Sunday, January 26, 2014

Veronaville Rnd 3 - Monty - Mercutio and Miranda (Capp)

All who live here - Mercutio - Popularity - LTW - To become a Hall of Famer.  Miranda - Romance - LTW - To become a Professional Party Guest.  Paris (Toddler)  Grow Up.  A couple of dogs.

First wishes

Mercutio: Have a party, flirt with, give backrup to, and talk to Miranda.   First wish fulfilled - talk to Miranda.

Miranda:  Get charisma 8, be friends Alon Monty, invite someone over, and get a skill point.  First wish fulfilled:  Invite someone over.

Paris:  Get a skill point in logic, charisma, and creativity, and talk to her dad Mercutio.  First wish fulfilled - get creativity one.

Monday saw a date between Miranda and Mercutio to fulfill wishes, with Paris wanting all the usual toddler type wishes of snuggle, play, and talk with parents.  Easy peasy.

Early Tuesday morning, Miranda came home from her job in Slacker, and rolled a wish to get a good reputation.  Upon fulfiling it...

Miranda rolled a wish to woo-hoo, a Romance sim through and through.  Thankfully Risky was taking a nap.

After Mercutio and Miranda had a nice nap themselves, Mercutio awoke with a want to have a party.  So, many Capp and Monty relatives were called in.

Hermia (Capp) Summerdream, Hal Capp, Miranda (Capp) Monty, Isabella Monty.  Mercutio is talking with Puck Summerdream in the background, and Oberon Summerdream is playing on the computer.
Immediately the hula was the dance of the day....

Goopy Gilscarbo's doppelganger Christian Love crashed the party and decided to play Rabbit Head with little Paris, who was able to make friends with him.

Hermia (Capp) Summerdream, Hal Capp, and Isabella Monty
 And eventually a few of the guests retired to the hot tub.  The party was a roof raiser, fulfilling Mercutio's wishes for the day.

During the party, Miranda receives a call from former Mr. Big who mysteriously hinted to a nice sample something or other that she could just have. 

As soon as she accepted the sample, she was immediately asked to go on an outing.  Naturally she accepted.  At that moment, the carpool for work arrived and she stood up Mr. Big.

Leslie learned to Come Here, which fulfilled a wish for Miranda, and absolutely made her week!

The "sample" that Mr. Big gave to Miranda was a $10,000 television which Mercutio promptly fell in love with.

Wednesday morning Paris awakens with a wish to be played with/snuggled as usual.  Mom Miranda was on hand.  However, Miranda woke with a wish to have a good reputation.  She had planned to tell Mercutio a joke to get the wish fulfilled but he jumped into the bathtub to get squeaky clean for the day ahead.  So her attention turned to Paris, and a play/tickle interaction.  This resulted in both wishes for both Sims being fulfilled.  ASimWen didn't know that playing with a baby would fulfill the 'have a good reputation' wish!

Ah.  Here is why Risky was silent.  :)

Leslie being pregnant with 4 puppies put the lot population at 10.  Great neighborhood population control, and excellent fodder to fulfill the "raise 20 pets want" that so many in this neighborhood has.  Animal control was immediately summoned to collect the puppies for the adoption pool.

Miranda (Capp) Monty, Romeo Monty, Juliette Monty, Goneril Capp, Albany Capp, Paris and her daddy Mercutio, and Isabella Monty

Not only was it the puppies' birthday, it was Paris's cake up day.  Appropriate Montys and Capps attended the festivities.

She grew up happily in platinum...

First wishes:  Play with and tell inside joke to Mercutio, buy a lemonade stand and a piano.  First wishes fulfilled, play with and tell inside joke to Mercutio.

Danny the townie dog showed up during the party.  He was sold by Hal Capp to a townie on the Albany/Goneril Capp lot.   Goneril looks on with disdain at the scraggly looking pooch asking for affection from Romeo.

Mercutio gets a nice aspiration boost from Paris' birthday party, a great success.

Thursday started out uneventful enough, until Miranda's subaspiration Knoweldge showed itself, and she rolled "Be Saved From Death".  Weeeellll ASimWen hadn't done this in a while and thought it would be fun.

It took about 8 times running with the giant scissors, then it happened.  Mercutio commenced to bawling and the dogs filed in to wail Miranda's passing.

