, woohooing and making friends. Really doesn't give a whit about her job, but is currently showing a wish to TOC in Slacker field. She will get it, because her friend promised it to her. Ends the round with - TOC in Slacker field, make BFF with Lainey and Robin, and woohoo 20 Sims.

John: Not so much wishing to buy things in the Fortune Sim way, but did spin up wishes to make money, for the pets to promote, and skill. Threw a couple of wishes to do things with his little brother George. Ends the round with Make BFF with Dina, Minnie and Andy get promoted, and buy an MP3 player.

George: Wanted logic skills, to go fishing, and interactions with Minnie and Andy. Ends the round with - Get an A, give love to Minnie, give love to Natalie (kitten from last round) and play computer game.

All in all, a fun round~!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Round 3, Lot 2 - The Goth Mansion

All Who Live Here: Cassandra Dreamer - LTW to become Captain Hero, Darren Dreamer - LTW to Become Head of SCIA, Alexander Goth - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens, William Dreamer - LTW To Grow Up

First Wishes:

Cassandra - To play a video game
Darren - To Invite Someone Over
Alexander - to Play With Womrat
William - To Talk To Darren

Erm. So okay, all those first wishes were easy to fullfill, for Cassandra and Alexander it was after they arrived home from work/school. Darren had the day off, and spent it doing things with William. These two felines above are the children of Alexander's cats, Cymmi and Alegra. They grew up 4 hours after I opened the lot.

And as soon as they had their birthday, Darren picked up the phone and sent them off to the pound. That is four cats down, 16 to go for Alexander.

Starting Monday afternoon, Darren had constant thoughts about doing things with Daniel Pleasant. Talk to Daniel. Play with Daniel. This continued on Tuesday. Here Darren wishes to beat Daniel at a game. Geesh! Sometimes the things the game comes up with bewilder me. Darren won this game! That is another wish I never let my Sims fulfill. I just find it to be worthless.

Here Darren visits Games of Glory where he attempts to win a gaming competition against George McCarthy.....

And da winnah is...........! Not that Darren needs the money, but still!

Shortly after Darren's huge victory over George McCarthy at the sweaty keyboards, Casssandra has a victory of her own. She is now Captian Hero, and is now and forever more happy. Her new LTW - *drum roll* To Become A Professional Party Guest. Err..where did this come from for a Family Sim? Cassie also chose her secondary aspiration this day. She is now half Pleasure Sim. :) Good for you Cassie, you deserve some fun! What did she wish for on this momentous day?

She wants a water balloon fight, to go on a date, play a computer game, and to stargaze. I like it! Well, since Darren is at work and she can't date, she will play a computer game.

Another kitten is born, Josette Goth. YAY!

Alexander ages to adult on Wednesday, and throws immediate wishes to flirt, and to move out. So off he goes to the wishing well to wish for romance. He gets a girl from Twiki Island, and a just has he turns to her to get a lil' lovin', Gunther Goth pops out of the well and scares the pee out of him. hehehe! But that didn't stop him at all..he turned to this island girl and kissed the livin' daylights out of her!

So, Alexander is immediately drunk with love, and throws a wish to get engaged to Daisey..err...what's her name....McCarthy. So be it! Even though I know he has the witchery spell of the well cast over him right now. Ummm, even Sims get bitten by the love bug..poked with Cupid's arrow...smitten with love at first sight. So I will assume this is so with Alexander. Maybe it will work! *shrug*

We know how it is with Family Sims. As soon as the engagement is done, they wanna get hitched right away! Being that there is a wedding arch all handy like out in the Goth garden, Alexander and Daisey high tail it to stand under the Wedding Arch of Love.

Daisy is a Family Sim with an LTW of 6 neighborhood bloating grandchildren. Alrighty then. That is doable!

And....Alexander and Daisy move out right away, with new kitten Josette in tow. Mortimer watches his only son and his new wife leave to start their own lives.

On Friday, I was delighted to see Mary Pleasant come home on the bus with William. I just love this little girl!!!!

On Sunday, William spun up a wish to go fishing, so Darren took him to the park. Darren spun up a wish to get the gaming hobby plaque, (no wonder with all those gaming challenges he spun up this round) so he sat down to play chess, and along comes Dirk to sit down with him.

But poor William was catching nothing but boots. hehe

On Sunday afternoon, Alegra delivered three more kittens, who Darren immediately sent off to the pound for one of the other kitten breeders in Pleasantview breeders to use. And more kittens are on the way! Yay!

And so that is where we leave the Dreamers, living in the Goth Mansion.


Darren - Darren finishes out the week as a Double Agent in the SCIA career field. At the beginning of the week, he wanted to spend time with friends, but when the gaming wishes were fulfilled, he threw a wish for the gaming hobby plaque, and then from that point on it was all gaming related wishes. Blog about, play, ect. He also became the caretaker of the garden, as his one true hobby is Nature. He spun up a wish to make a wish after the old gypsy came by, and he chose platinum aspiration. I figured why make him wait, he was almost at TOC anyway.

Cassie - Before she took on her second aspiration of Pleasure, she threw skill related wishes, and wishes to spend time with Rainbow the bird, and Blackie the womrat. Rainbow died, and she then wanted to clean the cage. The cage was then deleted. Once she became 1/2 Pleasure Sim, her wishes were much easier with wanting to date every day. She also wanted to do things with William. She finishes out the week as a gas station attendant in the Slacker field. Her second desired field came up on the computer on Friday.

