Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Goth - Alexander and Daisy

All Who Live Here:

Alexander Goth - Family/Romance - LTW - To Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - First wishes:  Ask Sim on date, woohoo in bed, hustle pool, and play with.  First wish fulfilled - Ask Sim on date.

Daisy Goth - Family/Popularity - LTW - To Reach Golden Anniversary - First wishes: Purchase community lot, get a job in culinary, music, or entertainment.  (geeze, what is with all these job wishes?) First wish fulfilled - Entertain Alexander.

Henry Goth, child - First Wishes - Be BF with Edward (Dreamer), win a game against Edward, get logic 1, tell an inside joke  First wish fulfilled - talk about hobby, after school.

Toddler twins Albert and Fred Goth

Albert first wishes - Sing nursery rhyme with Daisy, get charisma 1, logic 1, creativity 1.  First wish fulfilled - be talked to by Daisy, after his nap.  :-)

Fred first wishes - Sing nursery rhyme with Daisy, be snuggled by Daisy, be read to and be tickled.  (He is in red aspiration due to Mortimer's death).  First wish fulfilled - sing nursery rhyme with Daisy.

We start this round with a birth of two new kittens, Jessica and Roger Rabbit Goth.  (Heh, can you tell what movie is on my TV at this moment?)  If my calculations are correct, this puts Alexander at the halfway mark for 20 kittens born.

Anyway, Alexander rushes off to work with no time to fulfill any of his beginning wishes.  It will wait.  That leaves Daisy to work with the kids all day.  Her wishes fulfilled will come last for the day, as I really don't want to get her a job or buy a community lot for the Goths.  Her wishes will roll to match Alexanders when they date after Alex gets home from work.

Tuesday morning found poor little Fred in green, even after fulfilling 5 wishes on Monday, then again right after midnight the poor feller couldn't get over his grandpa's death.

Henry joined his mom and dad for breakfast.   Alexander and Daisy are completly sated after a dream date.  However that occured before midnight, so their wishes still need to be fulfilled for this day.  Henry is throwing usual talk about hobby, play.

Daisy also is still showing a wish for a job culinary, still.  So the job hunt will begin.  Urg. 

Heh.  It comes up the first day she checks.  Any other time, it wouldn't!

This same day, Tuesday, was Henry's cake up day.

Naturally a nice assortment of Goths and Dreamers were invited.  Especially Aunt Cassandra Dreamer, as Henry is the heir to the old moldy Goth Mansion.

Henry rolled Knoweldge, fitting, fits along with Grandpa Mortimer.  LTW - Become Education Minister.  I see another University grad.  heh

On Wednesday, the twins grew up without a Goth party.  The household was getting read for a headmaster visit, but 5:00 came and went, an no headmaster.  Then I realized that the call for him had been done after midnight.  Eh.  So that meant another day of waiting.

Poor Fred has been a difficult child.  First wishes upon growing up:  Make a friend, become BFF with his dad, buy a lemonade stand, and tell an inside joke.  He was so exhausted when he grew up that he fell on the floor asleep.  The butler the Goths have is worthless.  Went right to bed, so no wishes were filled.

Albert, on the other hand was just hungry.  First wishes upon growing up:  buy a lemonade stand, make a friend, tell an inside joke, buy a toy.  First wish fulfilled, buy a toy.

Of course, Alexander had 'ask sim on date' showing on his wish panel.  and Of ended in woohoo...chimes were heard.  Number 4 is on the way for the Alexander Goth family.  Thank you Risky.

Jessica and Roger Rabbit are grown up, come Friday.   A call was placed to have them sent off to the animal shelter, and Alexander immediately persuaded Josette and Ringo to try for more babies.

Blog hog Gale Lothario (Daughter of Don and Ivy Lothario) came home on the bus with Fred.  I was so glad to see this, if the kid could make a friend, perhaps he could cheer up some.  He rolled to play with, tell a joke to, make friends with Gale.  It worked.  :)

Henry promised to study if his mom and dad would buy him a drum set and a guitar.  So the Knowledge Sim starts his studying journey, fulfilling skilling wishes the whole way.

Saturday dawned with wishes to go fishing, so Henry accompanied the twins Albert and Fred to Peerless Park.  Who should show up but the college guys...Joe Burb and Frank Dreamer, and a college professor.  heh  These guys had gotten in large amounts of fishing here last lot.

