Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pleasantview Rnd 4, Lot 9 - Broke - Dustin and Angela (2)

All who live here

Dustin Broke - Fortune - LTW to Own 5 Top Level Businesses  (three down, two to go).  First Wishes:  Invite Diva Caryl Knight over, play with Caryl, appreciate Caryl, play with Lucy Burb, appreciate Lucy, make some money.

 Angela - Popularity - LTW to Become City Planner.  First Wishes:  Get nature hobby plaque, have a party, entertain, play with, talk to Sandy Bruty, go swimming.

Anna - Grow Up.  First Wishes:  Tell and inside joke, get logic 8, play with, gain a skill point.

All those wishes Dustin has for Caryl night is interesting.  He had a date with her last round.  Yes, he stepped out on Angela, although he didn't sleep with Caryl. heh  I think he is bored with Angela.

Dustin is chomping at the bit to win 5 Top Level Businesses.  Last round, he ran Pleasantview Pets up to level 10, 3 times. Heh.  So he starts this round with his store called The Robot Guys.  He is running it by himself for now.  Every now and then he brings in a couple of employees to build robots, and lets Diva Caryl Knight come in to run register.  Sometimes.  The robot builders are the same employees he had at Pleasantview Pets, Jihoon  Hsu and Bruce Rauscher.  Dustin runs wishes to date and whatnot while he is working, and Caryl comes in handy for that.  Here he gets his gold in restocking.  Wanda Tinker is in the store looking at the toy robots, sizing up the competition.

Everything is uber expensive so Dustin can run in the back and put together a robot every now and then without compromising customer service. 

Eh, Dustin didn't need another employee, he already had three working part time.  But he threw a wish to hire garden club lady Tiffany Zarubin, at level 5.  He immediately sends her home.  The only badge she possessed was a gold in gardening.

Level 6:  Dustin steps out side to exercise his nature abilities, and Dina Caliente stops by for a helping of Dustin eyecandy.  *wolf whistle!*

By level 7, Dina became a regular visitor to The Robot Guys store.  Over and over Dustin shows the now rich Dina Caliente the Sammy Servo sitting in the corner waiting for a new home.  There is an outrageous price of $20,000 on him.  Dina accepted all selling techniques with excitement, including Dazzle, but she never bought it.

Thinking maybe she isn't buying it because it is the only really super-duper priced item in the store,  Dustin set everything else to astronomical prices.  Cleaning bots were now $5,000, and the ever popular Sentry Bots were raised from $1,800 to $5,500.   The plain little toy robot was now $900. 

Level 8.  This style of running the store now means Dustin doesn't need his robot builders working at the bench so much.  Bruce takes a day off.  Working at The Robot Guys has earned Bruce a gold in robot making.  Dustin takes a mental note to give Bruce a raise the next time he comes in.

Dustin isn't selling any merchandise, but being that he is a Fortune Sim, he is getting $10K + every day in the stock market, so he has plenty to pay his manager Jihoon when he comes in.  He also keeps racking up customer stars with his superior sales techniques which is the point of this LTW, to get a Top Level business.   Keeping up with wishes is almost impossible.  He spins up to do business related things with people who aren't even in the store. 

Tiffany Zarubin shows up for work on her own, as Dustin never calls her in.  He lets her work the sales floor, and was forced to give her a raise when she earned a bronze in sales.  She is actually good with the customers and generates a lot of customer satisfaction stars.

Dustin gets a good review, a second one.  Dustin thanks Mairelle Sell for the review, then tells her a joke. She likes this so much...

He gets Best of the Best.  Erm, still says it is the Corner Shop.  I never bothered to change the name of the business.

Level 9 brings Mark Landchild into the store, and Dustin still trying to sell Sammy Servo.  Mark is Nina (Caliente) Landchild's husband.  He didn't buy it either.

Yay!  At last!

Dustin had his level 10 store.  He was ready to cash out.  He set everything at rock bottom prices, and called Diva Caryl Knight in to cashier.  She is no good.  Very slow.  There was a run on the register, and customer satisfaction started falling like a rock.

