Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Broke - Dustin and Angela

All who live here:

Dustin Broke - Fortune /Family - (New) LTW to Graduate 3 from College.  Will not be fulfilled. - Opening wishes:  Obtain a pet, play with, entertain, talk, meet someone new, invite someone over.

Angela Broke - Pleasure/Knowledge - (New) LTW to Become City Planner.   Opening wishes:  Play with, have a party, get hobby plaque in music an dance, go swimming, talk, and be friends with townie Zion Cormier.

Anna Broke - Pleasure - LTW to Become a Celebrity Chef.  Opening wishes:  Perform for tips, ask sim on date, have 3 first dates, and play with. First wish fulfilled - talk hobby, after school.

According to the new rules I have set up for 5 Wishes, Dustin and Angela are now unplayable, as they are perm plat.  I will add to my new rules that I can check the 'unplayables' when I first hit the lot to get an idea of how I want to play the lot, as it is so long in between plays on each lot...it would be impossible for me to remember what is going on with every Sim.  So, on I go.

I see that Dustin is currently unemployed, and there is a huge garden on the lot.  So Anna calls a butler to help out.  The family has nearly 1/2 mil in liquid cash...the garden has always been Dustin's job.  It will be too much for her to do by herself.  Anna influences Dustin to garden before the butler arrives to give him something to do, then heads off to school.

Doin' yard work

Go you, Angela!  Her new LTW is...*drum roll* to become a World Class Ballet Dancer.  humm...this means I will have to select her at least once a day to look for the job being that the only controllable Sim in the house is a teenager.  Okay, that is another change to my new rules.  heh

 What do you know!  She was able to get the job right away.

On Tuesday, Angela gets her hobby plaque in music and dance.  Seems she is more productive and successful when I am not controlling her. heh

On Tuesday after school, Anna hits the wishing well.  Back on the Burb lot, she was Joe Burb's main squeeze.  However he has left for Univesity.  Anna is looking elsewhere, and besides she was showing a wish to date.  This is townie Amar Hamilton.

Anna's date with Amar turns into a Dream Date, and Anna's mother has a difficult time watching her daughter 'make out'.  LOL

After this date, she realizes she can choose a second aspiration, and rolls Fortune.

It is now Wednesday.  Since Monday afternoon, Dustin has been sitting right here.  He is blogging about hobby...but hard telling which one.  There are two things in the room to keep needs up, the journalism and adventure career reward. He doesn't need to get up.  At all.  heh

Wednesday - first date number 4 from the well...Abhijeet Turner.  Anna is showing a wish for 5 first dates, and to ask Sim on a date.  Yer turn, Abhijeet!

On Thursday, Anna brings home Harry Burb, Joe's brother.  She is still showing the wish for 5 first dates. 

Harry turned into first date number 5.  Anna and Harry have zero bolts (unlike Anna and Harry's brother Jospeh..where there are three) so it is unlikely anything will develop here.

While Anna and Harry were having their date, Angela managed to leave house for her first day of work in the Dance field as a flamenco master.

Dustin gets an invitation to go on an outing from Diva and ex-employee Caryl Knight.  They are in love, and have been for quite some time.  According to my own rules, Dustin has been called out on an outing, and he had to accept.  Heh, this will be interesting.

Dustin was very stinky, and everybody let him know about it.

It was hard for anyone to have a good time.  heh

Dustin tries to remedy the situation by taking a bird bath in the bar bathroom.

Finally the fun started, Caryl asked Dustin to dance.  I did have to click on him to get him to call a taxi when the outing was over.  It rated 'fun' and everyone was glad to have gone.  Heh

Dustin got home from the bar...and Angela arrived home from her job as a flaminco master.

Uh-huh...she made it to the top, another LTW for her.  Why, you may ask?  She is topped out in skills.  She only has to be in a good mood, and she is pretty good at keeping herself that way on her own. heh  Her new LTW is:  Become A Space Pirate.  So...the job in Adventure will be sought out.