Upon returning from the fishing trip with his little brothers, Henry maxes creativity, fulfilling a wish and pouring aspiration points into the coffers.

Fred finally realized there were pets to be ordered around.  Here he commands Ringo Caliente to 'come here'.

In the wee hours on Sunday, a girl is finally born to this Goth family.  :)  Clara.

Henry maxes body.  Yeah. Get rid of the poochy belly.

It was on this day that Alexander had had so many wishes fulfilled, that his lifetime aspiration meter was now full,  he was now in perm plat status.  Still needs to reach is LTW of raise 20 puppies or kittens.

This was largely an uneventful round for the Goths, played mostly on speed 2 and 3.  heh

Ending wishes:

Alexander:  Catch fireflies, catch butterflies, talk about hobbies, and get hobby plaque in nature.  Alexander is now perm plat and throwing lots of nature wishes, once he got Daisy pregnant again.  Before that, it was all about dating and paying attention to Daisy.  I should have known Alexander had tricks up his sleeve.  Alexander had wished for a tent, which was fulfilled, and I thought he could begin sleeping in it to meet his wish for the hobby plaque in nature, but it kept disappearing off the lot along with the energizer.  Ugh.

Daisy:  Play with Clara, buy a baby toy, play with Rainbow (their pet bird she wished for), invite someone over.  At the beginning of the round, she wanted to become a working mom and get a job outside of the house, and held this wish for two days, so the wish was locked in and satisifed.    Aside from all that, she still threw wishes to do things with Alexander, even though he had given her another baby.

Henry - Dance with someone (??)  talk about hobby, see a ghost, and go to Uni.  Knowledge Sim, what more can I say.  Skill, skill, skill, easy peasy.  He  will be going to Uni next round.  Want him to stay in the house for a couple of days next round as it is autumn now, and he can get some good skilling in for scholarships before going to Uni.

Fred - Get cleaning 5, get A+ report card, eat an omelet or pancakes.  Fred had an awfully difficult time at the beginning of the round, being bottomed out in red I am assuming due to Mortimer's death.  Don't really know.  He didn't come out of it until Wednesday, then it was hard just to keep him in gold.  He wanted to order the cats around, and spun up child wishes like spin me around, and call friends.

Albert - Get A+ report card, eat omelets, get creativity 9, and eat pancakes.  He was a skiller.  Once he maxed out cleaning, he started wishing for creativity.  Go to it, kid!

Clara - Infant.

Keep on simmin'!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Round 5 University

Here is another entry for University in Round 5, Pleasantview.  All who are here:

Frank Dreamer, son of Dirk and Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer.  Knowlege - LTW to become a Space Pirate.  He is at the beginning of his Sophomore year.  Beginning wishes:  Join greek house, brother Edward goes to college, go swimming, have a party, and talk to Anna Broke.  He is at class when the lot opens.

George Caliente, son of Nina Caliente and Daniel Pleasant. Fortune - LTW to Become a Business Tycoon.  He is at the beginning of his Sophomore year.  Beginning wishes:   Blog about Games, ask Sim on a date, play Marco Polo, play chess and talk about hobbies.

George can roll a second aspiration, and he rolls Popularity.  Good for him!

William Dreamer - son of Cassandra and Darren Dreamer.  Knowledge - LTW to Become a Mad Scientist.  He is at the beginning of his Sophomore year.  Beginning wishes:  Learn couples counseling, do research with someone, get hobby plaque in Music and Dance (locked in), be BFF with George Caliente, and cat Natalie Caliente learns a command.  Drrr?  Why would William want that?  He has never owned Natalie.  He must have met her.  heh

At this point in time, William realizes he can choose a second aspiration.  He rolls grilled cheese.

Joining the boys this update for their Frosh year:

Anna Broke, daughter of Dustin and Angela Broke.  Pleasure/Fortune - LTW to Become a Celebrity Chef.  Beginning wishes:  Ask Sim on a date, (locked) play Marco Polo, have a water balloon fight, and call someone.

Joseph Burb, son of Jennifer and John Burb.  Romance - LTW to Become a Rock God.  Beginning wishes:  Ask Sim on a date, (locked) be BFF with George Caliente, do research with someone, and blog about music and dance.

