Friday, August 10, 2012

Round Four University Boggs Hall Dorms - Sophomore Year

To refresh...the couples are:

John Caliente (Fortune/GCS) and Mary Pleasant (Knowledge/Romance) Two bolts

Beau Broke (Romance/Knowledge) and Brenda Wong (Popularity) Two bolts

Charles Broke (Romance/Fortune) and Frances Barrett (Popularity) Two bolts

Mary Pleasant, my most very favorite Sim in this hood, is a dude magnet.  Charles and Beau Broke constantly approach her to talk, appreciate, ect.  There are three bolts between her and Beau.  I am keeping a sharp eye on this one to see if either one actually spins up a wish to become engaged to the other one.  On the other hand, her intended John doesn't pay her alot of attention.  He dwells on grilled cheese sandwiches.  She rolls 'ask sim on date' almost every day, getting both of them five wishes a day fulfilled.

She does not have patience to listen to John's Tales Of Grilled Cheese. 

Troy the Llama is an amicable guy...he will cater to John's cheesy desires.  Notice here...Johns' woman would rather strike up a convo with Beau than talk to her intended about his favorite subject.

Here Pop Sim Brenda Wong harbors a wish to become BSOC, and she chats it up with this guy to make friends with him.  And.... Beau creepily stalks Mary. 

And Charles Broke and Frances Bartlett demonstrate dating based on spun up desires. Half of each couple here has Romance as either major or minor aspiration, so Ask Sim On Date rolls up at least once a day, sometimes twice a day for each couple.  Fulfilling wishes has been very easy so far.    I may turn to other wishes for the rest of their time in Uni for variety.  Fulfilling dating wishes is easy, but gets tiresome. 

And this is where we leave the kids from Pleasantview, at the end of the Sophomore year.  Lots of cheesy dating going on here.  *nods wisely*.  Uh huh.

Ending Dates:

Beau Broke:  Ask Sim on date, meet someone new, dance with someone, play bass, and talk about hobby.

Brenda Wong:  Smustle dance, play bass, invite someone over, dance with someone and become BSOC.

Charles Broke:  Make out with three different Sims, have a good reputation, meet someone new, talk about hobby, ask Sim on date.

Frances Bartlett:  Invite someone over, have a good reputation, have a sports party, smustle dance, and play bass.

John Caliente:  Smustle dance, eat a grilled cheese sandwich, talk about grilled cheese sandwich, play Marco Polo, play a computer game.

Mary Pleasant:  Talk about hobby,  do research with someone, ask Sim on date, dance with someone, and serve food.

See you back in the hood~!



  1. Great to see them all growing up! Looking forward to seeing them next time. :)

  2. Hmmm....these couples are interesting. I wonder if Mary will end up staying with John or not. If dating wishes get "old" you could always count dating as all one wish. Like, "ask sim on date" starts the date, but nothing else related to the date gets added onto the wishes. It's just a thought if uni dating gets boring. :D

  3. Unless you have 900 or more points of Outgoing, you should really get dressed when someone is walking around with a camera in the house!

    Aspiration hasn't been of any challenge since Nightlife and its dates; that is true. Nothing to do with Uni. On the other hand having a sim, who doesn't want or can't have Romance, might be difficult. But those don't exist until you write them in as a story element.

    Brenda Wong has one of the default heads. The want-to-cry with an injured sportsman's nose head. I think she might be one of the downtownie children. I liked her very much (Laura Akagi here), because I got to play her alone and pay attention. She also got this "Get Fabulous" hair by default after growing up.

    Great portraits at the beginning! Is Charles Broke freezing after his date?

  4. Naw, Charles isn't freezing. I have default skin replacements. I don't think the Maxis skintones are nice looking. Charles has the lightest skintone, and the lighting in this particular shot gave him a blueish hue. I still puzzle over where Brenda came from. Not sure if she was a townie child that I grew up or what. I really didn't remember her at all when Charles grew up.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that white women, such as Angela, have an attractive collarbone now. <3 Forgot to say that John Caliente looks very handsome for an automatically generated head! Like those portraits!

    2. Yes John is quite handsome. His genes are Don Lothario and Nina Caliente. Mary, being as cute as she is, is Mary Sue and Daniel Pleasant.