Mercutio plead for his wife's life....

And he beat Grim at his own game.  Grim will not win a soul this day!

Miranda got a nice aspiration shot, and Mercutio found all this to be completely sexy.

Miranda thanks Mercutio for saving her from Death and helping her fulfill a wish.

Thankfully all this transpired before Paris came home from school and she did not have to see her  mother die, and then get resurrected.  She wished to play and talk to a relative, and Mercutio was once again on the wish fulfilling mission.  He then helped Paris fulfill another wish by helping her with her homework.

The rest of the evening for Paris was filled with playing with her dad, then she fell into bed exhausted.

Then later on that evening...

Two more puppies.  That is 6 for this lot this week transferred to the adoption pool.

By Saturday morning Mercutio realized he could roll for a second aspiration.  He rolled the same as Miranda...Knowledge.  I foresee another 'Be Saved From Death' wish in the future. Mercutio then left for his job in Athletics as a Superstar.  Miranda and Paris decided to have a day out first going to H&M Veronaville and purchasing some new clothes, then it was on to the roller rink as Paris was showing a wish to roller skate.

Cousin Avery Capp showed up and introduced himself to Paris while Miranda skated all by herself.

Sharla Ottomas showed up to play some pinball, and Paris joined her in the fun, all the while talking about the puppies that were born at her house.

Recent college graduate Desdemona Capp joins her sister Miranda and neice Paris for a lunch of ribs.  Paris is not sure how she feels about Desi.  Desdemona gets 1,000 aspiration points for meeting someone new.

By Saturday night, everyone was exhausted.  Paris worked in a few wishes bossing the dogs around, gave Beatrice Monty a call to chat after meeting her at H&W, then headed off to bed.  Mercutio and Miranda began to feed their Knowledge Sim innerselves and hit the thinking caps and study shelf fulfilling wishes for skill points.

Sunday Paris was showing a wish to make friends with Beatrice Monty and after several conversations on the telephone, it was done.  Then it was out to play with the dogs, fulfilling more wishes.

Mercutio made it to Coach for his last promotion while playing this lot.  Go you, Mercutio~!
Coming home from work he wanted to meet someone new, Be Saved From Death, get mechanical 8, and and be BFF with Demi Love, Hal Capp's cheap squeeze.  It was off to the computer to chat up whoever was online, hopefully someone he had never met.

Even though Paris had her wishes in for the day, she was showing a wish to make friends with adult Allyn Thompson.  I thought, why does she have kids in her Sims Known panel, but wants to make friends with adults?  Who knows.  She met Allyn at H&W the day before, the same time she met Beatrice Monty.

Miranda reaches a milestone and maxes Creativity.  Now she wants to max all skills, reach TOC, get hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts, and....of course....Be Saved From Death.  haha

And we end this round with:

Paris fuliflling a wish to eat omlettes.


Ending Wishes:

Mercutio:  Get TOC, Leslie the dog learns to sit up and roll over, and Benny the dog learns to speak.  Mercutio threw Pop Sim type wishes at the beginning of the round...lots of parties, meeting people ect.  But once he gained a sub aspiration of Knowledge, he wanted to skill, skill skill.

Miranda:  Max all skills, reach TOC, get hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts, and....of course....Be Saved From Death. She wanted to date in the dead of winter, but once spring struck she started rolling Knowledge Sim type wishes.  Backwards.  Heh.

Paris:  Get an A report card, get Creativity 7, play with Benny the dog and Leslie the dog.  Paris was a total delight to play.  She only wanted all the usual things Sim toddlers and children want.  Play, snuggle, boss dogs around, make friends.

This was a wonderful and fun play with the Montys.  :)

Keep on simmin'!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Veronaville Rnd 3 Capp/Monty - Juliette and Romeo

All who live here:  Romeo - Romance - LTW to Become A Rock God. Juliette - Family - LTW to Become a Captain Hero.  Rosaline - Toddler

First wishes:

Romeo wants to earn some money, have a party, talk to townie Craig Miguel, and make friends with Pamela Landry.  Having become perm plat last round by becoming a Celebrity Chef, his wishes will be fulfilled when it suits me.

Juliette wants to hustle pool, woohoo in bed, entertain, and get a gold badge in cosmetology.  First wish fulfilled:  Woohoo in bed.