If you remember in the last Gen 5 Uni update, this dorm had half a million dollars when it was opened.  It still has tons of cash after remodeling the dorm and nearly buying out the clothes closet.
Heh makes it fun to play, at any rate.  The dorm is lush with carpeting and beautifully decorated rooms. 

At any rate, the kids went to a community lot to shake up wishes, and have a little fun before class.  There Anna and Joe had a date to fulfill their wishes.  They dated in high school on a regular basis so I was not suprised when, almost right away, this spun up for Joe:

He both wants to become engaged to Anna, and fears it at the same time. Hahaha!  Well, when it spins up, it must be fulfilled.  And so it was!  These two kids got engaged right away, even before going to their first class.

In the mean time on this first day, William threw wishes for mechanical points, and so the skilling roll begain.  Slap on a thinking cap, and put the Knowledge Sim on the sofa.

George finally rolled to write his paper, then went on with gaming wishes.  Frank rolled serve food, and do homework.  Eh.

George Caliente is a willing ear when William takes a break from skilling and spins up a wish to talk about grilled cheese.  I love GCS Sims!  They are so easy to keep happy and fulfill wishes for!

George Caleinte and Frank Dreamer fulfill wishes by doing the smustle dance early in the morning.  hehe

William makes grilled cheese sandwiches for the guys at the dorm, and they try to convince him that one cannot eat grilled cheese sandwiches morning, noon, and night.

George Caliente gets this date present from Mallory Bruenig.  Mallory is of no interest to George, she is just a passing amusement for him to date to get his five wishes for the day in when he takes a break from gaming.


Frank reaches the zone in dancing while sitting on his a$$.  heh

Joe Burb and William Dreamer hit the exercise machines....William ate so many grilled cheese sandwiches that he developed a little bit of a paunchy belly, and Joe was still carrying around baby fat from his mom's good cooking.

Anna just kinda hung out and dated Joe for fulfilling wishes...and she took care of the lemon tree via her gold badge in gardening.

George received the Fortune Sim money memory, well, because the dorm is so rich...and the stock market kicks in every so often and pours money into the coffers, and back home his Aunt Dina was quite the money maker.  I am sure at one point in his life, George would have wished for this.  Heh.  It is just fulfilled early.

So okay....  Another thing I never usually bother with...Sing Folksong.  Eh. Anna didn't have a wish to do it, but she did have a wish to take a Sim on an outing.  (Girl in pink dress)  So she did, and she sang the folk song during the outing, which was a big hit.

George gets a major wish fulled....10 best friends.

Three of the four guys were showing fishing wishes, so off to Peerless Park they went to get some fishing and male bonding time in.

Frank's Family subaspiration kicks in, and he wishes for love.  This is the second time this has spun up, I think he will indulge a wish in the wishing well!

Good ol' Jane Stacks.  I have never played her.  Looks like she was wishing for love also...popping out of the wishing well via Frank's wish gave her an immediate 5,000 injection into her aspiration pool.

Ha.  I should have known, yay for Family Sims!  Frank rolled engagement to Jane, and so it was~!  Wait!  Jane is attending Sim State.   Frank and company is attending classes at Academie La Tour!  Well... *sigh*  Means I need to play Sim State too.  I visited the Bright household at Sim State to see if Jane shows engaged, and indeed she does.  Heh.  I have never seen this happen in the game.

So play moves from a wealthy posh dorm to a bare poor house with wooden floors. hehehe!

 Joining gameplay:

(The gorgeous) Jane Stacks - Family Sim - LTW to have 20 Best Friends.  (huh?  Oh well!)  First wishes upon being included in Wishful Thinking in TS2 - Well, I didn't get them.  I just started playing her right away.  But I know one of them was get a skill off she and her roomates went in search of a chessboard so Jane could get the needed skill so she could write her term paper. 

Luckily she is in her junior year to match Frank, so there won't be much play for catch up.  As for her roomates, I will play them as it is convenient for me....

Alright.  I think the LTWs for this whole household is messed up.  Her roommate Knowledge Sim Martin Ruebin wants 6 grand children, and Knowledge Sim Allegra Gorey wants to become a Business Tycoon.  I used Pescado's lot debugger to reroll the LTWs. 

