Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 7: Burb

All Who Live Here: John Burb, Family, LTW: RAISE 20 PUPPIES OR KITTENS, Jennifer Burb, Fortune, Make $100,000, Lucy Burb: Fortune, Become A World Class Dancer

I am gonna pull my hair out. Another Family Sim that wants to raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens!!! This neighborhood is going to be overrun with animals!

Ok. Am I sure that Jennifer isn't a Romance Sim instead? First wish: Talk. So she talks to John. Then entertain. Then flirt. Then kiss. Then make out. Then woo-hoo. Hmmmm....thank goodness Risky was napping when Jennifer and John woo-hoo'd on the first day, fulfilling all of Jennifer's wishes for the day in just a few Sim minutes.

John's first wish: Get a cooking skill, then a cleaning skill.

Lucy's first wish: To get a skill. Done after school.

Now I am looking at the LTW's for Jennifer and John. Neither one wants a job. So what to do.....that's it. Open a poker venue. Jennifer can get her $100,000 without much effort, and John can be available to take care of all the animals. hehehe!

Jennifer puts on her best poker face just after her business reaches level 2, which she had harbored a wish for. Now on Tuesday evening, she wants a good review, a best of the best award, a level 3 business, and to earn $500. Well, none of those may happen anytime soon.

John is being great. Just wants lots of interaction with Jennifer (probably so he can attempt to get her pregnant) and to get cleaning and cooking skills. What a good Family Sim.

John has started raising his 20 puppies and kitties. He already raised the puppy Leroy to adulthood, now he has Benny. Lucy had no interest in Leroy, but sure likes Benny. She has a wish to be friends with him.

And just like Dirk Dreamer before him, he maxed out his cooking skills, due to wishing. John also spun up a wish to win a cooking contest, but he also wanted new kitchen appliances. So, I chose the kitchen appliance route this time to see if anything turned out differently. John got a new stove and a new fridge.

Nope, nothing turned out different. John kept his wish to win a cooking contest through the purchase and installation of the new kitchen appliances, then he still had the wish the next day after sleeping all night. So I guessed that he was serious about wanting to win the contest. And he did. If I am not mistaken, it looks like Avri Hart submitted burned hot dogs. Hehe! Perhaps Dirk Dreamer can pass along his expertise about cooking hot dogs!

Lucy ages. Her aspiration mirrors her mother's. She is a Fortune Sim with the LTW to Become A World Class Ballet Dancer. And, she rolled Go To College immediately, and I will bet she keeps it her whole teenaged life. So I can feel safe in saying she will definitely go to University.

Alrighty then. The home poker venue reached level 5, and Jennifer had been choosing the cash business perks everytime her business advanced a level. When she hit the Will Wright Grant, she was awarded a cool big ol' pile of cash, which put the household to over $80,000 in liquid simoleons. She immediately rolls "Purchase A Community Lot". Okey dokey. She purchases the small pet store, and renames it Pleasantview Pets. I took some lessons from Veil in her Yulia's 5 top Level Businesses blog and set everything in the store to super expensive so Jennifer could concentrate on getting a bronze sales badge and not worry about anything else. In no time, she had her gold.

Once Jennifer hit gold badge status, the citizens of Pleasantview started buying stuff even though it was expensive. hehe. Okay, so Dina was noticed hovering around the cat display. I wonder if that is what she has in that bag? I guess I will find out when I play her lot again.

The week is winding down. The pet store reaches level five, and Jennifer goes home. After getting some R & R and food, she spins up a wish to make out with John out of the blue. Huh? No for warning...no nothing. I think, easy peasy wish. Well, one thing lead to another. Looks like there is a new baby Burb on the way. Thank you Risky.

Well, Jennifer thinks she really doesn't want to work the pet store anymore, and sells it for $50,000. She gets immediate memories for making $10,000, $25,000 then $50,000 Simoleons. She is over halfway to her LTW!

And this is the end of the week.


