Monday, July 29, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - NPC House - Birch and Joy Wilkie and Rose and Count Ted Mamuyac

This is the last of the Plantsim children via Leo Wilkie (Who married Coral Oldie).    If you do not remember, Leo's LTW was to marry off six.  Given his advanced age and my love of playing Sims who aren't human, Leo contributed 6 Plantsims to Pleasantview.  Then, each Plantsim child wished for true love out of the Wishing Well, gaining an instant spouse thus fulfilling Leo's LTW before he passed to the great Sim beyond.  It just so happened,  siblings Rose and Birch received NPC spouses out of the wishing well.   Luckily one of them is a supernatural Sim, giving some challenge to me for this lot.

This lot is also the last lot in Round 5.  The next play will be to finish up those still in University and get them back to the hood for round 6.

 Beginning Wishes:

Joy Wilkie - Aspiration:  Fortune.  LTW - Become A Criminal Mastermind.

All of her wishes are directed toward Birch.  Talk to him, flirt with him, dance with him, and give a back rub to him.  FIrst wish fulfilled:  Flirt with Birch.

Rose Mamuyac - Aspiration:  Popularity.  LTW - Become Captain Hero.

First wishes:  Have a baby, play with, talk to, and entertain. She is currently a Security Guard.  First wish fulfilled: Talk.  (To Joy).

Birch Wilkie - Aspiration:  Fortune.  LTW - Become Head of the SCIA

First wishes:  Earn some money, earn $100, flirt with Joy and get creativity 5.  First wish fulfilled:  Flirt with Joy. 

Count Ted Mamuyac:  Aspiration:  Pleasure.  LTW - To Become Mayor

Beginning wishes:  Make a friend, have a pillow fight, flirt with Rose, kiss Rose.  He is currently an Intern in politics.

I am very excited to play this lot.  None of these Sims are perm plat, and are far from it.  Couple this with a vampire who wants to fulfill LTW TOC with a day job, and very few hours left in the day to skill and fulfill wishes....we will see how it goes!  :)

I want to mention that the Count's backpack was been emptied in order to purchase this lovely rancher already equipped with rooftop solar panels, and various career rewards inside.  This house was in play in Prosperity Falls, and is available for download in the event  you are interested.  There is also a wishing well on the lot.  heh

Rose's husband the Count is sleeping in his coffin the garage, so Rose really had no one to help her fulfill her wishes.  Luckily she threw 'have a party' after she talked with Joy.  So party it was.  The only people she knew outside of the house was her dad Leo, and Coral.  Then commenced the party influencing wishes. The party was a roof raiser!

So alrighty then.  Rose rolled the good 'ol woohoo wish during her party.  Her husband was asleep in his coffin.  I didn't know if there was a way to woohoo in it, so I clicked on it.  The choices were 'peek at' or 'dare to peek at'.  I had no idea...learned something new about the game.  Rose chose 'peek at' and her husband popped up and scared her.  heh

The Count rolled a wish to ask Sim on date, so dating it was!   In the meantime Joy chose to get a new aspiration, taking a hit on Prosperity points, but on the other hand the hope is to get an LTW that she can fulfill.  Dice was rolled to get her new aspiration.

She now wants to max 7 skills.  Hmmmm.  Doable, I think.  :)  Plus she is still terribly in love with Birch the Fortune Sim.

Rose gets her woohoo wish fulfilled, and chimes are heard.  Thank you Risky!

Whilst Rose was playing video games, the Count swooped in and bit his love.  CRAP.  Geesh, he was fast.

Now I have a sun loving PlantSim that is a sun hating vampire.  heh  And she is pregnant to boot.  Her sunlight need immediately tanked.  What to do, what to do....  I know.  Check her wishes.

She wants to buy some Vamprocillin-D and be cured.  Alrighty then!  *ASimWen is relieved*.

In the mean while, Count Ted wished for Rose to be cured as well.  Okay, so no hearts will break over Rose being cured.

Ugh, this stuff tastes bad!

Rose bought extra doses of the Vamprocillin-D just in case Count Ted decides to do this again.  She receives a terrific boost to her aspiration.
As does Count Ted whilst he has a nice chat with Roses's brother Birch.

Of course Knowledge Sim Joy now wants to become a vampire.  Easy enough!!!

That night, Rose asks her husband Count Ted to bite Joy.

Ouch, I think Joy wants to keep this.  heh.  The good thing is, is that she doesn't work outside the house, and won't age, giving her free range to skill.

What has Birch been doing during all the Vampiric shenanigans?  Why, he has been fulfilling wishes for creativity by playing violin and looking for a job in Intelligence which finally came up on Wednesday.  Now Birch shows a wish to win a hobby plaque in Music and Dance.

Awww.  Birch wants his wife cured.  And so it will be, that night when she comes out of her coffin.   In the meantime, Birch leaves for his first day of work.

Joy drinks the Vamprocillin-D, and takes a big hit on her aspiration.  However, Birch receives a big deposit.