New LTW for Jane:  Marry off Six.  Ugh.  Martin's is Become Chief of Staff, and Allegra's is Become Criminal Mastermind.  Those better match these folks!

And we end this University update with Jane Stacks, Frank Dreamer, William Dreamer, and George Caliente finishing up their Junior year with Anna Broke and Joe Burb finishing up their Sophomore year. 

Ending Wishes:

Frank Dreamer - Talk about hobby, dance with someone, do research with someone, blog about music and dance, and call Mary Pleasant to chat.  Yes.  Boys in University still want to talk to Mary Pleasant.  Frank's wishes were the run of the mill 'blog about hobby, do research, ect.  Nothing special, until he rolled 'fall in love.'  At first, I am like where did that come from, then I realized it was his family sim self talking.  So he wished for Jane, and suddenly he got interesting to play.  heh

George Caliente - Blog about games, get Mechanical 7, play computer games, play chess, play marco polo.  Fortune Sim George is still the game player he was as a teen.  His wishes were all about gaming, except in the spring he did roll a wish to ask a Sim on a date one time, so he dated that blond a couple of times, but never wished for her anymore. 

William Dreamer - Hunt for bugs, go birdwatching, play bass, get fishing gold, graduate with honors.  William is a Knowledge/GCS Sim.  He did roll wishes to date, then he became a GCS...started with the cheesy wishes.  Somehow nature wishes started to share about 50% of his wish slots.  So he started going on lots of fishing trips and catching bugs. 

Anna Broke - Buy a bubble blower, woo hoo with Joe Burb, ask Sim on a Date, buy a car, and dance with someone.  Anna almost on a daily basis rolled 'Ask Sim On Date'.  Enuff said. 

Joe Burb - Talk about hobby, play bass, woo hoo with Anna Broke, dance with someone, and ask Sim on date.  'Ask Sim On Date' on a daily basis.  Him and Anna....

Jane Stacks - Gain a skill point, play computer game, get cooking 4, and talk to Frank Dreamer.  Even though she is now a Senior, she only has four want slots.  Hm.  She should have five.  Didn't get much of a chance to play Jane, but she seemed to want to skill. 

That is it for this update.  There will be one more Uni update for Round 5, University.

Keep on Simmin'!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - (Tellerman) Burb - Lucy and Komie

All who live here:

Lucy (Burb) Tellerman - Fortune - (New) LTW - Become Criminal Mastermind.  Starting wishes:  Hustle pool, woohoo in bed, meet someone new, talk, invite someone over, play with.

Komie Tellerman - Fortune - LTW - Become a Business Tycoon.  Starting wishes:  Talk, invite someone over, meet someone new, get a promotion.

Walter Tellerman - Grow up - Beginning Wishes - Grow up well, sing nursery rhyme with Lucy, get creativity 7, play with Lucy.

Arthur Tellerman - Grow up - Infant.

Okay.  I don't like this not controlling Sims.  heh  I just won't make it a point to fulfill wishes for platinum Sims.  Ugh.  I suppose at this point in time during this neighborhood I have figure out how the wish system works.

Right away on Monday Komie gets a promotion as he climbs the ladder to Business Tycoon.  He is nearly the next perm plat Sim in Pleasantview.  I am still thinking over this business of controlling perm plat sims or not.  Komie is not perm plat, but his wife Lucy is.

On Tuesday, Lucy decides to throw a birthday party for both of her boys.  (That is an elder Dustin Broke there in the background in his crazy looking outfit).  Walter grew up looking very much like a Burb, although it looks like he may have the heavy cheekbones of his father Komie Tellerman.  Upon growing up, Walter wanted to make a friend, get creativity 9, get a lemonade stand, and buy a game  He went to work on the easel, and a chess set was bought.  

Arthur grew up to look pretty much the same as Walter did as a toddler and did not get somebody to put him on the potty chair before unselectable gramma Jennifer Burb whisked him up to play with him.  Upon growing up, Arthur wanted all this toddler skills and to be tickled by Lucy.

 The party was a great success, and the Tellermans decided to go away on an Oriental vacation.  Both Lucy and Komie were showing the wish, and I decided to give in to shake up this lot a little.  Both had been working very hard on their careers,  (Lucy having already reached the top of Dance, and now just a promotion or two away from top of Criminal, and Komie nearly to the top of business) and they had born two fine boys.  Time to get a way for a while.  This will be Lucy's second trip to the Orient, and Komie's first.