John wanted to learn things like fire safety, cleaning and cooking skills, wanted to have lots of interaction with Jennifer. I believe makin' babies was on his mind. And, he succeeded.

Jennifer wanted to buy 'stuff' until she opend her two businesses, then it was all about those. Get to the next level. Get a badge. Customer gets a star.

Lucy was very easy as a child. Once she hit teenager hood, she was difficult. Private school, (which normally isn't hard, but there is a poker parlor in her home, for gosh shakes). Due to wishing, she gained level 9 in mechanics skill, and won the scholarship connected with that. What is it..the Bains Gordon Scholarship? At any rate, I can definitely forecast she will be going to University.

Next up, the Oldies!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 6: Pleasant

Alrighty then. Back when Don Lothario took Kaylynn out for a public woo-hoo, Daniel Pleasant happened to be on the lot, and caught Kaylynn red handed. So, when the Pleasant lot is opened, Kaylynn walks onto the lot, then immediately exclaims everything is clean, and leaves. No woo-hoo for Daniel.

So Daniel gets his woo-hoo from MarySue, who did NOT get fired, but merely got demoted. Hmmm.... Even though Kaylynn had long left the lot, she came running back into the house out of nowhere to get miffed about Daniel and MarySue woo-hooing, with the "Cheater" symbol over her head. And....Risky is working overtime. MarySue got pregnant in the middle of all this. In all the times I have played the Pleasants, I never let them have another child, I figured they did such a miserable job with the twins.

At any rate, when the lot first opens, Daniel, who wants Be A Rock God, has a wish to talk, so he chats it up with MarySue before she leaves for work. MarySue has a wish to make money, so she plucks the money tree clean. She wants to be a World Class Ballet Dancer. And the twins both want a charisma skill, which they quickly get before the bus comes. Angela wants to be a Media Magnate, and Lilith wants to Become a General.

Now, why is the Diva snatching the newspaper?? I just activated downtown! LOL

Keeping up with Daniel's wishes were not hard. Romance Sim. Do I need to say more. Every day he wanted to date, everyday it was MarySue...so she easily got 5 wishes fullfilled as well.

Just like the first time I played this house, Lilith was a party animal. Dirk came every time, and she always invited Alexander Goth. This picture shows how socially inept he seems to be. While Dirk kisses Lilith, Alexander does the smustle....

Another successful party! A wish fullfilled!

On Sunday, it is time for Baby Pleasant to be born. (Yes, that is Daniel in his work outfit).

And what was the number one name for girls in the 1880's? Mary. Ha. So, MarySue Pleasant gave birth to Mary Pleasant. Mother and daughter look alike. And Daniel has just arrived home from work, so naturally he wants to date. *sigh*

Angela was sooo...soooo generic. Nothing exciting or fun. I refused to buy stuff for her. ugh.

So that ends this visit with the Pleasants. When the lot opens it is already Thursday, I really only had 4 days with them. Not much time to do anything.


Daniel: Don't think he is going to meet his LTW of becoming a Rock God. He ages next time the lot opens. It never came up during this play. Romance Sim...mostly wanted to date, and MarySue was around all the time because of her pregnancy. So really did not have to worry about him rolling wants for other women.

MarySue: Rolled lots of wishes for Daniel, and things for her job. Skills, and a car. Ended the play with a car in her backpack, and the job level of Aerobics Instructor. Yes, her job came up on the computer.

Lilith: Party, party, party. Seems that her wishes were more inline with a Pop Sim than Angela.

Angela: Wanted skills, creativity. She rolled party once, but only in the middle of Lilith's partying. She also rolled University, while Lilith did not. I think Angela is a Knowledge Sim in Pop Sim clothes. Angela will attend.

Mary: Still and infant.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 5 - Dreamer

Remember, Dirk is here alone since his dad moved out to marry Cassandra Goth. When the lot first opens, his wishes look pretty hopeless. He wants to buy a car so he can drive to Private School every day, which will make him look good to get into University so he can become a doctor. Uh-huh. His LTW is to become a Hall of Famer. So he gets the cheap $900 car, and calls the headmaster.

