Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lot 6: Pleasant

Mary Sue: I have the most handsome husband in the world. The only problem is, all the women in Pleasantview thinks he is handsome as well! I had a feeling that he was fooling around, and all I wanted to do was get away for a while. I went to the beach for a couple of days. FIRST WISH: Mary Sue spun a want to go on vacation when she lost her job. Off she went.

Daniel: FIRST WISH: To meet someone new. Chatted on the computer to meet someone, then spun a want to woohoo. Thank you Kaylynn for helping out with that!)

Lilith: FIRST WISH: To gain a charisma skill point. Then off to school she went.

Angela: FIRST WISH: To play with Dirk. (HUH??) Fulfilled after school.

This was only four day play, as it is already Thursday when the lot was opened, I felt like I didn't have much time with them.

Mary Sue did all the usual things on vacation, and I thought she should try to make some money while there. She dug up all kinds of rocks and bones, and maps to all three mysterious vacation places. Finally, she dug up a treasure chest, much needed.

Daniel the Grill Master! I found it strange that both Lilith and Angela kept rolling wants to go fishing??? So Daniel and the girls struck out for the park on Saturday. Daniel took it upon himself to cook hot dogs for the entire neighborhood.

While they were fishing, they lost their 'enemy' status. Although, they are still in the complete negatives, this is progress.


THE TWINS: I have never enjoyed playing the Pleasants, because they just plain ol' aren't pleasant to play. Lilith and Angela constantly fighting is what gets me...I guess that is to much like real life! But I persevered, and vowed to not let the girls fight, which meant I had to keep eagle eyes on them. With the exception of Angela's wish to play with Dirk on the first day, neither girl spun up wants to see Dirk or Dustin, unless they happened to be on the lot. Lilith constantly spun up wants to have parties, she had three of them in the short time I was there. When the lot is first opened, it is already Thursday. I played through until Monday AM. Angela's wishes tended to lean toward skilling. Perhaps she is a Knowledge Sim in Pop Sim clothes??

Daniel: Easy...Romance Sim. As long as Mary Sue was home, he spun constant wants to do things with her. As soon as she left the lot go to work, he spun generic Romance Sim wants.

Mary Sue: She wanted to buy buy buy. So she would buy something, and mean ASimWen would sell it the next day. She also matched Daniel's wants, and constantly wanted to talk to Daniel, hug Daniel, do things with Daniel.

All in all, it was a decent play.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Lot 5: Dreamer

Darren: (First wish - to get a job. Spun up 4 different careers). Hi, boy do I need a job. I managed to get one in the Gamer Industry, which was at the top of my list of career choices. I did get that job, but I was fired the first day. So I started over job hunting. I applied online for a job in the Adventure field, which was second on my list and I got on as an ambassador's intern. I'd really love to make money with my painting, but I just don't think that is in the cards. (ASimWen - personally, I always wondered why this Knowledge Sim was a painter). LTW: To become Education Minister. He will keep checking jobs daily to see if it comes up.

Dirk: (First wish - to get into Private School). Hiya, well I heard the Private School was givin' out scholarships to the poor kids, heard about Dutsin Broke getting in. So I tried, and my dad grilled hot dogs and everything for dinner.

They let me into that school too. Now I want to make money. Dad bought me a florist bench and everything, thinking maybe I could sell arrangements. He had to sell a bunch of stuff off in the house to afford it though. I figure with a private school education and maybe a college degree I can help me and my dad out. LTW: to become a Space Pirate.

One of the first wishes Darren spun up after getting his job was to get a puppy/kitten. In order to afford it, he sold Mr. Humble's computer. He adopted Alegra, the kitten. I thought, now this is more like it. A pet income! However it wasn't until 24 hours after Alegra grew up before a wish was spun for Alegra to go out and work. Strangely, it was Darren the Knowledge sim (as the main breadwinner) who spun it up, not the Fortune Sim Dirk. Alegra gets a job in Service.

Darren: Work was crazy for me all week. A position never came up for education, so I remained in the Adventure field. Finally on Friday, Cassandra came by the house as soon as I got off work. I realized how much I missed her. (I stayed away from initiating any interactions between them except for 'greet' and 'chat'. I wanted to see if Darren truly wanted to be with Cassandra.)

Wahlah! Darren initiated flirt:hold hands! :) This is now the segway for a relationship to develop!

Darlene Dreamer is apparently upset that there is now a cat in the house. hehe


Darren: It took until Thursday to get Darren into the groove of skilling to satisfy his Knoweldege Sim wants. He rolled crazy stuff like get a puppy/kitten, get the pet a job, and so forth. He finally rolled a want to get a charisma skill point for his job, and that started it. And he flirted with Cassandra on his own, but did not roll any wants for her. She probably will roll wants for him next round.

