Sunday, October 21, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, Lot 2 - Monty - Isabella

All who live here:

Isabella - Family - LTW - Marry off Six.  First wishes:  Be bf with Kimberly, play with, entertain, see a ghost.  First wish fulfilled: play with.

Mercutio - Popularity - LTW Become A Hall of Famer - Fist wishes: Meet someone new, get a skill point, go to Univeristy, and have a party. First wish fulfilled - move out, after work

Romeo - Romancce - LTW Become A Celebrity Chef - First wishes:  Talk to Juliette, go to University, dance with Juliette, and appreciate Puck.  First wish fulfilled- buy cell phone, after school

Spencer - Grow Up - First wishes:  Be bf with Yoosung Gathier, get an A report card, get a puppy, play with Bottom Summerdream.

Alon  - Grow Up - Win a game against/be friends with Kimberly, play with Hal Capp, and get A+ report card. first wish fulfilled - talk to Spencer, after school

Kimberly - Grow Up - Be friends with Desdomona Capp, play with Alegra, get A report card, and play computer game. - play with bird, after school

Romeo Monty, Mercutio Monty, townie teen Amar Lerrea
Upon arriving home from work on Monday, Mercutio grows up and is promoted in his teen job.  He WANTS to be a Hall of Famer, so chances are he won't keep this job.  His wishes upon growing up:  Move out, invite someone over, play video game, and have a good reputation.  Well, being that this house is over crowded, he decided to move out, taking Benny the puppy with him.

Romeo Monty, Bottom Summerdream
The next day was Romeo's birthday, and about time, he has been miserable with out a girl to date.  Whilst Juliette had no thoughts at all about him on the Capp lot, Romeo had harbored constant wishes to do things with her, even though she had aged and he had not.  Talk to, dance with, ect.  This day he rolled 'ask Sim on a date' and I locked it in so he could date Juliette for his birthday.

Will Romance Sims never cease to amaze me.  He rolls engagement to Juliette during his birthday party/date.    Heh.  And so it happened!!!

Romeo and Juliette
Romeo and Juliette engagement
Luckily with the kiss in the first picture, Romeo's fear of engagement spun away.  heh  I love this couple.

Spencer Monty, Knowledge Sim - LTW - Become Hand of Poseidon
Isabella's adopted son Spencer grows up on Wednesday evening.  Go you, Spencer!  What a nice looking young man.  His first wish upon growing up, get a cell phone.  Off to downtown he goes.  Gets the cell phone, comes home, sees a wolf, getting a wish fulfilled.  Now he wants to be a werewolf.  *sigh*.  How about we fulfill that other wish you have to get in Private School?  M'Kay?

There you go, hun.  :)  This happened on Thursday.  It was touch and go, even though Isabella has 10 cooking skills she burned the Holiday Roast the first time around.  Then while Spencer was showing the headmaster around on the tour, Isabella skulks off to play with the cats and didn't serve the food.  Only during headmaster visit.

Kimberly Mony - Romance - LTW -Become a Celebrity Chef
Mean while, the last to of Isabella's adopted children age up on Friday.  Hi Kimberly!  She will be fun to play.  First wishes - Get a hand held game/mp3 player, do homework (locked in) and get logic 8.

Alon Monty - Family - LTW - Marry off 6
Alon - another Family Sim in Veronaville.  His LTW is the same as his mom's to marry off 6.  *sigh*.  First wishs - to get a cell phone, flirt, meet someone new, play with Gwyneth.  He and Kimberly head downtown to get their electronics.

All week long Isabella's secondary aspiration of Knowledge ruled her, it has been skill, skill, skill.  In fact she wanted to skill so much she hired a butler to take care of running the house.  Early Saturday morning she spun up that all three of her adopted children should get scholarships.  That shook up her wishes a little.  She had maxed logic, charisma spun up, she began working on that.

When Romeo got home from work Saturday, he spun up this instead of 'ask Sim out on date' or 'woohoo', which I found to be unusual.   This is Amanda, she came home from work with him one day.  Well, he kept calling her up all day long on the phone, and she wasn't in.  grrrr!  The Contessa called him up for an outing, he agreed, it could only get better.

Romeo Monty, Juliette Capp, Chef Warren Owens, and Contessa Adriana Clark
What an eclectic group of people to spend an evening with.  But, this did it for Romeo.  He spun up, Ask Sim On Date and flirt . And Juliette was handy.  *sigh*.  :)  He also spun up flirt with the Contessa.  haha. The outing turned out to be a big success and Romeo got all his wishes for the day in. And, the outing was especially successful because....