I like BJ Ryan. He is friendly with about every body. He even likes burned hot dogs enough to give them 27 food points on the tour! Good for you, Dirk!

Almost everyday after school, Dirk rolled wishes to go buy clothes. So after homework, off he'd go. He was extremely attracted to cashier Nichole Thompson. She is a Fortune Sim as well. But he would never go to her check out, always George's. It is almost as if he was afraid to approach Nichole. Hmmm..maybe she will join him in University to see what trouble can be stirred up!

Finally on this day he decides to approach her. The first thing he talks about is marriage. Go you, Dirk!

Finally on Wednesday evening after his conversation with Nichole, he rolled a wish to get a creativity skill point. This snowballed into wanting more and more. Yay! This is easy-street when wishes are being played, he kept these wishes. Lock 'em in!

Carolina London came home with him in the bus Monday. Being a good Sim he chatted it up with her and became friends. However he has no real interest in her. She calls him every day. Poor Dirk!

The skill wishes for Dirk shifted from creativity to cooking wishes. Due to wishing, Dirk maxed his cooking skills. This won't help him become a Hall of Famer, but still. He will be a good cook to some wife!

Of course upon obtaining the 10th cooking skill point, he spins up 'win a cooking contest'. So off the Sue's Kitchen he goes. He grills up his favorite food, hotdogs, and proceeds to brag about how much skill he has. Sue submits ribs, Damion Kramer makes lunchmeat sandwiches, and Avri Hart enters Santa Cookies. haha!

And Sue wins with her entry of ribs. Dirk, you shouldn't have been such a braggart! But then on the other hand, a wish can still be fulfilled that you have...to eat hotdogs! Yeah!

And we end our visit with Dirk at Woodland Park, where he visited on Sunday hoping to see someone he could talk all about his hobbies with. He grilled up some hot dogs for lunch, thus fulfilling that wish, found Lillith and discussed Cuisine, fulfilling that wish, then topped off his five wishes for the day by 'flirt, kiss, makeout' with her. Good for you, Dirk!


Being a Fortune Sim, Dirk wished for Things at the beginning of the week. He bought/sold a car six times. Get some kind of pet rolled several times, but I was able to circumvent that by choosing other things, no matter how trivial it seemed. I didn't want the pet to go back to the pound when he left for university. He spun up Go To College early in the week, and never lost it, so he will be attending University. Once he started wishing for skills, the lot went quickly. Good for you Dirk! It was a pleasant play.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 4 - Broke

The Broke house is always hard. Always. I think it is programmed to make everybody's needs plummet extra fast. Haha! I was really sleepy when I started this lot, and didn't blog as I played, so I will try to remember that happened on the first couple of days. Brandi's LTW - Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. Doesn't the game know I don't want that LTW???

I decided to concentrate on particular wishes from Brandi. I didn't want her rolling "Find Love" and then never find it. Her first wishes where to do things with Dustin. Joke, Talk. She kept rerolling the same wishes, and she kept it up until he left for school. Beau's wishes were attention type wishes from his mom. Brandi managed to sit down with him and teach him to talk, yes, right away! Wishes fulfilled for both as soon as the lot opened. Dustin's wishes were to kiss Angela, which he did right after school, then he spun up 'Get Into Private School' and "Go To College". Ah-hah. By now, it was 2:30. He calls the headmaster, and Brandi drags out of bed so her cooking skills can be used to make a nice dinner for the Headmaster. Dustins LTW - To Become A Prestidigitator.

BJ Ryan is usually pretty easy, but he kept giving Dustin the cold shoulder at every turn. Didn't want to chat, wouldn't accept smooze interaction. Brandi made salmon. Ryan wasn't impressed with Dustin's bedroom, but the rest of the house he liked alright. Dustin managed to get the visit up to 75 points, and Ryan kept turning down Dustin's attempts to smooze to talk. So Brandi smoozed, for another 10 points. Then an innocent flirt thrown by Brandi toward Ryan put it over the top.

Yay! Teamwork is always best!