The line stretched around the store, and customer patience was wearing thin.  Jihoon tried desperately to keep the shelves stocked.  What a going out of business sale!!!

However, long lines at the register was not enough to make customer satisfaction drop enough to lose a customer star.  They kept rolling in because the customers felt like they were getting an excellent deal on the merchandise!  And they were!  They didn't mind poor customer service to get a cheap Sentry Bot handily priced at only $500!

The store was sold out, and closed.  Caryl and Dustin took a trip downtown on an outing where they fell in love at the Love and Hedges Maze.  Ugh.  Dustin, Dustin, Dustin.  tsk tsk.

Upon his return home, Dustin set to work in the garden.  Angela wanted nothing but nature type wishes, hunt bugs, hiking...argh.. Woman you are gonna lose your man you keep that up!!!  

Tuesday Dustin rolled wishes to begin making friends with people he had met in his shop.

*Sigh*  He seems to be acting more like a Pop Sim these days.  He spent time on the telephone all day Tuesday making friends with Rose Dia.  (One of Don Lothario's former loves).  Tuesday night, Caryl calls him once again for an outing.  Get over him already, Caryl!  He is married!!!!

You homebreaker wench, you!!!!  Aren't you in crush with Mr. Big????

Awwwww....Dustin.  Don't you remember Angela?  Your daughter Anna???? 

And, Angela blogs.  About nature.  *sigh*

Wednesday night, it was time to grow up.  Dustin had spent the day cleaning up the remnants of the garden, after all, it was now the first day of winter.  He also spent time on the phone making friends, fulfilling wishes.  Angela took time out of working toward cleaning 9 to see Anna grow up.

Anna rolled Pleasure.  :)  I need more of those in this hood.  Dustin turns to give Angela a big 'ol hug...but look at Anna's face.  Do you think she knows what a two timing schmuck her dad is?  Anna had decided not to take after either her mom or dad.  No running businesses or becoming a magazine editor.  She wants to become a celebrity chef.

Anna headed downtown to fulfill wishes to buy a phone and get a hand held game.  And to get a nice makeover.  There she met the teen throb of all teenage type female Sims everywhere, George McCarthy.  They had a good chat, but returned home without a high personal score.  When she returned home, she studied logic, fulfilling another wish, then rolled the above.  Ask Sim out on an outing , ask Sim out on a date, flirt, and play.  Off to the wishing well she went!

Ugh.  Not one of my favorite Sims to play.  The well throws her Ricky Cormier.  (Puh-lese only like him a little!  Only like him a little!)  They have two bolts.  Anna immediately asks Ricky out on a date, and of course he accpets. The date proceeded without incident, and she never had another thought about him again.  *whew*

Ouch!  One of Dustin's Sentry Bots goes haywire and shocks him.  Haha...look the expression on Anna's face.  That is enough to get her nose out of the book where she was studying cleaning.  Of course, after working in her 5 wishes for the day.  :)

Right about this time Dustin receives a nasty report from Pleasantview Pets, his first business. I didn't realize he didn't sell it. It made zero simoleons because he didn't show up for work. So off he goes...

Aha.  Dustin simply ignored customers at the register until enough stars were lost to make it drop to level nine.  He then quickly rang everone out that bothered to hang around, then threw a couple of stellar sales pitches.  Customer generates a star, and Dustin gets his 5th top level biz.  LTW number three!  What is number four???  Graduate three kids from college.  I don't think so. We are stopping here.

Friday afternoon, Anna comes home from school and decides it is time to hit the well again.  She has spun up a wish to ask a Sim out on a date.  Ahhhh...the well sent her someone that was halfway decent.  John and Jennifer's boy,  Joseph Burb.

Ha! Looky at that.  It is a three bolt relationship....he is a Romance Sim.  Looks like a Sim Match made in heaven to me!  Now let's just hope Anna or Joseph thinks so too!  Saturday morning came round, and the perfect couple had a perfect date, racking up 5 perfect wishes for Anna.

Saturday also found Angela at Sue's Kitchen.  She finally started spinning up wishes a little more exciting than 'blog about...XYZ'.  She won against Sue, who cooked the same thing she did!  Lookin' good, Angela!  Upon winning the cooking contest, she spun up 'ask Sim on date'.  Dustin, get ready, Angela is on her way home!!!!

