Thursday, January 31, 2013

University Round 5 - Pleasantview

All Who Are Here:

Frank Dreamer (Dirk Dreamer and Nicole Dreamer) Knowledge - LTW Become a Space Pirate. First Wishes: Go To Class, research with someone , write term paper, do assignment. First wish fulfilled:  Do assignment.

George Caliente (Nina Caliente and Daniel Pleasant) Fortune - LTW - Become a Business Tycoon.  First Wishes:  Carbon copy, same as above, heh  First wish fulfilled:  Do assignment.

 William Dreamer (Cassandra Goth Dreamer and Darren Dreamer) Knowledge - LTW - Townie Ian Ku goes to Uni, be friends with Frank and George, and go swimming.  First wish fulfilled - Talk to Pamela Gundstrom (during campus trip to buy clothes).

Alright.  The first thing I notice upon opening the dorm lot in Uni is how much money the boys have.  Urg.

They've got half a mil.  ???  LOL !   My game is doing strange things with money.  I will just have to keep a close eye on it and act accordingly.  In this case, I spent a nice sum upgrading every dorm room with a top of the line bed that lends lots of energy and comfort, and recovered the walls/floors, new desks/chairs/dressers, a computer in every room, and some decorative items.  But that didn't even scratch the surface of using up the money.  heh

Then the three boys went to town to buy clothes and phones.....and to meet chicks, get makeovers.  It was time to chuck the look they had as teens.

William Dreamer after his makeover.

William's nephew Frank Dreamer all made over.

 George Caliente looking like a serious ivy league man in his argyle sweater and beard/glasses.

William is quite the chick magnet...literally.  He was taking a crazy walk down the hallway....and I realized his date was suffering from 'invisible dormie' syndrome.

This is Pamela Gundstrom, the girl William dated back at the campus boutique when the boys first came to Uni.  The two have a two bolt attraction.  He has been rolling wishes every day to talk to Pamela, ect.  He is not behaving at all like a Knowledge Sim...heh Watching this with great interest to see if it goes anywhere. 

 Frank's dorm mates look on with admiration when he completes the fire safety program.

George remembers that this is the day he earned $50,000, and called home to talk about it.  Eh, this is because of the large sum of money the boys had when they moved into the dorm, and the stock market paying out so nicely.  I should have done a money adjustment right away.  Urg.

 Frank Dreamer - Learned Anger Management - check.

All three of the boys finished freshman year without incident.  None of them seem to like each other much, especially Frank and William.  They have a negative relationship, just can't say anything nice to each other.  George keeps to himself and wants to sit at the chess board all the time.  Blog about games,  play chess, talk about hobby, play PC game, or video games.  All the boys rolled 'Talk to Mary Pleasant'.  I don't know what it is about her.

That is where we end this installment of University, Round 5.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Pleasant - Mary Sue and Daniel

All who live here:

Daniel - Romance - LTW - To Become A Rock God.  Not gonna happen...didn't come up on the PC before he aged.  Beginning wishes:  Dog Scout gets promoted, cat Bailey gets promoted, relative gets engaged, entertain.  First wish fulfilled, entertain.

Mary Sue - Fortune - LTW - Own 5 Top Level Businesses.  No, not gonna invest the time to do it, already met one LTW. Beginning wishes:  Sell a masterpeice, dog Scout gets promoted, cat Bailey gets promoted, sell a great novel.  First wish fulfilled - Sell a masterpeice.  Then it rolled right back up again.  Bah.  Fortune Sims!

Lilith - Popularity - LTW - Have 20 simultaneous best pet friends (ugh) Lilith has already met one LTW, so won't go for this one.  Beginning wishes:  Have a party, be friends with townie Caryl Chin, make a BFF, and talk.  First wish fulfilled - talk.

Minnie - infant

Lilith Pleasant and Neal Leong
Lilith's first wish was to talk, so she called up her daughter's baby-daddy, and her fiancee,  Neal Leong.  This spun up a lot of Neal type wishes, so she called him up and asked him to come over.

Daniel Pleasant, Neal Leong, Lilith Pleasant, Mary Sue Pleasant
Lilith and Neal have a successful date, some woohoo and cuddling in the hot tub, and Daniel gets all embarrassed seeing them together.  Uh, Daniel...ya don't have room to talk buddy.  Your days are about over, anyway.

Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant
Speaking of last days.  All these two wanna do is either sell a great novel, or sell a master peice.  I let them paint....because it is what they wanna do.  Daniel threw a couple of buy me wishes on Monday, he bought, bought, bought, then one item was locked in to sell later.

Demi Louie, Mary Sue and Daniel Pleasant
It was during these marathon painting sessions that Mary Sue gained top enthusiasm in Arts and Crafts.  The plaque was immediately plucked from her inventory and placed on the wall. 

Mary Sue Pleasant and Bailey the cat
On Tuesday, Grim came to collect Daniel.  Bailey the cat was very upset and cried for hours.

On Wednesday, Lilith rolls out of bed with a hankerin' to ask a Sim out on a date.  She takes a vacation day from work, and gives Neal a call.

Neal Leong and Lilith Pleasant
Despite a highly successful date and the wish thrown three times to woo-hoo, Lilith never threw a wish to marry Neal.  They are aleady engaged.  I considered letting her go ahead and marry him on a simple 'throw party' wish, but she is over halfway through her adult life now, and there would be such an age span.  Elixir would have to be used on Neal to spur his aging up some, but with fulfilling wishes and keeping a Sim in plat, this might be difficult.

During all this dating and woo-hooing, Minnie finally grows up.   Neal calls up Lilith to go on a date downtown right after she had sent him home.  Heh, Popularity Sims.

During this dating/outing spree, Lilith's appetite suddenly took a sharp upswing.  heh

One Thursday, Lilith is finally allowed to go to work.  She burned 4 of the 5 vacation days she had racked up from her job in the military.

On Thursday, Grim finally makes his appearance for Mary Sue at 9 pm.  Um, Lilith, I don't think you are going to be going downtown now. heh  Now it is just Lilith and Minnie in the house, along with the cat and dog.

Neal Leong
It is about time you give Lilith a present, Neal.  Especially since.....

Neal Leong, Lilith, Danielle Rusewicz, Joe carr, Dirk Dreamer
She is pregnant again.  On Friday, Lilith decided to have a house party to lighten the mood after the passing of her parents, and to announce her pregnancy.  Neal isn't paying much attention, the toy robots on the floor are much more interesting.

Saturday sees the first day of spring, which means Lilith's subaspiration of Romance is asking for a date.  She invites Neal over.  This means that little Minnie is being looked after by the butler.  She is spinning wishes to get creativity skill. 

Minnie Pleasant
Minnie aged up via cake while her dad was there dating her mother.  She received some of his features.   Despite all the dating and fulfilling wishes for Lilith Saturday, all that time spent with Neal, she did not spin up get married.  huh.

Neal Leong, Lilith Pleasant, Clarence Pleasant
Of course Lilith went into labor in the bathroom early Sunday morning.  Neal managed to get around her and use the facilities while his son was being born.  Heh

Neal Leong and Clarence Pleasant
Whereas Neal never gave the time of day to his daughter Minnie, he was running over to the crib to pick up Clarence the first time Lilith put the baby to bed. Hrumph!

Scout the dog and Minnie Pleasant
And we end the week with Scout sleeping on the bed with Minnie.  This reminded me so much of my own little dog sleeping on the bed every night with me.


Daniel Pleasant


Lilith - Ending Wishes - Have a party, be BFF with Chloe Gonzales (grown up to adult), get a kitten, and make a BFF.  Lilith took alot of time off work this week to feed her inner Romance Sim and to have Clarence.  She had several parties, and wanted to date, date, date.  I kept thinking I would see the 'get married' wish spin up as Romance Sims are want to do about half way through their lives, but it never happened for Lilith. 

Minnie - Ending Wishes - Get a puppy, get an A+ report card, command Bailey the cat and Scout the dog to speak.  While a toddler, Minnie wanted all her toddler skills, which Mary Sue was glad to oblige while Lilith was busy dating Neal.  After that it was interactions with Lilith.  As a child, she wanted to command the animals around, and have more interactions with her mother.

Clarence - infant.

A new cat was brought into the house, his name is Cary, named after actor Cary Grant because as I write this, it is Grant's birthday.  Lilith's plan is to breed him to Bailey.

Keep on Simmin!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pleasantview Round 5 - Dreamer - Dirk and Nichole

All who live here:

Dirk - Fortune - LTW - To Become Education Minister.  Beginning Wishes - Be BF with Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie, get a puppy, get a kitten or a puppy, get a kitten, get TOC and Play with Edward.  First wish fulfilled - adopt kitten/kitten or puppy.

