Saturday, March 31, 2012

Round 2, Lot 2: Goth Mansion

All who live here: Darren Dreamer- LTW to become Head of the SCIA, Cassandra Dreamer - LTW to become Captain Hero, Alexander Goth - To Raise 20 puppies or kittens. Ugh.

First wishes: Darren: Get a skill point/mechanical skill point Cassandra: To play with a relative. Alexander: To play with DON LOTHARIO.

On this day, Darren's job field in the SCIA finally comes up. He takes a job as a gumshoe. Finally! Cassandra is still harboring a wish for a child, so she and Darren will work on that. Alexander was showing a wish for Uni. If he keeps it for a while, then he will go.

Anyway, when Alexander gets home from school, he calls Don. If you will remember in the prior update, he and Don became friends over the telephone. Now Alexander wishes to keep the friendship going by inviting Don over for some social time.

Next it was his buddy Dirk Dreamer. Already I am thinking Alexander might be an easier play this time around than last. Once Alexander spent time with friends, he fell into skilling mode. Yay for that!

And so it goes! Cassandra hit a streak where she wanted to be extremely good friends with Melissa Fancey..( of Don's loves) and having interaction with Melissa kept Cassie in a good enough mood to use the keep her going for her pregnancy. Yes, Risky had mercy on Cassie and decided to give her a baby. She got pregnant on Monday night, and it seemed to be a rough pregnancy. Constant sickness, running for the toilet. Twins perk is turned on for her. *fingers crossed*.

Of course Darren being a Knowledge Sim, it is skilling for him too. This makes for easy play, but boring. Fast play. That is good. Alexander loses the wish for Uni on Tuesday. And the cats Cymmi and Alegra get pregnant. Yay for Alexander's LTW!

And here they are! The first pets born in this neighborhood so far.

Alexander throws wishes every now and then for the cats, but usually to teach them commands. I am glad he finally wants to be friends with them. heh

And it is only one baby for Cassie and Darren. Meet William Dreamer. Looks like he has his daddy's blue eyes.... :) Momma's skintone. (I can't help it, I still love to look at the genetics. I guess that is my habit from my days playing Prosperity Falls).

Oh looky...Tyson Ebadi has come home from work with Cassie. He is in love with Brandi Broke. I hope to move him in with her this round and fulfill all kinds of wishes for her.

And William ages up. Cute kid!

And...we end the round with Alexander joining the Garden Club and winning the wishing well. I didn't stop to think that the person making the call to the Garden Club is the one that gets the membership. Cassie is the one who wanted the garden plots and orchard trees. Ah well.


Darren: Played the part of the typical Knowledge Sim. Skill, skill skill. He stayed in plat pretty much the whole time. When William aged up to toddler he immediately spun up wishes to teach William his toddler skills. Just as I was leaving the lot, he maxed his skills. Go you, Darren!

Cassie: During her pregnancy, she rolled lots of wishes to make friends with so and so. Thank goodness there wasn't alot of blogging and such going on. Then it was to make friends with all of Alexander's cats. When spring hit, she spent a day or so wanting romantic interactions with Darren.

Alexander: Only spun up University three times, and the wish didn't 'stick'. Since it didn't stick, he will not be going to Uni. When he grows up, I will probably have to watch him cry about it for a while, but oh well. He spent the early part of the week visiting with friends, then he wanted to skill. Occasionally he threw a wish to make friends with so and so, or interactions with his cats. He was much easier to play this round than last. He did have an interesting date with Lilith Pleasant at the park, but nothing came of it. Yes, the spring romance bug bit him too, so I sent him right out to find a girl. The only one around was Lilith. And even though his relationship with her was 8/0 and a negative bolt, she accepted a date with him. Hahaha!

William: Wanted and received toddlers skills, thanks to Darren. Then it was all interactions with his mom and dad.

What fun the Goth house was this time!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rnd 2, Lot 1: Lothario

We start out the new round visiting Don. Good ol' fun loving Don. Don wants to call both Dina and Melissa Fancey over, and dance with both of them. However, the car pool will be by in an hour so he will put that off getting any wishes fulfilled until he gets home from work. It will be interesting to see what he wants then.