Friday while Anna was at school, Joy Wilkie (who just married into the plantsim family on the last lot) just walked into the Broke house, admired Dustin, and started dancing.  They don't even know each other.  WEIRD.

You would think that Anna would end up at the dinner table with Dustin and Angela, but, no.  Ida Burb (left) came home with her on the bus, then of course there is Joy Wilkie standing there, and Joe Carr came home with Angela from work.  The real unplayable Sims came rushing over to the table to eat when Anna made chili to satisfy a wish to eat chili, but her own mom and dad did not.  heh

Anna did all the gardening at night, and all the harvesting.  It was enough to get her gold.  One thing that I have started exploring during this neighborhood is the use of the different juices that can be made in TS2.  Anna has been drinking some Strawberry Lemonade - puts her in platinum if she is not already there.  :)  In the past, the only juice my Sims would really drink alot of was eggplant, to get skills.

On Saturday morning, Anna wishes to change in her pajamas after working in the garden all night long.  Seeing that wish just tickles me pink because I, ASimWen,  love to Sim in my pajamas.  And so it was!  Anna changed into her pajamas, and called out for a date.  As a side note here, looking at her lifetime aspiration meter, it is nearly full, and she is still a teen ager.  So this makes me start thinking again about how I am going to control her later.

Anna hits the wishing well, and gets Elmer Miguel.  If you will notice, there is someone sneaking into the Broke's camping tents there in the back ground.  That is Joy Wilkie, the houseguest from hell.  She came in and danced, ate food, played the Broke's piano, used the computer, now she is going to camp out.  heh

Anna received a fairly decent headmaster score.   The home tour was nearly ruined by house guest crasher Joy Wilkie blocking the bathroom doing the smustle.  heh  Just like Joseph on the last lot. Anna will not have a chance to actually attend.  She is leaving for University.

On Sunday night, Angela gets the last job she will be able to wish for.  She is two days from turning elder.  Sunday night also means....

It was Dustin's birthday.  I don't know how he and Angela got birthdays a day apart.  Hmmmm..  I might just leave Dustin in that birthday suit for meaness. hehehehe!

And this is where we end this round with the Brokes.

Ending wishes:

Anna:  Ask Sim out on Date, go to University, plant a seed, and talk about hobby.  Anna was all about doing Pleasure Sim stuff, mostly dating, rolled 'sneak out' three times but she didn't get a chance to do that. 

I am not sure making Sims unplayable when they go platinum is the answer to the unplayable issue.  I am thinking making them unplayable when they get their LTW, OR when they go plat if I don't plan to go for their LTW.  I see that Anna is probably going to go platinum while being a YA, yet I would still like to go for her LTW of Celebrity Chef.  She would just be too young to make unplayable.  eh  When she returns to the household after Uni, there must be a playable sim. 


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Wilkie - (Oldie) Coral and Leo

All who live here:

Coral (Oldie) Wilkie - Family - LTW to raise 20 puppies or kittens.  Beginning wishes:  Play with, entertain, talk to somebody, woohoo in bed.  First wish fulfilled - Birdwatching. 

Plantsim Leo - Family -Marry Off Six Children.  Beginning wishes:  Get a kitten, get a puppy, get a kitten or puppy, make friends with Wanda Tinker.  First wish fulfilled - made friends with Wanda Tinker.

Plantbaby Rose - Cripes...didn't get her beginning wishes.  I think that is because I know she is gonna be moving off the lot shortly.

Various Kittens

Okay...I gotta say it right up front.  When I came onto the lot, Leo's LTW had changed from 'Marry Off Six Children' to 'Earn $100,000'  I have no idea where he picked that up, his sub aspiration is Romance...just another crazy thing this game is doing....messing with the money and now the LTWs.  I used Pescados debugger and switched it back to Marry Off Six being that I have been playing this lot to fulfill that neighborhood bloating wish.  heh  I wasn't gonna give up now.

