Sunday, October 21, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, Lot 2 - Monty - Isabella

All who live here:

Isabella - Family - LTW - Marry off Six.  First wishes:  Be bf with Kimberly, play with, entertain, see a ghost.  First wish fulfilled: play with.

Mercutio - Popularity - LTW Become A Hall of Famer - Fist wishes: Meet someone new, get a skill point, go to Univeristy, and have a party. First wish fulfilled - move out, after work

Romeo - Romancce - LTW Become A Celebrity Chef - First wishes:  Talk to Juliette, go to University, dance with Juliette, and appreciate Puck.  First wish fulfilled- buy cell phone, after school

Spencer - Grow Up - First wishes:  Be bf with Yoosung Gathier, get an A report card, get a puppy, play with Bottom Summerdream.

Alon  - Grow Up - Win a game against/be friends with Kimberly, play with Hal Capp, and get A+ report card. first wish fulfilled - talk to Spencer, after school

Kimberly - Grow Up - Be friends with Desdomona Capp, play with Alegra, get A report card, and play computer game. - play with bird, after school

Romeo Monty, Mercutio Monty, townie teen Amar Lerrea
Upon arriving home from work on Monday, Mercutio grows up and is promoted in his teen job.  He WANTS to be a Hall of Famer, so chances are he won't keep this job.  His wishes upon growing up:  Move out, invite someone over, play video game, and have a good reputation.  Well, being that this house is over crowded, he decided to move out, taking Benny the puppy with him.

Romeo Monty, Bottom Summerdream
The next day was Romeo's birthday, and about time, he has been miserable with out a girl to date.  Whilst Juliette had no thoughts at all about him on the Capp lot, Romeo had harbored constant wishes to do things with her, even though she had aged and he had not.  Talk to, dance with, ect.  This day he rolled 'ask Sim on a date' and I locked it in so he could date Juliette for his birthday.

Will Romance Sims never cease to amaze me.  He rolls engagement to Juliette during his birthday party/date.    Heh.  And so it happened!!!

Romeo and Juliette
Romeo and Juliette engagement
Luckily with the kiss in the first picture, Romeo's fear of engagement spun away.  heh  I love this couple.

Spencer Monty, Knowledge Sim - LTW - Become Hand of Poseidon
Isabella's adopted son Spencer grows up on Wednesday evening.  Go you, Spencer!  What a nice looking young man.  His first wish upon growing up, get a cell phone.  Off to downtown he goes.  Gets the cell phone, comes home, sees a wolf, getting a wish fulfilled.  Now he wants to be a werewolf.  *sigh*.  How about we fulfill that other wish you have to get in Private School?  M'Kay?

There you go, hun.  :)  This happened on Thursday.  It was touch and go, even though Isabella has 10 cooking skills she burned the Holiday Roast the first time around.  Then while Spencer was showing the headmaster around on the tour, Isabella skulks off to play with the cats and didn't serve the food.  Only during headmaster visit.

Kimberly Mony - Romance - LTW -Become a Celebrity Chef
Mean while, the last to of Isabella's adopted children age up on Friday.  Hi Kimberly!  She will be fun to play.  First wishes - Get a hand held game/mp3 player, do homework (locked in) and get logic 8.

Alon Monty - Family - LTW - Marry off 6
Alon - another Family Sim in Veronaville.  His LTW is the same as his mom's to marry off 6.  *sigh*.  First wishs - to get a cell phone, flirt, meet someone new, play with Gwyneth.  He and Kimberly head downtown to get their electronics.

All week long Isabella's secondary aspiration of Knowledge ruled her, it has been skill, skill, skill.  In fact she wanted to skill so much she hired a butler to take care of running the house.  Early Saturday morning she spun up that all three of her adopted children should get scholarships.  That shook up her wishes a little.  She had maxed logic, charisma spun up, she began working on that.

When Romeo got home from work Saturday, he spun up this instead of 'ask Sim out on date' or 'woohoo', which I found to be unusual.   This is Amanda, she came home from work with him one day.  Well, he kept calling her up all day long on the phone, and she wasn't in.  grrrr!  The Contessa called him up for an outing, he agreed, it could only get better.

Romeo Monty, Juliette Capp, Chef Warren Owens, and Contessa Adriana Clark
What an eclectic group of people to spend an evening with.  But, this did it for Romeo.  He spun up, Ask Sim On Date and flirt . And Juliette was handy.  *sigh*.  :)  He also spun up flirt with the Contessa.  haha. The outing turned out to be a big success and Romeo got all his wishes for the day in. And, the outing was especially successful because....