He arrived home, having lost a charisma skill point due to a bad chance card, so no promotion for Don. He sill wanted to dance with both women. So over comes Dina....dances. Says goodbye. Over comes Melissa Fancey, dances, says goodbye. Once again wants to invite over Dina. Calls her again. Once she gets to the house, he loses interest in her, and now wants to be friends with Alexander Goth and Coral Oldie. Whut????

Okey dokey. Being that we have one more wish for the day to fulfill, he gets on the phone to befriend Alexander, brother to the woman he left at the alter.

The next day was Tuesday, and Don is off work. He continues to want to 'make friends with' Coral Oldie, or wants to have a party. So far Don has not rolled any romantic type wishes. Odd. So he makes friends with Coral via the telephone, then wants to make friends with Ryan Wheeler. ?? MMMkay. So he gets on the phone with Ryan. Whilst talking to Ryan, here comes Coral ringing his doorbell. Does Don answer the door right away? Nope. Becuase he is also showing a wish to flirt with Coral, and I really didn't want him doing that.

Well, my bad. He makes friends with Ryan, and all he spins up is flirt with Coral, or be BF with Alexander, Ryan and Coral. So I sigh...he calls Coral, and she refuses to come over. Her physic advisor is against it. No more wishes for Don this day. Only two fulfilled. Should have opted to let him have a party, lots of wishes could have been fulfilled.

FINALLY Wednesday, he spins up a wish to date. So he calls his fiancee...Dina. They go downtown to the Botanical something something restaurant. As soon as they get out of the taxi, Don lays a big one on Dina...she immediately falls in love with Don, but she thinks about Daniel Pleasant while she does it. hehehe!

As the game is want to do, the chick that Don has been giving alot of thought to lately magically shows up. Melissa. She gets mad at Don, but I manageded to avoid a slap fest. I didn't want to spoil his date with Dina. The date goes well, Don invites Dina back to his place for woohoo.

Thursday brings Don a promotion to MVP, and Marylena Hamilton comes home from work with him. I figure, here is another potential date. Uh-huh. She wants to set him up with a blind date right away. So Sandy Fairchild enters the scene. Turns out he has three bolts with her, and he immediately throws a 'get married to Dina' fear.

He really needs to stop being afraid of Dina. She brought him this kewl Dance-o-sphere as a thanks for the good time present. She must be doing alright with that home business of hers.

On Friday, Don brings home Marylena Hamilton again, but this time he has thoughts of flirting with her, while at the same time wanting to be best friends. He fell in crush with her right after the flirt, and now endeavors to make her his best friend. And it works, he manages to get in his five wishes this day.

Saturday brings the first day of spring, and Don's romantic thoughts triple up. He wants to date. So, he calls up his fiancee, Dina. The date was great...easy to get 5 wishes in this day. However, I have not seen Don roll 'get married'. LOL Don't think that will ever happen.

Monday morning finally rolls around. What Don? You don't want to clean up your dishes from supper the night before? Oh well! That look on your face makes me think you know what your future holds at the Caliente house! See you there!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rnd 1: University

Here is who is going to University this round. Dirk, Dustin, Angela, and Nichole Thompson. Erm. If you don't see *certain Sims* listed here, it is because he/she did not wish to go to University. :) This will be fun.

Uh-huh. I knew it, Nichole Thompson harbored a wish to go to University. Remember Dirk had a 'thang' for her. He wanted to go shopping every night just to see her. Threw her in there to see what happens. Her LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind.

First Wishes:

ANGELA: Well, well, well. Her Pop Simminess finally shows through. She wants to party, join the Greek House, do assignment and write her term paper. I think she has some aspirational confusion going on inside. *Do I be a Pop Sim, or a Knowledge Sim???* Tough decisions. This will be fun to see which way her wishes lean.

DIRK: While he wants to write his term paper and do homework, he also wants to see his buddy Alexander Goth and the irritating Carolina London come to University.

DUSTIN: Do research with someone, go to class, and the good ol' write term paper and do assignment. True blue Fortune Sim.

NICHOLE: Do assignment, make $100 bucks, write term paper, and go to class. :) Alrighty then, let's get started. These are all easy. I just wonder how long it will be before 'get a robot bench' or 'get a toymaking bench' is rolled. Darn those Fortune Sims.