I have to say, this play of the Broke house has not been as fun. Brandi couldn't even cheer up her co workers. She did well the first day or two of interacting with her childern, but after that it was mooning around about making herself feel better, and not in mom like ways!

Beau was a regular clean-a-holic. Thank goodness for that, nobody else wanted to do it.

By the time the third child Charles aged to toddler, there were enough aspiration points between Dustin and Brandi to get one energizer, and some smart milk. Brandi happily fed Charles smart milk, and was able to fulfill his first wish to learn to talk. Yay!

In fact, Charles learned all the toddler skills, then moved on to wanting attention from Brandi.

Alright, this just tickled me. When the carpool came to get Brandi for the law enforcement career field, Dustin hopped into the police car with her to go to work in the Criminal field.....

By Saturday night, Brandi was able to fall in crush with Tyson Ebadi, two bolts. She rolled "Fall In Love" on Thursday and never lost it. Hope this is the one.

And this is where we end this week:

Dustin getting his 6th logic skill point.


Brandi: Brandi did pretty will the first two days interacting with her children. Then after that it was all about her. She constantly wished to be best friends with so and so, to get married, to fall in love, to get skills for her job. Luckily, her boys Beau and Charles made up for interactions with her.

Dustin: Dustin was very different this time than last time. He wished to make money, but also to amass skill points. Didn't roll any wishes to buy anything. Unusual for a Fortune Sim. He did roll the wish to go to college.

Beau: Was not as fun this time as last. He never rolled any of the child type wishes of swing me around or read to me. It was to become BF with so and so, and to get A's at school. I don't like to see the BF wishes roll up because it usually occurs days before it can be done if one waits for the relationship to naturally rise. It is difficult for children to artificially raise it like adults can.

Charles: Was easy. Like John (Lothario) Caliente, once Charles learned all his toddler skills, he wanted interaction with his mom, and to get skills. He was a resounding success.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rnd 1, Lot 3 - Caleinte

Soooo...this is what happens when Mortimer dies before the Caliente house is played for him to come strolling in front of....

Dina wants to become engaged to Don. She did have some really swell dates with him, after all. Well, I know that isn't Don's wish. However, the citizens of Pleasantview let me know who they want to be with. And Dina wants Don. *sigh* OKAY! Let's do it! :) Dinas LTW: To Become Head of the SCIA. She will have to compete with Darren Dreamer for that job. After all, there can only be one head, right?

Nina on the other hand had pretty generic wants when the lot first opened. Hmmmm.... Her LTW is to have 20 Simultaneous Lovers. Alrighty then! Lets get started. :) Nine goes right to Mr. Humble's comptuer and gets a job in the Slacker field. First wish fullfilled.

Well. I failed to get pictures of Dina's proposal. But Don accepted. First wish fullfilled for Dina. Then the little wench Nina stepped right between the happy couple and grabbed Don's butt. Which, Don rather enjoyed, but Dina didn't take kindly to it.

She's spreading the hate around pretty well now. But she still wants to marry Don. And she will remain engaged to him until she likes him well enough to marry him if she doesn't roll break up with Don. hehe

Alright, good grief. Nina rolls woo hoo in hot tub and bed. Don is still there...hmmm...after all...it is now nightfall and I think I can sandwich in 5 wishes for Nina with Don around before midnight. Romance Sims are so easy. Here is the kicker. Risky was not nice to the Family and Knowledge Sims on the last lot just played (The Goths) but it hits this lot HARD. Yup, Nina gets pregnant in the hot tub with Don's baby. erm. How fun!!!

Dina is a lost cause to get 5 wishes in this day. She is still stuck in the 'marry Don' mode, but hates him at the same time.

Nina and Don take a break from woo-hooing to scarf down some delicious mac-n-cheese that Dina made. Owwww...that's gotta hurt. If looks could kill.

On Tuesday, Dina is still wishing for a wedding party, and now wants to marry anyone. All the while, cussing out Don when he comes to steal the paper coupled with 'hate thoughts' about Nina. Geesh!