At any rate, Leo gets on the horn to make friends with Wanda. As soon as friendship spun over...gosh darn it...then he wanted to flirt with her and play with her.  heh  Once Coral did her birdwatching, she threw up wishes to do things with cats she doesn't own any more.  Geesh!  Me thinks this is gonna be a rough round.

Leo invited Wanda over and managed to get through 4 more wishes without any romantic interactions.  They share a three bolt attraction.  When Wanda left, it was time for Leo's number 4 plant baby Rose to grow up.  A birthday cake was lit, and Rose grew up.  She is a Popularity Sim, with an LTW to become Captain Hero.  Gosh darn it, I didn't get her grow up wishes, but the one that was fulfilled as 'make a friend'  She only knew one other person other than Coral and Leo, and that was her plantsim brother Silver Maple.  She got on the phone and yak yak yak...made a friend.  By then it was after midnight, and she then wanted to 'play with Silver Maple'.  She invites him over...

And had no issue getting in five wishes.  After all it is her wedding day.  She will get a husband from the wishing well, and needed to be in platinum to do so.

A job in Law Enforcement came up on the computer, and she grabbed it!

Around 4:30 AM, Rose decides to make her wish in the wishing well for a mate.....well let's just say the well made an interesting choice for her.

Count Ted Mamuyac.  However, I guess the Count was concerned about the impending dawn...they had their 'I LOVE YOU' kiss, and he disappeared with great flair with an hour to go until daylight.  Rose did not get a chance to ask him to marry her.  So, she had to  wait until night fall to marry him.

Rose called off work on her first night as a security guard.  She wanted to make sure she could be at home to see Ted.  She asked him out on a date, and managed engagement.  Then she popped the big question...Will you move in with me, my mom and dad, and all our cats?

Of course this was a big windfall for the Wilkie household, being that the only income is derived from selling cats, and receiving a slight reverse dowry from the young men when Leo would marry off one of his plantsim daughters.  Ted is a Pleasure Sim with an LTW to become Mayor.   His wishes upon moving in:  Make a friend, meet someone new, get a job in gaming or entertainment. 

Ted and Rose were quickly married much to Leo's delight.  Ted landed a job in politics from the computer, $30,000 worth of merchandise was put in Ted's backpack, and the couple moved out.

With Rose's exit a slot was opened up for Leo to produce a new plantbaby.  Enters a new baby boy, Birch.

These first few days were filled with nature type wishes from both Coral and Leo, and friendship wishes for the 6 kittens in the house.

The same day that Birch was grown, the kittens in the house started growing up.   This is Jean.  She grew up and immediately left the kitty pen outside and claimed Coral and Leo's bed.  She is especially pretty...she came from the Caliente house.

This is Pedro (laying down) from the Lothario home, and Dorothy from the Goth mansion.  Coral called for animal control to come and get them, then called for three more kittens.

Next to grow up and leave was Doris Caliente, and Gary Lothario joined the household.

Doris Caliente

Gary Lothario
Next to move in was Indiana Goth.

Then Jones Goth.  heh

After Birch's birth, Leo spun up 'have 10 kids' and never lost it.  I don't think so.

On Thursday Walter Caliente went to the shelter,

Along with Ginger Caleinte...

And Lutie Caliente joined the family....

Along with Barbara Lothario.  At this point, if my count is correct, I think enough cats have been adopted to meet Coral's LTW.  We'll see.

Leo's first born Sunflower came walking by the trailer one night, along with her husband Mitch Wolosenko.  Leo was glad to see her.

She spent some time with Birch.  It was spring time now, and both Leo and Coral are throwing romantic type wishes, and each has taken a hit of elixir.

On Friday, little Birch grew up, and Sunflower was still there to help celebrate.

Birch rolled Fortune, with an LTW to become head of the SCIA.  Right over to the wishing well he went.