Dirk: Easy peasy...a fortune sim. His wishes pretty much mirrored a Fortune Sim personality. Except he ran his daddy broke wanting to buy stuff. I let him keep things that would help him make money in the future like the florist bench and the styling station. Things that were a liability were bought/sold again right away, like a car. I did notice that Dirk has zero bolts for Lillith Pleasant, but two bolts for Angela. I let him call her up on the phone and make friends. We will see what happens in college.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lot 4: Broke

Brandi: That's my oldest boy, Dustin. I dont' know whether he is comin' or goin' most of the time. Like this day. While I was in bed nappin', he goes and calls the headmaster of the local private school to come and do a home visit, he was tryin' to get a scholarship to go to that expensive place. Then when the headmaster gets here, Dustin starts makin' out with that Pleasant girl right in front of him! Then he tried to give the headmaster pizza to eat, but he wouldn't have any of that. So I dragged my tail out of bed and made salmon real quick. I think that is what got Dustin into that hoity toity school. I was dead tired on my feet, takin' care of Beau, and pregnant with twins.

Then a day or two later the boy pulls this. He took advantage of my tired state, and slipped out, snuck out with Angela Pleasant. He was gone until around 3:30, this nice officer brought him back home. I was a walkin' zombie by then, couldn't think of a punishment.

He brought home A's from the private school, so I guess he did settle down and study somewhat, in between his job and helpin' me take care of Beau, Robert, and Stephen. I decided he really needed some time away, and I suggested he go out with friends a little more often.

One time he hooked up with Sophie Miguel and Meadow Thayer. Both girls have their eye on him, they come by the house and stand and stare. I think maybe hopin' he will come outside. That little Thayer girl is a real cutie.

I have to say both Dustin and Beau have been a big help with the twins. Beau is good for gettin' down on the floor with 'em and playing,

And Dustin helps out in other ways. I don't know what I would do without 'em. For me, I just wish I could find love..........


BRANDI: I have to admit, I don't think I managed the 5 wishes a day per sim, although I tried awfully hard. Especially with Brandi. For a Family Sim she did not roll many of the wishes one is used to seeing...that is doing things with/for her children. I just tried to keep her going. Yes, she had cheesecake twins. She ate cheesecake at the Caliente house. I forgot she was taking a soak in the hottub, and Mortimer made it for Dina. Brandi came running down the stairs and scooped up a plate. She rolled 'find love' early on, and never lost it. Her LTW is to reach Golden Anniversary.

DUSTIN: He rolled typical Fortune Sim wants. To make money. To make X amount of money, which we managed through his job, the money tree, and giving financial counseling on the computer. He rolled zero wants to see Angela Pleasant. So it will be interesting who he picks in college, if anyone. I plan to send Meadow Thayer too. She kept showing up everywhere he went. He did get a kiss in with her, and has two bolts. He only has one with Angela. Dustin also rolled lots of wants to eat hot dogs. So he was constantly running outside to grill them up. His LTW is to make $100,000.

BEAU: Typical child wants. Swing me around. Get a skill point. See snow. Rolled do things with Mom and Dustin. Call his friends. He was pretty easy.

TWINS STEPHEN AND ROBERT: I failed miserably. I was only able to help them out if it was a skill point wish. No one in the house ever got enough aspiration points so smart milk could be used. The boys rolled potty train, talk and walk and never lost them. Brandi and Dustin managed to get the boys potty trained, and that's it.

Lot 3: Nina and Dina Caliente

Dina: I am Dina Caliente, and I just snagged the hottest bachelor in Pleasantview. Well, Don Lothario might have you believe that HE is the hottest bachelor in Pleasantview, but that guy hasn't got a dime. Mortimer Goth is hawt. I mean in the sense he has lots of cash. Ya see, I wanna marry a rich Sim. Don is good for lots of fun, if you know what I mean, but that doesn't get a girl set for life. Morty has got it goin' down.

Mortimer: When the Caliente sisters first showed up on my doorstep bearing sweets, I knew my relationship with them was going to be sweet. My main problem was which one to choose? Why, if the law allowed it I would marry both of them!

I chose Dina. I had one thing Dina needed...money. She wanted to marry a rich Sim, and rich, I am. I thought, why not? I don't have much time left on this earth, might as well spend it fulfilling someone's happiness. (unfortunately, this marriage did not fulfill Dina's want to marry a rich Sim. Morty brought $51,000 with him to the house, so I don't know what was up with that.)

Nina: I couldn't stand it. None of it. I moved out right away. I did stash a couple of paintings away that Morty brought with him so I would have cash to set up in a new place. Maybe Don would have me?

*Dina rolls eyes* Good riddance I say, that you went. You dont' know how to stay away from a woman's man....*DON* Ooops...sorry hon....*flits eyes toward Morty* Anyway with Nina gone, Morty and I had time to pursue things we wanted to do. Morty is now the happiest guy in the world after studying.

Morty: And my little honeybun, you have had been able to buy the styling station that has been your dream. You have been giving your friends free make overs when the twins didn't demand your attention.

Dina: Yes, Walter, our treasure that was conceived during the wonderful Oriental Honeymoon you took me on....

And Gareth.

