Monday, February 24, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Caliente

All who live here:

Dina Caliente:  Fortune - LTW have 6 pets reach TOC.  Dina is already perm plat.  She is working toward having 6 pets reach TOC though because I have never fulfilled that LTW.

First wishes:  Get nature hobby plaque, have a party, hustle pool, and play with Darren Dreamer.

Nina (Caliente) Landchild:  Romance - LTW become Game Designer.  Ain't happening.  She is also perm plat.

First wishes: Tell inside joke to daughter Margaret, ask Sim on a date, become a witch, (where did she get that from?  hahaa) and tell Margaret a joke.

George Caliente:  Fortune - LTW to become a Business Tycoon, recent Uni grad.  He is son of Nina and Daniel Pleasant.

First wishes:  Reach cleaning 8, play computer game, have good reputation, be BF with Uni student Ichelle Vu, play chess, and talk to relative.  His wishes spun again as soon as I took the game off pause.  First wish fulfilled - invite someone over.

Margaret Caliente:  Child

Margaret's first wishes:  Talk to Lilith Pleasant, gain a skill point, play, and get creativity 1.  Margaret's dad is deceased Mark Landchild. First wish fulfilled:  Called Lilith Pleasant to talk before heading off to school.

The Caliente Home:

I am struggling with whether or not I want to put a basement here. Here we go with pics:

Still in the original Caliente house.  As you can see here, there is an added driveway.

Back yard.  Good shot of Dina's attached greenhouse.  She is currently working on the Nature hobby plaque.  You can also see here where the Calientes have raised all those cats.  Peeking out from the other end of the greenhouse is the wishing well Nina used to get 20 loves last round.  Also here, you can see a little room jutting out from the side of the house.  That is an added on bathroom.

Roof, where the infamous hot tub, bar and stereo is.

Second story, the bedroom story.  As you can see, there is only one double bed, and two singles.  Dina and Nina rotate sleeping since they are perm plat, easy to keep them awake.  Now that the heir George is home, I will have to rethink this strategy.  He will need to marry and carry on the Caliente name in the homestead.  (thus the need for the basement to put another bedroom, or build it out up above, but I like having the roof top party area).

First story.  The kitchen was remodeled after a near fatal fire last round.  All grave urns are being kept on a shelf in the living room, right by the exit to the greenhouse.  I might put them out there, I don't know yet.  Depends on how much of a nuisance they are.  When it was just Michael Bachelor it wasn't bad, but now there is also Mark Landchild.  There is a career reward in the living room, don't like the way that looks either, thus thinking strongly about the basement.  You might see a house layout update before I am done with this round.  heh

Minnie the cat gets TOC in Showbiz.  This makes a total of three down for Dina's LTW.  At this point Minnie was allowed to retire.  She is an elder now, and cant get any more TOCs.

George invited over Mallory Bruenig from Uni.  Hm, I guess he liked her more than ASimWen thought.  They are a one bolt relationship.  While I don't insist that all my Sims have a three bolt attraction, I at least like two.  George may be hitting the wishing well to find a lady to help carry on the Caliente name.

Tuesday morning the wishing well is moved to the front yard to make room for orchard trees in the back yard.  George wishes for love.  He gets Regina Ryan. Um, no.  It is a three bolt relationship, but Regina doesn't have the equipment to provide an heir to the Caliente fortune.  (which is over half a mill.)

George paid 5 Gs to the matchmaker.  She appeared to be working hard to earn that money....

Debbie Johnston.

Three bolts.  This will...errrr...make for some interesting genetics in the Caliente house.  Genetics in TS2 is one of my very favorite things about the game.

While George was looking for love, the other members of the household were working on Dina gets her hobby plaque in nature.

Margaret was throwing lots of wishes to command Minnie the cat around (who really was always around since she is now officially in feline retirement).  And Nina was being Nina chatting up anyone who came within arm's reach of her.

On Wednesday after fulfilling two wishes to gain cleaning points, George happens to think to check the computer for a job in business.

And there it was!  He naturally took it.

Andy reaches TOC in Service.  So, this is four for Dina's LTW.  Andy will be allowed to retire since he is an elder cat.

Wednesday was also Margaret's birthday.

Happy Girl!!!!!

She took after her mother.  She is a Romance Sim.  LTW - Woohoo With 20 Sims.  Shouldn't be hard with a wishing well on the lot.  :)

On Thursday, Margaret rolled a wish to ask Sim on a date.

She asked Harry Burb son of John Burb and he accepted, but he wasn't thrilled about it.

Well the date was a dream date anyway, Margaret must have inherited her mother's romantic tenancies as well.  She knew exactly how to drive this date to make it fun for everybody.  Five wishes were easily filled.

Just as Margaret said goodbye to Harry, George came home from work and announced he had gotten promoted.  He is now a perm plat Sim.  New LTW - become City Planner.  George always looks stoic.

He sure isn't stoic when he sees Debbie.  :)  On Friday he invited Debbie over for some boyfriend girlfriend time.

Kinda moved fast on this one, I forgot my own rule about waiting for engagement to spin up.  heh.  I guess I got excited about the genetics possibilities.