Juliette Capp
Juliette brought him a really nice outing present the next night.  She won't bring anything for woohoo dates, but she will for a good evening out with friends.  heh

Right about this time Alegra and Bailey had their babies. The kittens were immediately sent to the animal shelter, and a new litter started.

Alon Monty, Matchmaker Andrea Dalton, and Ginger Newson
Alon the Family Sim can't get away from rolling firt and kiss wishes, so he finally calls up the Matchmaker and dolled out $5,000 for a perfect match.  He gets Ginger, the beleaguered townie teen left to take care of a whole brood of siblings.  They are a two bolt couple, but the date didn't move much.  Ginger must have been PMSing.

Michael Jayapalan and Kimberly Monty
Kimberly, on the other hand, had better luck with her Matchmaker date.

For her $5,000 she received Goth Boy.  I know he doesn't grow up to be handsome, but hey, it is a three bolt match.  All is not perfect in the Sim world when it comes to genetics.  She is rolling at the usual romance type wishes (ask sim on a date) plus she had been working on logic skills just because I kept it locked.  heh

Spencer Monty and Isabella Monty
At one point the only wish that could be fulfilled for Isabella one day was 'be saved from death'.  Well, she ran with the scissors at least 20 times, and she was too smart to stab herself with them.  So it was a wash.

Ghost of Patrizio Monty
 And this is where we leave the Montys for this round, with a Patrizio sighting.

Keeping up with five wishes in a house this crowded is difficult for me until everyone has their aspirations in place, then I can sort of plan for it.

Isabella:  Once her secondary aspiration of Knowledge was in place, she became easy wanting to skill.  Yes, the butler was brought in so she could spend lots of time in the thinking cap.  Toward the end of the weeks she rolled 'flirt', (her Family Sim nature coming out) but I didn't find anyone for her to flirt with.  It was all about the kids!  She also constantly rolled *one of the kids* gets a scholarship, which was difficult if none of them currently qualified for one.  Her wishes were not fulfilled on Saturday or Sunday.  Ending wishes:  Kimberly/Alon / Spencer get scholarship, flirt.

Romeo:  Easy - peasy...Ask Sim On Date....ect.  Perfect Romance Sim.  Did drag Juliette out a couple of times to get public woo-hoo fulfilled.  Ending wishes:  BF with Countess Adriana, woohoo, influence someone to garden, and Bailey learns a command.

Spencer:  Knowledge Sim, wanted to skill, skill, skill, showed no interest in finding romance.  University rolled up on a steady basis, will probably go.  Ending wishes:  Go to University, see a wolf, be saved from death, be BFF with Kimberly.

Alon:  Family Sim.  Gotta love 'em.  He seemed like a lost soul for a while until I was able to get into the groove with him.  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on date, flirt, play chess, and go steady.

Kimberly:  Romance Sim - she was easy like Romeo.  I did keep her skilling in logic 'just because' and she kept rolling it back up again.  Ending wishes:  Be BF with Michael, be friends with Travis Collins the exterminator, be BFF with Spencer, and get logic 10. 

And that is it for the Montys! 

Keep on simmin'!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, Lot 1 - Capp - Consort

Hello Veronaville! All who live here: Consort Capp - Fortune. LTW - To Have 5 Top Level Businesses. I don't think so, he already met his first LTW of make $100,000. First wishes - Invite someone over, get a skill point in anything, meet some one new, and talk.  First wish fulfilled - invite someone over.

Tybalt Capp - Pop Sim - LTW - Have 20 Best Pet Friends. Um, I don't think he will make that. Maybe if it wasn't a brand new hood, there might be a chance. But you never know. First Wishes - Go to Uni, get Charisma 1, make a BFF, and tell an inside joke.  First wish fulfilled - buy cell phone, after school

Juliette Capp - Family - Become Captain Hero. First Wishes - Be BFF with Puck Summerdream, Go to Uni, play with Kent Capp, and obtain a pet. First wish fulfilled (after school) get a skill point.

Hermia Capp - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens. heh First wishes - Tell inside joke, play with, reach Charisma 9, and Go to Uni. First wish fulfilled (after school) buy coffee for Sim (Juliette)

Monday - Good for you, Consort!  Nice Prosperity points, right here!

Tuesday - Abbey and Leroy to get started on Hermia's raise twenty puppies LTW.  uh-huh.  They got a tidy corner of the courtyard all to themselves.

