Saturday, November 24, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 9 - Monty, Mercutio

All who live here:

Mercutio Monty, grandson of Isabella Monty.  Popularity Sim - LTW to Become A Hall of Famer.  Beginning Wishes:  Have 10 best friends, get engaged to Miranda Capp, have a party, and make a BFF.

Woohoo!  Upon entering the lot, Mercutio was showing an engagement wish!  And so it is~ Mercutio runs to the phone and invites Miranda Capp over.

That is a fair chuck of change, being that Miranda's parents didn't have much money, and much needed since Mercutio didn't bring any Monty money with him.

Miranda was showing a fear of getting engaged, and as a result lost 3,500 apsiration points.  However, party animal Mercutio immediately spun up have a wedding party, and get married to Miranda.  I love it when it is this easy.

All the Capps and Montys were invited to the wedding, and so far no fights have broken out.  Maybe the nuptials will not become a battleground!

So far so good, except it is raining.

Juliette keeps threatening to poke Mercutio, but that is about it.  I fully expected the patriarch of the Capps, Consort Capp to get into fisticuffs with Isabella Monty, matriarch of the Montys.  But it never happened.  I don't know if I am glad or disappointed. hehe   It seems the Smustle kept everyone occupied.

Early Wednesday morning, Mercutio's chosen job comes up on the computer.  He left a job as a fast food shift manager and went to Mascot in the Athletic field.  Heh.  At this point in time Mercutio is running party wishes, and Miranda is running 'date sim' wishes.  Typical.  Miranda wishes for skills to match her job promotions, and Mercutio is bringing home co workers from work.

Miranda (Capp) Monty
Early Wednesday....yes Miranda, your husband is the cause of your maternal discomfort.....

Miranda adopts one of the dogs her dad Albany sent to the shelter....Leslie.  Her plan is to breed Leslie to Benny (whom Mercutio brought with him from the Monty Ranch house).  The puppies will be sent to the shelter for others to adopt.  (And to keep the human population down in this  house!)

Hahaha!   It has been a long time since I have seen this.  Miranda influenced senior Sarah McCarthy to fix her computer.  heh.  Ms. McCarthy lived through it and immediately left the premises.  I had my fingers crossed that I would get a tombstone for the lot!

Hal Capp, Spencer Monty, Benedick Monty, Michelle Huffman, Miranda (Capp) Monty and Mercutio Monty
As is normal Sim fashion, Miranda goes into labor in the bathroom, just as Mercutio's party guests arrive outside.  heh  A pretty little girl is born named Paris.  She has the black hair of the Montys with red recessive.  And yes, she has that freckly skin.  I am thinking of taking it out.  *rolls eyes*  I haven't had a baby born without it since I transferred a bunch of older files into my downloads folder off my back up drive.

Alon Monty, Benedick Monty, Mercutio, Hall Capp, Miranda (Capp) Monty, Paris Monty, Romeo Monty, Spencer Monty
All of these males crowd into the bathroom to see new momma and baby.  hahaha!  Around this time, Miranda is able to choose a second aspiration.  Knowledge, it is!

During the party, another birth occurred.  Go you, doggies!  Gah.  I just noticed I named these dogs Capp instead of Monty.  Looks like I will need to fire up SimPE to fix that.  *sigh*

Mercutio immediately makes a deal with Hal Capp to take them off his hands.  Hal's dad Albany will love having these pups to raise!  Mercutio immediately influenced Benny and Leslie to try for more pups.

Mercutio Monty, Miranda (Capp) Monty, Ariel Capp and Widget, the Leader Of the Pack
 Widget comes onto the lot during the wee hours on Saturday, just before dawn, to pick a fight.

Widget the Leader Of the Pack and Leslie
Really Leslie, you should not be fighting in your 'delicate condition', let alone trying to fight a big fellow like Widget.  Hopefully this taught you a lesson.

Mercutio Monty and Miranda(Capp) Monty
Tandem charisma that Miranda is half Knowledge, lots of skilling wishes are being thrown.

