Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Lucy (Burb) and Komie Tellerman

All who live here:

Lucy (Burb) Tellerman - Fortune - LTW to become a Prestidigitator.  This is her second LTW.  The first one, Became a Criminal Mastermind has been met.

First wishes: Become BFF with Aiyana Grove, earn some money, go swimming, see a ghost, get fit and become a witch.  Apparently I had in mind to make her a witch last round because it is locked in.  Heh.  First wish fulfilled:  go swimming.

Komie Tellerman - Fortune - LTW to become a Business Tycoon.

First wishes: To reach the top of his career, talk, maximize logic skill, and make some money  First wish fullfilled:  Make some money.

Walter Tellerman- Grow Up

First wishes:  Grow up well, get Cleaning 1, get a skill point, and talk.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk.

Arthur Tellerman - Grow Up

First wishes:  Get Creativity 1, get a skill point, get Cleaning 7, and talk. First wish fulfilled: Talk.

Alrighty then the first thing that happens upon opening the lot:

Hmm.  Seeing how so many Sims in this hood had (have) the raise 20 puppies or kittens wish, sure, the Tellermans will take this pet.  I wonder who it was that bought it and when??

Dang.  It turned out to be an old female named Alabama.  Well, no puppies here but at least she will provide some fun for the boys.

Komie left for work right away, and Arthur and Walter left for school. Lucy spent a few minutes getting acquainted with Alabama, then went to the community pool to get a few strokes in. She had hoped that her friend Abbey Roennigke the Atrociously Evil Witch would show up, but she didn't this day. They only have a relationship of 16/11, so she will not accept an invitation to visit.

Upon returning home Lucy practiced some chess, furthering wish fulfillment. It was at this point I realized she is perm plat, so I really didn't need to fulfill her wishes. heh

After school both boys threw a wish to go hiking after they talked about their hobbies.  Lucy was off work that day and took them out along with Alice Wolosenko who came home on the bus with Walter. Due to fulfilling wishes, no homework was done this day.  The boys were exhausted when they got back from the hike, and did nothing but bathe and go to bed.

Wonderful!  Moving right along.  Pretty soon Komie will be perm plat too.  Thus far Komie is throwing 'talk about hobby' wishes, play video games, easy peasy stuff.

For the fun of it and to have a playable witch, Lucy started working on her friend Abbey.  Enough phone conversation had taken place to the point where Abbey agreed to come over.  However Lucy discovered Abbey was a very disagreeable woman and didn't like much of what Lucy had to say at all.  Until:

Lucy told her the Legend of the Dragon, which she had learned along with teleportation during her trip to the Orient.  Lucy then proceeded to instruct Abbey in Body skill.  This brought the friendship up to 85/16.  However, the option still was not there for Lucy to get the ways of darkness from Abbey.  She would keep trying.

Yeah!  One less person to be controlled on this lot.  The boys certainly are a hand full.  It is very difficult to work in 5 wishes in the space of 4 or 5 hours after school before the kids go to bed.  Sometimes it is accomplished, sometimes not.  New LTW:  To Become a Space Pirate.

So ASimWen wasn't paying much attention this day.  It was someone's birthday!

Walter aged up to teen.  Well, his family calls him Wally.  Those good looking Burb genes are coming through, despite the neanderthal look of the Tellermans.

Wally drew Family.  LTW:  Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens.  No kidding.  heh  At least the neighborhood is well stocked for it.

Wishes:  get a phone, go to university, make friends with Annie Jordan, and get a skill point.  Alrighty then...let's go get a phone!

All the teens always want a phone.  Erm...looks like an old fashioned flip phone. When I see stuff like this it reminds me of how old the game is.  I know there is a hack out there to make the phones appear as smartphones.  Ah well.

While out, Wally decided to increase his fun and play a little pinball.  Turns out Emma Copur was there as well, daughter of Ivy (Copur) Lothario and Don Lothario.  What a pretty girl.  the two chatted a while and got to know each other.   Then it was back home for Wally.  When he arrived home, he still held the wish to go to University.  We will see how long he keeps it.

It wasn't long before the phone calls starting coming in to go on outings.  Komie agreed to go out with this friend Ethan Tse.  There is a picture of these two taken on a prior outing hanging in the Tellerman living room.  They are really good friends.  Well, they went to Sims Gone Wired, lots of fun stuff to do there, plus a restaurant to grab a bite.

Who should show up but Lucy's friend, Abbey Roennigke the Atrociously Evil Witch.  Komie found a couple of minutes to talk with Abbey, (in between dodging the storm that Abbey conjured up)  knowing his wife's desire to become a witch.  Felt it might be advantageous to put in a couple of good words for Lucy. 

While the he also chatted with Ivy (Copur) Lothario.  The two spoke of the meeting between Emma and Wally a couple of days before and felt the two would make great friends.

The outing turned out to be a "Good Time" for everyone, and Komie went home feeling like it was worth it to go out.  He got a lot accomplished.

The next evening Lucy invited Abbey to the house, and she came right over.  Acted like they had been old friends forever.

