Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Round 3, Lot 12 - Wolosenko Mitch and Sunflower

All Who Live Here - Sunflower (Wilkie) Wolosenko, Pleasure Sim LTW - To Become A Professional Party Guest. Mitch Wolosenko, Romance Sim LTW - To Become A Hall of Famer. Robert - Grow Up.

The wishes these two were showing when I first opened the lot were the same. Get a toilet, get a tub, get a fridge.

They bought a huge empty lot go build their nature retreat on. But the first wishes fulfilled for them was date type wishes, ultimately ending in woohoo, of course. I am perceiving this will be a blast to play a Pleasure Sim and a Romance Sim in the same house. :)

I thought I would try something different and put a greenhouse under their house. I went on MTS2 and got some glass flooring for the second floor, but *sigh* it didn't let the sunlight through. But no matter, this is going to be a fun lot to play.

Sunflower got pregnant on Tuesday. Eh, no surprise. Those to want two woohoo as much as a Family Sim/Romance Sim rolled into one. Luckily, Sunflower's desired career field, Slacker, was on the computer the first day, she grabbed it, as did Mitch. The couple was down to $347 by the time I got done building their house. Sunflower even brought $15,000 with her from her dad's house that Mitch had contributed after he moved in.

Thursday: On another date. They date a couple of times a day. Too bad there is no 'date' type LTW here. Haha. Money has been so scarce they haven't been able to plant much in their green house, but they did get out four plots of eggplant. Naturally.

Late Thursday, Sunflower goes into her third trimester. The night before a coworker had left her a telescope as a thank you gift for a good outing. I wonder if either Sunflower or Mitch will make use of it! They decide to do a little fishing in the big pond on their property to bring in some money and some food.

Ha. In the middle of 'going for the gold' fishing badge for Sunflower, little Robert Wolosenko came into the world. I just love the look on Sunflower's face here. This makes 9 boys to 2 girls born in Pleasantview.

There was enough cash to build a nursery onto the house. When there is a little more, the greenhouse below will be expanded for Robert.

Saturday evening Robert grows to toddler. What a cutie! I am always curious as to the looks of the child of a PlantSim. In the mean time, Sunflower has been tending the garden under the house, and working on getting her fishing gold. Otherwise it is date, date, date every day for her and Mitch. What happiness!

Gratuitous kiddie picture. Robert is unusual looking! Like!

On Sunday night, Mitch rolls a wish to flirt with this girl, and 'Ask Sim On Date' was locked in. He intended to ask Sunflower on a date, but she ran off to work as soon as he got home. They are on opposite shifts. Well, he needs his five wishes this day, so he calls this girl, (Caryl, the town slob) however, she wasn't home. So he calls out again, and asks the next available single lady on his list. It was.....

Dina Caliente. She was up for a fun date, apparently. She and Mitch have one bolt. There was lots of joking, laughing, gossiping. Seemed to be going along swimmingly.

Mitch made his romantic type move, and Dina immediately put him at arms length. Um, Dina...Mitch only had 4 wishes in for the day, you spoiled it for him. Mitch sends her packing. By this time Sunflower was due home in an hour, and Mitch settles back on his bed to wait for his wife. Sunflower had 'woohooo with Mitch' locked in, and Mitch made himself available. heh

This is all for the Wolosenkos for this week. It has been a fun lot to play!


Mitch: All date, date, date. Constantly rolled 'public woohoo' but he decided he liked dating Sunflower better. Not hard to get in the 5 wishes for him until he went on opposite shift than her. On Monday or Tuesday of next round that should remedy.

Sunflower: Easy to get in the 5 wishes with Mitch. Otherwise she rolled lots of buy me type things. None fulfilled.

Robert: Wanted and recieved all his toddler skills, then wanted interactions with his mom and dad. Well done!

This ends Round 3. Normally this would mean a University entry next, but there are no eligible teens going to Uni this round! Nobody spun it up and kept it. I am noticing that the University lots are much different to play then the lots where the Sims did not go to University. This makes for a fun and diverse hood to play.