Upon arrival at the Hotel, Komie wanted to learn a new massage or get a message, get a logic point or take a tour.  Lucy wanted to go on a tour, learn a new massage or get a massage, use the sauna, learn to teleport (locked in) or become bff with tourist Tyson Dawn.  Komie headed to the message table, and Lucy headed to the sauna.

I was driven to help Lucy meet the Ninja.  Never in all my TS2 playing years, have I ever been able to get a Sim to learn ninja teleportation.

Lucy and Komie drug from lot to lot for three days.  They laid down for many massages to keep up their energy, ate lots of steamed rice at the vendor's counters, and drank gallons of tea.  The ninja would appear, then flip way just as Lucy would get to him.  Finally, on day three, Lucy caught up with him.

She put on her best face and asked to learn to teleport.  The Ninja replied:  I will teach you to teleport if you can answer this question.  Which must you know better, yourself or your enemy?  Lucy answer, YOURSELF.

YAY!  First time ever for me, ASimWen.  :)  I now have a teleporting Sim.

Lucy and Komie were able to relax the last two days of vacation, and do fun things.  Like calmly sipping tea.

The day that Lucy learned to teleport, she and Komie went back to the hotel, and Komie flopped into bed, exhausted.  Lucy's energy was full however, and she decided to go digging for treasure.  She found a tattered old map that lead to a pagoda in the shadows.  She thought this would be a fun thing to do so she set out, waving to the other hotel guests as she left the lot without Komie.

The walk was a long one, but finally she found the place.

Lucy found a little wise man calmly meditating.

Lucy teleported into the pagoda and bowed to the old wise man, convincing him that he had indeed misjudged her after all. 

He taught her the old legend, nothing that any other normal Sim knew.  Lucy was in awe, and felt that she could now return home a whole Sim.

Lucy and Komie enjoyed breakfast together the next day.  It was nearly time to return to Pleasantview, but there was still more to do on this vacation.

Lucy paid homage to an ancient civilization by throwing a coin into the Lucky Fountain.

She and Komie played mahjong with the locals.

And they learned ti chi.  (Erm, there is teen Michele Kearney at the register.  She sure gets around, even cashiers in the Orient.)  heh

It was finally time to go back to Pleasantview.  The Tellermans were happy, and well rested.  This vacation was worth every penny!

Once back home, life got back to normal.   Lucy taught Arthur to walk, talk, and potty fulfilling wishes for him, and Komie spent alot of time on the internet.  Walter went to school for the first time.

Lucy was struck by lightening while harvesting the money trees out on the balcony.  Too bad this didn't happen in the Orient when she had the wish for it.

Lucy spun up the wish to hustle pool, another one of those things I usually ignore.  I had to install a rec center with a pool table in it heh.  She hung out for a while, then found a willing target in Joe Carr. 

On Friday, Lucy once again reaches TOC.  Her new LTW?  To become a Prestidigitator. 

Arthur grew up on Friday.  He and Walter look much alike...they certainly look like brothers!

Saturday dawned with the boys showing a wish to go fishing, so off the family went to the park.  Arthur is on the left, Wlater on the right.  My oh my.

Komie was harboring a wish to play chess, and Lucy was more than happy to oblige him with a friendly game.  Why look, they even have a spectator!

Sunday saw the same thing all over again, a trip to the park to fish.  Lucy even spun up a wish to fish, but Komie stayed home to play chess.  At this point in time, I got up to go check laundry and left the game running...

When I got back it was well into the evening on Sunday and they were all hungry and tired and mean.  They immediately went home to fullfill needs.

And this is where we leave the Tellermans for this week.  At 1:00 am in the morning, Komie is making salmon, Walter and Lucy are dancing, and Arthur is fulfilling wish after wish by collecting cleaning skills.

Ending Wishes:

Komie:  Get TOC Business, play Marco Polo, max logic, and win a gaming competition

Lucy:  Play games, watch a movie, play chess, talk about hobby, play Marco Polo, and become a witch.  (locked in).

Walter:  Grow up well, go hiking, catch a bug, get an A+ report card.

Arthur:  Eat pancakes, go hiking, get cleaning 7, and get an A+ report card.

Have fun everybody, and keep on simmin'!