First semester was almost over when Dustin rolled this, out of the blue. He and Angela really hadn't done much except talk, on their own. And so it was! Angela dropped what she was doing, and invaded Dustin's space while he was studying cooking (that other wish he has there, to get a cooking skill point) and flirted with him.

And later in the day, he rolled this. Again, I indulged my little Simmies.

It is no wonder my Sims are staying in platinum all the time. So, Dustin and Angela found each other in University. What will happen with Dirk and Nichole?

So Dustin spins up a wish to win a gaming competition. In the past, I viewed that wish as a minor annoyance. What good could possibly come of that? My Simmies never were allowed to do this. Hum. Well, not only did the gaming guy come in and gush over Dustin by giving him a membership card to the secret club (Which we have all seen a thousand times) Dustin actually WON the competition against Dirk and got some cool simoleons for doing so. I never knew!!! I still see new things in the game.

Okaaaaaay! Right when second semester started, the Fortune Sim Dirk started wishing for all the money making benches. And so be it! So this meant Dirk and Dustin had to sharpen their mechanical skills so it wouldn't take them forever to make a toy robot. Nichole already had a fair amount of mechanical skills, but she brushed up a couple as she had a wish to gain a skill poing

Poor Angela though...she seemed to turn into a Fortune Sim this term with "Buy me this" and "buy me that." Wants a sauna, a DJ thoughts of studying or going to class. She did get to have a couple of parties. No room to have all this stuff in this dorm.

HUH?!?! Is there something about Angela that we don't know??? Or is this just one of the Uni professors trying to cause trouble during parties like they are prone to do? Oh well, no matter. Dustin was on the other side of the building taking a shower at the time, so he didn't notice.

Here we are now in the last half of sophomore year. The relationship between Nichole and Dirk is progressing. They had just become best friends at this point, although Dirk was constantly giving Nichole the 'call me!' signal with hearts floating all over the place. Nichole was a bit of an ice princess, and didn't seem to pay him any mind. Angela still wanted a $2,000 sauna that couldn't be built into the dorm, and Dustin was liking blogging and talking about his hobbies. By this time he has gained his gold badge in robotics, as well as Nichole. Dirk is still looking for his gold in toymaking. Any badges for Angela? Hahahaha! Nope.

Then Dirk rolled the 'win a cooking contest' wish, so off he went. Being that he had just come back to the dorm from class with Nichole, he naturally invited her to come along. While Dirk was making cheesecake for the contest at Sue's Kitchen, Nichole spins up 'ask Sim out on a date'. Ha! There was the segway to open up the romantic possibilities between her and Dirk! And it worked, as you can see.

After the dream date ended, Nichole spun up engagement. :) Yeah! That is what I'm saying!

And so it was! Dirk wasted no time proposing.

As the seniors years started for everyone, wishes were pretty solid, reflecting skills, hobby plaques and badges everybody had earned.

Nichole wanted to do lots of blogging of her hobbies, and desired to further develop her artistic skills.

Angela wanted to do nothing but play games. If I didn't have that wish locked to get her eighth cooking skill, that would probably be filled in by some sort of game wish as well.

Dirk's cooking skill was prominent here, as he wanted to blog about cuisine, serve food,and talk about cuisine. Plus he wants to graduate. ;)

Dirk still wants to blog about his hobbies. However, I noted that he wanted to dance with somebody which he had never spun up before, but then 'get hobby plaque in music and dance' was locked in. I'd say that is where that came from.

Aha! Finally a reference from Dirk longing for Lilith. This occured almost halfway through his senior year. Awwww, he wants to dance with her!

Right before graduation, Dustin gets the sought after plaque in music and dance. Love the look of intense superiority on his face! The last semester of University, Dustin spent all his time working toward the music and dance plaque. After that, he wanted his cleaning skills.

Dirk spent most of his senior year skilling, mostly in logic. He also studied physiology and maxed out his body skill, as he wants to be a Hall of Famer. Thought that might be a handy skill for him to have. Nichole turned into a writer. She wrote two books during her stay in University, one of them during her senior year.