Monday, May 28, 2012

Round 3 , Lot 11 - Goth (2) Alexander and Daisey

All who live here: Alexander Goth, Family. LTW - to Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. He has 15 to go. Daisey Goth, Family. LTW - To have 6 Grandchildren. Erm . That is a tuff LTW when the spouse wants to raise animals. Also Josette the kitten brought over from the Goth house, and the cat Ringo Caliente that Alexander bought from Coral (Oldie) Wilkie.

First Wishes:

Alexander: Have a baby, entertain, play with, and be BFF with Leo Wilkie. First wish fulfilled - play with. (Daisey).

Daisey: Catch butterflies, catch fireflies, hula dance, and talk about hobby. First wish fulfilled - talk about hobby.

Alexander brought some Goth money with him, and purchased the large house on the edge of town for his new 'love at first sight' wishing well bride. She came all the way from Twikki Island to be his wife on the mainland.

Awww I am loving this for Alexander. He was the ungainly awkward kid who danced funny at Lilith's parties. He and Daisey are so happy. He gets a job in Law Enforcement as a Cadet.

Naturally their thoughts right after moving in is nothing but wanting to do things with each other. Talk, joke, as soon as I installed a closet in their bedroom, Alexander rolled 'woohoo in closet', so off he and Daisey went! ALRIGHT!

Woohoo in the closet worked, Alexander and Daisey have a little one on the way. In the mean time, Josette the kitten grew up, and immediately tried for kittens with Ringo. There is a litter on the way. Everyday when Alexander gets home from work, he wants interaction with Daisey. Talk, flirt. So sweet. Easy to keep happy. Daisey on the other hand is proving to be more difficult. She constantly wants to catch fireflies, butterflies. If there are none on the lot..*shrug* Luckily she has thrown a couple of skilling wants so that is what she does while Alexander is at work.

On Friday, Henry Goth was born. Welcome to the world, little one! When Henry was born, Alexander gained enough aspiration points to choose his second aspiration. He rolled Romance.

Then on Saturday, the kittens were born. :) Wow, big litter.

Sunday was Henry's birthday. Everyone from the Goth mansion came. Cassandra, Darren and William Dreamer. It is imperative that Henry keep up his relationship with them. Cassandra's son William will not be allowed to inherit the Goth mansion, as his name is not Goth. Dirk also came as he and Alexander are buds.

And so the relationship development begins. As soon as Henry grew to toddler, Alexander and Daisey immediately threw wishes to have another baby. hehe

Alexander and Daisey are tickled pink to be parents. Eh. Look how happy they are.

And this is where we end the Goths for this week.


Alexander - Ends the week wanting to buy a vacation home, have a baby and go on a mountain vacation or a tropical vacation. Hm If he still harbors this next round he and Daisey may going out! Alexander's wishes were mainly to do things with Daisey and when Henry was born, to do things with him. Teach to walk, talk, potty. Worked out well. Sub aspiration of Romance, although the only time he rolled something that was romance like was the first day after getting it, he came home and wanted to date. Otherwise, the Family Sim in him seems to be dominate.

Daisey - Even though it is winter time, she wants to catch a blasted butterfly, serve food, play with Josette the cat, and hobby plaque in cuisine is locked in. She did win two food competitions and hung the ribbons on the wall, and got a remodeled kitchen out of the deal. Her wishes were stupid, like catching butterflies in the winter time. Would spin up to do things with Alexander. Appreciate, tell jokes, ect.

Henry - Wanted all his toddler skills, Alexander taught him all. Then wanted interaction with his parents. I think he is going to be a cute kid.

I really like this picture. :)

See you next at the Plant Sim house!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Round 3, Lot 10 - Burb (2) Lucy

All who live here: Lucy Burb - Fortune. LTW - To Become a World Class Ballet Dancer.

Ugh, I lost the original entry I was working on by an accidental delete. So I can't tell you what her first wishes were when she first came on the lot. But the first one fulfilled was 'make money' from the money tree. Ask Sim on a date was locked in.

Lucy invited over Neal Leong for her date. You might remember him from the Pleasant update. Lilith sort of likes this guy. At any rate, Lucy developed an innocent crush on him in University, and has a two bolt attraction to him.

