Saturday, November 3, 2012

Veronaville Rnd 2, lot 3 - Summerdream, Oberon and Titania

All who live here:

Oberon - Knowledge - LTW - To Max Out 7 Skills.  Beginning wishes:  Play with Consort, chat online, go swimming and reach creativity 8.  First wish fulfilled:  Chat online.

Titania - Family - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens.  Beginning wishes:  Tell an inside joke, flirt with Isabella (Monty) *is there something I don't know about you, Titania???*, Play with Isabella, chat online.  First wish fulfilled:  Tell an inside joke.

Puck - Popularity - LTW - Become Celebrity Chef.  Meet someone new, be BFF with Bottom, have 10 Best Friends, and get a skill point.  First wish fulfilled:  have 10 Best Friends.

Bottom - Knowledge - LTW - Become City Planner - Be BFF with Puck, get into Private School, get cooking 7, and Go to University. First wish fulfilled: Get into Private School.

Aelita - Infant

Bottom Summerdream and Headmaster Toby Bertino.
The Headmaster arrives to fulfill Bottom's wish to get into private school. She figures a good topic of discussion with the Headmaster is how much she loves Benedict Monty. (two bolt attraction).

Seems that Bottom was wise in choosing that topic. She and Puck are in like Flynn!

Puck Summerdream and Alon Monty
On Tuesday, Family Sim Alon Monty comes home with Puck on the bus.   Hi Alon!  (gratuitous picture).

Oberon Summerdream
Also on Tuesday, Oberon gets TOC for Slacker.  Good thing you got this nice bonus, because Bottom just wished for a whole bunch of new cooking items for the kitchen while skilling culinary, spending around $3,500. 

Marielle Benson, the Atrociously Evil Witch
Puck, Alon, and Bottom decide to hit Sims Gone Wired so Puck can get that MP3 player he has been wishing so much for.  While there, a new evil witch shows up since  Renee the Evil Witch hung up her official broom and married Tybalt Capp.  I am glad the new witch is young.

While at work Tuesday, one of those hobby chance cards came up for Titania.  Something about volunteering, or letting her coworker do it.  She let the coworker do it (what ever it was) and Titania got enough enthusiasm it pushed her into the Zone.  I have never seen a Sim get the Zone while off the lot.  heh  Meanwhile, while Titania was working, Puck threw a birthday party for the baby, Aelita.  (Fulfilling a wish for him to have a party).

Bottom, Aelita, Oberon, and Hermia Capp
What are Bottom and Hermia looking at?  Why, kittens of course.  :)  Aww, Aelita gives her big handsome daddy a nice snuggle upon aging up.

George, Robert, and Eleanor Summerdream
Speaking of kittens, they grew up the next day.  They were immediately sent off to the pound, and a new litter started.  Only 17 to go for Titania!

Hermia Capp, Puck Summerdream, Spencer Monty, Kimberly Monty, Romeo Monty, Bottom Summerdream, Juliette Capp

On Thursday, Puck had his birthday.  He wished to become BFs with Spencer Monty and the Countess, meet someone new, and get a skill point is locked in.  Now he will start hitting the computer to get a job in Culinary. In the mean time he takes the first job on the computer as an Ambassador's Intern in the Adventure field.  The house needs money.

Now why would Titania roll Buy Love Potion 8.5??? hehe  I think I will have her do it just for the fun of it.  She and Oberon love each other something terrible.

Asia Knight and Titania Summerdream
 There you go, Titania.

Bottom and Puck Summerdream
While waiting for the school bus for Bottom and the car pool for Puck on Friday morning, Bottom shares a game of chess with Puck to work on the next logic skill she is wishing for and Puck brags about all the friends he has.

Alon Monty, Oberon Summerdream, Spencer Monty, Juliette Capp, Aelita Summerdream, Puck Summerdream, Hermia Capp, Mercutio Monty
Here is Puck throwing his little sister another party, and yes, thinking again about all the wonderful friends he has.  It is Friday night.

What did Aelita want on growing up?

She wants to buy a lemonade stand, make a friend, tell an inside joke, and get a bird cage.  She starts a convo with Alon Monty to get a friend.

Redd the Bird and Titania Summerdream
It's bird cage is an easy quick wish to fulfill, but then somebody starts throwing wishes to get a bird, play with bird...ect.  Thanks Titania! 

Saturday brings Puck having yet another party, to which he invites nothing but Capps.  After all, he wants it to be a success.   Right when the party began,  Snookie had her second litter of kittens.

Go you Snookie!  This will be 6 down, 14 to go for Titania!

Consort Cap and Puck Summerdream
Everyone tried to make sure they were good friends with Consort Capp.  After all, he will kick the bucket soon, and a little inheritance never hurt anybody.  This also helps Consort's chances of reaching top influence before he dies. 

Townie Don Wendland
Not sure who he had an outing with, but Don sure appreciated it.  Left this uber cool karaoke machine.  Fits right in with the Summerdream's stage/backyard.  It's a keeper!