At this point, I realize I hadn't added Downtown. So I did so thinking it might assist Pleasantviewians in meeting more people, to "stir the pot" a little, so to speak. I am shying away from adding Bluewater, I get sick of seeing Malcom Landgrabbe showing up everywhere.

On Wednesday, Dina gets a promotion to coffee sound shop engineer, with no job with the SCIA in sight. She is no longer harboring wants to get married. This day Nina is romancing Daniel Pleasant (who has already fallen in crush with her) and Don calls Dina up on the phone to chat. Perhaps he is trying to make up? Dina now wants a car, to go to the Orient, buy a $600 game, or make $2500. Well, none of those look really appealing to me. She doesn't really have the cash to go on vacation. Hmm, what to do. Dina buys the poker table for $630, (wish fullfilled!) four cheap chairs from Ikea, and a ticket machine. You got it...home business. She may not get the $2,500 right away, but she might. Oh and the phone call from Don?

Yeah. As soon as I added Downtown, the nagging calls start coming. I figured though, it is Don. Her love. So she decides to go, and put off opening the home business until she gets back. She might get some wishes fullfilled downtown, and I won't have to send her on vacation.

Now, there is a reason I don't like invites to go downtown. They are usually to cause trouble. Even though I did not choose Nina to go on this outing she left her visit with Daniel, and hopped in the car anyway. Kaylynn also showed up. Now I am in a conundrum. Let Kaylynn or Nina make a pass at Don and get Dina upset with him all over again? Let nature take it's course? Yeah~! We will see what happens. AWKWARD.

Okay, here it is. Everything was going along swimmingly, Dina ends the outing and goes outside to call the taxi. Melissa Fancey shows up and flirts with Don..haha.....and puts Kaylynn and Nina at odds with him. As long as Dina doesn't catch on, it might be all right. hehe! Love it!

And....Dina realizes the $2,500 wish within 6 hours of her business opening once she got back from her downtown outing with Don! Gave it another 8 hours, and she realized her wish to make $3,000! Hey, I think I am onto a racket here!

Meet little John, Don's son. I have decided to use names from the 1880's. John was number one! I think we will call him Johnny. Dina stopped basking in the success of her latest job promotion to Summer Camp Music Teacher long enough to notice little Johnny's entrance into the world. And customer Kennedy Cox went right on slurping up spaghetti without noticing a baby was just born in front of him.

On Friday night, Dina and Don seemed to start patching things up. But Dina hasn't rolled any romantic type wants for him. But look at this, she seems to be having hateful thoughts about...herself!!! Dina gets fired from her job, which opened up wishes to get a new job, ect. Getting fired isn't always a bad thing, if the wishes are being played. She takes a job in the medical profession, all the while keeping an eye on the job ads.

Just as she did the first time around, she rolled a wish to get a makeover station. Dina starts dolling out free makeovers, which made the customer satisfaction stars start pouring in for her home poker venue. Didn't she do a good job here on Christy Stratton?

And Johnny ages to toddler. What a cutie-pie!

And, with his mom's help, he realizes his first wish on his birthday by learning how to talk.

Now here is something I have never seen. Sim toddlers in a snowsuit!

And we end this week with a level five biz for Dina....and a solid platinum attitude!


Dina: Dina's wishes (once she got over wanting to marry Don) was convoluted with wanting to buy stuff. Well, not having that kind of cash flow, I decided to let her have a home business, and this stopped the "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" wishes. She instead began wishing for things for her business. Advance her business to the next level, get skills for her job.

Nina: Nina wanted to date, occasionally rolled a wish for a skill point, and constantly wanted to meet new people which she did on the computer by chatting. She rolled wishes for dates a couple of times, and has one love toward her LTW of 20.

Johnny: Being a kid, he wanted to learn to walk, talk, and potty. Once that was accomplished, he wanted to play with his bunny head to gain charisma, and wanted lots of interaction with his mom. I am proud to say I was successful with his wishes. I tend to ignore toddlers.