I sort of went 'mechanical' with this lot, because Lucy wasn't doing anything really exciting, her job didn't come up on the computer until Wednesday. However, one thing she did on Monday was go to the genie lamp on Monday and ask him to 'make her pretty'. What this does is make potential matches walk by her house, or be on a community lot when she goes. After a couple of outings, and running out to meet men walking by the house, I check the results on Thursday:

The three bolt attractions are Komie Tellerman, Neal Leong, Checko Rameriz (yes I finally installed Bluewater since I have so many Fortune Sims in my hood) Tyson Ebadi (Brandi *Broke*'s husband), Leo Wilkie (Coral *Oldie*'s husband) and Dustin Broke (Angela *Pleasant*'s husband). Then there is a host of two bolt attractions to choose from. Erm. These numbers are actually magnified attraction. After 72 hours pass, they go back down to actual numbers. All the above in reality are two bolt attractions. But no matter, attraction is there.

So being that it is the last day of autumn, and facing a long cold winter ahead, I think that it is going to be a while before Lucy actually picks anyone, or lets me know who she wants to be with. So she is going to try Lilith's method of finding a man, and have a party.

The guest list. Ya, even though Beau Broke is a teenager still, Lucy WAS in love with him when she was younger. Just thought it was appropriate. Well, then she decided to invite Brenda Wong, Beau's girl, just so it wouldn't seem so weird.

Looks like it is going to be Komie Tellerman. While she didn't chose one guy to dance with, she did make continual flirt gestures to Komie. She approached him to do the 'dance kiss' social, but he was absorbed with that darn ballet barre. She then talked to the guy in the brown hair for a bit, Waylon Menon. Then she floated back to Komie to see if he was available to talk. Hm. I haven't played Komie in a long time. He is usually one of those Sims I avoid.

On Sunday night Lucy reached her LTW, new LTW...become a Criminal Mastermind. Woohoo! And she immediately called Komie to come over and celebrate.

Awwww what a sweet greeting. It appears they are going to be a nice couple.

Late Sunday night Komie and Lucy get engaged, and he moves in. :) And that is where we leave Lucy and Komie for this round! Oh, for those of you who don't remember, Komie is a Fortune Sim. His LTW is to Become A Business Tycoon.


Lucy: It was buy me buy me until I laid a drive way and put a car down, then most of that stopped. Then it turned to blog hobbies, talk about hobbies, and strangely kept rolling 'see a shooting star'. Maybe Lucy has some romance in her bones.

Komie: Was very easy even though he was only on the house 9 hours before it was time to move onto the next lot. He wanted to make money (money tree) then he spun up flirt with Lucy, kiss...ect. Then WooHoo was the last. We will find out later if Risky stepped in and gave them a baby.

See you next at Alexander and Daisy Goth's house!!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Round 3, Lot 9 - Broke (2)

All who live here - Dustin Broke, Fortune - LTW Become Hand Of Poseidon. Angela Broke, Popularity - Become a Media Magnate. Anna - Grow Up

First wishes:

Dustin - Meet someone new, entertain, play with, invite someone over, be friends with Leo (Wilkie) and top Nature Hobby. First wish fulfilled - *play with* Anna

Angela - Reach TOC, gain a skill point, be BFF with Tyson Ebadi (Brandi *Broke* Ebadi's husband), play with, meet someone new, and Nichole *Dreamer* gets abducted by aliens. heh @ that last one.

Anna - Learn nursery rhyme, get charisma skill, creativity skill, and logic skill. First wish fulfilled - Get creativity point.

Monday - Love starting off a round with a **BANG**!!!! Good for you Angela, and I especially love promotions that are gotten through string pulling. Angela was still short two points for this promotion. Thanks, for that, Jan!!!! Her new LTW is to become City Planner. In the mean while, Dustin's second preferred field came up for him, Oceanography. He starts out as Protector of Whales.

Tuesday - **BAM BAM**!!! There you go. heh Dustin's next (and 3rd) LTW? Own 5 Top Level Businesses. And you will notice in this picture, Angela has just gotten her gold in gardening. :)

Dustin decides to go for 5 top Level businesses. He has purchased Pleasantview Pets. While he is here, all his thoughts surround the business. Customer gets another star. Have a #level business. Show an item to so and so. These are easy. Being that he is nearly maxed on skills, he worked up to gold level badge in sales on level two of his business.