Nichole - Fortune - LTW - Become Hall of Famer.  Beginning Wishes - Get TOC Natural Science Career, be BFF with Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie, woohoo in bed, obtain a pet, go swimming, earn some money.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Frank - Knowledge - LTW - Max all skills.  Beginning Wishes - See ghost of Jessica Ebadi, resurrect Jessica Ebadi (make up your mind, already!) go to college, and maximize all skills.  First wish fulfilled - Max All Skills

Edward - Grow up - Beginning wishes - Win a game against Thomas Lothario, tell an inside joke, be BF with Thomas Lothario, talk to Gale Lothario.  First wish fulfilled - Talk to Ida Burb (After school).

Huh.  Apparently I missed a townie getting gobbled up by the Dreamer's cowplant.  hahahaha!  Another one for the Dreamer graveyard.

Ida Burb and Edward Dreamer
Edward makes friends with more kids in the neighborhood.  He showed up alot in the Lothario home as an after school friend.  Now he is bringing home his own friends.

Dirk calls out for a kitten.  Another cat factory in the works.  He would have preferred a puppy, but there were none available, where there are loads of cats.

Frank Dreamer
It took until the wee hours Tuesday, but Frank took care of his LTW. Go you, Frank! 

Emma Copur and Frank Dreamer
Don and Ivy Lothario's daughter Emma comes home on the bus with Frank.  Neither one of them are impressed with the other.  hehe

Frank's dad reached his LTW TOC the same day.

Dirk Dreamer
Dirk's new LTW - Become The Law.  Now he wants to be an attorney.  heh

Townie Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer
Nichole gets her TOC as well on the same day.  Tuesday was a big day for everyone.  However.  Look at that.  The game SUBTRACTED $32,734 from the household funds for her promotion bonus.  What the heck????  I double checked the household's beginning funds per my prosperity spreadsheet, and yes, the funds were truly subtracted.  Not that they need the money really bad or anything.  Went to online forums, and the general consensus is this is caused by an outdated hack.  Hum.  How could that be, I did a fresh install of TS2 a few months ago and downloaded all the hacks new.  heh  I did have a bunch of stuff come over from an old hard drive, had a separate hacks folder, so I removed that.  Urg.  I just added the money back to their household funds.  AND...I have no hacks that are career related, nor do I have any downloaded careers.   What a mystery!!!

Nichole Thompson Dreamer
Really?????  Tuesday night.  Thanks, Risky!!!  Nichole is 6 days from elder hood.  Nothing like workin' 'em at the last minute.  Nichole is throwing lots of wishes to blog about science and film and literature, talk about hobby....ect...

Come Wednesday morning, Frank is still showing the same wishes he has shown all week.  Not being really helpful throwing me stuff that can easily be fulfilled.  He has held this same wish to see Jessica Ebadi's ghost since he was a toddler, and the woman has refused to come out and haunt.  Jessica robbed the Dreamers when Frank was a little tyke, then due to some diabolical scheme, was gobbled up by the Dreamer's cowplant last round.  heh  Anyway, no reason to keep Frank around, he has met his LTW, wants to go to Uni in the worse way, so he packed up and left.

Early Thursday morning, Dirk makes a career move finds a job as a corporate lawyer on the computer.  Go you, Dirk!

Alexander Goth, Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer, Dirk Dreamer
Thursday evening Alexander Goth pays a visit, after finding out that his son (and heir to the Goth mansion) was being chatted up  on the telephone by someone from this house.  He had to come and check it out, found out that it was Edward.  The parents of the kids enjoyed a dinner of blackened catfish.  Alexander seems to be extolling the virtues of dream dating. heh

It was during this visit that the Dreamer's third son was born whom they named Samuel.

On Friday, Andy Goth the cat ages up, and Nicole immediately calls out for a mate for him.

Enter Ginger Oldie, who is already having good thoughts about new baby Samuel.

Dirk fulfills a wish and reaches TOC again.  Now he wants to be a space pirate.  It is great to rack up all these career rewards.