So far Tybalt's wishes have rotated around making friends, Hermia has wanted Charisma and Creativity skills, and Juliette wanted a cell phone.  While at Sims Gone Wired, she spun up wish to buy coffee for Hermia.   Consort wanted to invite a friend over, and to get a skill point.

Juliette Capp and Gordon Knott
Consort had wished for a styling chair.  Naturally everyone spun up a wish to get a bronze.   Poor Juliette was showing awful wishes when she came home from school:  To make friends with (two stray animals), get a bronze in styling, and get a hand held game.  She decided to go for the bronze.  Just so happens Tybalt wanted a party, so hopefully Juliette can style enough people to get the bronze on this day.

She didn't meet the bronze during Tybalt's party....On Wednesday after school, Juliette finally gets it.  Now she wants a silver . *sigh*.  I want to mention at this point that the lot is bugged...everyday the kids get off the bus and go running in the house to show off their A's...and there is no one there.  Boolprop throws an error something about target must be a real person.  hehehe.  So then all the homework on the lot disappears, and everybody gets A's.  I like those kind of bugs!

At this time Consort is throwing lots of gaming wishes (probably from playing chess so much last round) and spending time on the telephone chatting up friends to get to top influence.   Tybalt is struggling with work but doesn't seem to really care.  Brings home a friend every day (good guinea pigs for Juliette's styling chair) and Hermia is spending time making friends with the dogs so she can get them to mate, and wants to make toys and get badges.  Probably not a bad idea, so she can get good enough to make the water wiggler so the dogs can bathe themselves.

Hermia and Sir Bricks A Lot
Hermia wasn't as diligent as Juliette was with her badge wish.  She finally got hers during the wee hours on Thursday.  She spent most of her time with Puck (fulfilling wishes with him) while Juliette was giving makeovers.

Juliette, townie Komie Kerney, Hermia, Puck, Consort
In the mean time, Tybalt has a birthday, and immediately raises to Campaign Manager in his job.  He will probably keep this job since his LTW is pet related.  His wishes so far have been party type wishes, and make friends with so and so.  Typical Pop Sim wishes.

Ghosts of Cleopatra and Caliban Capp, Juliette Capp
The many ghosts laid to rest in the Capp Family Cemetery make it difficult for Juliette to fulfill a wish for a logic skill point.  They are scaring her mercilessly.  Might as well bring her inside to fulfill something else.

Consort Capp
On Friday, Consort retires.   As a Fortune Sim, he certainly didn't wish for this.   He was at the top of his career, the family has over $250,000 thanks to Consorts business in round one, and some smart decision making at his job.  He doesn't need any money.  This will give him more time beforer his Grim party next round to get to top influence for prosperity points, and to fulfill his wishes while the kids are at school and work.

Tybalt Capp
Saturday Tybalt spun up "Have First WooHoo" after he called out to have a party..   I dont' think he knows any women well enough to get this.  Per my own rules, it was locked in.  WooHoo is never ignored in 5 Wishes.

Tybalt Capp and Renee Johnston the Atrociously Evil Witch
Tybalt invited the Witch to his party, threw a flirt in her direction.  Wow, they have two bolts.  But dont think he will be able to work up to woohoo level before the party is over.

Tybalt Capp and Renee Johnston the Atrociously Evil Witch
Tybalt buys some love potion from the Matchmaker, and commences to work on Renee.  To my chagrin, I found out he hasn't even had his first kiss.  *sigh*  The cops come and break up the party before Tybalt can fulfill his woohoo wish. 

Julliet's wishes have been stuck like this for a couple of days.  Wants to be bf and to get that silver medal in styling.  She has been giving makeovers to everyone on the planet, and still no medal.  This is a prime example of a Family Sim throwing garbage wishes.  She has also been stuck in the 'hot zone' for two days, her body temp never seems to go down. 

She finally went to bed to shake up the wishes.  She gets up Sunday morning, wants to talk about hobby, does so with Consort.  Be BF with all those people roll up again.  *sigh*.

Leroy and Abbey's babies are born right after Tybalt's party ends.

Tybalt Capp and Renee Johnston the Atrociously Evil Witch
Not to give up, Tybalt turns right around and calls Renee out for a date.  She arrives, Tybalt swallows some more Love Potion no. 8.5, and brings on the romance.  In no time, he woos her into woohoo.

I did not expect this!  He immediately spins up Get Engaged To Renee!  Well~  Tybalt has spoken!  And so it is!

Tybalt Capp and Renee Johnston the Atrociously Evil Witch
 And here it is.  Tybalt and Renee are engaged!