The date went well, with even a little woo-hoo thrown in.  Angela had an excellent day, with lots of wishes fulfilled.

Sunday found Anna and Joseph dating again.  That night, he leaves her a nice present.

The piano went straight into Anna's backpack, as her mom and dad already have a piano.

Monday morning, 7 am.  Dustin hits Angela with conversation about hobbies, fulfilling a wish for him.  It is now the first day of spring, and Dustin has cut his large garden in half, and put in three of each orchard tree.  He has already planted a new crop of vegetables.  Everyone in the house is maxed out on skills, thanks to eggplant juice.  And this is where we leave the Brokes for this week.

Summary/Ending Wishes:

Angela:  Go hiking, smustle dance, get hobby plaque in Music and Dance, blog about nature, blog about Music and Dance, and catch a butterfly.  Angela was pretty dry this week, wanting nothing but nature type wishes until the end of the week, then she started throwing different wishes.  She did go on one outing with friends.  She managed to get a job in architecture, she is a master architect.  Her LTW is to become a city planner.  She did get her plaque in Nature. 

Dustin:  Anna gets scholarship, go hiking, blog about nature/tinkering, catch a firefly/butterfly.  Dustin was loads of fun this round with working up to his LTW of 5 top level businesses.  Then he fooled around with his side squeeze Caryl Knight a while, even inviting her to the house for some fun.  Angela didn't notice, she was sleeping.  Strange, he has never spun up to woo-hoo with Caryl.  During the time in  the store, Dustin's wishes were difficult to keep up with, he constantly wanted to do things with/for people who were not in the store.  Otherwise, he threw 'make friends with' wishes, and to do things with Caryl.  Toward the end of the week, he started throwing nature wishes again.

Anna:  Ask Sim out, ask Sim on date, have 3 first dates, and go downtown.  As a child, she wanted to call her friend Frances quite a bit,  who is now in University now.  Once she grew to teen, she spun up date every day, so it was quite easy to keep up with her wishes.  I love that the game brought her Joseph Burb.

Keep on Simmin'!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pleasantview - Rnd 4, Lot 8 - Wilkie (Oldie) Coral and Leo

All who live here -

Coral - Family - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens.  First wishes - Invite someone over, entertain, make some money, and woohoo in bed.

Leo - Family - LTW - Marry Off Six.  First wishes - Reach maximum enthusiasm in Nature, invite someone over, get a grandchild, and have a baby.

Plantbaby Sharon - Reach logic 5, play peek a boo, learn a nursery rhyme, be talked to by Leo.

We start out with two more cats grown up. This is moving painfully slow for Coral,and she has already taken multiple hits of elixir.  She had only raised four kittens. Time for Drastic Action.  At this rate, Coral will be around well into round 200 waiting for 20 cats to be born.

All grown cats are shipped off to the pound, including the breeders.  Then Bailey is adopted.....

Then Milton Goth from the Goth Mansion joined the family.

There is a break from adopting cats to allow Sharon Plantbaby to grow up.  Ahhhh, time for a little romance!  Sharon is a Knowledge Sim with a wish to become a Prestdigitator.

Sharon wishes for love....

And the well yanks YA Brian Jordan out of Uni and spits him out.  Sharon invited him to move in, and he brought $16,000 with him.  $10,000 is spent in merchandise and stuffed into Sharon's backpack.  She then gives the rest to Coral and Leo to help fund their cat breeding farm.

A wedding arch was hastily erected in the back yard, and Sharon Wilkie became Sharon Jordan, and the happy couple moved out.  The engagement and marriage fulfills major wishes for Leo.  Two married children down, four to go.

The cat adopting resumes.  Jill Goth courtesy of the Goths.

Stella Goth.......

It is getting late, and Coral goes to bed.  The cat adopting will resume the next day.  In the mean time Leo gets child number 3 on the way.  Meet Leo's son, Silver Maple, named after the state tree of my fine state, West Virginia.