Edward Dreamer and Henry Goth
Saturday finds Edward wishing to spend time with Henry Goth, and to make BF with Ida Burb and Margaret Caliente.  Since it is the second day of spring, a garden has already been laid out, and Dirk earned his bronze in gardening , and now has thrown all kinds of romantic wishes, including ask sim on date.  This will be easy to get Dirk and Nicole's wishes in for the day.  Luckily Nicole is very close to elderhood, so no chance of getting pregnant.  *whew*  It will be nice to see her throw some other kinds of wishes other than 'write novel, read novel, sell a best seller, watch movie, blog...ect'

Samuel Dreamer and Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer
Saturday also saw the Dreamer boys grow up.  What a cutie patooty!  Sam's wishes upon growing up:  Buy a toy, learn to walk, talk potty.  Seems like reasonable wishes to me!  As soon as Sam grew up, Dirk rolled 'have a baby'.  I don't think so.

Dirk Dreamer, Edward Dreamer, and Nichole Dreamer
Well I don't know what Dirk is scowling about.  Is it the fact that this boy is Nichole's by abduction?  He didn't seem happy at all about Edward growing up.  Nichole was happy to see her boy grow up.  Ed rolled Pleasure Sim, LTW - become a game designer.  His wishes upon growing up:  Be BFFs with Ida Burb, Thomas Lothario, BF with Margaret Caliente, and buy a cell phone.  Cell phone was locked in, and off to town he went.

Early Sunday morning, Nicole's preferred career came up on the computer in Athletics, and she grabbed it, hiring in as an assistant coach.   It would have been nice to keep her an Ecological Guru so she could stay home a lot for Sam, but she is two days from turning elder, so she took it for prosperity points.

Townie Caroline London and Edward Dreamer
Ed harbored a wish to flirt ever since he aged up, and knew no one well enough to do it with.  He attempted a flirt to cashier Michelle Kearney when he bought his cell phone, but it was no go.  On Sunday he finally called the Matchmaker, and received this girl.  Two bolts.  Caroline is the same girl who called a teen Dirk Dreamer on a regular basis for chat.  Ed and Michelle had a successful date, and Ed was able to get his five wishes in this day.

And this is where we leave the Dreamers for this round.


Townie Ti-Ning Dalton - Death by Cowplant

Darleen Dreamer - Death by flames
Doggone it...Jessica Ebadi just won't haunt...hehe


Dirk:  Ending wishes - Grow up well, Andy the cat learns to come here, play catch, stargaze, influence someone to garden, play computer game.  Dirk will turn elder next round.  Early in the week, Dirk suffered from the 'buy me' syndrome, and wanted a pet.  When I closed out the lot, I removed from his inventory a helicopter, a drum set, and a bass, among other things.  As the week wore on, he wanted to play catch or toss football, get TOC, garden.  The first day of spring was romantic type wishes.

Nicole:  Ending wishes:  Sell a great novel, grow up well, buy a vacation home, teach Samuel a nursery rhyme, buy a tree, and Edward gets a scholarship.  It was almost flashbacks of the types of wishes she used to throw in college.  Blog about science or film and literature, read a book.  Write a book.  Sell a book.  Ugh.  Toward the end of the week, she started to mix it up a little.  Perhaps having Sam helped her out.

Edward:  Ending wishes - Buy a stereo costing $1,800 and $2,700, buy a game costing $3,000, and buy a bubble blower.  Heh.  A chip of the old block, buy me, buy me, buy me.  I don't forsee him wanting to go to Uni, so he checks the computer daily hoping to get a teen job in gaming to give him a jump start on his TOC and LTW.

Samuel:  Ending wishes:  Talk to Dirk and Nicole, play with Dirk, be tickled by Dirk.  Had all toddler wishes fulfilled to walk, talk, potty.  Then wanted interaction with his parents.  All in all, a good play with the Dreamers.

Have fun, and keep on Simmin!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pleasantview Round 5 - Broke - Brandi and Tyson (Ebadi)

All Who Live Here:

Brandi - Family - LTW - To Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  Beginning wishes:  Reach maximum enthusiasm in arts and crafts, relative gets engaged, pull a prank, and go swimming.  First wish fulfilled - Pull a prank.

Tyson - Fortune - LTW - To Become a Criminal Mastermind.  Beginning wishes:  Meet someone new, gain a skill point, get fit, and get a bronze in pottery.  First wish fulfilled - Get a skill point.

Various dogs, varying numbers at any given time.  Brandi has two females working on pups all the time from the same puppy daddy.  We are trying a 'staggering' method here to get more dogs born.