To my delight, Tybalt immediatly rolls to have a wedding party!  hehehe!  So, according to my own rules, it cannot be ignored.  I want to make note here, that by this time the love potion has worn off.

Tybalt asks Renee to move in.  She brings in $4,000.  She is a Knowledge Sim, her LTW is to Become Chief of Staff.  Ain't gonna happen, she is an elder.  Her wishes:  Get a job in Oceanography, Intelligence, Science, or Medicine.   She gets a job in Oceanography.   In her backpack she has her cauldron and her grandoise grimiore.  tee-hee!  This is a first for me, I have never made any of the EA witches playable.  This is the fun of playing 5 Wishes.

In the mean time, Juliette walks off the lot in an attempt  to shake up her wishes.  She is being difficult.

Um, yeah.  She rolls up sewing bronze, BF with Opal Raymond and BFF with her grandpa Consort, and the silver in styling, still.  She returns home, and the wishes stuck. 

Renee Capp and Tybalt Capp
 The energizer, styling chair and telescope are moved off the courtyard, and the wedding arch is erected.  All the Capps are invited.  The two tie the knot, then watch with glee as snow begins to fall on their wedding.

Albany Capp, Hermia Capp, Bianac (Monty) Capp, Kent Capp, Arinna Jalowitz the maid, Cornwall Capp, Meredith Lillard the gardner, Regan Capp, Goneril Capp, and Juliette Cap.
Everyone politely claps, all the while wondering if Tybalt had been wise in marrying an old witch. heh

Hermia Capp

Sunday afternoon after all the wedding hoopla is over, Hermia gets back to work on her silver toymaking badge.  Yippee!!!  Naturally she then spun up get a gold.  Like Juliette, she wants a bronze in sewing now, wants to sell a masterpiece, and wants to be BF with townie Lanie Barthlet.

Juliette Capp
The birthday notice comes for Juliette, to grow up a day early.  What the heck, why not?  Maybe it will shake up her wishes.  She rolls, flirt, woohoo, styling silver is locked, and be bff with grandpa.  Woohoo????  Okay, need to start looking for somebody.  Uncheck silver badge, lock in woohoo.

Alrighty then, she invites over a young man named Komie Kearney.  She had done a makeover on him a few days before, and made friends with him.  He comes, she throws a flirt.  YEAH!  Oh what's this?  Now she wants to move out.  Buh-bye, Juliette.

Juliette Capp, Tybalt Capp, Hermia Capp, Albany Capp and Contessa Adrianna Clark
Juliette leaves home just as her birthday party ended, a roof raiser.  Maybe we will see you again this round Juliette!  "WooHoo" is still locked.

And this is where the round ends.  What fun! 

SUMMARY and ending wishes:

Consort:  Is very close to the end of his life.  He won't make but a couple of more days.  He wants to blog about games, get gaming plaque, play a PC game, and play marco polo.  I must say, I kept him on the computer alot playing games, and chatting up the phone to make it to top influence.  It was gaming, gaming, gaming. 

Renee:  Brand new to the lot, immediately threw get a skill wish.  So she started working on cooking.  Ending wishes:  Get cooking 5, play with stray dog Duke, stargaze, and see a ghost.  She had just done the last two items, then day time struck and she spun up the wishes to do these things.  I think she will be fun to play.

Tybalt:  Had a blast with him finding Renee.  At the beginning of the week he was all about having parties and making friends.  All that let to Renee.  Ending wishes:  Get sewing bronze, be BFF with Renee, be BF with townie George Akagi and go on a tropical vacation.

Hermia:  She wanted to make friends, do things with the dogs, and would roll up to do things with Puck if he was on the lot.  She would work on her toymaking badge after she had fulfilled other wishes. 

And that's it!  Next lot - The Montys!

Have fun, and keep on Simmin'!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Round Four University Boggs Hall Dorms - Graduation

Here we are in Uni. If there is a part of the game I don't like, this is it. But I play it because so much good can happen here for the future development of the character. But when it comes to 5 Wishes, it can get extra monotonous.

I actually played these guys for a couple of Uni days before I remembered to get their beginning wishes for the blog. But rest assured, everyone wanted to date.  Of course. Here it is at this point in time about halfway through first semester of junior year.

The first couple is Beau Broke and Brenda Wong.  Beau and Brenda have been dating since they were teenagers. 

Beau Broke
Beau is a Romance/Knowledge Sim.  His Knowledge subaspiration was strong enough to send him to Uni.  He STILL wants to go on a date, reach top of music and dance, win a dance contest, buy a synthesizer, and buy a stereo that costs at least $2,500. 