Bottom Summerdream
And we end the round with Knowledge Sim Bottom doing one of her favorite things, studying.  So far Bottom hasn't spun up University much.


Oberon - Ending Wishes:  Max creativity/influence someone to garden/talk about hobby/blog about arts and crafts.  Oberon wishes this week was for skilling creativity and arts and crafts items (pottery and painting), occasionally spun up wishes to do things with Titania.  He needs to get on a skilling frenzy, as his LTW is to max all skills. 

Titania - Ending Wishes:  Make pottery, kiss, blog about arts and crafts, plant a seed.  Titnia was hard to pinpoint the start of the week.  Just a sort of mix-mash of worthless wishes.  She did roll to make pottery, and do arts and crafts things like Oberon.  When spring hit, she started wishing to kiss/flirt with Oberon, and do gardening things.  (Nipped those dates in the bud before 'woohoo' spun up).   Started a garden.

Puck - Ending Wishes:  Meets someone new/ be BFF with Consort Capp/have a good reputation/be friends with Meadow Pedersen.  Puck was the proverbial party animal, a party almost every day.  Made lots of friends and is a happy fellah.  Only sobbed once for not going to University.  It will be interesting to see what happens with him and Hermia Capp next round.

Bottom - Ending Wishes:  Reach creativity 9/see a ghost/be saved from death/get creativity 2.  Bottom was a skilling machine.  Easy knowledge Sim to keep happy.  No romantic inclinations.

Aelita - Ending Wishes:  Get an A+ report card/eat a lunchmeat sandwich/give love to and play with kitten Kari.  Aelita wanted all wishes to play with the cats.  Again, easy to keep happy.  Will hate to see her sob and cry when this next bunch of cats goes to the pound.  Should have one of the adults call to have them removed while she is at school, huh.  heh

And that is it!

Keep on Simming, everybody~



  1. This was a lot of fun for me - interesting how you have changed the looks of some of the Summerdream family members but they are still wearing their strange make-up :-D
    Who are the Montys? I only recognised Romeo and Mercutio.

    1. The Montys originally start out with Patrizio and Isabella in the Monty Spanish looking ranch house, with grandsons Mercutio and Romeo living with them. Patrizio dies early on, leaving Isabella to carry on. Well, Isabella's LTW is to marry off six children. She has already had two to marry off, Claudio, who is Mercutio and Romeo's dad and is dead, then Anthony who's wife Hero is dead. I have married off Isabella's daughter Bianca...which leaves three to marry off. Therefore, she adopted Alon, Spencer, and Kimberly. I made sure Isabella had memories of Claudio and Anthony getting married before embarking on fulfilling her LTW. I love the makeup the Summerdreams wear. Hmmm. I need to get Aelita into some makeup. :D

    2. Thank you - I only knew the Montys in their original set-up, and in my entire megahood so far nobody has adopted a child. Those unfortunate Maxis-made Sims who were already elders when the game starts and had career-related LTWs or others that were impossible to fulfill in their remaining lifetime were simply... unlucky.

  2. Lots of goodies this week for the Summerdreams! How funny about Titania and the chance card- lucky her! Sometimes it seems to take forever to get in the zone. She's a natural flirt- and why are you stopping her and Oberon having more kids? Ahh- the kitties of course- love their markings on growing up!
    Puck has got to be the friendliest sim in Veronaville, that helps his family with promo's eh? Nice to see Bottom growing up, and Aelita is the cutest! Go Oberon and his TOC! Great family, I love playing them.

    1. Yeah you got that right....need to leave population slots in the Summerdream home for all those cats! Which is a good thing to have, otherwise the big Summerdream mansion would be overrun with pointy eared kids. hehe! The momcat Snookie has a bobtail, thought that would be a fun genetic thing to start in the hood.

  3. I never gave Veronaville much of a chance, so this is all new to me! *laugh* Looks like things are going well, though.

    Question about your background- Is it supposed to be blood, a la Vanessa Tiegs?

    1. Hi Namoi! Veronaville is my favorite EA hood to play, I really don't know why. There is so much mystery and back stabbing in Pleasantview, paranormal stuff in Strangetown...then there is sleepy quiet Shakespearean Veronaville. I think I like the older looking hood with the family feud theme. I don't know about the back ground, it is one that comes with Blogger. :) Thank you for the compliment. :) I like the colors.

  4. I always imagine that everyone should stay young in Veronaville after the arrival of the alien Summerdreams, so it fits well to have the witch and also the headmaster younger looking. The glossy skin that Titania and Kimberly have also suggests that they are somehow enchanted.

    But I haven't really played this hood. I had a plan to make Juliet run away to Pleasantview at one point...

    Adorable kittens.

  5. I never played Veronaville much, but I'm really enjoying reading your blog about it and am excited to get to it in my Megahood someday....probably years from now at the rate I'm going. lol I love little Aelita, so cute!

  6. Veronaville is my favorite EA hood too but soon I'll be playing in Belladonna Cove after I get my apartment life installed