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi and Tyson Ebadi
Brandi has loads of fun pranking her husband.  True to a Family Sim, she immediately spun up 'relative gets married'.  *cough* Beau and Charles *cough*.

Puppies are born!  This is 9....making 11 to go for Brandi to reach her LTW.

I rarely find a good use for these gadgets....but it is working out well in this house.  Brandi and Tyson are raising a bunch of dogs, but not bothering much with reprimanding for peeing everywhere.  This machine runs right out and cleans it all up in an instant.  It does break down, but then provides wonderful mechanical points  When I opened the lot, Tyson had this, and 4 sentry bots in his backpack that were purchased at Dustin Broke's store - The Robot Guys.

Tyson Ebadi
Tyson has aged to elder, and is throwing lots of wishes to skill for his job in Criminal.  Otherwise, he can be found rough housing with the dogs.  He is also suffering from a severe case of BUY ME.

Early Thursday morning, another puppy is born, and later that day puppies Shirley and Jack grow up and are sent off to the pound.  Jake and Brandy (dog) try for more puppies, and are successful.

Dog Jake and Tyson Ebadi
Tyson now wishes for the dogs to be skillful at things, even though they do not hold jobs.

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi
Having Pleasure as her sub aspiration, Brandi rolls wishes for a lot of fun silly things.  These are easy a quick to fulfill, and keeps her happy.  She certainly deserves it, after the rough years she suffered as a broke single mom.

Tyson Ebadi
Heh.  This pose tickled me.  The last thing Tyson did before leaving for work was gain a needed body skill point.  When he came home with his promotion, he showed off his muscles from the exercise.  Looks like he is celebrating his tuff nature for becoming Criminal Mastermind.  Go you, Tyson!  New LTW - Earn $100,000.

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi and Tyson Ebadi
Springtime sprung, and it was time to garden.  eh.

Uh-huh.  These two female dogs Brandy and Suzi are on puppy production, overtime.  In the mean time, Brandi (the person) has reached platinum aspiration by fulfilling life milestones.  Ugh.  Now I don't feel like I need to continue raising dogs to achieve her LTW to get the platinum aspiration.  But, I will do it for Prosperity points. 

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi
Brandi has constant 'marriage' and 'engagement' thoughts.  Wants to get her boys married off!  What a Family Sim Brandi is!

Love this....while Tyson was at work....

Gets the Criminal chance card, he chooses to work on the Doomsday device.

Bilks the citizens of Pleasantview out of $60,000.

Reaches his second LTW.  :)  Nice prosperity points!  New LTW - have 6 pets reach TOC.  May or may not.  No points in it for him as far as the challenge goes, but might do it to keep busy.

Julia Ebadi
Julia grows up and is shipped off to the pound during the Garden Club visit.

Tyson and Garden Club dudes along with Leo the Gardener.
Brandi was admitted into the Garden Club, but didn't win the Wishing Well.  She didn't have enough decorations in the yard.  ugh.

And we end the week with:

Stop calling already.  Charles Broke hasn't lived here in quite some time. This guy calls every day.

This was a fun play with the Ebadis.  At first I thought it would be 'ho hum' since there wasn't any children on the lot, but with managing the dog production and Tyson's accomplishments, it was quite interesting.


Tyson:  Tyson is that sweet townie that lots of Simmers have played, but I never have.  Too bad I didn't get to spread his nice genes in this hood.  Tyson threw 'buy me' wishes early in the week, went through about a day and a half of wanting the dogs to learn things, and skilling wishes, then spring time hit and he was happy servicing Brandi's date wishes.  Ending wishes:  Go fishing, buy a game costing at least $5,500, learn physiology, and buy a drum set.  Got bronze in pottery and gardening, reached LTW twice.

Brandi:  The proverbial Family Sim, wants lots of family around her.  Threw constant wishes to have relatives get engaged or married, play on sofa, teach the dogs skills, do things with Tyson.  Got super upset when Julia dog went off to the pound, she was at 'master' level with that dog.   Ending wishes:  Jake (who is an elder dog by now) learns to roll over, be BF with Stephen Tinker, get silver in toy making, relative gets engaged.  Got bronze in toy making and gardening. 

Brandi's memories
If my calculations are correct, Brandi has only 8 dogs to go to reach her LTW.  5 were born this round, and each dog is grown up before leaving the lot.

Keep on simmin'!