Birch finally makes his hobby plaque in Music and Dance early Thursday morning.  This is great for him, but it won't help him much in his Intelligence job.

Just as Birch was receiving the good news from Noele Dennis to inform him about his success in the Music and Dance arena, Count Ted decided to try to bite him.  However, Birch ignored this supernatural advance, and just shooed him away.   Heh. 

All thoughts of the biting malfunction were forgotten when a few hours later, little Sheldon was born.  (erm...forgot about my naming theme of using names from the 1800's, The Big Bang Theory was on the TiVo. Heh)

Count Ted is turned down for a neck bite again by Andrea Hogan.  Man, he just isn't as suave since he is playable.

Early Sunday morning, a monstrous summer storm hit.  Lightening struck three times and burned the breadfruit tree in the back yard twice.  The third time it struck the little tree in the front yard with flowers on it.  Geesh, have you ever seen a tree fire this bad?  Took two firemen and a vampire to put it out. 

Count Ted works hard to put out his wife.

Rose survived the fire, but all the sunshine and water was sucked right out of her body.  She faints.

The Count leaves her laying on the sidewalk waiting for the sun to rise.

Even after her sunshine half way filled she would not wake up.  Finally, Birch was able to revive her by watering her.  heh  Another thing I have never seen in this game.

After being revived, Rose and her daily dose of friends from the wishing well listen to Joy give a speech on the teleprompter the Count brought home as a career reward in Politics.  Joy continually rolls wishes to skill, which is fortunate. 

And the week is ended with Count Ted sinking back into his bed at 7:00 am Monday morning. He will be getting back up in an hour to go to his job in Politics as a State Assembly Person.


I was fearful I was going to lose Rose when the little tree in the front yard caught fire.  I was especially concerned when I saw TWO firemen show up.  The only other time I saw that happen was years ago when I was doing the 'I Love You To Death' challenge during the 'death by fire' segment.  My simmies made a heckuva fire to kill off the spouse.  

Joy:  Ending wishes:  Be saved from death, get logic 9, get charisma 8, and see a ghost.  Joy started the round as a Fortune Sim with a wish to be a Criminal Mastermind.  I wanted a Sim I could actually play, so she changed her aspiration, taking a 5 point hit in Prosperity points.  I rolled her new aspiration per Prosperity rules, and she rolled Knowledge.  My favorite type of Sim in a busy household.  Luckily she latched on to skilling.  She kept making enough aspiration points to keep everyone in  thinking caps and keeping them energized.  I really lost points on that deally though.  But it is worth it.  An easy play.

Rose:  Ending wishes:  Smustle dance, play with the modular synth, get hobby plaque in Music and Dance, and play the violin.  Rose rode the fence between music and dance wishes and friendship wishes.  Everyday she wished for friends from the wishing well to feed her Popularity aspiration.  Usually her five wishes could be fulfilled then.  She would continually roll friend type wishes until she got on the ballet barre at night under the plant light to earn body points for her job.  The she would roll Music and Dance type wishes until it was time to hit the wishing well again.  Very easy to keep happy.

Birch:  Ending wishes:  Blog about Music and Dance, smustle dance, get mechanical 9, and play the violin.  In the beginning of the week, Birch had the 'buy me buy me' syndrome.  Being that there was little money left after buying the big rancher, I was afraid he was gonna make the family go broke.  But after he got his hobby plaque in Music and Dance, he was all about wanting to do things to feed his hobby.  At one point he rolled mechanical points for his job, and I just kept it locked in, and he kept rolling it.

Count Ted:  Ending wishes:  Buy electronic entertainment, buy a bubble blower, play chess, and buy clothes.  It has been lots of fun playing Count Ted.  I don't recall the NPC vampires still going after victims after they are made playable.  But maybe so.  He has been quite easy to play as he was given the car to drive to work, which is kept in the garage along with his coffin.  So all he had to do was get out of bed and go, taking no hits on his needs.   Comes home from work, gets right back in the coffin.  When he arose at night, his needs were full and he would usually spin up 'ask sim on date' so he and Rose would have a quick date getting his 5 wishes in, in no time.  Then he spent the rest of the night skilling.

Baby Sheldon:  Sheldon should have had his birthday on Sunday, but he is stuck in the 'I don't wanna grow up' glitch.  Sims would run over (usually Birch) and pick him up with 'help with birthday' in the queue, and he would never actually age.  If it is still a problem next round, a birthday cake will be purchased to help Sheldon along with his birthday.

It was a good play.

Keep on simmin'!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Caliente - John and Mary (Pleasant)

I have been waiting and waiting to play Mary Pleasant as an adult in her house with John!  Here we go!

John Caliente - Fortune/GCS - LTW to become a Prestidigitator

First wishes:  Eat GCS, make GCS for a Sim, Talk to Sim about GCS, gain a cooking skill point, influence someone to make GCS, serve GCS.  Don't you just love GCS Sims???  First wish fulfilled - Talk about GCS to Dina Caliente (during Mary's party).

Mary Pleasant - Knowledge/Romance - LTW to become a World Class Ballet Dancer like her mother Mary Sue Pleasant.