Dustin has been selling everything at 'ridiculously expensive' so he could run the store by himself. Incredibly, Sims are buying. Here Dustin uses 'dazzle' sales technique on Alexander for this dog house. It costs $4048. Come on Alexander, you can afford it. You need it, you have to raise 20 kittens.

He keeps rolling wishes to do things with Nichole Dreamer. Urg....*aggravated* She has only come in to shop a couple of times, waddling her huge belly all over the place. Here he wants to hire her, and use the'sell social' on her. This is tough, because she isn't even on the lot!

On the cusp of business advancement to level 9, Dustin finally decides to hire someone. He hires Jihoon Hsu. He has a bronze in robotics and a silver in restocking. Upon Jihoon gainging his first assignment, Dustin rolls to fire him, and hire Nichole. GAWD. Dustin has a fixation on Nichole!

The store has reached level 9, and Dustin is having crazy thoughts about Jihoon. He wants to promote him and fire him at the same time. heh Dustin has also hired Coral (Oldie) Wilkie's old flame, Bruce Rauscher. Bruce has a silver in robotics, and a bronze in restocking. (Plus Dustin is looking for a gold in restocking himself).

Dustin takes a chance on this lady, Caryl Knight. AKA The Diva. She lost her eyebrows and makeup when she slipped into her work uniform. hehe She came with zero badges, but she was high in Charisma, so Dustin is letting her run the register. He now has Bruce busy building robots, Jihoon is now controllable as manager and he is wishing for a silver sales badge. It seems like it is taking forever to run this business up to level 10. *sigh* Dustin is making a run for his gold in restocking.

On Thursday Dustin finally runs the pet shop up to level 10 3 times. Yeah, I tend to take the short cut on this LTW. He needs two more memories of a top business. He goes home, with two business related wishes locked, and spins up wishes for his buddy Dirk Dreamer's wife, Nichole. Uh-huh. He wants to invite her over, appreciate her, and play with her. That almost sounds errr.....well. You get the idea. Luckily it is 4:45 in the morning, and he won't be inviting anyone over for a few hours.

Here it is Saturday afternoon. Dustin rolled wishes to make friends with Caryl Knight and wanted to invite Nichole over. So he makes friends with his employee Caryl via phone, then wanted to 'play' with her. Over she comes. Over and over, play, tell jokes, admire. Finally enough is enough and Dustin says goodbye. Then he rolls wishes for Nichole. Okay, I give in. Over she comes. Play, tell jokes, admire. However, she rejected his admire/rub shoulders social, and he immediately wants a love potion. What the heck? Is he bored with Angela? She has been boring this round. Wants nothing but to go hiking, skill, and win gaming competitions. Erm. Me thinks Dustin is developing roving eyes.

All day long Sunday Dustin spent fulfilling nature type wishes. (His one true hobby). Bird watch, catch bugs, ect. He worked the garden, watered the flowers, even kissed Angela a couple of times. Then the phone rings. Uh-huh. It is his employee, Caryl, asking him out downtown. Of course, Dustin couldn't resist. They decide to go bowling, and as soon as they pile out of the cab, Dustin spins up slow dance with Sim, and play with Caryl. hehehe

He can't resist her feminine wiles. He spins up Ask Sim Out On Date. huh. He figures why not, he has two bolts with Caryl.

Dustin had a dream date with his employee, Caryl Knight. I wonder what she thinks she is going to get out of this relationship???

In the meantime Dustin and Angela's daughter Anna has grown to child, and made this townie girl Frances Barrett her BFF. They play together almost every day. Frances fulfills lots of wishes for Anna.

And this is where we leave the Brokes for this round.


Dustin - No summary needed, really. Dustin quit his job as Hand of Poseidon, and decided to pursue 5 Top Level Businesses. Rolled business type wishes when in his store, but otherwise continually lusted after Nichole Dreamer and Caryl Knight. My playing style usually is not to let my Simmies indulge in roving desires, but playing wishes, I had to do it, and found it to be fun. =^^=. Dustin did gain a gold badges in sales and cashiering.

Angela - Pretty dry this round. Dustin stole the show. She spun up continual Nature type wishes, only rolled 'have a party once' which she immediately did. She started on the Pop Sim impossible want of having 20/30 best friends. Huh, I guess she could just go to the wishing well and wish them up, but she already had a large address book of friends, so decided to do it the old fashioned way.