Paris and Mercutio Monty
Paris's wishes upon growing up:  Get a toy, be played with by Mercutio and Miranda, and learn to potty.  She certainly looks different than her cousin Rosaline!  First wish fulfilled - get a toy.

Teaching Paris to walk....the 'hard way'.  heh

During the wee hours early Monday morning, three more pups are born.  Charlton, Esther, and Haya.  They are immediately shipped off to the pound, and the dogs are influenced to start another litter.

And this is where the lot ends for this round.  :)


Mercutio:  Ending wishes:  Be BF with townie Stuart Lillard (Stuart was responsible for a string pulling promotion for Mercutio), be friends with and play with dog Leslie Capp, and have a party.  Mercutio wanted to have lots of parties, and suffered from a slight case of 'buy me' syndrome.  Once he got over that, he threw wishes for skills as it pertained to his job, and to be friends with so and so. 

Miranda:  Ending wishes:  Get charisma 8, get a body skill, be saved from death, and see a ghost.  She didn't throw 'romance' type wishes much, except for 'ask sim on date'.  Therefore it was easy to keep her five wishes a day done, and that helped Mercutio as well.  There was also some talking about hobbies, serving food and once she became half Knowledge Sim, lots of skilling.

Paris:  Usual toddler type wishes and interactions with mom and dad.

Keep on Simming!


Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 8 - Capp, Juliette

All who live here:

Juliette Capp - Family - LTW - Become Captain Hero.  Starting Wishes:  Play with/Entertain/Make friends with Antonio Monty/Hustle pool.  First wish fulfilled:  Play with (Romeo).

Yes, the first thing Juliette did was invite Romeo over.  The play with interaction instigated an avalanche of Romeo wishes.  Five wishes were filled right away within minutes of entering the lot.

Romeo Monty and Juliette Capp
Of course, Juliette spun up 'get married to Romeo'.  Now we know Romeo does not want this.  However, he is not playable right now.  A-HA!  It is what ever Juliette wants, since she is playable.  A wedding party immediately took place.  :)

Romeo's wishes upon moving in and getting married:  Meet someone new, get a logic point, make out with three Sims, and go on tropical vacation.  First wish fulfilled - get a logic point.

Juliette and Romeo Monty
Romeo brought $9,139 to the household, and received a memory of marrying a rich Sim. Heh

The next morning, Juliette's grandfather, Consort Capp, showed his displeasure with his granddaughter by doing the most distasteful thing in Veronaville.

Really, Mr. Capp. I would think that you could handle this family feud in manner that was more becoming to a man of your age and stature in the community.....How immature~!  Consort is obviously upset that his Juliette married Romeo.  Having hate thoughts, much?

On Wednesday, Juliette is running continually to the powder room with baby thoughts.  Romeo is having lots of skilling thoughts???  Is he a Knowledge subaspiration?  Nope.  *shrug*

On Thursday, Juliette's chosen job field came up on the computer.  She hired in Law Enforcement as a Patrol Officer.  But she must wait for the baby to come before she can begin work.  At this point in time, she is rolling wishes to eat and serve omelets.

Juliette and Romeo Monty
Juliette fulfills two wishes by serving and eating omelets, and Romeo maxes out creativity.  Time to rest from that git-tar and get some eating done, huh Romeo??

Juliette (Capp) Monty and townie Lydia Sims
In between fulfilling wishes and waiting for the new baby, Juliette works on getting her badges in Cosmetology she started as a teenager.  She is wishing for particular foods at this time, and interactions with Romeo.  So far, she has been an easy Family Sim.