By now it is early Wednesday morning, and Coral rolls out of bed to fulfill 5 wishes before calling for another kitten.  She is spinning up lots of nature wishes like Leo.   Leo assists Silver Maple in learning a nursery rhyme.

Next came Tad Caliente....and that was it, for a while.

A couple of days pass, taking care of kittens, and watching Silver Maple playing under the plant light all night long.

Coral and Leo roll constant Nature wishes....hunt bugs, go birdwatching, hiking, blog about nature.  Coral gets her gold in gardening, and gets the Nature plaque.

Friday night, Silver Maple grew up while Leo was at work.  Pleasantview has another Fortune Sim, that makes 13 of them now.  Geesh.  Silver wants to own 5 top level businesses.  heh

Of course. Silver Maple makes his way right to the Wishing Well.

The well does it again, and plucks a YA out of Uni.  This time it is Brittany Upsnott.   I have never played Brittany before or any of the girls in the Tri Var House.  So I take a visit to Uni to see what is going on.

Uh-huh.  Brittany looks none too happy.  I see that she is a Pop Sim, and probably wouldn't roll the Uni wish if I had played her from teenagerhood.  She drops out and makes her way to Pleasantview.  Prosperity scoring takes a hit.  ;)

In the mean time, Leo comes home from work, and gets started on Plantbaby number 4.  This is Rose learning a nursery rhyme from Leo.  Silver Maple is working on fulfilling a wish for a logic point, and Coral is doing nature type things like watering the flowers. 

The next day after Silver Maple goes to work, the cats begin growing up.  here is Tad Caliente and Jill Goth heading to the Sim Humane Society.

Stella and Milton Goth.  Didn't bother putting up Bailey's picture, we have all seen him a thousand times, he is a Maxis cat.

All the grown cats have gone off to the Humane Society, and new ones have started coming in.  In the mean time, Silver Maple has come home from work, and he and Brittany have a rush rush marriage under the now permanent wedding arch.  Three down, three to go for Leo.  This fulfills wishes form him, relative gets engaged, relative gets married.  They move out, and kittens Doris, Ginger, Walter and Jean Caliente, Dorothy Goth, Pedro Lothario  move in.  I also notice on this day that Coral has filled up her lifetime aspiration meter.  She is perm plat before reaching her LTW.

And this is where we leave the Wilkies (Oldies) for this round.


Leo:  It was all nature wishes, then occasionally threw wishes to do things with Coral.  When one of his plantkids was eligible to become engaged or married, he spun that up.  Ending Wishes:  Blog about nature, hunt for bugs, go hiking, birdwatching.  Leo took one hit of elixir.

Coral:  Like Leo, it was mostly nature wishes.  She received hobby plaque in nature, gold badge in gardening, and maxed out her aspiration bar.  On Saturday and Sunday, her wishes flipped to Fortune type wishes, it is her secondary aspiration.  Ending wishes:  Play/Play peekaboo with Rose, get a car, buy a sculpture worth at at least $3,000.  Seven cats grew up this week in the Wilkie home.  She took two hits of elixir.

Plantbaby Rose:  Typical toddler wishes, play peekaboo, sing a nursery rhyme, ect.  Ending wishes:  Grow up well, give love Doris, Jean and Dorothy.  (Cats).

Have fun everybody!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pleasantview - Rnd 4, Lot 7 - Burbs - John and Jennifer

All who live here -

John - Family - LTW - To Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  First wishes:  Play with, get fit, woohoo in bed and relative gets married.

Jennifer - Fortune - LTW - To Become The Law - First wishes:   Meet someone new, talk to someone, woohoo in bed, and get a skill point. 

Joseph - Grow Up -  Talk, play with, get a skill point and meet someone new. 

Let's hope that John is more interesting to play this round.  He has been rather dry.

John is still plugging away at raising all those puppies,  a quick check of his memories show that he is working on numbers 5 and 6.  Ugh...14 to go.  I don't know if he will make it before he croaks.  Me thinks he is going to have to try other methods to get more dogs born/raised.  He is currently a SWAT team leader in the Law Enforcement field.