Their beautiful daughter Rosaline wishes to get creativity, logic and charisma points, and talk to her dad Romeo.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk to Romeo.

Rosaline was an easy child to keep happy.  She wished to skill or be snuggled/played with by her parents on a daily basis.

Once Juliet received her woohoo, she rolled this:

And still kept those wishes the next day on Tuesday.  Hmmm....She wanted Leroy to learn a command (not sure where he is in the neighborhood) get a bird cage, go on a mountain vacation, and get her gold.  That gold badge in cosmetology had been locked in since she was a teen, so she decided to work on it.  After getting the bird cage.

Juliette and Romeo both ran out and greeted everyone who walked by.  First up was Waylon Somebody.  A happy customer.

Danielle Lillard.

Next up was Bruce Raucher.  What happened was surprising.....

Juliette was given the chance to do plastic surgery instead of hair/makeup.  Is this usual?  I don't know.  I have never worked any Sim to gold in cosmetology before.  Juliette grabbed the chance to rid this guy of that severe look.

Much better.  Kinda oriental looking.  :)

Another happy customer.  You get the idea.

I have decided that Rosaline Monty is one of the prettiest Sim children that has ever appeared in my game.  This is early Wednesday morning and she is about to get her daily dose of cuddling and tickling fulfilling wishes for her and skyrocketing her into platinum.  Lets just hope she doesn't inherit her daddy's honker.

Wednesday afternoon Juliette's grandmother-in-law Isabella Monty stopped by for a visit. 

Of course Juliette gave her a smart new look.  This day also happened to be Rosaline's birthday.

Hard to tell if she had dad's nose.  heh

Wishes upon growing up:  Be BFF with Romeo, buy a lemonade stand, make a friend, and tell inside joke to her mom.  First wish fulfilled:  Tell inside joke to her mom.

Avalon Capp came home on the bus with Rosaline her first day of school.  Rosaline harbored a wish to becomes friends with him which was easily fulfilled, along with a wish to 'play'.  After all the socializing was done, Romeo helped Rosaline realize a wish to do homework.

That same day Juliette gets a promotion to Detective, and brings home Benedick Monty to celebrate.

Juliette made quick friends with Benedick, hoping that it would result in a promotion at work.  In order to get wishes fulfilled, she couldn't spend much time skilling.

On Friday an opening in Romeo's field opened.  He grabbed it.  He immedately rolled a wish to get TOC.

On Saturday both Romeo and Juliette headed off to work early in the morning.  Juliette was hoping Benedick Monty would pull some strings at work and help her get that promotion.  Rosaline was left in the care of the butler while wishing for some logic points, and to become best friends with Avalon.  A quick call to the Capp house resulted in an invite for Avalon to come over to play chess all afternoon, fulfilling logic wishes the whole time.

On Sunday Rosaline's parents realized many wishes for Rosaline by talking about hobby and playing with her before running out the door to work. After they left this man who was a "makeover" customer of Juliette's called Rosaline just to talk. For the second time ever. I find it creepy that grown men call little girls just to talk, and vice versa with grown women calling little boys just to talk.  I mean, really. 

And the week ends Monday morning with Rosaline getting her morning dose of interacting with mom and dad.  All her wishes could usually be worked in before leaving for school.


Romeo:  Ending wishes:  Still showing TOC in Music, make friends with townie Chris Cho, meet someone new, and get mechanical skill points.  Romeo was on his own, until Juliette threw those difficult Family Sim wishes.  Then Romeo's daily wish to ask Sim on date was fulfilled, and both Sims were happy.  However, the two were careful to avoid 'makeout' because ASimWen did not want to fulfill the 'woohoo' wish that throws right after that.  Until Sunday night, then it was allowed.  The sound was turned down on the computer, so will not find out until later if there were chimes.

Juliette:  Juliette is still showing the wish for the gold badge in cosemetology, unfortunately.  What does it take to get that thing finished?  And she is still waiting on a string along promotion from coworkers she brings home.  Most of her wishes centered around talking about hobby, browse for games, things like that.  When Spring sprung, she did start wishing to flirt and kiss.

Rosaline:  She was a delight to play, and easy to keep happy.  She wanted to interact with mom and dad, and make friends.  She did run a gammut of wishes for logic on Saturday.

That is it, and keep on simmin'!