Juliette (Capp) and Rosaline Monty
Okie dokie.  Now this baby is freckly too.  I now remember where the freckly skins are coming from, yes, they are custom skintones that are programmed to be used genetically in the game.  I used them in a prospeirty hood that was doomed via a failed hard drive.  However, the pictures for it still reside at Photobucket.  Here is my founder:


I sadly deleted that blog when I thought the neighborhood no longer existed, however, I found it later on a back up. I had hoped that Blogger still might have it stashed away somewhere, but I have not found it. :(

 Anyway, as soon as Rosaline was born, Juliette spun up:

This is exactly what I expect a Family Sim should wish for after a child is born.  Buy a baby toy, buy a crib, buy a changing table.  Heh, she spun up a wish for her gold in Cosmetology.  Locked in.  Just because I have never run a Sim to gold cosmetology before.

So okay.  I don't know much about the genetics of the families of Veronaville.  But Rosaline is a blonde with red hair as recessive.   Checked out Juliette's family tree, and it looks like her mother, Cordelia, might be a blonde by checking out the little thumbnail picture.  Heh

Late Saturday, Romeo reaches TOC.  Good for you buddy!  New LTW:  to Become A Rock God.  Thank you for choosing career related LTWs.   Wishes upon gaining TOC - Ask Sim on a date, talk about hobby, dance with someone, and have a good reputation.  All easy wishes.  Now just have to wait for Juliette to come home from work in her first day in Law Enforcement.  At this point in time, Romeo was able to choose a second aspiration, and he rolled Fortune.

Rosaline Monty and Juliette (Capp) Monty
On Sunday evening, Rosaline grows up.  What a cutie patooty!  Her wishes upon growing up:  Be played with by Romeo, be played with by Juliette, learn to talk and get potty trained.  First wish fulfilled - be played with by Juliette.

And this is where we end the round. 


Romeo:  Ending Wishes:  Get hobby plaque in Music and Dance, get hobby plaque in Science, win a dance contest, and get a stereo costing at least $2,500.  Romeo didn't roll typical Romance Sim wishes every day.  He wanted to skill and do hobby stuff.  Only a couple of times did he roll a wish to date.  He also wanted to meet new people.   Even after adding the Fortune aspiration toward the end of the week did he only spend one day wanting to buy a new car, then it was back to hobby related stuff. 

Juliette:  Ending Wishes:  Have a baby, get a high chair, teach Rosaline a nursery rhyme, get gold in cosmetology.  I loved playing Juliette this round, she was wonderful with wanting Family Sim type wishes.  There is nothing more disheartening than a Family Sim who doesn't roll like type wishes.

Rosaline:  Ending Wishes:  Wanted to spend time with her dad:  Be talked to by, be snuggled by, be played with by, and be tickled by Romeo.  Threw typical toddler type wishes to learn to talk, potty walk, wanted to do stuff with her parents.

Keep on simming, everyone!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 7 - Capp, Albany and Goneril

All who live here:

Albany:  Family, LTW - Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  (ugh)  First Wishes:  Be BF with Bottom Summerdream / play with, hug, tell joke to his son Hal. First wish fulfilled:  Tell joke to Hal.

Goneril:  Fortune, LTW - Become A Business Tycoon.  First wishes:  Earn some money / Get silver flower making badge / meet someone new / talk.  First wish fulfilled, make money.

Miranda:  Romance, LTW - Become A Professional Party Guest.  First wishes:  Get a skill point / make out with three Sims/ Go to College / Get Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship.  First wish fulfilled, got Mechanical 1.  

Hal:  Popularity, LTW - Own 5 Top Level Businesses.  First wishes:  Go to University / sneak out with Benedick Monty / get logic one / get creativity one. First wish fulfilled, get logic 1. 

Desdemona:  Fortune, LTW - Become A Business Tycoon like her mom.  First wishes:  Win Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship / Go to University / earn some money / get a makeover station. First wish fulfilled:  Get a makeover station.  She immediately spun up a wish to get a badge.  *sigh*. 

Ariel:  Grow Up.  First wishes:  Get creativity one / get a skill point / invite someone over/ play with. 

All wishes for skills were quickly locked in so they could be gotten after school.  Heh. 