Angela seemed to want parties during the freshman and sophomore years, then it turned to gaming. The girl loooooves to play games. Occasionally she rolled a wish for a skill which was quickly locked in satisfied, but playing chess and darts is where her heart is.

And that is all of University for this round. See you back in the hood next time!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 8: Oldie

Alrighty then. Herb and Coral Oldie. Herb wants 20 simultaneous lovers, and Coral wants..... *sigh* to be a crazy old cat lady. She wants to raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. That makes four Family Sims in this hood that wants to do this. Two of them are doing dogs, and two of them are doing cats. I figured it was karma anyway, when I opened Herb's back pack he had stuff in there he purchased from Pleasantview Pets. A kitty condo, a catnip mouse. Cat stuff. Herb will not realize his LTW, as I am not going to have him lolling about the neighborhood leering at women. Coral is too sweet. He can stay home and dig for a treasure chest to finance Coral's kitty venture, and then bed her so he can work up plenty of aspiration points to get several bottles of elixir to leave her when he dies.

At any rate, his first wish was to woo-hoo. Yeah, no problem. Coral wanted to talk to Herb. It worked out.

Coral gets started on her LTW right away by purchasing adult female Heidi, and kitten Bonkers.

It didn't take long before Herb dug up the treasure chest, the map to the witch doctor, the map to the old wize man, 2 rocks, 4 bones, the Dramatic Rearing Horse, and the Cozy Kitsch Gnome. Not a bad take for about 12 hours of digging. Time to rest up, and woo hoo. Good thing Coral is of age and cant get preggers. Herb now wants some public woo-hoo. I think it is well deserved!

By now it is Wednesday, Herb and Coral have gone to town, had some public woo-hoo, return home, and have eaten. Herb has a hard and fast wish to make friends with Komei Tellerman, but Komie isn't home. So he goes to bed, and Coral starts working on her wish to get a cooking skill. Then it occurs to me. I need to set her Lifetime Aspiration Benefits. Hmm. What to do. The last two family benefits are really worthless for an elder without kids. Skip. No, none of the work ones fit Coral either. So, I guessed I would do a rare thing for my playing style, and that is set a second aspiration for her. I used the virtual dice at Virtual Dice, and she rolled Fortune. After I set her benefits, I figured this might be a good thing because now she can get money from the computer by doling out financial advice when she isn't working with the cats. Then I envisioned that she might start wishing for the cats to get a job. lol

In between chatting on the computer to satisfy wishes to meet new people and woo-hooing Coral, Herb enjoys playing with the cats. Here he gets Heidi to leap high playing!

Both Herb and Coral spun up wishes to win a cooking contest. So I sent them BOTH to Sues Secret Kitchen not thinking that one of them would have to lose.

I was kinda sad that Herb won, but on the other had while Coral took an aspiration hit, she had a strong attraction to Herb for winning. Ha!

Coral did go back to Sue's kitchen and won her own first place ribbon. And like many others in Pleasantview before her, she has maxed out her cooking skills due to wishing for it. Gee, I wish I could become a good cook by merely wishing.

I found it strange that Herb didn't roll a want to date every single day. But when he did, I knew it was going to be an easy day for both him and Coral.

Heidi is tuff. Even though her relationship worked up to 80/50 with Coral, friendship didn't show up until late Sunday evening. Coral was friends now with both cats, but neither would accept the 'try for kitten' interaction from Coral. I figured it was because neither cat liked each other.

So this is where we leave the cats (And the Oldies) for this week. Coral was forced to fence them off together at the end of the trailer so they could get to know each other. She had hoped to have Heidi pregnant by the end of the week.

WISHES: Herb learned quickly that he was not going to be able to lay around with the women of Pleasantview, so he rolled wishes to make friends with, meet someone new, and to get cooking skills. What is it with cooking skills? Anyway, he also rolled wishes to do things with Coral. Being that he is a Romance Sim, he was easy.

Coral was easy as well. As soon as Herb rolled a wish to date, her five wishes for the day were filled. When she wasn't thinking about Herb, she wanted to cook. Ugh. Didn't roll any wishes to do anything with the cats, except command Heidi around. She did teach Heidi to use the toilet, but since there was a litter box in the house for kitten Bonkers, she never used the toilet.