And she moved right in.  She is a Fortune Sim with the same LTW George had.  Wants to be a Business Tycoon.  Wishes upon moving in: Earn some money, get a job in Athletics, earn $100, and buy a scultpure. First wish fulfilled:  Buy a sculpture.

In the meanwhile Margaret came home from school with a wish to ask a Sim on a date.  This day it is Family Sim Robert Wolosenko, son of Mitch the Grocery Guy and plantsim Sunflower (Wilkie) Wolosenko.  Sunflower's step mother was Coral (Oldie) Wilkie.

No attraction here either.  But it seems that Robert has more tact than Harry least he didn't show an utter distaste for  Margaret.  Another dream date, and five wishes easily fulfilled for Margaret.

After Margaret finished her date with Robert she along with Debbie and George headed down to the park.  Debbie wanted to earn some cash as an acting barrister. It was alot of fun for Debbie, her best customer was her fiancee George.  Once she earned $100 and everyone ate a hotdog or two, the group headed back home.  Debbie fulfilled wishes to make money, and earn $100.  She also found time to put soap in the fountain. heh

Margaret wanted to ask a Sim on a date Saturday morning.  This time it was Eddie Dreamer, son of Dirk and Nichole Dreamer.  (From Nichole's abduction).  Eddie is getting around, he spun up Date 5 Sims while on this date with Margaret.  He is a Pleasure Sim and has two bolt attraction with Margaret.  5 wishes easily filled, an another dream date.  It appears they are making fun of John Burb here.  Perhaps Margaret is getting back at Harry for showing disdain for her.

When she wasn't dating, Margaret received gardening lessons from her Aunt Dina.  Margaret will be the gardener in the next generation.

Debbie took a job in Criminal as she was showing a wish for it when it came up. However she does keep checking the jobs every day for Business.  On this day she came home from work with a wish to ask Sim on a date.  So naturally she asks her fiancee.  It ended with woohoo in Dina's vehicle. heh

On Sunday Margaret spent the entire day partying in the hot tub with three friends she wished for out of the wishing well.  After sundown she finally got around to asking a Sim on a date to fulfill her wishes.  This day it was Goth Boy ending in another dream date for her.

Round 6 is ended with Dina diligently working her greenhouse in the wee hours Monday morning.  She had already had her turn sleeping in a bed.  :)

Ghost Sightings

Michael Bachelor makes an appearance

Margaret's father Mark Landchild was merciless with scaring!

Alright so Dina and Nina didn't get much screen time, that is because they are elders, perm plat, and have had their fun in the lime light.  It is time for the next generation.  Again just like last lot, it has been a fun and relaxing play.  I love to play lots that are pretty with lots of garden and flowers.  I wish my yard looked so good!

Dina Caliente - Perm plat, really didn't look at her wishes that much.  She did get her hobby plaque in Nature.  When she wasn't at work, she was training Margaret in gardening, and talking to the orchard trees that were put on the lot late in the season.  She hoped to get at least one harvest before they went dormant, which she was able to do.  She is still employed as Head of the SCIA.  She needs two more pet TOC to realize her current LTW.

Nina Caliente - Same story as Dina, perm plat and was just sort of there on the lot.  She did play with the pets at great length so none of them were lonely.  She still works as a Professional Party Guest.

George Caliente - George will carry on the Caliente name and needed to find a woman to do that with him.  Once he turned platinum, I did not check his wishes so much.  He spent his excess time giving financial advice on the computer, or playing games.   When Margaret had her birthday, George was showing a wish to have a party, so he invited all his college buddies over.  It was a nice reunion for them.

Debbie Johnston - I am looking foward to really playing her and marrying her and George off next round.  She wished for skills when she needed them, and interaction with George.  Ending wishes:  Get a promotion, go work, smustle dance, and dance with someone.

 Margaret Caliente - A pure joy to play.  She dated every single day after she aged up.  All of the boys with the exception of Goth Boy she already knew from coming home on the bus with them as kids.  She met Goth Boy the day before she dated him from the wishing well.  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on date, smustle dance, make out with 5 Sims, and go hiking.

Not pictured at all:  The puppy in the first moniker grew up to be a full grown dog, the Maxis dog Maxx.  He was wished for in round 5.  He will provide the last two pet TOCs for Dina.  The two cats will have their Grim party next round.  So, perhaps the Calientes will start raising dogs then.

Have fun, and keep on simmin'!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Round 6 Pleasantview - The Goth Mansion

All who live here:

 Cassandra (Goth) Dreamer:

Family/Pleasure, LTW to get TOC Slacker.  First wishes: Play with, hustle pool, get TOC in Slacker, Entertain.

Darren Dreamer

Knowledge/Romance, LTW woohoo with 20 Sims:  First wishes: Relative gets married, invite someone over, ask Sim on a date, relative gets engaged. 

William Dreamer, recent graduate from University:

Knowledge/GCS, LTW Become Mad Scientist - First wishes:  Go bird watching, play bass, catch a bug, get gold in fishing, see it hail, and talk to a relative.  It is assumed that William is the relative Darren is throwing wishes for.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk to relative.

