Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pleasantvier, Rnd 4, Lot 10 - Tellerman - Lucy (Burb) and Komie Tellerman (2)

All Who Live Here -

Lucy Burb - Fortune - LTW to  Become A Criminal Mastermind.  First wishes:  Become a witch, hustle pool, woohoo in bed, meet someone new, invite someone over, talk.

Komie Tellerman - Fortune - LTW - to Become A Busine ss Tycoon.  First wishes:  Dance with/talk to Lucy, get fit, earn $100. 

The last round ended with Komie Tellerman moving in with Lucy, and a woo-hoo.  I watched her closely when she would show up on other lots, but saw no evidence of a Komie-spawn coming into the world.

Ha.  When Lucy fulfilled her first wish to woo-hoo in bed, there was no option to try for baby.  Komie is not my favorite Sim in the world to play, but Lucy wanted him. So here we go!  :)

Tuesday finds a wedding taking place in the small Tellerman home.  

Lucy's marriage fulfilled a major wish for John Burb.  Erm.  Well, my vid card couldn't take all the 'white' glare here....white door, white hair, white

Wednesday found 'Buy me!  Buy me!' for both Lucy and Komie.  *sigh*  Lucy found time to study and learn 'Lifelong Happiness' while Komie was at work in his desired field of business, fulfilling a wish for her.

Early Thursday morning, Walter Tellerman was born.  :)  It was Lucy's regularly scheduled day off, and she spent it studying parenting, fulfilling a wish.  She also threw wishes for Komie....flirt with, play with.  Well, one thing led to another, and woo hoo spun up.  Uh huh.  Risky is working over time.

On Friday, Lucy gets asked out on an outing by the female town slob.  The only other person that showed up in the outing was Mitch Wolosenko.  Ummm...who knew he cheated at chess??  At any rate, the chess game fulfilled a wish for Lucy.

Friday evening Komie made a birthday cake for Walter, then it was potty training time.  Komie spent the day skilling in creativity, fullfilling wishes.

Saturday morning Lucy waddles out to pick up the newest edition of Games Magazine.  Ummm...I spppyyyyyy.....a guy digging through the trash!  Er no.  Lucy is biggerin' a basketball again.  Heh.  It seems like the Sims who never spin up have baby...have 'em.  And the ones who want them, well, Risky is on vacation.

Saturday night Komie rolls "Ask Sim On Date".  His wife was the obvious choice.  During the date, Lucy spins up 'Fall in love with Beau Broke'.  Uh.  I. Don't. Think. So.  Beau and Lucy were an item, back in the day.  Woman, you are married now, with one kid and another on the way.  Whaddup with pining for your teenage crush???

Sunday Lucy's wishes turn toward writing a novel.  This happened because she decided to write one to work on her one true hobby of film and literature during all these days of maternity leave after getting in her wishes for the day.  Now she spins up for it.  eh. 

After writing the novel, Lucy decides to check for her new dream job in the local crime syndicate.   Looks like they are hiring!  Lucy drops the fame and notoriety of being a ballerina ,and takes a job as a bank robber.  Nothing like living on the wild side!

That evening a second son was born to Lucy and Komie - Arthur.  Brown hair, brown eyes like his mom and his grandpa John Burb.

And that is it for the Tellermans for this week.


Lucy:  Ending Wishes:  Buy Me!  Buy Me!  *gawd* She wants a recliner that costs $500, a TV that costs at least $2,000, a vacation home, a bass and a drum set...oh yes, to feed her inner Knowledge Sim, she wants to get hit by lightening.  Lucy drove me to sheer boredom with the buy me wishes.  However the first couple of days of spring she did roll some wishes for Komie.  She only kept the 'write novel' wish for a day after writing the novel, then it all reverted back to Buy Me.  Ugh.  Oh yes.  Every single time she and Komie had a date, she rolled wishes for Beau Broke.  heh.

Komie:  Ending Wishes:  Buy a game at least $3,000/$5,500, buy a stereo $1,800, and win a dance contest.  This win a dance contest doesn't surprise me, as he is always making a beeline for the ballet barre when I am not looking.  Komie was primarily buy me like Lucy, but did roll up romantic type wishes the first couple days of spring.  Thus, the appearance of Aurthur.  I guess both Komie and Lucy exhibited typical Fortune type wants.

Walter:  Typical toddler wishes.  After getting walk/talk/potty out of the way, Walter learned nursery rhymes from Mom, then wishes to work on creativity.  He worked up to level 7.

Arthur:  Still a baby.


  1. I like Lucy, it's the rest of her family I don't care for, heh. She's a buy me kinda gal eh? Still pining for her childhood sweetheart, ain't simromance great? ;) Looking forward to following their lives. :)

  2. The wish to fall in love with someone else during a date is so typically simmish :)

  3. LOL.....Lucy probably thinks Beau wouldn't have knocked her up as much. ;) Plus, she clearly has the desire to live on the wild side, what with her change in career. :)

  4. The coin flip gave Lucy a chance to back out of this engagement with that man, and she didn't take it! The most attention I ever gave Komei was to allow him to be friends with Sunny Siew the country girl from downtown and a celebrity chef (all through coin flipping). "I don't want to be a married woman, I want to be a girl again!" But something in the mundane life that she is leading now silenced this voice...

    The technical reason for the Love want to appear is that she has been on a date with Beau Broke before, regardless of outcome, which triggers the want, and is on a date now. The want does not test the other Group member, when it should. The only logical case when she should look for other people is after an incident, or poor Attraction towards the current partner.

    I used to go on coffee dates at the beginning, when I didn't understand yet what date was meant to be and lead to. And I saw this a lot.

    How sweet to call someone an item... ~ j7n