Saturday, January 28, 2012

Round 1: University

This has been interesting, attempting to keep up with 5 wishes a day, with six Sims in a huge dorm. I purposefully chose the dorm at La Fiesta with 16 rooms, as I wanted plenty of Sims for interaction with the citizens of Pleasantview. And, working 5 wishes a day, meant no University shortcuts. Heh.

Let's see how the kids grew up.

Ummm Dirk, I see you are dressed in your pimp outfit.

Dirk: Can't help it. Your game chose it.

Lillith: I think it is sexy schmexy.

Dustin, what's with the bubble vest outfit?

Dustin: It's 'in', don't you know.

Angela, you look quite boring.

Angela: This is a 'safe' outfit. don't match....

Meadow: At least I kept the sunglasses. Thanks.

Lillith, what did you do with your goth-type clothes?

Lillith: Time for a change.

Alexander, I see you have joined Dirk in the 'Let's Dress Like a Pimp' club.

Alexander: I think this suit suits me.

During this play I wanted to see how the preset relationships would carry over into University between Dirk and Lillith, and Dustin and Angela. I threw in Alexander and Meadow to stir the pot. When I finally clicked the live button after everyone picked their rooms, it was difficult to watch everyone to see who they gravitated to.

Alexander immediately thought Meadow was hot, there is a two bolt attraction here. Not surprising, both Family Sims.

No doubt what is going on here. Dirk and Lillith's relationship carried right over to University, while Angela stands there looking lost.

And Dirk didn't do anything in particular right away, except watch Alexander and Meadow. Hmmm.... I thought there was gonna be something there!

The freshman year was pretty typical. The two Fortune Sims, Dirk and Dustin, immediately rolled wants to buy a robot bench and a toy bench. The boys got to work. Their wants were to get badges, which was pretty slow. It took them until the first half of their sophomore year to get golds. Dirk got gold in robotics, and Dirk, toys. If you will recall, Dirk's dad Darren Dreamer gave his boy a florist bench which he brought with him to Uni, along with a stylist chair, but NO ONE has rolled wants to use them. Second semester of freshman year brought:

I struck while the iron was hot. HUH? Yeah, Dustin and Meadow. They sort of fell in love on their own, I did not instigate this. They had no dates whatsoever. All I did was when either one of them rolled 'talk about hobby' and such, I had them interact. Finally one day Meadow rolled a want to get engaged to Dustin. There you go. They beat Dirk and Lillith to the engagement alter.

Next to get engaged:

WHAT?? Alexander Goth and Angela Pleasant? Well there was alot of attraction tension there and being that I had to wait for one of them to throw some kind of want...The first year and a half of school Alexander existed on sewing...yeah...wanted to sew, got his gold. Angela was tough. She was a lost lamb. Then finally one day Angela rolled a want to go on a dream date. Yup, she asked Alexander, and within a minute they were in love and making out. During the date, Angela rolled the want to get engaged. (I am gonna hate to see the nose on their kids....) What about Dirk? The one who was hot on Lillith from the beginning?

First of all, there was the issue of one of the Uni professors making a pass at Dirk, and Lillith taking it the wrong way. That pushed things back a whole semester.

Then Dirk kept worrying about his darn cat. This was constant. In fact, he worried about the cat so much that on some days I couldn't fulfill five wishes. He and Lillith never got engaged.

Entering the Junior year, the sands of wishes seemed to shift. Eventually, somebody wished for a bass. A set of drums. I could BET when the kids walked onto the lot after class, or when they got up, they would be showing the same wishes. Dance smustle. Dance slap dance. (Yes, Alexander infected Uni with this. He learned it from Cassandra). Blog about *what ever hobby*. Talk about *what ever hobby* Play the bass. Play the drums. Then fulfilling wishes was actually very easy. Except for Dirk. *smirk*. When ever someone would roll a want for a skill or to flirt with their intended, it was swiftly locked in.

Many hobby plaques were given out, due to wishing. Meadow: Culinary and Arts and Crafts. Dustin: Tinkering and Games. Lillith: Music and Dance. Alexander: Arts and Crafts and Music and Dance. Angela: Games. Dirk: Arts and Crafts and Music and Dance. That was quite fun, hobby plaques are something I don't usually consider. Dirk also got a gold badge in robotics, Dirk a gold in toymaking, and Meadow got a bronze in gardening. She threw a want one day to get a tree, and to buy a garden plot. That was it...she never really wanted to develop a real garden. So I let her work it every now and then when I thought of it, the tomato plants eventually died, but she did get 12 lemons out of the deal.

Everyone got into Secret Society. I haven't played La Fiesta Tech much, so I really wasn't familiar with who the SS members were to seek them out for friendship. Nobody in the 16 room dorm ever wore the SS uniform, but there were three members there, and Lillith started it by being the first one to make it in. After that it was just the domino affect.

I never get tired of this. Hehehe!

What a graceful picture! LOL I had paused the game for something else, and caught this. I think they were all doing slap dance.

So everyone graduated with honors, with lots of skills and hobby plaques. Two of three couples are engaged. All due to wishing.

Yer looking pretty el-spiffo there, Dirk. I see you hung up your pimp outfit.

Dirk: Well, I decided I needed to look more normal, for dad, and the cat. I can't wait to get home and check on puss....

Angela, you on the other hand???? Looks like you are ready for...errr..

Angela: Hey, you made me call a taxi while I was dressed in my bathrobe. It was 4:30 in the morning, for gosh sakes.

Alexander? This isn't medieval times.

Alexander: I like to do reenactments.

Lillith, you are looking more and more normal everyday.

Lillith: I need to tone it down some. Then maybe Dirk will ask me to marry him.