Juliette Capp
Juliette brought him a really nice outing present the next night.  She won't bring anything for woohoo dates, but she will for a good evening out with friends.  heh

Right about this time Alegra and Bailey had their babies. The kittens were immediately sent to the animal shelter, and a new litter started.

Alon Monty, Matchmaker Andrea Dalton, and Ginger Newson
Alon the Family Sim can't get away from rolling firt and kiss wishes, so he finally calls up the Matchmaker and dolled out $5,000 for a perfect match.  He gets Ginger, the beleaguered townie teen left to take care of a whole brood of siblings.  They are a two bolt couple, but the date didn't move much.  Ginger must have been PMSing.

Michael Jayapalan and Kimberly Monty
Kimberly, on the other hand, had better luck with her Matchmaker date.

For her $5,000 she received Goth Boy.  I know he doesn't grow up to be handsome, but hey, it is a three bolt match.  All is not perfect in the Sim world when it comes to genetics.  She is rolling at the usual romance type wishes (ask sim on a date) plus she had been working on logic skills just because I kept it locked.  heh

Spencer Monty and Isabella Monty
At one point the only wish that could be fulfilled for Isabella one day was 'be saved from death'.  Well, she ran with the scissors at least 20 times, and she was too smart to stab herself with them.  So it was a wash.

Ghost of Patrizio Monty
 And this is where we leave the Montys for this round, with a Patrizio sighting.

Keeping up with five wishes in a house this crowded is difficult for me until everyone has their aspirations in place, then I can sort of plan for it.

Isabella:  Once her secondary aspiration of Knowledge was in place, she became easy wanting to skill.  Yes, the butler was brought in so she could spend lots of time in the thinking cap.  Toward the end of the weeks she rolled 'flirt', (her Family Sim nature coming out) but I didn't find anyone for her to flirt with.  It was all about the kids!  She also constantly rolled *one of the kids* gets a scholarship, which was difficult if none of them currently qualified for one.  Her wishes were not fulfilled on Saturday or Sunday.  Ending wishes:  Kimberly/Alon / Spencer get scholarship, flirt.

Romeo:  Easy - peasy...Ask Sim On Date....ect.  Perfect Romance Sim.  Did drag Juliette out a couple of times to get public woo-hoo fulfilled.  Ending wishes:  BF with Countess Adriana, woohoo, influence someone to garden, and Bailey learns a command.

Spencer:  Knowledge Sim, wanted to skill, skill, skill, showed no interest in finding romance.  University rolled up on a steady basis, will probably go.  Ending wishes:  Go to University, see a wolf, be saved from death, be BFF with Kimberly.

Alon:  Family Sim.  Gotta love 'em.  He seemed like a lost soul for a while until I was able to get into the groove with him.  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on date, flirt, play chess, and go steady.

Kimberly:  Romance Sim - she was easy like Romeo.  I did keep her skilling in logic 'just because' and she kept rolling it back up again.  Ending wishes:  Be BF with Michael, be friends with Travis Collins the exterminator, be BFF with Spencer, and get logic 10. 

And that is it for the Montys! 

Keep on simmin'!



  1. Great round! I like how Isabella's kids are teens now- like you said, so much easier to plan when you kind of know what they'll want! It's funny with rolling for Aspirations though how the 'true' aspiration will show through regardless. Love the karaoke machine, I think it's the best gift! (Funniest to watch too!). :D

    1. I am thinking that when I get to Juliette's lot she is gonna spin up marry Romeo, so he will probably be moving out of Isabella's house. Sort of looking forward to that. When Juliette moved out of Capp Manor, she took some coin with her as a dowry, so she has one of the nicer homes in Veronaville. I am now targeting which kid will carry on at the Monty Ranch. Probably Alon, the Family Sim.

    2. Yes, it's a 'Family' sim kind of home isn't it? I have Juliette there with Romeo in mine. Alon is a good choice! :)

  2. Wow, I cannot even keep track of all the inhabitants here. Running with scissors really seems scary! :S

    1. I find the running with scissors is usually an easy way to get the 'saved from death' wish fulfilled. The Sim seems to trip, they take their own pulse, and go down. Heh 'stabbing' themselves. Grim comes, yadda yadda...then you can have a loved one plead for their life, win, then the wish is fulfilled. I always save the game before I do this, in case the loved one doesn't win with Grim.

  3. It's very beneficial for sims to live alone. Besides total control over their time, you can get more gifts that make some careers obsolete. (Thinks of the karaoke machine.)

    I am sorry to hear that Kenneth Rossi err.. Michael Jayapalan grows up ugly. That's terrible.

    1. My 'living alone' Sims always seem to manage to find someone. I can't help it. ;)

  4. Whew, busy house, but good job with the wishes for so many of them. I do love how wishes are mostly typically, but every once in awhile can throw you for a loop. :D