Monday, January 2, 2012

Lot 8: The Oldies

Coral and Herb Oldie moved into the trailer park that came in Apartments. I figured, a retired old couple....that is what they might do (besides move to Florida!) Coral is a Family Sim (my favorite!)However she drew the "Raise 20 Puppies Or Kittens" instead of something neighborhood bloating like Graduate 3 Kids From College. So she got started. FIRST WISH: Do things with Herb. So she did.

She got started on her LTW right away by adopting puppies Scout and Suzie.

Herb is a Romance Sim, and his LTW is to woo-hoo with 20. Being that his life left to live is so short, I decided not to go for it. FIRST WISH: Do things with Coral.

Coral talked alot about the grandkids Lilith and Angela, but never spun any wants to see them or do things with them.

Toward the end of the week, Herb spent all his aspiration points on elixir for Coral. She was gonna need extra time to raise all those dogs.


CORAL: When she wasn't wishing to do things with the dogs, she was wishing to do things with Herb. Occasionally she spun up a want to get a cooking skill.

HERB: When he realized I wasn't gonna let him fool around, he quit spinning wants to spend time with the women in the trailer park. He spun up wishes to do things with Coral, do things with Scout, and occasionally a skill point. He read up on Lifelong Happiness.

This will be an interesting lot for me because I decided to go for Coral's LTW, and actually have dogs breed. I know I could just have her adopt puppies from the shelter, but thought this would be more interesting. Left the lot with Suzie pregnant with her first litter.


  1. Cool! Wishful Thinking even gives you goals for the Oldies. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do with sims when they are elders. I hope Coral can get her LTW. Without children, it might go faster.

  2. Another house I've only played a little on my own. Good luck with the LTW for Coral, I've never tried that one yet, although I think I will have to soon in either Fellowship One or Breeze Point.

  3. Good luck with the puppies...hope she lives long enough to realize her dreams.

  4. Raise 20 puppies with an elder - that is brave!