Monday, September 3, 2012

Pleasantview Rnd 4 Lot 12 - Wolosenko/Jordan - Mitch, Sunflower, Robert, Sharon and Brian Jordan

First wishes:

Mitch is a Romance Sim, he wants to become a Hall of Famer.  He is currently working in the Slacker field as a Home Video Editor.  He wants to be BF with Brandi Broke, see Lilith Pleasant's ghost (what did she do??), be friends with Jennifer Burb, and flirt with Jennifer Burb. 

Mitch Wolosenko

Sunflower is a Pleasure Sim who wants to become a Professional Party Guest.  She currently wants to ask a sim on a date, influence someone to cook a meal, stay home from work and juggle. haha.

Sunflower Wolosenko

Brian is a Knowledge Sim who wants to become the Hand of Posiden.  He also wants a cooking skill point, to woo hoo in bed, to get fit and to get a job in Oceanography.

Brian Jordan
His wife Sharon Jordan is also a Knowledge Sim, who wants to delve into show biz and become a Prestidigitator.  Her wishes on the first day are to woo hoo in bed, go swimming, get a job in science or medical.  Sharon is Sunflower's sister, dad is Leo Wilkie, who married Coral Oldie after Herb passed to the Sim Great Beyond.  (Leo wants to marry off six.  I figured this would be the best way to do it, given his advance age.)

Sharon Jordan
Robert Wolosenko is Mitch and Sunflower's boy, born last round. He wants to be tickled by Sunflower, reach skill 5 in Creativity, be read to, and be snuggled. Aww...I think he is a cutie patooty!

Robert Wolosenko

Brian the Knowledge Sim settles right in studying.  My oh my...he must be feeling mighty comfortable in his new surroundings to be so familiar as to sit there studying in his undies in front of his new sister in law Sunflower!  Mean while the plant sisters Sunflower and Sharon get reacquainted by complimenting and admiring each other.

In the meanwhile, Mitch was invited downtown by Caryl Chin, the town slob.  He yuks it up, while wishing he could make friends with his in-laws back home, Brian and Sharon.  He also wants a skill point and to go on vacation to the islands. 

2:30 am.  Time to go home.  Couldn't get those wishes shaken up to fulfill any.  However, this still was a fruitful outing.  Mitch made two new friends (Caryl Chin and Brandi LeTorneau).  It was a Fun outing, which means he might get an appreciation gift.

Early Tuesday morning around 2:30 am, Brian discovers that there is a job opening in Oceanography as a Sea Lice Research Assistant.  He jumps at the chance to handle sea lice!  Yum!  His ride will be arriving in six hours, so he goes to bed to get some rest.  In the meantime his wife Sharon teaches their nephew Robert a nursery rhyme, fulfilling a wish for him.

While Sharon and Brian are at work, Sunflower unpacks her backpack.  She had a couple of items in there she bought at Dustin Broke's Robot Guys Store.  A Hydrobot and a Sentry Bot.  She also had a Wall Eye Big Screen tv and a video game system. She and Mitch really couldn't afford those, but she kept them anyway, what with the growing family.  She set them up in an unused corner of the green house, which is built on the first floor of the house.

TV Room in the greenhouse

Robert grows up.  My oh my, Sunflower and Mitch have nice genes!

He's got Spock eyebrows, Sulu eyes, and UHura skin.  :) Upon growing up, Robert wanted to buy a lemonade stand, make a friend, buy a bird cage, and get creativity 7.  But he did none of those things. He decided to go to bed.

On Wednesday after work, Caryl invited Mitch out again.  These are the same three broads that Mitch went out with the night before, Brandi, Lucy (Burb) Tellerman, and Caryl Chin.  Brandi LeTorneau makes it known she thinks Mitch is hot.  They are all cheap, none of them brought Mitch an appreciation gift from the last outing.  His wishes might be a little easier to fulfill on this outing.  He wants to be friends with Brandi, be BF with Lucy, meet someone new, or be BF with his sister in law Sharon.

The outing went well, Mitch went home, getting three wishes fulfilled.  He wasn't home two hours when Caryl called him out again, and with the same three women.  Urg!  Out to Red's Diner they go.  I guess they don't get tired of partying.  Mitch hurried through this evening out with the ladies.  Needed to get home and rest!!  He has a two bolt attraction with each of them!

On Thursday Harry Burb came home from school with Robert.  Wow looky at that sour looking snowman.  It matches Mitch and Robert's 'not nice' personality. heh

The next night Harry's dad showed up to scream at somebody about peeking at him through the telescope.   I assume it was Brian, sitting there studying, natch.  Right about this time the game started throwing boolprop errors, and John ended up getting reset.  Buh-bye, John.