William - wanted to fish and find bugs. Occasionally wanted to tell his mom a joke. Sounds like a kid!

Have fun, everybody!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Round 3, Lot 1 - Lothario

All who live here - Don Lothario - LTW to become a Hall Of Famer

Well Don really disappointed me when I first opened the lot. All generic wants....

He fulfilled a want to talk by calling up his fiancee, Dina. He immediately threw a wish to flirt with her. yeah!

Returning home from work, he gets a promotion, thanks to some string pulling from Toby. Who is Toby? Hahaha, no matter! Don spins up new wishes, to ask a Sim out on a Date. he calls up Dina again, and that is all she wrote for the day. Dina came rushing over. When oh when are you going to wish to marry Don and tame this beast, woman!

But Don is having none of that marriage stuff. Each time he dates Dina or anyone else for that matter, he instantly rolls a fear of being married to Dina. This day he rolled a wish to ask a Sim out on a date. However, Dina was at work, and stayed there for a while. So Don calls up Sandy Fairchild, the arranged date from last round that Marylena Hamilton set up for him. Don and Sandy have a three bolt relationship, and they have fallen in love during this date.

Here Don dates Ivy Copur. He did it while hungry, and decided to take her to eat at Botanical Gardens. I love that restaurant.

While there, Dina catches them..awww! Just when they were loving each other again. Don tries to make up by kissing her, and she would have none of that!

And Dina (boolpropped) broke up with him. Yeah, I grew tired of dragging out this thing between Dina and Don. His roving ways kept her at arms length, she kept catching him. I could have waited and staged it during the coming Caliente update, but I figured to get it out of the way now. heh And...Don had his five wishes in for the day via his date with Ivy. Erm. *shrug* So I felt I could have a little fun. hehe

As soon as Don broke up with Dina, he immediately rolled wishes to have dream dates with all of these ladies, and to meet someone new. Geesh! Since he already had his five wishes in that day, he went home instead of seeking out any more dates.

However before he left, he decided to approach Nina and say hello. She wouldn't have any of Don either! She turned her back to him....poor Don!!!! Your tawdry reputation is catching up with you! (Don did this on his own. heh)

After the embarrassing scene at the restaurant, Don went home and played The Sims 3 on his computer for a while, to bring his spirits up. He was pretty sad. In the early evening, Ivy calls him up and asks him out again. Don already had his 5 wishes in for the day, but he decides to go out with Ivy again. Good for you Don!

They go to the place that looks like a 50's diner...what is it called...Reds?? They dance, have pictures taken in the photo booth, kiss...and Don asks Ivy back to his house. He is feeling like maybe he likes Ivy a little bit. Don and Ivy arrive at Don's house, and decide to get to know each other a little better.

After woo-hoo... BAM! Look what Don rolls. Do you think he is crazy? Or has he just been worked over by those Caliente sisters one too many times? Or has he simply hit a low point and will agree to just about anything? Who knows. But I am running with it! Ivy and Don have two bolts. I think this is crazy. I love it!!!! At this point, Ivy leaves exclaiming it is late. Don will have to wait to ask her to marry him.

The next day, the deed is done. Don looks happy in this picture.

And Ivy brought quite a nice dowry with her! Ya didn't do too badly Don! Not as good as Cassie Goth, but you got something, anyway!

I have never played Ivy Copur before, didn't know she is a Knowledge Sim. I find it odd she and Don have two bolts. Her first wishes: Gain a skill, invite someone over, get fit, and talk to somebody. Her LTW: To Become A Criminal Mastermind. hehe!

Don is having regrets, second thoughts, even though Ivy has just attacked him with a great make out kiss. Geesh, Don!

On Friday, Ivy's desired career field comes up on the computer. She will be working 5 - 1 which is great, Don works days in the Athletic career field, and will be able to have dates in the house in the evenings without much trouble, hopefully.

ASimWen: Good for you Don! What is your new LTW?

Don: Why thank you, ASimWen! As for my new LTW, I think I will follow in my one true love's footsteps, and become a Criminal Mastermind!!! And, I think I will pick up Fortune as my secondary aspiration!

ASimWen: Well Ivy, what do you think?

Ivy: I think I like being up here on the third story of *my* new house and painting while I wait for the baby to come.

ASimWen: Yanno Ivy, you will probably have lots of babies with the way Don likes to woo-hoo alot and all.

Ivy: That's okay. I am much younger than Don. I can handle it.

ASimWen: The question is, can you handle Don? Can you make him marry you?

Ivy: I am sure I can. Just you wait.

And that is where we end it for this round!


Don - Don's wishes were the typical Don type wishes. X number of loves, public woo-hoo, that sort of thing. Then he spun up to get engaged to Ivy. I never woulda thunk it. But now I think this was just a rebound thing after getting rejected by both Caliente sisters back to back. When Don and Ivy completed the engagement, I realized Don hadn't rolled his second aspiration yet (as I was having so much fun with his romantic type wishes) I thought this was probably a good time to do it bein' that he was gonna be a family man now, and all. So now he wants cars and musical instruments, but still rolls 'ask Sim on a date' every day. Still the same ol' Don under there!

Ivy - I am pleased to be playing Ivy Copur, I never have before. She had gotten a make over from one of the many Fortune Sims in the hood who wished for the Stylist chair. Ivy's wishes were mainly for skills, but when Don would wish up a date, her 5 wishes a day easily were easily accomplished.