Sunday, September 29, 2013

Veronaville Round 3, the Monty Ranch

All who live here - Isabella Monty, adopted children teenagers Alon Monty and Kimberly Monty, and and two cats.

Isabella - Family/Knowledge.  Her LTW is to marry off six.  At this point in time, she has married off Claudio (deceased), Antonio, and Bianca. 

Those three are the natural children she had with Patrizio.  In order to fulfill her LTW, she had to adopt three children.  Enter Spencer, Alon, and Kimberly.  Spencer finished university last round, and became engaged to Desdemona Capp.  After his marriage this round, there will only be two left to marry off, Alon and and Kimberly.  Isabella's beginning wishes: Invite someone over, gain a skill point, entertain and play with.  First wish fulfilled:  gain a skill point.  (body).

Alon - Family - LTW - To Marry off Six.  ugh.  Beginning wishes - Ask Sim on date, play with his adopted brother Spencer, play with Hal Capp, and attend University.  First wish fulfilled:  Play with Hal Capp.  Hal just happened to wonder onto the lot and walked right into the Monty house.  How easy was that?

Kimberly - Romance - LTW - To Become a Celebrity Chef.  That fits more with what the Capp family is about.  First wishes - fall in love with Hal Capp, be friends with bug man Travis Collins, sneak out with Beatrice Monty, and attend university.  First wish fulfilled:  Fall in love with Hal Capp.  heh.

Isabella got busy working out to gain some body points and thus fulfilled wish after wish  for skill points.  I fell asleep...hahaha...and when I woke up she had seven body skill points, and was plenty stinky and hungry.

On Tuesday, both teenagers came home from school wanting to date so both opened up their little black books.  Kimberly came up with her new love Hal Capp, and Alon realized his relationship with Bottom Summerdream was high enough to date her.

I knew that Bottom had been romancing someone as a teen and was afraid it was Hal Capp.  But then I remembered she and Benedict Monty had become good friends, but that was all. 

The dates went well.

Alon managed to get his first kiss, then a makeout session immediately afterward.

Kimberly and Hal seemed to know what dating was all about to begin with.  Oh that's right.  Kimberly summoned the Matchmaker last round and was brought Goth Boy, a three bolt attraction.  Hmmm.....  she had gotten plenty of dating in with him.  Kim and Hal have two bolts.

No no stop that Alon!!!!  heh

Alon and Kimberly got their five wishes in this day, thanks to Bottom Summerdream and Hal Capp.

Early Wednesday morning, three kittens were born.  Off to the shelter they went.  Their names were Male Kitten, Female Kitten, and Female Kitten.  Erm.  Yeah.  Got a little quick on the buttons.  More kittens were immediately put in the oven.

Whoops....Isabella nearly makes it to her Grim party before 6 kids are married off.  Take a swig, lady!!!  Buy some more time.

On Friday, Isabella threw a wish to fish with the local Senior Citizens Club.  Heh.

Miss Crumplebottom was on hand to quickly snuff out any hanky panky amongst the elders. Garden Club guy Matthew Smith found this to be a complete wet wash rag, and refused Isabella when she threw a flirt his way. Poor Isabella, did not get her wish to flirt fulfilled.

After fishing with the senior citizens of Veronaville, Isabella wished to buy a car, and so it was.  :)

Two more kittens, Desi and Lucy Monty. A call was immediately placed to animal control.

It is now early Saturday morning, and Isabella woke up at 3 am as elders are want to do.  She worked in a short session of stargazing, caught a fish in her newly dug pond, then decided to go jogging . All before dawn.  Bailey the daddy cat of all the kittens waits for Isabella to finish stretching as he decided he would jog with her.  Isabella has drawn away from wanting so many skills now that she wanted at the beginning of the week.  Her wishes are more generic now.  Talk about hobby, fish, stargaze, ect.

Saturday morning also found Kimberly and Alon both wishing to play chess.  Kimberly assures Alon that if he plays enough games he can get his hobby plaque like she did.    Alon is hoping to max out his logic skill this time, though.  And he did.

After the chess match with Alon which Kimberly did not win, she made everyone chili.  then she figured it might be best to learn a little physiology. 

Feeling invigorated from winning at chess and eating delicious chili, Alon learned how to fight fires.  Yeah.

Okay so the kids have started the 'I wanna save the world' streak.  Now, I know how knowing physiology and fire fighting work.  How does this one work?  What good is it?  Relationship Counseling.  Has anyone ever used it?

On Sunday, Isabella threw a wish to max body.  And so it was.  And just in time, Alon invited Spencer over.  With him came Bianca the step sister, and Isabella's daughter with Patrizio.  Isabella had a nice opportunity to visit with both of them.

Wow a third litter in a Sim week.  My Sims have never accomplished this before.  Must of hit the windows of time just right.  Meet Penny Monty, Sheldon Monty, and Leonard Monty.  That means these two cats had 8 kittens in 7 Sim days...great infusion of cat population for the next Sim who wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens.  :)

And we end the week with Isabella talkin' about hobbies to Alon, early on Monday morning.  He sure looks interested. 

Summary:  I think that Isabella will have to take only one more shot of elixir.  Alon and Kimberly will grow to adult in 6 days.   Next round they will marry, and Isabella will slip into the Sim netherworld.

Ending wishes:

Isabella:  Go swimming, go fishing, be saved from death and go roller skating.  It is almost as if she were in a mid life crises, and wanting to do all the things she should have done when she was a little younger.  She took two doses of elixir this round.

Alon:  Play marco polo, call Spencer to chat, play chess, and blog about games.  Yep he is still after that gaming plaque. hehehe!

Kimberly:  Flirt with Hal, give backrub to Hal, buy a makeover station, and go to university.  Both she and Alon rolled University only occasionally, after conversation with Spencer.  It would roll away.  She will not be going.

And that is it!  Next lot:  My favorite family in TS2.  The Summerdreams.