Anna - A delightful child, even though she didn't get much screen time in this update. She really likes her friend Frances, and I am considering letting Frances grow up with her at the teen aging up. Anna wanted to spend lots of time with her, but would spin up occasionally to do things with mom and dad, and to gain some skill points.

And that is it this week for the Brokes!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Round 3 , Lot 8 - The Wilkies (AKA Oldies)

All who live here - Coral (Oldie) Wilkie, Family. LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens and Leo Wilkie, Family. LTW to Marry Off 6. Sharon - Grow Up. Plus, various cats live here. hehe

First wishes:

Coral wants Woohoo in bed, play with, talk, and ask Sim on a date. First wish fulfilled, woohoo in bed.

Leo wants to be friends with Dustin Broke, Beau Broke, and his step granddaughter Mary Pleasant, and to woohoo Coral. First wish fulfilled, woohoo Coral. (Natch!)

Coral gets $979 for one of her cats, Ringo Caliente. She adopted him for $400 last round. Alexander can use a male cat to breed with his female, Josette. (I think that's her name). Yay!

And Leo wins the wishing well. Go you, Leo! Leo has a very specific purpose in mind for that wishing well..... *ASimWen rubs her hands together in anticipation*

Coral sells Bonkers the cat for $500 to Andrea Hogan.... ($100 profit)

And Heidi to Lexie Young for $1949. I don't remember how much Coral paid for Heidi, but it was more than the normal $400, as she comes with some skills. Anyway, after selling off all these cats, all that is left is Stanley Oldie and Natalie Caliente. They like each other, and will resume Coral's kitty factory. I didn't like Bonkers and Heidi. Off to townie-dom you go! I figured it would be best to sell these cats anyway so I wouldn't have to see them again in the adoption pool, and also to feed Coral's inner Fortune Sim.

As soon as Coral sold Heidi and Bonkers, she spun up wishes to have them rejoin the family. Nope, sorry Coral. Luckily I had some interactions with Leo locked in, and was able to get those kitty wishes to spin away. At least I didn't have to witness her crying because Heidi and Bonkers were gone.

Errr what happened to you Leo??? Ah I see. You removed the lady bug houses that the Garden Club so loves to see, which meant you had to spray the tomatoes yourself. Uh-huh.

Meet Sunflower, a new baby girl for the Wilkies. Sunflower is named after my favorite flower, and planted every year in my yard. :)

More new babies....Stanley and Natalie's kittens are born, Ginger and Joel. At this rate, it will take forever for Coral to realize her LTW of 20 Kittens raised. She will need help. This is a new LTW for me, I have never done it. I would just see it tacked to a Sim and groan, and just think it was too hard, I would never do it.

Sunflower has grown up. Aspiration - Pleasure, LTW - To Become a Professional Party Guest. Good for you, Sunflower!

The next day after the sun starts shining, Sunflower wishes for romance from the all giving Wishing Well. She gets Romance Sim Mitch Wolensko, grocery delivery guy. They have two bolts. Love is immediately proclaimed....

Engagement takes place...

And a quickie marriage is done. Erm. The marriage ring symbols never appeared. Urg. But they are married. :) A wish for Leo is fulfilled. Mitch brought $18,000 with him, but the money was quickly spent in merchandise and placed in Sunflower's backpack. Couple moves out. Once married child down for Leo, five to go. ;)

Meet Sharon, named after the rose of sharon tree in my yard. :)

And this is where we leave the Wilkies (Oldies) for this round.


Leo: Rolled lots of wishes geared to doing things with Coral, and rolled 'ask Sim on a date' every day. Once he became a plant Sim, all his wishes reverted to nature type wishes. Go on a hike, hunt bugs, blog about Nature, ect. Naturally gained a gold badge in gardening.

Coral: Wanted to mostly do things with the cats. Make friends with the new kittens. Rolled doing things with Leo.

Plant babies: Wanted typical toddler type wishes. Be read to, snuggled, tickled, talked to.

It has been a long time since I played plantsims, this is a blast for me. Prosperity rules state that I must play all the kids of Leo's so until I figure out how I want to do it, they will stay in the bin. Might do a couple of communal farms or something.

Keep on Simmin'!