I didn't get graduation pictures of Dustin and Meadow....I thought I was taking screen captures of them with Fraps, but Fraps wasn't running....but to recap: As soon as Angela grew up and left the lot, Dustin threw 3 wants to do things with her. Flirt with Angela. Appreciate Angela. Hug Angela???? I am like Whut???? He had two wants for Meadow who was standing right there. When Meadow grew up and left, his wishes respun, three wishes for each girl. Now he is riding the fence. Geesh.

Ah well. Back to Pleasantview. Wonder what everyone will wish for this round? What kind of trouble will they get in to?

Scoring: On going total: 73

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lot 9: Nina Caliente

Remember Nina moved out of the Caliente house when Dina married Mortimer? This is where she landed. In the trailer park. FIRST WISH: Have a party. And party she did!

Oh my! What a greeting! Don and Nina are showing a three bolt attraction!

Nina: Yah, Don is hawt.

I used to hate playing Romance Sims, but that has changed. Nina's LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef. Being that she has only a one bedroom trailer at the park, she had enough money to buy nice pieces of furniture, despite the job in culinary not coming up right away. In the mean time, she indulged in all her Romance Sim wishes. She only knew one person well enough to date when that wish rolled. Uh-huh.

She capitalized on her almost constant platinum mood and studied cooking. She gained entrance to the Secret Kitchen, where she fulfilled a wish to win a cooking contest. Notice Jennifer Burb is there too.

Risky stepped in and gave Nina a daughter, and Don too. Hello Carole! While pregnant with Carole, the job in Culinary came up. Once Nina became pregnant, most of her Romance Sim wishes stopped. She started wishing for skill points and buying stuff.

Nina: Oooh Jason, you are such a hottie!

Jason: You too babe....


Nina's wishing got a little convoluted the last couple of days. Romance Sim wishes...pregnancy...then seemed like she started leaning toward wishes a Fortune Sim would roll. Get a logic skill. Buy a bass. Buy a drum set. Once she brought Jason home from work, she rolled to do things with Jason. She didn't think anymore about Don. I really thought she and Don would get together, as they have a three bolt attraction. She only has two with Jason, but there are constant wishes and thoughts about him.

Nina indulged her attraction to Jason and had a couple of dates with him, and he got to check out her vibrating bed. It will be interesting to see what happens next round.

Lot 8: The Oldies

Coral and Herb Oldie moved into the trailer park that came in Apartments. I figured, a retired old couple....that is what they might do (besides move to Florida!) Coral is a Family Sim (my favorite!)However she drew the "Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens" instead of something neighborhood bloating like Graduate 3 Kids From College. So she got started. FIRST WISH: Do things with Herb. So she did.

She got started on her LTW right away by adopting puppies Scout and Suzie.

Herb is a Romance Sim, and his LTW is to woo-hoo with 20. Being that his life left to live is so short, I decided not to go for it. FIRST WISH: Do things with Coral.

Coral talked alot about the grandkids Lilith and Angela, but never spun any wants to see them or do things with them.

Toward the end of the week, Herb spent all his aspiration points on elixir for Coral. She was gonna need extra time to raise all those dogs.


CORAL: When she wasn't wishing to do things with the dogs, she was wishing to do things with Herb. Occasionally she spun up a want to get a cooking skill.

HERB: When he realized I wasn't gonna let him fool around, he quit spinning wants to spend time with the women in the trailer park. He spun up wishes to do things with Coral, do things with Scout, and occasionally a skill point. He read up on Lifelong Happiness.

This will be an interesting lot for me because I decided to go for Coral's LTW, and actually have dogs breed. I know I could just have her adopt puppies from the shelter, but thought this would be more interesting. Left the lot with Suzie pregnant with her first litter.

Lot 7: The Burbs

I like the Burbs, I suppose because John is a Family Sim, my favorite aspiration in The Sims 2. I love Sim babies!!!

John's LTW is to become education minister. He got that job, got fired the first day (Ouch, took a hit on Prosperity scoring)but was able to get it again. He settled his family into the large mobile home, mirrors the same one that Brandi Broke has. I have tried playing them in different houses, but I believe the Burbs will have better success here. I turned on the twins perk for him.

John constantly rolled wants to do romantic things with Jennifer. No wonder, he wanted to get her pregnant. I indulged every time he started it up. She finally got pregnant. Once she was pregnant, those wants stopped.

Twins, yay! Meet Joe and Jane. It was at this point I decided to start using a baby name list of names that were popular in the 1940s.


JOHN: Typical do things with wife and child wants. He also ran alot of wishes to get skills. LTW: To graduate three kids from college.

JENNIFER: It always irritated me that she didn't have a high relationship with her daughter. Typical Fortune Sim wants. Whenever she rolled a want for a skill, I grabbed it. I was not good at keeping up with her wants. The Burbs simply didn't have the money or resources to keep up. At one point, I had her out in the yard digging to get the treasure chest to get some cash to buy stuff, but she never got it. I am afraid this was a failure. I am trying to stay way from throwing in dates to get the 5 wishes a day fulfilled, unless somebody rolls a want to date. Her LTW is to have 5 top businesses. Not right now, but will do it later. She finally got a job in the athletic field in the mean time so the family could put away some cash toward her LTW.

LUCY: As a child, she constantly wanted attention from her parents. John usually indulged, and happy to do so. While she was a child, it was no problem to keep up with the wishes. Once she turned teen, it went sour. She rolled Family aspiration, and all she wanted to do was fall in love. She didn't know any boys. She went to town and met Orlando Centowski, and constantly wanted to do things with him. I will be sending him to Uni to see if she still wants him then. Her LTW is to Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens. Hm. I must admit, I have never done this one because I would rather my Family Sims have children.

TWINS JOE AND JANE: Still babies.