Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Burb - John and Jennifer

All Who Live Here:

John - Family - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - First wishes:  Relative gets married, have a grandchild, get fit, woohoo in bed.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Jennifer - Fortune - LTW - Become the Law - First wishes:  Get to the Top of the Architecture career, meet someone new, have a grandchild, woohoo in bed.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Joseph - Romance - LTW - Become Rock God - First wishes:  Go out with Lakshmi Cameron, go out with Anna Broke, reach maximum enthusiasm in Music and Dance, go to college.

Harry - Grow Up - First wishes - Win a game against Thomas Lothario, play with Edward Dreamer, be best friends with Robert Wolosenko, and be best friends with Thomas Lothario.  First wish fulfilled - Feed (dog) Abbey a treat, after school.

Ida - Grow Up - First wishes - Win a game against Edward Dreamer, be BFF with Edward Dreamer, be friends with Brian Jordan, and play with Edward Dreamer.  Talk to Gale Lothario, after school.

Well, John rolled 'relative gets married'.  Lucy is already married, so he must be wishing this for his neice by marriage, Lilith Pleasant.  Both John and Jennifer want a grandchild, well, if I remember correctly, I think Lucy is pregnant.  heh  Hm, it seems all the kids are all about doing stuff with friends.  Let's see how it goes.

Joseph Burb
I didn't know that Sims could shake the ant farm.  Heh.  Joseph needed to raise his fun, and found this to be an option.  The poor little ants didn't have a chance, all their tunnels caved in.

Ida and Jennifer Burb
Jennifer reaches the top of her career.  Go you, Jennifer!

Joseph Burb and Lakshmi Cameron
Lakshmi calls Joseph out on a date, and off to the diner they went.  Joseph had no problem filling 5 wishes.

And back at the house after the date was over, Jennifer hosted Joseph and his friends to a spaghetti dinner.

Lakshmi:  Yes, Mrs. Burb, your son and I had an absolutely DREAMY date!!!!


Joseph went on a dating streak.  On Tuesday, he rolled a wish to have a dream date with Anna Broke, Dustin and Angela Broke's daughter.  And so it was!  These two are a two bolt couple.  Hmmmm...

This dream date netted Joseph a nice stereo system.  This is in addition to the hot tub, piano, and big screen TV he stowed into his backpack from past dates.

As soon as Anna left the lot, Lakshmi shows up and leave a Song Dynasty vase.  Joe has been a busy boy!

By now it is Wednesday.  Joe throws a wish every day to dream date, but does  not specify with who.  Any old Sim will do.  heh.  Once he embarks on the date, five wishes is a cinch for him.

John is throwing the usual 'talk about hobby',  'serve food', and wants to command the dogs around.  Being a sub aspiration of Knowledge, Jennifer is throwing wishes for body and charisma points.  She has been spending lots of time on the treadmill, and is getting buff in her silver age.

The twins Ida and Harry want to order the dogs around, make friends, play the piano.

John wants Benny to be as smart as Abbey, so the obedience trainer is called in to give him some learnings.  Sit up learnings, to be specific.

While Benny was getting his training on Thursday, his latest litter of pups grew up.

  Robin Burb

And Oliva and Erol Burb.  Animal control was immediately called, and they were picked up.  Three more for John's LTW.  John gets around to asking the dogs to try for puppy on Friday, after rolling wishes to interact with Jennifer.  It was a success, more puppies are on the way!

Also on Friday morning, Joe realized he could choose a second aspiration, and he rolled Knowledge.  He has been showing the University wish all week long, despite dating so much.  He will be attending!

After school on Friday, Joe fulfills five wishes by dating Emma Copur, Don and Ivy Lothario's daughter.

At this point in time, I noticed the game is messing with the money again.  Jennifer lost $35,000 in a bad deal at work, $35,000 was benevolently subtracted from the family total.  The family then lost $3,000 in the stock market, which was not subtracted, Ida gets $100 for good grades (or something....) that was not added on, and neither was Jennifer's wages for the day.  *sigh*.

Joe's sub aspiration of Knowledge kicked in, and he wished for entrance into Private School.  However, he didn't get a chance to actually attend, he left for University soon after.

On Sunday, John took Abbey out for a walk, as she was not having any fun.  Being pregnant is enough to put anyone in a bad mood.

When John arrived home with Abbey, he went right back out and entered a cooking contest.  He hadn't done that since before Joe was born.  His cheesecake easily won, beating out Sue's. 

John came home from Sue's Kitchen to a pleasant surprise...

Abbey has three new puppies to put toward's Johns' LTW.  Barry, Laura, and Tina.  That makes 13 down, seven to go.

The twins have grown up.

Ida:  Wants a cell phone, a hand held game, wants to meet someone new,and wants to flirt.

Harry:  Wants to go to University, wants a hand held game and an MP3 player, and wants creativity 7.  
 And this entry for the Burbs ends with the twins taking a trip to town to get their cell phones upon growing up.  Ida rolled Family with an LTW to get to her Golden Anniversary.  Harry rolled Knowledge with an LTW to become Chief of Staff.


John:  Ending wishes:  Ida and Harry go to college, have a grandchild, and relative gets married.  John was being a difficult family sim, as usual.  I just don't find him interesting to play.  He wanted to blog/talk hobbies, and command the dogs around . He kept a wish to see a falling star, so he stargazed alot, and never saw the star.  But he did throw wishes as a result of all that stargazing to use the telescope and get a hobby plaque in science.

Jennifer:  Ending wishes:  See a wolf, Ida and Harry goes to University, buy a helicopter.  Jennifer was quite easy to keep happy.  As a knowledge sim, she wanted to skill, and to command the dogs around.  She also threw many wishes to serve food, wished that Ida and Harry would get scholarships, and wanted to talk hobbies and blog.  She autonomously played the piano if I wasn't paying attention.

Joe:  Didn't get his ending wishes before he left for Uni.  but he wished to date, date, date.  'Nuff said.  He did however keep a wish to go to University, even before he took on the sub aspiration of Knowledge.  He received the hobby plaque in music and dance.

The twins had a hard time keeping up fun and had lots of games of red hands after school to bring it up.  

Harry:  Ending wishes:  Get creativity 7, go to University, be BFF with Ida, and get an A report card.  Harry wanted to make friends with the kids he brought home from school on the bus, and he wanted to command the dogs around.  

Ida:  Ending wishes:  Be BFF with Harry, get first kiss, get hand held game, and talk hobbies.  Ida wanted all the usual things a sim child wants.  She wanted to make friends with Gayle Lothario and play with her after school, wanted to command those blasted dogs around...(haha) and wanted interaction with mom and dad.

That is it for now!  Keep on simmin'!



  1. Looks like a good round here. Wonder if Joe will keep dating around so much in college.

  2. That ant farm is a pain if they shake it too much they end up covered in ants, so they get the 'scratch' icon come up, heh.
    John & Jen in my game seem to love to play piano, chess and John loves entertaining for tips, heh. They aren't the most fun couple.
    Joe is doing good, lots of dates and gifts! :)

    1. I agree, I dont' like playing the Burbs. I always get stuck on this lot and quit playing for a while. Eh. Hope I like playing the kids more.

  3. Another entertaining round by the looks of it! I knew about the ant farm. Hooray for the food contest prize :-) Strange how the game messes up the money. I've never had that happening. A download or hack could be responsible?

  4. Seems like a calm round here. Good thing you could get in some dating to spice it up in preparation for Uni :)

  5. I love the look of so many of the teens. The girls in the hood are really pretty. Joe is a funny sim, all those dates. The twins might be a little more fun. :)