Brenda Wong
Brenda is a Popularity Sim and wants to smustle dance, be BFF with dormie Vince Landchild, get a skill point in anything, invite someone over, and meet someone new.

The second couple is Beau's brother Charles Broke, and Frances Barrett.  Frannie came home with Charles on the bus one day when they were in elementary school, and have been in love ever since.

Charles Broke
Charles is Romance/Fortune and wants to make out with three Sims,  meet someone new, win a dance contest, make friends with dormie Chuck Inada, and invite someone over.

Frances Barrett

Frannie is a Popularity Sim and wants to smustle dance, talk about hobby, play the violin (which was purchased and put into the dorm to fulfill somebody's wishes), play the base, (same thing) and dance with  someone.

The last couple is my favorite, John Caliente and Mary Pleasant.  Oh my goodness, I just love these two.  John's mom is Nina (Caliente) Landchild, and his dad is Don Lothario.  He is the first baby born in Pleasantview after Charles Broke.  Anyone who has ever played Pleasantview knows that Brandi Broke is pregnant when first opening the lot.

John Caleinte
John is a Fortune/GCS Sim.  He wants to make deans list, do home work, influence someone to clean, play marco polo, and make a GCS for Charles.  You will find out why in a little bit.

Mary Pleasant
Mary is MarySue and Daniel Pleasant's daughter.  I normally don't let that couple have any more children because they did such a miserable job with Angela and Lilith, but Risky had other ideas.  Turns out I really love Mary.  Anyway, Mary is a Knowledge/Romance Sim.  She wants to see a ghost, do research with someone, woohoo with three Sims, have picture taken with John, and have public woohoo with three Sims.

The first thing I notice is that I can fill up Charles's aspiration points.  I was lead to look at that because Mary congratulated Charles on this:

Platimum Lifetime Aspiration
Charles is now and forevermore happy.  Whenever this happens, I don't feel so motivated to work for the Sim's LTW.  I am not really sure how I feel about being able to make the Sim reach platinum without getting their LTW.  But playing 5 Wishes, this is more likely to happen then when I am not using that style of play.  I NEVER have a Sim wish for it with the Genie.

John Caliente and Charles Broke
 John finally finds someone in the dorm besides the llama mascot who is happy to talk about grilled cheese with him. Good for your Charles! This forced John to spin up a wish to cook GCS for Charles.  However, John is looking like a little but of a wuss here.  I am not sure I like that.

Mary Pleasant, Beau Broke, dormies Vince Landchild and Melissa Day
There is so much attraction going on all the time in this dorm it is ridiculous.  Mary finally approaches Beau and lets him know how she feels about him.  Hmm...then Vince relates to Melissa how he feels about Mary.  heh

Brenda Wong, Charles Broke, Beau Broke and John Caliente
All the guys rolled a wish to go fishing, as did Brenda.  So off they went to the park.  Interesting to see what is rolled up when they aren't allowed to date all the time.

Townie Danielle Rusewicz, Beau Broke, John Caliente, Tyson Ebadi (Brandi Broke's H), Brian Jordan, (Sharon Wilkie Jordan's H), Charles Broke, and Brenda Wong
John gets hungry and decides to cook some dogs.  As usual, he didn't get any from the first round 'cuz other people in the park came and ate them all up.

Frannie Barrett and Charles Broke
Frannie and Charles have lunch together.....sort of. 

John Caliente and Beau Broke
Uh guys...I know you love playing with those mp3 players that you wished for...but time to get busy fulfilling other wishes.  Then it is time for term papers.

Charles Broke and some GCSs
Now I found this interesting.  Charles Broke spun up a wish to eat GCS.  While it isn't different for a Sim to have a craving, I found it to be notable that he wished for this after becoming John Caliente's GCS confidante.

Mary Pleasant and Frances Barrett
 Mary wins $760 in a gaming competition against Frannie, fulfilling a gaming wish.  This puts her over the top in $10,000 in earnings, giving her the cash memory.  Frannie was not happy about losing!

Starting their senior year, wishes sort of shifted to more adult things.

Beau wants to top out Music and Dance, Brenda wants to be Big Sim On Campus, (almost there)  Charles wants to get his term paper written, Frannie wants creativity 9 and to win a cooking contest, John spun up everything GCS, and Mary wants to be saved from death graduate with honors.