Townie Nancy Phillipine, Miranda Capp, Hermia Capp, Benedick Monty
The kids decided to go downtown to fulfill wishes for phones and handheld games after school.  Miranda spun up a wish to have a date (naturally) so she called the only guy she knew, fellow Romance Sim Benedick Monty.  The date carried on only long enough for Miranda to get in her five wishes, then was ended.  Looks like these two couldn't get enough of each other, and Townie Nancy is trying to be oblivious to the whole thing, while cousin Hermia Capp manages to ignore it.  heh

Townie Gordon Knott, Benedick Monty, Townie Juan Reamon (being chatted up by Goneril), Goneril Capp, Mercutio Monty, Ewan Merry, (behind him, Kimberly Monty), Miranda Capp, Hal Capp, Desdemona Capp.
Tuesday - *Sigh*  Hal keeps wishes to have a party.  Pretty tuff to do when a friend is brought home on the bus,and both mom and dad bring home friends from work.  This makes for an over stuffed house and constant pausing to come up with the next wish to fulfill.  heh.

Desdemona Capp, townie Gordon Knott, Hal Capp, Miranda Capp, Benedick Monty, Bottom Summerdream, Alon Monty
Due to a little fancy party influencing ('influence Sim to talk to') on Hal's part, Benedick Monty finally gets a wish fulfilled and becomes friends with cousin Alon Monty. 

Hal Capp
Hal sneaks out with Benedick Monty.  Hey Benedick, you show up in style in a limo?  I guess your dad Antonio is doing well for himself as a Celebrity Chef eh??

Alright!  On Wednesday, two puppies are born.  Only 18 to go for Albany!

Desdemona Capp
To keep up with her constant wishes to make money Desdemona gets an after school job, and a robot station is immediately purchased as she had just been studying mechanical.  She will be able to make money there, too.

Albany Capp
Albany, you are an elder now?  What do you wish for???

Albany:  I want that my dog Webster will learn a command, and that command to be 'Come Here', and I want to be friends with Ewan Merry, and to get a bronze in robotics. 

Miranda Capp, Antonio Monty, Bianca (Monty) Capp, Oberon Summerdream, Titania Summerdream, Beatrice and Benedick Monty
Miranda gets called on on outing by Antonio Monty, (huh, he is a Monty, she is a Capp...that don't make sense) and the Summerdreams came on the outing too.  Miranda got more than 5 wishes fulfilled by making out with Benedick during the outing. heh

Virginia Corsillo, the Infallibly Good Witch
I have never seen one of the non playable witches show up on a lot in anything other than their witch wardrobe......this one shows up in winter wear. hehe  This happened during Goneril's outing to My Muse Art Studio.

Albany Capp and Desdemona Capp
On Thursday, Desdemona reaches TOC in the Criminal career track, feeding her inner Fortune Sim happiness.

On Friday...

Miranda grows up during one of Hal's house parties.  She throws an immediate wish to flirt, and Mercutio Monty was on hand.  Miranda and Mercutio have a two bolt relationship.  No wishes were thrown to move out of the house, so we will see how Mercutio feels about Miranda when his lot is played.
Ariel Capp
Ariel grew up by herself after the party was over.  She is the forever forgotten one on this lot.  I must say she has not had five wishes met every day.  She grew up to Popularity and wants to have 20 best pet friends.  Ugh.

Goneril and Albany Capp
Spring sprung, and Albany was all about wanting to date Goneril and huggy body kissy face.  Give it up Albany, the house is overstuffed, no new babies will be coming.  He rolls wishes every day to date. 

Tony the dog and Desdemona Capp
On Sunday Alegra and Webster's puppies grew up.  Now, that there dog is probably one of the goofiest looking pooches I have ever seen in this game.  Heh.

Butler Charles Darga, Ariel Capp, Albany Capp, Consort Capp
Brand new Pop Sim Ariel attempts to have a party, and invited all the Capp Manor Capps, as that is the only other people she had any friendship points with at all. The only one that showed up was her Grandpa Consort.  She worked diligently to befriend him, so she could have a friend, and he could have another feather in his cap toward maxing out top influence for prosperity points. 