Finally, Abbey agreed to teach Lucy about the Path of Darkness.

I had taken a video shot of Lucy's transformation, but I didn't like the way it turned out.  *sigh*  So here she is turning her first rain and storm....hail...and apparently to make cockroaches appear on her own home lot.

Wally ran outside to see what the commotion was about, and was battered on the head with hail.  Then he thought his mom becoming a witch was a pretty cool thing. 

Apparently Lucy felt badly about conjuring up the roaches which her husband tried to stomp out....and sprayed them dead.  Komie then cleaned them up.  He must certainly be having second thoughts about Lucy becoming a witch.  During all this witchy hoopla, little Arthur was peacefully sleeping after fulfilling wishes to talk about hobby, and hunt for bugs.

A witch's pot showed up in the living room.  Alabama eyed it suspiciously and gaurded it all night long.

Komie sighed as he sat down to the computer.  Lucy seemed to want to do nothing now but manufacture reagents.   He was being ignored.

It was ignored when he got promoted.

It wasn't long before Lucy's skin turned a lovely shade of green. 

On Friday, Gale Lothario came home on the school bus with Wally.  It was a good thing too because Wally was showing a wish to be friends with her.  As soon as friendship was realized, Wally threw a wish to be friends with Gale's sister Emma Copur.  My oh my, the Copur/Lothario family is being a blog hog!

It was Friday night when the one day birthday reminder flipped up for Arthur.  Komie decided it was time to call the boy's grandparents John and Jennifer Burb over for a little birthday cake!

And they did come over, and boy did they party!  It was a roof raiser!

Art the Romance Sim.  Wishes upon growing up:  Get a phone (of course), meet someone new, flirt, and get creativity 4 (locked in).  Art looks just like Wally.  Carbon copy.  LTW:  To Become a Celebrity Chef.  Yeah.  :)

In the meantime, Lucy came home from work the night of Art's party, having reached the top of her career.  And this one she will retire from, upon aging to elder.  Then, she can devote 100% of her time to casting spells and making regents.  Quite ironic isn't it?  Lucy being a witch and and magician.  Heh.  Really, I didn't plan that.

Gratuitous picture of Wally and Art.  I think the only difference between the boys is one has thicker eyebrows than the other.  See, they even dress in the same pajamas.  Can you tell which is which???  Wally has the thinner eyebrows.

Come Sunday, the boys were alone while mom and dad worked.  Art had a sudden yen to learn physiology and Wally wanted to become friends with Birch and Silver Maple Wilkie.  So the book was opened, and the phone was dialed.

That day Komie received a promotion to International Sim of Mystery.  Alas, we won't see him reach the top of his career until next time this lot is played.

And the Physiology was learned, the friend was made, and Komie sat down to give financial advice on the computer.  Now Art went right to the weight lifting machine and maxed out body skill.

And we end this play with the boys working the good ol' "talk about hobby" wish before heading out to school.


Ending Wishes:

Komie - Reach top of Adventurer career, buy a game costing at least $3,000, buy a living chair, and buy a stereo costing at least $2,700.  Komie's wishes were shelved as soon as he became perm plat.  But he is working toward the first one.

Lucy - Art gets scholarship, Wally gets scholarship, and 4 wishes for Alabama the dog..learns to roll over, learns to speak, learns to come here and learns to sit up.  She did become a witch, that being something I don't usually play out.  So that was fun.  Next it will be to max out her witchiness so she sparkles.

Wally - Be bff with Silver Maple Wilkie, dance with someone, take a hike, and be bff with Birch Wilkie.  Being a Family Sim Wally wanted to make lots of friends, which naturally will make life easaier for him in the future.  He kept the Go To University wish nearly all week.  He could leave now, but think he will hang out at home another week to see if he keeps it into next round.

Art - Ask Sim on date, first kiss, play Marco Polo, and go to university.  Man oh man, sure wish there was a wishing well on the lot, this guy would be so much easier to play.  Need to get him a girlfriend.

And that is it!  Keep on Simmin'!


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Dustin and Angela (Pleasant) Broke Lot

All Who Live Here:

Dustin Broke:  Fortune - LTW Graduate 3 from College.  Hm.  Odd. Oh wait, his secondary aspiration is Family.  Well, we won't be meeting that neighborhood bloating LTW.  He has already met:  Became Hand of Posiedon, Achieved 5 Top Ranked Businesses, and Became a Prestidigitator.

Starting wishes:  Meet someone new, make some money, be friends with Rose Mamuyac, be friends with Dongsool Wren, resurrect Leo Wilkie (just died on the prior lot), and be friends with Clarence Pleasant, son of Lilith Pleasant.

Angela (Pleasant) Broke:  Popularity - LTW become A Space Pirate.  She has already met:  became a Media Magnate, became City Planner, and became World Class Ballet Dancer.

Starting wishes:  Have a party, see a wolf, play with, tell an inside joke, make a BFF, and reach top of Adventurer career.  First wish met:  tell inside joke.

