Explanation And Current Stats

The Five Wishes A Day Challenge

Hi there.  We have all seen a blog about the beleaguered citizens of Pleasantview at some time or another.  I must admit, I have been a hold out when it came to Pleasantview.  I read with great interest many blogs about Don, Cassandra, and the rest of them, but never played them.  My Maxis playground was Veronaville when I wasn't playing Prosperity Falls.

Recently I decided to play Pleasantview just to see how many twins I got out of it.  I had a fresh install of TS2 on my laptop as I lost the HD (along with years of personal stuff and TS2 gameplay) and I decided to dive into Pleasantview first.  I got clear up to generation 3, and did not get a single set of twins.  By this time I was done.

I thought, what if I played Pleasantview based purely on the wishes of the citizens?  How closely would it follow the original Maxis storyline?  Would lives be ruined, kids kicked out of school or picked up by the social worker?  ?

Thus, Wishes in Pleasantview was born.  The aim is to fulfill at least 5 wishes a day for every person in a house.  What ever it is.  It will take nerves of steel on my part, I am used to being a super micro manager for my Sims.  I plan to use the Prima Guide suggestion for order of play for the 6 original houses.  It is:
  1. Lothario
  2. Goth
  3. Caliente
  4. Broke
  5. Dreamer
  6. Pleasant

I will also be playing the Oldies and the Burbs.

As I have been playing, I have been developing additional rules I think makes game play more interesting.

  1. The citizens of Pleasantview will choose their own mates. I may do what ever I want to manipulate this.
  2. "WooHoo" wish can never be ignored. I use the Risky Woo Hoo hack in my game, and NEVER choose Try For Baby. My Sim may get pregnant, may not.
  3. When the phone rings, answer it.
  4. All invites out must be accepted
  5. Permanent Platinum Sims may or may not have their wishes filled
  6. All magazine subscriptions must be accepted 
Anyway, this page will house the stats for the game play.  Using Prosperity Style rotation, and statistics keeping.  It will be updated every round.  Enjoy, everyone.

Round 6 Stats

After six rounds of play, time to update the play list here. It is now:

Original Homesteads:
  1. Lothario
  2. Goth
  3. Caliente
  4. Broke
  5. Dreamer
  6. Pleasant
  7. (University)
Add on lots:
  1. Burb
  2. Oldie
  3. Broke2
  4. Tellerman (Burb2)
  5. Goth2
  6. Wolosenko
  7. Wilkie
  8. Broke3
  9. Broke4
  10. Caliente2
  11. NPC House
  12. (University)

Number of Sims, Alive and Dead

Round 4 Stats:

Number of Sims, Alive and Dead:

Round 3 Stats:

Number of Sims, Alive and Dead:

Round 2 Stats:

Number of Sims, Alive And Dead:

Sim On, Everybody!


  1. Hi,
    I read your blog and I liked it so much, that I decided to give it a try. There's just something I don't know: do you only let them do things they want? I have a Knowledge Sim and he wants to be an Education Minister and for his next promotion he needs another skill, say charisma. But he wants to learn cooking. What do you do? Do you go for the lifetime want? Or just let them have there daily wants?

    1. I go for the life time want. Every time.