Friday morning Brian has moved to a different spot to study.  It is constant filling skill wishes for him.  His wife Sharon is starting to develop them as well.  Robert tries to squeeze in a homework wish before the bus comes.

Ugh...Sunflower you sure a pullin' a wagon there.  Let alone the hot pink undies to match your green skin.  Sunflower is pulling lots of 'buy me' type wishes, usually found in a Fortune Sim.  I wish her romance husband would throw a dating wish, then I wouldn't have to buy crap and sell it back for her.  She also wants to stay home from work occasionally so promotions are slow for her.

Not to be out done by Harry, Ida Burb comes home on the bus with Robert on Friday.  She had to come and see the crazy plant people family herself.  She settles down with Robert and his Uncle Brian to watch TV in the greenhouse. 

Mitch happened to check the computer for a job in Athletics on Friday, lo and behold it was there.  He is now in the Minor Leagues.  Everyone in the house is now working in their desired field.

And the gypsy leaves the lamp in the street.......

Oga booga booga....!  What was the snowman doing still standing in warm weather anyhow??  Robert gets rid of him in short order while waiting for Ida to come over.  He spun up wishes to play with her and make friends with her on Saturday.

The Sentry Bot finally went to work when Jeff Ternynck came along and knocked over the trash can.

Awwww Ida really likes Robert.  She hugs him goodbye at 6:58 pm.  She stayed all day long playing games with Robert and eating some great catfish Robert's dad made.

Right about this time Mitch realizes he can choose a second aspiration.  The roll of the dice makes him half Family Sim.  Owie...that means he and Sunflower will double up on the woo-hooing.  How have he and Sunflower gotten away with only one child, up to this point?

Didn't last long...the worse kind of Sim for over populating a neighborhood is a Romance/Family Sim.  Thank you, Risky!!!!

Can you tell it is Spring in Pleasantview?  Risky is blessing Sharon and Brian as well.   Gee, next round is going to be fun.  But the bright side is Robert will age to teenager, and it will be easier.

Robert and Uncle Brian work out together.

The garden in the green house has come to fruition and Mitch starts gulping down eggplant juice in hopes that he will gain to body skill points needed for promotion.  However his sister in law Knowledge Sim Sharon fulfills wishes spending time at the easel working for her skills.

This is where we leave the Wolosenko/Jordans for the week.  I had hoped to keep population down by combining two families, but it is not meant to be.  As far as fulfilling 5 wishes a day for this type of arrangement, I feel confident.

Mitch:  Ending Wishes:  Meet someone new, go on an island vacation, make out with three Sims, and public woo-hoo.  Mitch was quite easy with dating wishes.  Occasionally threw a skill wish.

Sunflower:  Ending Wishes:  Reach top of Slacker, ask Sim on date, be flirted with, flirt.  Sunflower spent most of the round wanting stuff.  I suppose that was the Pleasure Sim in her coming out.  Saturday and Sunday Spring sprung, and she flipped over to romance type wishes.  Thus, the second pregnancy.

Brian:  Ending Wishes:  Be saved from death, body 6, cleaning 9, and see a ghost.  He skilled.  What more can I say.

Sharon:  Ending Wishes:  Be BFF with her nephew Robert, ask Sim on a date, creativity 9, be flirted with.  At the beginning of the week Sharon flopped around with a mixture of family type wishes and some skilling.  Spring hit and she started feeling a 'lil romantic. 

Robert:  Typical kid wishes.  Make and play with friends, do things with family members.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. ooh I only just found this! I've been upgrading my pc and just put all my fav's back in. :D
    Did you ever find out what Lilith did to annoy Mitch?! I love those wishes. Mitch really wants that holiday eh? Can't wait to see how the newborn turns out!
    A great round, love the house deco/floors.

  2. Oh, fun new sims on the way. This family was pretty good with wishes, and doesn't seem like it was super hard. :)

  3. Poor Lilith. She has poor karma or something. God save Lilith. Or maybe I should say forget about her and stop punishing her. Can you see she is indeed special!? Nice brown and long custom hair there on Brandi LeTourneau; I had trouble getting hair were complete and fitting, and have none at all.

    Sims need to dress after sleep on a) communal settings, b) by personality. Haha, those grouchy old people that the hood always wants to spy on. Now that Mortimer (first neighbor id) is dead, is it John to come and lecture? I never killed Mortimer in my game, and he always came. Don't they run a random number there? I haven't looked.

    It's unexpected that they allow children to be visibly electrocuted by the sentry bot...

  4. I swear when that town slob shows up it's enough to get me to change out of my pajama pants. LOL. Love your TV greenhouse. Three chicks with 2! And Sunflower...I think Pleasure is my least favorite aspiration for building any kind of family. I like her hot pink undies and juicy bootie, though.