Their daughter Anna is away at University, apparently. heh  My my my...their house is stuffed with career rewards.

Upon opening the lot, this is what the Brokes were doing.  heh  It is only an hour before Angela's ride comes for work so a quick inside joke was told to get the first wish satisfied.  Dustin decided to take a seat at the computer to try to chat up someone he didn't already know so he could meet someone new. 

Ahhh the spinning tombstone.  This one is for Leo Wilkie, the guy he wants to resurrect.  No wonder Dustin wants to bring him back.  Money money money!  Angela has a memory of her grandma Coral dying, but apparently Coral didn't leave her any money.  Sad.  Not like the Brokes need it, they are doing pretty well financially.

Both of these guys are perm plat and per my personal rules, I don't need to control them.  But they are the only ones on the lot.  hmmmm...So okay here is what I will do.  I will control them to do things, but not to take care of their own needs.  :)  Thus, I will push these guys to earn hobby plaques.  They have 4 or 5 already, might as well complete the collection for Prosperity points~!

Angela  headed off to work, and Dustin is spending his time being really productive here.  Hmmmm.  Looks like he is bored, bored bored.  Well, relaxing on the back deck close to the orchard can't be a bad thing.

Yes, get to work on harvesting the fruits of your labors.  You have many apples, lemons, and oranges to harvest.  You should also get things ready in the house.  It is Angela's birthday.

Angela returned home from work with a promotion to International Sim of Mystery. It won't be long before she is a Space Pirate. Dustin had already called out for folks to come to the party. Lilith came, as well as Dustin's younger brothers Beau and Charles, along with their (pregnant) wives.

Dang you are looking a little washed out, Angela. A turn at the mirror could put a little color in your cheeks.

Dustin attended the party in his pajamas. Oh looky, Anna made it home from college to attend her mom's party. She is certainly a lovely girl. She grabs this opportunity to have a nice chat with her dad, Dustin.  Beau being the ever the perfect Romance Sim, ogles his wife Brenda who is pregnant with their third child.  The sisters Angela and Lilith who used to feud so much now spend their time serenely watching their family interact instead of creating havoc at this family gathering.

Anna takes this opportunity to tell her dad about her engagement to Joseph Burb.  (dang, I had to go back to August of 2013 to see why she was talking about engagement.  To refresh your memory read it here. )  In the background Dustin and Angela's sister in law Frances is exercising at the ballet barre to keep in shape with the new little one on the way.  She is married to Charles, the baby Brandi Broke is pregnant with when the neighborhood is first opened.

Much better. :-)

Anna also gets a nice chat in with her mother, and the two have a good time doing the Sims University cheer.  Angela confirms that Anna will be moving back home when she graduates.

The party was a roof raiser, certainly a party to remember for years to come!  No pictures of Charles, he seemed to disappear right after the party started.

Now that the party is over, it is time to get busy on the hobby plaques.  Dustin already had a good start on Film and Literature, so got busy writing a book.  Almost immediately he received the membership card.

Angela had the day off from work after her party, so started studying up more on cooking.

The first of many books to come.  I have no idea why the trimming lines are still there around the text.  Oh well.  :-)

After a day of studying, Angela earns the hobby plaque in Cuisine.  Her thoughts then turned to what she could earn next.  Why, why not set up a sewing machine in the nursery?  She thought it would be great to learn to sew clothes, and pictured herself making Anna's wedding gown.

And "sew" it was!

At last Dustin was able to tear himself away from the computer!  The Film and Literature hobby plaque was his!  Next he decided to work toward:

The Science plaque.  Yeah!

Way to go Angela.  Since you are a Space Pirate, what are you going to do now?  Earn a gold badge in sewing, and the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque?  OKAY!  :)  (I can't help it, I get excited for my Sims).  That is four careers now Angela has worked her way to the top.  New LTW:  Own 5 Top Level Businesses.  No.  That I can't get excited about.  Angela immediately retired to have time to sew.

Late Friday evening Dustin earned the Science plaque.  Good job!  It is a wonder he didn't get abducted.  by this time Angela was up to a silver badge in sewing.

Oh but wait...

Shortly after, the gold badge appeared.

Then while trying on a new outfit she had sewn, she was awarded the hobby plaque in arts and crafts.  Way to go Angela!

Come Sunday around noon Angela and Dustin were working on their last plaques.  Can you tell by looking at the picture what they have left to get the complete collection?  :-)

Yeah Angela!  Fitness!

 And Dustin gets the Sports plaque.  By this time it is 1:45 am Monday morning, this week with the Brokes are nearly over.  In order to work in all these plaques, the Brokes would just hit the energizer when they grew tired working for the plaques.  Yes, ASimWen was a slave driver.  This is the first time I have ever had a house with all the plaques.

Not going to bother posting ending wishes, as these guys did not have any wishes filled since they are perm plat.

These are all the plaques in the Broke house.  All the ones on the left are Angela's and the ones on the right are Dustin and Anna's.  Anna has the nature plaque, all the rest are Dustin's. 

Until next time.....keep on Simmin'!