Mercutio Monty, Officer Paul Fairchild, Hal Capp, Kimberly Monty
Whereas later that day, Hal had a party that was such a success, the cops had to come and break it up.  heh

Goneril Capp
Goneril hits The Zone in Arts and Crafts early Monday morning whilst working toward her gold in flower arranging.  Her wishes have been pretty generic, luckily has not spun up a bunch of "Buy Me".  I think that is because the Capps have nearly $50,000 in the bank now.  Her wishes have swirled around skilling for her job.  She will reach TOC next round. 

And that is where we end this round.  Everyone except Desdemona and Ariel are in platinum, but they are in high gold.  Not bad.  I cannot say everyone got 5 wishes a day fulfilled.  The two that probably did not are Albany and Ariel.

Albany:  Ending Wishes:  Tell dirty joke to, classic dance with, and entertain Goneril, and relative gets engaged.  Albany threw lots of wishes for the dogs, mainly wanting to keep them bathed.  He threw good Family Sim type wishes wanting to do things with his children.  When Miranda grew up to adult, he spun up 'relative gets engaged' and never lost it.  Poor Albany.

Goneril:  Ending Wishes:  Get gold in flower arranging (locked in), win a dance contest, get TOC in business, and buy a hot spring.  Goneril wanted to skill, skill, skill.  Anything that had to do with her job was what she wanted.  In between, she worked on her flower making badges.

Miranda:  Ending Wishes:  Be flirted with, ask sim on a date, flirt, and be BF with Beatrice Monty.  Miranda was the typical Romance Sim.  Wanted to constantly date, flirt, kiss.  As a teen she dated Benedick Monty, and as an adult she dated his cousin, Mercutio Monty.

Hal:  Ending Wishes:  Talk about hobby, be BFF with Bon Voyage Townie Teen Juan Harris, dance with someone, and have a good reputation.  Hal was extremely easy.  If the kid could party, he stayed in platinum. End of story.  He currently has 12 friends counting family members.  For some reason he is showing negative friendship points with Desdemona.  I haven't figured that one out.

Desdemona:  Ending Wishes:  Get hobby plaque in Mechanics, get gold badge in robotics, go to college, and get a restorable car.  Desdemona studied mechanics and made lots of robots, and held down the job in the Criminal career.  Will be going to University.

Ariel:  Ending Wishes:  Smustle dance, get hand held game, dance with someone, talk about hobby.  Just like the first round when I played this house, Ariel was forgotten about, mostly.  This lot certainly is a good one to play to test playing 5 wishes a day.  heh.  You can't please everyone all the time.

And that is it! 

Keep on Simmin'!


Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 6 - Monty, Antonio

All who live here:

Antionio - Knowledge - LTW - Max Out 7 Skills.  First Wishes - Talk about hobby, go star gazing, see a shooting star, blog about science.  First wish fulfilled - talk about hobby

Benedick - Romance - LTW - to Become A Celebrity Chef.  First Wishes - Ask Sim on a date, have a good reputation, play marco polo, play darts. First wish fulfilled, have a good reputation (after school)

Beatrice - Popularity - LTW - have 20 Best Friends.  First Wishes - Have a party, make a BFF, go to college, and make BF with townie Michelle.

I actually played about half a day and saved before I remembered to write down their beginning wishes.  But here they are at that time.

Kimberly Monty and Benedict Monty
This is a snapshot that Antonio took.  Kimberly is looking a might white.  She sat in the hottub during the winter during one of Puck's parties at the Summerdream house.  She is a tad frozen.  haha

Benedick called out for a date after school.  I was thinking he would call Bottom Summerdream, two bolts (last one).  To my surprise, he likes Miranda Capp, three bolts.  So he calls her, has a quick dream date with her, and sends her on her way.  heh  However, during Beatrice's party later that night, Bottom crashes the party sporting a three bolt attraction to him.  Hmmm...I wonder what was different.

Antonio Monty, Benedict Monty
Learned lifelong happiness.....