The game is liking NPCs right now.  The well brought Birch Chef Joy Olshfky, a two bolt match up.  Hey, I will take it.  Means no babies born!  heh

A hasty marriage was arranged under the arch, nuptials exchanged, and the bride drifts away like nothing happened.  She brought a whopping $1,000 to the house.  The happy couple immediately moved out.  Joy is a Fortune Sim with a wish to become a Criminal Mastermind.   Aint gonna happen.

The final plant baby is born, a boy named Grass.

WOOT!  On Sunday it happens.  :-)  This is the first time this LTW has been acheived in my game.  Now I know how to do it.  heh  Coral will now be allowed to pass to the great beyond, even though she turned platinum long ago with the lifetime meter.  Thanks, Coral!  Even though she develops a relationship with her cats, she doesn't cry and carry on when they go off the the humane officer. heh

At this point, Leo realizes he can turn back into his old self.

Hi Leo.  :)  Your life meter is really low, let's hope you have enough time to see Grass married off.  :)  However, I noticed at this point that Leo has also reached platinum without meeting his LTW due to the full lifetime aspiration meter.  hmmm...I am thinking I may change the way I am doing 5 Wishes.

I am playing this lot a little long.....because I want to wrap up these two Sims.

On Monday, Barbara Lothario is sent to the animal shelter, and Lutie Caliente is allowed to stay to carry on the next generation.

Grass grew up on Monday, a Popularity Sim.  LTW - to have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends.  Easy peasy!  Off to the wishing well to find his future wife...

Okaaaaay....this neighborhood just became very interesting.  heh  This is Contessa Kari Young.  She is a Pleasure Sim with an LTW to become a Professional Party Guest.  That is a good LTW for a Vampire.  Grass immediately gets the engagement over with, then the marriage took place under the arch....wanted to get all this done before dawn.

WOOT!  Matching wedding clothes!  This couple was meant to be.

Again, WOOT!  Leo can no go to the great beyond.  I was surprised he didn't go on this day.  He has just a sliver left, as does Coral.  Between Coral and Leo, two bottles of elixir was used.  Prosperity points!

I want to keep playing this lot, but now it is after midnight on Tuesday morning . Time to put it to bed.  It has been lots of fun playing the Oldie-Wilkies.  Grass and Kari will remain at the trailer and carry on.  Cat Gary Lothario was adopted back into the house to carry on the kitty production.  I imagine the next time I open this lot, Coral and Leo will have their Grim party.

I have taken a decision about the way wishes are fulfilled for Sims who have become platinum via the lifetime aspiration meter that came with Freetime.  It is redundant to keep filling wishes for a platinum Sim. These Sims are obviously happy Sims, and have had everything given to them that they could possibly desire.  I will no longer fulfill 5 wishes a day for Sims who:
  •  Become platinum before reaching their LTW
  •  Achieve their LTW.
Now then, the caveat with this...if I am not going to fulfill their wishes, I am not going to control them either, sort of like the ISBI Challenge  (I'M SUROUNDED BY IDIOTS).  heh.  I will not be able to click on their icon to see what is going on with them...they are essentially unplayable.  This means that even if they become platinum before their LTW, their LTW may or may not be achieved.  Depends alot on how the playable Sims are played..whether or not the 'idiots' meet their LTW.   IF they happen to meet their LTW, then I will look to see what the new one is, and make a decision whether or not I want to try for it.  This could have a big impact on the Prosperity points, but then this will keep it interesting.

I was so into what was happening with Grass growing up, then super suprised to see another vamp pop out of the wishing well, I didn't put his grow up wishes down.  But here are the wishes as of the closing of the lot:

Coral:  Unplayable

Leo:  Unplayable

Grass:  Meet someone new, be BFF with Kari and Coral, have 5 BF.

Kari:  Meet someone new, make a friend, get job in Entertainment or Gaming industry.

Keep on simmin'!