Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pleasantview, Round 5 - The Goth Mansion - Cassandra and Darren (Dreamer)

All Who Live Here:

Darren - Knowledge - LTW WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Beginning wishes:  Flirt with Brittany (Upsnot), learn lifelong happiness, kiss Brittany, and be BFF with Brittany.  First wish fulfilled:  Learned lifelong happiness.

Cassandra - Family - LTW Become Professional Party Guest - Beginning wishes:  Entertain, play with, hustle pool, reach TOC Slacker.  First wish fulfilled:  Entertain.

William - Knowledge - LTW - Become Mad Scientist - Beginning wishes:  Go to University, sneak out with townie Ian Vu, get into private school, and invite someone over.  First wish fulfilled: Invite someone over. thinks Darren has a fixation on Brittany. heh

Cassandra and Darren Dreamer
Darren puts the happiness book away just as Cassandra approaches him to tell him a joke.  When the lot was closed last round, he was just a hair away from learning all of life's happiness.. heh

Cassandra left for work, and Darren spun up 'Fall in love with Brittany'.  eeek!!!  I thought, how much fun can I have with that?  Darren always looks so stoic and serious.

Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie and Darren Dreamer
She won't even accept a flirt/charm action.  Ugh.  Their relationship is 95/65.  What is the matter with her???  However, the wish is locked in .  This might work out later.  Darren sends her packing right before William gets home from school.

Right after William got home from school, two new kittens were born to cats Cymmi and Alegra.  Heh.  Can you tell what movie was on my TV?  Cassie got home from work right around this time and sent the kitties off to the pound.

William gets into Private School Tuesday evening, fulfilling a wish.

Come Thursday, William's first want slot has not changed, not one iota, since Monday morning.  Go to college.  Erm.  He will be going.  Every day in the wee hours when Cassie wakes up, around 3 or 4 AM she spins up "Ask sim on date."  So she asks Darren...and that gets both of their wishes taken care of for the day.  This lot is going quickly, and not many pictures are getting taken.

Cassandra is showing these wishes:

Get TOC, well she has been off work for three days now.  Get kitties or puppies, and be bFF with Henry Goth.  She attempted to adopt a new pet, but the word came back there was no room in the house.  Cats are pregnant.  Not much can be done for Cassie this day, except take her off the lot.  So there she goes.  Sending her downtown helped, she rolled a 'make friends with...'. 

Darren and Cymmi
Since there are no children in the house to teach skills to, Darren constantly spins up that the cats should learn. 

Finally, spring hits, and Cassie rolls something different other than make BF with so and so and make BFF with so and so.  The dating wishes had stopped for two days, and she rolled nothing fulfillable.   She left home a couple of times to shake up wishes, but was being a difficult family Sim.   She finally rolled KISS, FLIRT, and ask on date.  Go you, Cassie! 

As soon as Darren gets Cymmi trained, go for it!!!  heh

Early in the wee hours on Saturday, cats  Cymmi and Natalie Caliente have three kittens.... Melvin, Ina, and Greta Goth.  They were immediately sent off.  Alegra the cat has aged to elderhood by now, and was allowed to stay in the homestead.   Natalie has become the new kitten mamma.

Alegra became so jealous of new kittens being born, she fought Natalie and lost...and was so upset she ran away. 

Being the cat lover in the house, Darren wants to call in his lost cat to the authorities.

William Dreamer and Dirk Dreamer
Saturday brings wishes to William to develop logic.  He sets out for downtown, where he meets up with his half brother Dirk.  I was surprised to see they had zero relationship, nice to get them together.  William is STILL showing a wish to attend to University.  It hasn't moved an inch, has not spun away once.

Natalie is now beating up her mate Cymmi....

And we end the week with William fulfilling wishes to learn anger management, and

Tiffany Zarubin
fulfilled a wish to obtain Garden Club membership.  Go you, William!  There was already a wishing well on the lot, however William craftily stuffed it into his backpack so another could be earned. 

William has already gone off to University!  (so I don't forget...haha)


Darren:  Ending Wishes:  Get hobby plaque in games (again), get struck by lightening, ask sim on date (locked) meet someone new.  Darren has never really turned me on me on much to play.  I relied on Cassie's wishes to date to get his 5 wishes a day in.  He ran a few wishes to buy stuff, and when spring hit, started wishing romantic type things.  Also wanted to spend time with Cymmi training him skills.

Cassie:  Ending Wishes:  Win a dance contest, get hobby plaque in music and dance, get TOC in Slacker, buy a modular synth.  Cassie wanted to date, date, date, but hit a couple of days where she decided she wanted her friends to be BF's for BFF's.  Saturday and Sunday she threw lots of wants to play intstruments. 

Didn't get William's ending wishes before he went to University.  He NEVER lost the wish to go to Uni.  Otherwise, wanted to get logic skill, learn life long happiness and anger management.  Could often be found playing with Cymmi and Alegra.

Alegra never came home after running away.  She doesn't have long to go before she dies, so I suspect she will come back right before she meets Grimmie.   Cymmi also aged.


  1. So William is Darren and Cassandra's son, right? Dirk lives somewhere else and not in the same house with his Dad, right? Who is Henry Goth?

    I like it that Darren and Cass are together in your game, and by the looks of it, they live in the original Goth mansion.

    He he the kitties' names made me laugh :-)

    1. Yes, William's parents are Cassie and Darren. Dirk lives in the old Dreamer house with wife (townie) Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer. Nope, he didn't marry Lilith Pleasant in my game.

      Henry Goth is Alexander's son, Alexander married a tropical girl from the Wishing Well. heh. They live in a mansion across town befitting a Goth. Alexander's son Henry stays in good graces with his Aunt Cassandra, as he will inherit the Goth Mansion when he grows up. A Goth must live there. In my game, marriages are traditional with the female taking the male name...when Cassandra married Darren, her name changed to Dreamer, so her son William cannot inherit the Goth Mansion. Henry will move in and carry on the Goth name.

  2. Great round, I've played Brittany Upsnott before and she really is a mean sim! Probably would've just broken Cassandra's heart, lol. Sometimes our sims get stuck in awkward mode I think. You got lots done this round, your kitty pool must be full!
    Aww poor Alegra not coming back- hope she does soon.

  3. William REALLY wanted to go to University huh? At least doing it the wishes way you don't end up with everyone there, so Uni rounds must be a bit easier.

    1. Uni is not my favorite to play, although I think I might not give it a fair chance. I use it mostly for making friends and getting badges/plaques. If Mr. or Mrs. happens to come along, that is great too. Yes, in this style of play, Sims don't auto go to Uni. Only if the wish stays, say, 75% of the time, then I will send. That is mostly the Fortune and Knowledge Sims. I found that (one) Pop Sim kept it as well, Angela Pleasant. Her twin Lilith did not go.

    2. I've always had a love/hate relationship with Uni too. Love the benefits it gives them later on, usually don't like playing it though because it gets so tedious. I did play some sims in Uni for awhile last summer though and actually enjoyed it. I even left them in the dorm the whole time which I'd never done before. Usually I put them in a Greek house or private house after their Freshman year.

  4. Aw, poor Alegra kitty. I hope she can come back and have a few good last days. I don't have (or want) Pets so that stuff is all new to me. That Darren was a bit of a glutton for punishment about Brittany, for sure. Good for Cassandra keeping the spark alive.

  5. Aww...I've never seen a cat get jealous like that before. I feel bad for Alegra and hope she comes back soon. Darren was quite an interesting sim this time around.