Alon Monty, Spencer Monty, and Beatrice Monty
Adopted sons of Isabella Monty,  Alon and Spencer, come home on the bus with Beatrice and Benedict on Tuesday.

Antonio Monty, Chef Warren Owens, townie Wendy Inada, and bartender Benjamin London
Won a cooking contest....

Bottom Summerdream, Benedick Monty, Alon Monty, Beatrice Monty, Kimberly Monty
Wednesday - Snow Day!  What better thing to do than to party with friends?  Beatrice gets many wishes fulfilled, easily!

Benedick Monty, Chef Warren Owens, Kent Capp, and Bartender Benjamin London
Loses at the food contest...and loses 1,250 aspiration points!

Kent Capp and Benedick Monty
Benedick gets some pointers about cooking from Kent Capp, the winner.  Gets Cooking 9 & 10, fulfilling wishes.

Benedick, Beatrice and Antonio Monty
Maxes body skill after studying physiology....

Antonio Monty
Gets TOC....

Gets called out on an outing, and takes all his buddies to Aspirational Laboratories, and cooks them all ribs.   Turned out to be 'fun' without having to do much at all.

Antonio Monty and townie Tyler Sovine
Learned fire safety....

Bottom Summerdream and Benedick Monty
Okay now here is something I have never seen before in the game.  During one of Beatrice's many parties she has had this week, Bottom and Benedick started taking turns doing what appeared to be short break dancing moves.  When I clicked on Benedick to see what was going on, it was 'Break Dance Battle'.  heh.  I thought I had seen everything in this game.

Bottom Summerdream
Speaking of Bottom Summerdream.  This is the second date gift she has brought Benedick this week.  The first time it was a hot tub, which was promptly sold for badly needed cash. 

So we end the week:

Benedick Monty
Benedick cooking lobster at 3:00 AM Monday morning...finally getting in touch with his culinary side.  Good for you, Benedick!

Antonio Monty
 Antonio 'Skilling Machine' 15 skill points away from maxing skills, which he has shown a wish for for three days...

Beatrice Monty
 And Beatrice touching her artistic side while waiting for the school bus,  arts and crafts being her chosen hobby.


Antonio:  Ending wishes:  Max all skills/ get Mechanical 6/ see a ghost/ and get saved from death.  Antonio threw lots of wishes to learn lots of other things early in the week.  Fire Safety, Lifelong Happiness...ect.  Only toward the end of the week did he start throwing skill wishes.  Those would roll up when he had done a minor thing on his list.  No skills showing.  Get one skill point in something.  Then do something in the wish panel, like get a set of drums.  A skill point would then roll up.  Then they keep rolling.  Easy peasy.  Antonio was an easy Knowledge Sim this week.  in

Benedick:  Ending wishes:  Dance with Miranda Capp /make out with three Sims / be friends with Alon Monty / buy a hot tub. Benedick was the typical Romance Sim, wanting lots of dates, hugging, kissing.  When spring hit, he did throw even more of those types of wishes, but he also threw a wish for an orchard tree, to get a garden plot and plant a seed.  His chosen hobby is nature.  So all that was indulged.  Benedict now has an apple tree and a little tomato garden to look after, and now sleeps in a tent.  Zero wishes thrown for University.

Beatrice Monty:  Ending wishes:  Have a good reputation / buy a handheld game / play marco polo / play darts.  Beatrice played lots of darts during her always successful parties, and this is throwing lots of gaming type wishes.  Sadly, that is not her chosen hobby.  She will gravitate to the easel on her own to paint, working toward her plaque in her chose hobby of Arts and Crafts.  She was a party animal this week.  Has 11 friends (counting family memebers) and 6 BFFs. 

I found I love the 'have good reputation wish'  It is very easy to fulfill, and nets a quick 5,000 aspiration points into the coffers.  Just approach a friend or family member, tell a joke, then admire, and you can usually get it in just a couple of moves.  Beatrice and Benedick threw this wish several times this week.