*thank you Risky and Cheesecake*


Morty's wishes centered around experiencing everything he could. He rolled an immediate want to go on an Oriental vacation as soon as he and Dina got engaged. Once there, he constantly wanted to go on tours, wanted to learn how to teleport, but he never found the ninja. In between all that, his wants centered around doing things with Dina. Upon return from the Orient, he wanted to skill, being the Knowledge Sim he is. Morty actually passed before his boys were born.

Dina's wishes were typical Fortune Sim wants. She wanted to get massages and sit in the sauna while in the Orient, but once she got pregnant she had a difficult time keeping up her needs so she stayed in the hotel room. When she returned home, she wanted to buy, buy, buy stuff, including the Styling Station. Then all centered around getting the styling badges. Her LTW is to see 6 pets to the top of their career. So far, she has adopted one dog, the puppy Maxx.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lot 2: The Goth Mansion

Cassandra: My love, Don Lothario, told me he didn't love me anymore. I went to the grocery store one day, and who should I see there but Don and Dina Caliente making eyes at each other. When I confronted him, he told me we were through.

My heart was broken in two, so I decided to take a trip to try to forget. I went to the mountains. There, I did lots of things to try to erase all memories of Don.

I learned a new dance....

I played some darts...

I even tried to get interested in other men. But nobody seemed to notice I was around. I even bought some new clothes so I would fit in more with the locals.

But none of this helped. I started feeling like I would be an old maid forever, so I went home.

Alexander didn't seem to have a hard time finding love. I wondered what was different about me? I started thinking that maybe I should adopt a baby, since it was apparent that I was not going to have any of my own.

Dad and Dina even started making goo-goo eyes at each other. Doesn't he remember mom? I guess he feels the same loneliness I do. At least he found somebody.

Oh well. Until next time.

WISHES: As soon as I opened the lot, I did not let the marriage scenario between Don and Cassandra take place, because neither one of them were showing that want. Cassandra had a basic want to get married, but to no one in particular. But she did roll a want to go to the mountains, so off she went. Once there, she wanted to do everything. She went on at least 6 or 7 tours, she rolled constant wants for that. Of course, Mortimer's wishes surrounded around skilling, so he was easy. He did take a couple of hits of elixir, as I wanted him to live long enough to get together with Dina. Alexander was a bit more difficult. As a child, he rolled wants to have somebody swing him around, occasionally to get a skill point, and of course, to get a dog. So the Goths got a dog. When he became a teen, he rolled Family, like his sister. So he wanted to get close to girls. He was a bit easier then. I kept waiting for Cassandra to roll a want to call a couple of different men she met on vacation, but did not. Darren Dreamer? Hasn't even thought about him.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lot 1: Don Lothario

Ha, yah, hi everybody. Ya know who I am, right? I am known in Pleasantview as the young handsome doctor, up and coming. I like that. But because I am a doctor, I am also a chick magnet. Chicks love a young, single, handsome doctor. I have no trouble attracting' chicks into my personal space.

This is my girl Dina. She wants to marry money, and has let me know. Right now I don't have alot of cashola but that is comin' down the road. I haven't told her that though, she thinks I am loaded because I am a doctor. She is barkin' up the wrong tree. It is all I can do to keep the bills paid around this joint. But ya know what, she is alot of fun in the mean time. I'll take it as long as she'll give it!

This is her lovely red headed sister Nina. She and I seem to click. I mean, we have some chemistry. Every time I start feeling that comin' on I shove it to the back burner and just enjoy the lovely babe in front of me. Like, I don't want to settle down or anything! No sirree!

And this is the beautiful lady that cleans my house every day, Kaylynn. It's a shame, I am usually at work when she comes over to my house, but there are times when I can schedule a ride for her with ol' Don! So many ladies, so little time! I would be the happiest guy on earth if I could bed 20 plus ladies....that is my goal in life.

I keep an open mind about women. I love 'em all shapes sizes and colors. And I am always on the look out for new ones to get to know.

Er, oh yah. I need to mention this one. The girl dressed in the black shroud...errr...dress. This is Cassandra Goth. She is from the oldest family in Pleasantview, and somehow I got myself engaged to her. I was sort of attracted to her money bein' that my practice is still struggling. Yes, her father is loaded and they live in a big old moldy mansion on the edge of town. When I think about being married, my gut just twists up in knots. But I think about her dough. I tell myself it isn't any different than Dina wanting to be with me because she thinks I have money. Except Cassandra really has money.

That night she showed up in town when I was on the prowl meeting new women, she almost found me out. To make it seem like I was 'all about her' I took her into the changing booth...and well...gave her a few minutes with Don. But I sure didn't feel good about it. Is this a premonition of things to come?

DON'S WISHES - Of course, Don's wishes centered around dating, flirting, and woohooing. However, every time he spun up a wish to gain a skill point, I grabbed it. It was no problem getting Don's five wishes a day in. He actually gained two job promotions during this play. Don's LTW is to become a professional party guest. When that comes up on the computer, he will quit doctoring and become a partier. heh.