First Wishes:  See a ghost, have a party, dance with Stephen Tinker, talk to townie Lexie Suwankiri, and talk to Stephen Tinker.  First wish fulfilled - Have a party.

As the lot opens, the couple is found smooching on the front lawn.  I realize right away that John needs a makeover.  And so it was.  Then the party was scheduled for Mary's wish.

First they had to become engaged.  Sheesh....another engagement that didn't occur in Uni.  Wow, looks like John has eaten more GCS than he should.

And so the Calientes and those left from the Pleasant family are invited.  Sitting in the chairs right to left:  Anna Broke (mom and dad is Angela (Pleasant) and Dustin Broke), George Caliente (John's half brother)  Margaret Caliente (John's half sister) Angela Broke, Dina Caliente, (John's Aunt) and Lilith Pleasant.

Little girl at edge of picture:  Minnie Pleasant (Lilith's daughter) Lilith Pleasant, Nina (Caliente) Landchild (John's mother) then there is Dina standing in the background.  Nina is very pleased to see her son get married, and spinster Lilith seems nice about the fact that little sister Mary is happily married.

*Applause Applause*

The party was a 'good time'.  Maybe if I had let the Calientes have a stereo to play music it would have been a roof raiser.  But, I didn't want people sneaking off into the corner to smustle before the nuptials could be done.

The party was over and people were leaving before John could get his grilled cheese served and get some major wishes fulfilled.  The party pushed both Mary and John into perm plat...maxed aspiration meter.  Heh.

Come Tuesday afternoon, Risky had not had a hand in expanding the Caliente family, so the Uni Grad Perm Plat couple decided to work on their hobbies. Mary's one true hobby is fitness, and John's is sports.  What better thing to do, than to play soccer together?  By now they are rolling 'blog about hobby' 'talk about hobby', ect.

On Wednesday, John's job in entertainment came up on the computer, so he started his first day as a juggler.  Mary looks everyday, but nothing in dance comes up, however, the couple really doesn't need any money.  Mary received quite an inheritance from MarySue's passing.

While John was at work, Mary worked toward her Fitness plaque.

Finally on Thursday, Mary earns the hobby plaque in Fitness, realizing mastery in her one true hobby.  She celebrated that by...

Inviting over a couple of her old college buddies, fulfilling a wish.

John gets a promotion to Master of Ceremonies, getting a job promotion wish fulfilled.

Mary's sister Lilith Pleasant barges in on the Calientes in the bathroom to talk to Mary.  Huh.  I guess after years of being a bad girl she wants to make amends with family.

John needed body points for his job, so he stayed up all night getting them...thus, getting rid of his GCS belly.

Come Saturday John is rolling wishes for Charisma, as he needs it for promotion in his job.  Go you, John!  Also on Saturday, Mary's preferred career came up on the computer in Dance surfaced.  She hired in as a Tap Dancer.

And she happily heads out the door for her first day of work while John plays on the computer.  Oh man, I wish I was playing on the computer.  Oh wait.  I am!  hahaha!

The first day at work was tough, but Mary managed a promotion to Ballroom Dancer.

And on Super Saturday, John becomes a Prestidigitator, meeting his LTW.  His new LTW:  Have 6 Pet reach TOC.  Huh, that is the Fortune Sim taking over his GCS self for a hot second.  That is doable. There certainly are lots of pets for adoption in Pleasantview.

John gets started on his new LTW right away by adopting genius cat Jessica Goth.  Alas, there were no genius dogs available for adoption.  They were all doofuses.

Jessica immediately begins training for showbiz, by learning to speak.  Then it was time to go lay down and take a cat nap.  John decided to try to engage Mary in a conversation about his heart of hearts...

but she will have none of that.  She will not support John in this cheesy journey.  Makes it tough to fulfill this easy 'talk about GCS' wish on the fly.

And we find Monday morning with Mary using the dance-so-sphere that she gained from her outing with her college buddies.  Wow.  She has 10 body points, a hobby plaque in fitness, and is having trouble with this.  hehehe


John:  Ending wishes:  Eat and talk to Sim about GCS, earn $100,000, play marco polo, go ice skating, and Jessica gets promoted.  Being that John is perm plat already, it made no sense to keep fulfilling wishes for him.  It was done only when it suited me.   He had no wishes at all for Jessica the cat, but had a lot of fun playing with her. He mostly wanted to do GCS things.

Mary:  Ending wishes:  See a ghost, wolf and hail.  She also wanted to buy instruments - a drum set and a guitar.  Then she wanted to go to the Orient.  Mary is a productive individual, and has already earned three hobby plaques.  She is working on a fourth in Nature.  Again, since she is perm plat it makes no sense to keep fulfilling wishes for her.  She and John may never have children...they roll no desires to date or woohoo.  Which is odd, because Mary is 1/2 romance. 

Jessica the cat has yet to go to her first day of work and has already learned to speak and roll over.  I only choose genius pets to go to work.

Keep on simmin'!