Amazing what they roll up when I don't let them date.  Heh

Frannie (Frances) Barrett, Sharlene Royce and Prof. Jason Shibata
Frannie headed out to Sue's kitchen where she won the cooking contest with cheesecake.  I always have my Sims make that, in case a pregnant Sim happens to come in and eat some of it.  heh.  While there, she completed her ninth cooking skill fulfilling a wish, and then she rolled 'learn how to make GCS'.  This is being very fruitful wish-wise for her.  It seems all John Caliente's friends are rallying behind him and learning all they can about GCS.  :)

Woah!  Beau throws a rare wish to get a charisma skill point.  After he gets it, he spins up this???  This is Andrea Butler, the cheerleader.  I have never seen these two react to each other.  GAWD Beau, you need to throw these type wishes for Mary!!!  *ASimWen takes a look around the dorm to see if Andrea is there. *

Beau Broke and Andrea Butler
Yup, she was hangin' out upstairs.  Uh-huh.  Let's stir this pot a little.  Beau's steady, Brenda, is downstairs scarfing down some delicious lunch lady mac-n-cheese.  Beau approaches Andrea.  After some flirting, a kiss, and some classic dance, Beau had enough aspiration points to influence Andrea to write his term paper, fulfilling wishes the whole way.  The two fall in crush.  When the term paper is written, Beau remembers he has a girlfriend, and spins up a wish to talk to her.  Me thinks...regret???

Brenda Wong and Charles Broke
What was Brenda interested doing?   Having parties.  Pulling pranks, hanging out with Sims.  Yeah.

Florence Delarosa, Brenda Wong and John Claliente
Brenda gets her tenth best friend during this party, fulfilling a major wish and pouring 15,000 aspiration points into the coffers.  Yay!

Frannie Barrett, Charles Broke, John Caliente, Beau Broke, Brenda Wong and Mary Pleasant
Right smack in the middle of the kids' senior year, the dorm gets buggy.  Ugh.  Can't enter, game crash.  So, the kids move out, I doze the dorm, and insert a new dorm in its place.  Yeah.  Of course doing this shook up everyone's wishes.  The best thing about this dorm, is all the dormies that moved in are SS members.  :-)

Brenda Wong and Dorian Kauker
 The Pop Sim is the first one to make it into SS.  No surprise.

Mary Pleasant
Mary's dominate aspiration of Knowledge finally kicks in and she wants to skill, skill, skill.  She maxes her skills, fulfilling a huge wish. 

Beau Broke, Marsha Louie and Brenda Wong
Dormie Romance Sim Marsha Louie makes no bones about noticing Beau, right in front of his girlfriend.  heh

Beau Broke and Marsha Louie
Beau's girlfriend Brenda wonders off to class, and he swoops in and flirts with Marsha, fulfilling a wish.  Uh-huh.  Beau, you are such a stud.

Ian Kosmokos, Magnus Wheeler, Mary Pleasant, Neal Leong
Mary had her trip to the Secret Society next.  Who should she meet up with but Neal Leong.  Neal was Lucy Burb's crush in University, and made many visits to her bedroom back in Pleasantview.  But in the end Lucy chose Komie Tellerman.  At any rate, Nina (Caliente) Landchild must have made quite an impression on Neal, as he brought up the subject right away with Mary.

Cow plant and Frannie Barrett
When Frannie had her turn with the SS she decided to feed the cow plant.  She received nature enthusiasm for doing this. 

Right before graduation. Charles started throwing wishes for all those dogs his mom (Brandi Broke Ebadi)  is raising.  *sigh*

John Caliente
And of course John...the ever vigilant GCS fan could be kept happy by simply cooking GCS for everyone.  Even if he did not currently show any GCS wishes, they would sometimes spin up when he started cooking them.

Mary Pleasant
Finally graduation came.  Everyone graduated with 4.0, except for Mary, who had 3.9.  I don't know how that happened.  heh  Mary was the last one to leave the goodness, she looks good in anything. 


Well it took me forever to play two Uni years.    When not allowed to date, it was mostly music type wishes.  Charles Broke, Brenda Wong, and Mary Pleasant received their plaques.  Beau did not, even tho he kept a wish for it.  He was busy scouting the area for chicks.  I forgot to dole out the cash to the graduates, there was around $75,000.  However I remembered about the money right before John and Mary left on the lot.  They got $42,000 in Uni loot stuffed into their backpacks.  It isnt' like Uni Sims have a hard time making money anyway. 

This also signals the end of round 4.    Scoring:

Keep on Simming, everyone!  Now it is on to Veronaville!