Every morning it is 'talk about hobby'.  Little Joey (Joseph) finds Jennifer to be a willing participant.  Jennifer is swollen up with Baby Burb number 3.   It is only Tuesday morning, and there has been alot of commanding the dogs around and telling jokes. hehe! (Maybe they are telling jokes to the dogs???) 

And Tuesday bring the death of Binky the bird.  I don't know how this happens.  My Sims are diligent about feeding their birds and keeping the cage clean.  Ugh.

Ah no wonder she was so miserable and so bloated...natural twins Ida and Harry.  Hi kids! 

On Wednesday Emma Copur, Don and Ivy Lothario's daughter, comes home on the bus with Joey.   Joey has been showing continual wishes to play the piano, and to command the dogs around.  He took the easy way out and played the piano then commanded Benny to speak.

Wednesday was also Joey's birthday, Emma didn't stick around.  Hahaha...looky at this, another fun Romance Sim in Pleasantview.  He of course rolled an immediate wish to go buy a cell phone.

Off he goes to the store, where he also rolls an immediate wish to meet somebody new.  Michele Kearney was real handy like.  Ummm....Joey....ya need to get some new threads.  I don't think the girls will find you kewl at all wearing THAT.

That's better sweetheart.  And what do you wanna be when you grow up?

Joey:  I wanna be a Rock God!!!!!


Joey hires the matchmaker to find him a date to fulfill some of those immediate wishes a Romance Sim typically has upon growing up.  Flirt, kiss, ect. heh These two have a two bolt relationship.

Pauline and Rover grow up.  Jennifer calls the pound to come and get them.

In between wishing for creativity skills and  wishing for Joey to go to Uni, John helps Ida to grow up.

In between wishing for kisses and flirting, Joey helps his little brother Harry to grow up.

Another baby John?  I don't think so.  Why don't you work on fulfilling those wishes to teach the twins a nursery rhyme?

Lulu the black lab went to the pound along with her grown pups Pauline and Rover.  She was too old to have any more puppies.  This dog Abbey was brought in to breed.  However it looks like she doesn't like John much when he asked her to try for puppy.  John approached is buddy Benny who thought it was a good idea!  Puppies are on the way!

Ha!  John celebrates the fact that more puppies are on the way by serving up some crepes suzette.  I give you a gold star!  You didn't catch yourself on fire!  (and he fulfills a wish to serve food).

On Saturday evening Lakshmi gives Joey his first kiss....

And then buys him a very expensive TV set.  heh  It goes into his backpack for later use just in case he doesn't inherit this house.  WHICH...doesn't even have a television area set up. Who has time for it anyway?

On Sunday, Jennifer throws an erroneous wish to go fishing. She makes a pretty sexy schmexy Senior, if I do say so myself.  John and Joey accompanied her to the park, where John kept the other men away from his beautiful wife 'round the fishin' hole, and Joey spun up a wish to ask Sim out on the date.  Lakshmi came running right over to help fulfill that wish.

Puppies born!  Wow, looks like the new mom dog was the shot in the arm John's LTW needed.

And we leave the Burbs with Ida and Harry's birthday on Sunday night!


John - Ending wishes:   Make friends with Niel, get Ida into private school/Ida gets an A+ report card, relative gets married (locked in)  John's wishes were primarily ho hum wishes.  Talk about hobby, go fishing, command dogs around.  Never wished anything for his job in Law Enforcement.  John did qualify for a second aspiration this round, and he rolled Knowledge.  Fitting.  He is currently a SWAT team leader.

Jennifer:  Ending wishes:  Reach TOC in Architecture, get Ida/Harry into private school, Abbey gets a job in Showbiz.  Jennifer rolled wishes for skills, wished for and wrote a book, painted a masterpeice.  She ends the round as a Master Architect.

Joey:  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on a date, play piano, get hobby plaque in music and dance, and dance with someone.  Joey was very easy, constantly wanted to date.  He not only got the flat screen TV as a date gift from Lakshmi she also left him a piano.  Went into his backpack. Occasionally rolls 'go to Uni' but it never sticks.

Ida and Harry - typical toddler wishes.  Walk, talk, potty.  Grew up shortly before closing the lot.

Have fun everybody, keep on simming!