And talk William did.  First it was to gossip with his mother, then he laid the ol' convo about GCS on her.  She wouldn't have it.

When William got on the computer to look for a job in Science, he was informed that his mother and father had received an inheritance.  Casssandra's was from MarySue Pleasant, and Darren's was from Daniel Pleasant.  

Right at that moment cat Natalie Caliente had two kittens.  Cassandra immediately called for animal control to come and pick them up.  As far as cats go, it should be mentioned that there are three adult cats here, and one of them is on the lam.  Last round elder female Alegra ran away after a fight.  She is taking her time about coming  back.

There were no jobs in Science, but William was able to get a job as a Medical Researcher.  He was showing a wish to get a job in Medicene.

He reaches TOC on the first day.  Too bad it isn't his LTW.

This young man returned Alegra the run away cat.  She doesn't have long before her Grim party.

Woops, I just realized I didn't show pictures of the Goth house.  Well, we all know basically what it is like, so I will just show where I have made changes.  The biggest thing I did:

I added a basement.  I realized the house was getting crowded with instruments and hobby benches.  When William won the career reward for medical, I realized there really was no place to put it.  So a basement was added.

First floor.  Not much different than it is when first opened and Morty is alive.  Heh  As you can see, the graveyard is where the cats live.  I need to move them somewhere else.  Maybe on the other side of the house close to the wishing well.

Darren gives Oliver a $91.00 reward for returning Alegra.

On Tuesday....

Go you, Cassandra!  This is Cassie's second LTW fulfillment.  To do anymore would be fruitless as far as Prosperity Challange is concerned.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, William realized a very nice wish.

A job in science!  Yeah!!! Of course that immediately meant he threw....

A wish to get TOC.  Somehow I don't think that will be an issue.  He takes after grandpa Morty, after all.

Also Wednesday morning,

Darren wanders outside to weed the garden, braving the Goth ghosts who were haunting that night, and wins the gold badge in gardening.

Woot woot!  Another perm plat, and a big wish fulfilled.  New LTW:  Become a Media Magnate.  :)

Now that the house has three perm plat residents in the house, not much wish fulfilling is going on.  Just playing the game.  Here Alegra had her Grim party on Thursday morning.

Her mate Cymmi is very upset.

Just a little while later the same day, Gustavo was born.  He was immediately trucked off to the Animal Shelter to be raised in the future by a Sim who wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens.

Cassandra and William spend time in the basement working on their hobbies; tinkering and arts and crafts.  They did not even notice that Alegra had passed.

Since William is maxed out on creativity in no time at all he had a bronze in flower arranging, and was awarded a membership to the local arts club.

Life went on day by day, working on hobbies, mostly.  I hesitate to fulfill many wishes for perm plat Sims because I don't want them living forever and a day.

Saturday rolled around, which meant a trip to go fishing.  William has had a wish to get his gold since University.  It was an extremely "fruitful" trip.

William reached maximum enthusiasm in Nature. 

And he fulfilled the long held wish to get a gold  badge.

After sunset, Dustin Broke came to fish, and gained a bronze badge.  Judging from all the falling down he is doing, that certainly is not a gold.

Back in the basement, William maxed Arts and Crafts, his one true hobby.

The gold badge in flower arranging is won soon after.

Three more kittens.  That is six born this round.  Woot!

Left to her own devices, Cassandra could be a heckuva window washer.

Monday morning sees Cassandra serving up some yummy looking omelets, and the men in the kitchen bowing good morning to each other.


Hiya, Morty!

Cassandra's grandmother, Cornelia
Cassandra's great-grandfather Victor Goth has a romp with Alegra.
This was a very fun and relaxing round with the Goths, got to do many things that usually stay out of my reach because of things like raising children and scraping up money.


Darren:  Darren will see his Grim party next round.  He has had a great an fulfilling life since marrying Cassandra and leaving the Dreamer homestead to Dirk.  He reached TOC, fulfilled his LTW of becoming Education Minister way, way back.  He has gained the games hobby plaque, and earned a gold in gardening.  Strangely he did not earn the nature hobby plaque.  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on date,  play video games, play computer game, and have a good reputation.  Upon his departure next round, he will leave the juicer well stocked with great produce, as well as the Bowl of Awesomeness from MATY.

Cassandra: Cassandra reached TOC this round.  She also gained a silver in robotics.  Ending wishes:  Blog about tinkering, ask Sim on a date, talk about hobby, and get hobby plaque in tinkering. 

William:  This was a wonderful round for William.  He reached TOC a couple of times, as well as going perm plat.  He earned the gold in fishing and flower arranging, and received the hobby plaque in nature and arts and crafts.  Ending wishes:  plant a seed, catch a bug, go bird watching, play the bass, violin, and piano.  William has had no thoughts about dating or women which is a good thing because he is not the heir to the Goth mansion.  It will be Henry Goth his cousin, son of Alexander.  Henry will grow up to adult this round if he doesn't roll University.  He will then move into the Goth house.

It was a fun play!

Keep on Simmin'!