Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pleasantview, Round 5 - Caliente - Dina, Nina and Mark (Landchild)

All Who Live Here:

Mark Landchild - Fortune - LTW - Become Chief of Staff (unattainable).  First wishes:  Get fit, meet someone new, talk, earn some money.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk to Nina (During 'Ask Sim on Date' wish for Nina).

Nina (Caliente) Landchild - Romance - LTW - Become A Game Designer (She has already met 2 LTWs).  First wishes:  Be BF with Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie, Ask Sim on date, be friends with Silver Maple Wilkie, dance with townie Daryl Chan.  First wish fulfilled:  Ask Sim on date.

Dina Caliente - Fortune - LTW - Have 6 Pets reach TOC - First wishes : Andy gets promoted, have a party, appreciate townie Kennedy Spitzig, and tell joke to Kennedy Spitzig.  First wish fulfilled:  Tell joke to Kennedy.

George Caliente - Fortune - LTW - Become A Business Tycoon - First wishes:  Andy gets promoted, get hobby plaque in Games, go to College, get creativity 1.  First wish fulfilled - get Creativity 1.

Margaret Caliente - toddler - Get logic, charisma and creativity skill point, learn to walk.  First wish fulfilled:  Get charisma skill.

Jennifer Burb
Well, Jennifer Burb is angry with Nina for some reason.  She is stealing the newspaper.

Townie Kennedy Sptizig and Dina Caliente
Yes, Dina...that was a very VERY FUNNY joke you just told Kennedy.....

Andy the cat and Mark Landchild
Even though it is Dina's wish for 6 pets to TOC, Nina's husband Mark helps out with the training in between wishes to eat chili and do things with Nina.

George Caliente
Nina's son with Daniel Pleasant, George, runs daily wishes to play PC games, and blog about games.   This is in between make money and talk about hobbies.

George Caliente and Margaret Caliente
Margaret runs constant wishes to cuddle, play (be tickled) and wants charisma and logic points.

Margaret Caliente, Nina Landchild, John Burb (in background, along with the butler), Nina Caliente, and Mark Landchild.
 The poor child seems to have only old people attend her birthday party.

Margaret Caliente
But it didn't seem to bother her.  She is a very happy sunny child.  Wishes upon growing up:  Be BFF with Aunt Dina, get logic 5, make a friend and get a lemonade stand.  Being that her birthday happened in the winter, it is highly unlikely that she will get a lemonade stand.

Mark and Nina Landchild
Midnight coffee at the kitchen table.  It is Mark and Nina's night to stay up.  This big family lives in the original Caliente house..there is only room for one double bed and two twin beds.  Now that Margaret is no longer in a crib...uh-huh.

George and Margaret Caliente
It is Snow Day Thursday.  George was running a wish to play chess, and Margaret is still wishing for lots of logic.  The kids played outside until they were cold.  Then they came inside for hot chocolate.  After fulfilling the wish for chess, George immediately threw 'get hobby plaque for Games.  Eh.  Of course.  It only took a few hours of playing before George was in the Zone and the gaming dude came and congratulated him on his accomplishment and gave him the plaque.  This interaction also boosted the brother and sister's relationship.

Mark Landchild and Dina Caliente
Dina's garden goes year round in a green house attached to the main house.  I found it funny that Dina and Mark chose to play catch in it when there is plenty of open yard big enough to do it.  heh

Edward Dreamer
Friday sees another newspaper snatcher.  This time it is Edward Dreamer, the alien son of Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer.  Nichole's husband is Dirk Dreamer.  Edward didn't seem angry with anyone in the Caliente home, so he just must be a mean spirited Sim.

Michael Bachelor
Saturday night Michael comes out to haunt.  His humble urn is kept in the house.  He seems happy.    On Saturday, George's wishes continued along the lines of blog/play games/play chess.  Margaret wanted to play with/make friends with Gale Lothario, Dina wanted to teach the now elder Andy the cat how to 'come here' (he now knows all the skills except 'use toilet') and Dina and Mark got all their wishes in early in the day when Dina rolled 'ask Sim on date'.

Speaking of deaths and ghosts...

Mark passes away on Sunday night.

Grimmie and Mark Landchild
He aged quickly in the game, as he never had a lifetime to build up much aspiration.  Buh-bye Mark, you were a great animal trainer.  And thanks for leaving so much money behind in the neighborhood.


So this makes Nina single again.  It will be interesting to see what this brings into her life!

Manuel Jordan and George Caliente
Dina threw a wish early Monday morning to adopt a puppy.  Now that both of the cats in the house Minnie and Andy were elders, it seemed like a good time to bring a dog in.  Seems like George is always the one who deals with the animal control officer.  There was only one puppy in the adoption pool, EA dog Maxx.

George Caliente
And right after the arrival of Maxx the puppy, and after everyone had gone to sleep, George calls for the taxi to take him to University.  This ends the round!


Margaret aged up to child, George left for University, Mark died, both cats aged to elder, and a dog was brought into the house.  Between the two cats, they have reached TOC three times, half of the six Dina needs to fulfill her second LTW.

Nina:  Ending wishes:  Blog about arts and crafts, ask Sim on date, (locked in), resurrect Mark (I don't think so) and Minnie learns a command.  Nina was easy to fulfill wishes for by the daily 'Ask Sim on date' wish.  'Nuff said.

Dina:  Get hobby plaque for Nature, buy a game costing $600, get a kitten or a puppy, get a puppy.  I think she is throwing these pet wishes because of her LTW to get six to TOC. 
Dina constantly threw pet wishes, blog about hobby, talk about hobby.  Gad, what did Sims ever wish for before Freetime?

Margaret  Ending Wishes:  Get A+ report card, resurrect dad (Mark), get a puppy, and praise Andy.  On the other hand, maybe the Sims in the house are throwing pet wishes because the house population is now down by two. heh.  Margaret wanted to make/play with friends, threw daily wishes to command the cats around, and spent lots of time on the ballet barre.

And that is it for the Caliente sisters in Round 5.

Keep on simmin!



  1. Out of curiosity, do you just not want to resurrect anyone, or do they not have a grimphone for it to be possible?

    1. Yeh, there is no grimmie phone or genie lamp on the lot to resurrect anyone. I might have considered, since two Sims were showing the wish. Mark had his good uses. ;)

  2. as it a wish challenge unless someone wishes for it then i suspect nobody gets to resurrect anyone

  3. I would love to see more of what you've done with the house! In my game, Dina still lives in the original Caliente house, but I have given every room a make-over.
    Now that George is at uni and Mark dead, there are enough beds for everyone in the house, aren't there :-) And of course, you could always use the top floor and build it up with proper walls and a roof, or add an extension to the house.

    1. I have done over the kitchen, but only because it half burned down a few rounds ago. Other than that, nope haven done much besides the greenhouse. I tend not to mess with building/remodeling alot.
      I do fix annoyances though with the early building before spiral staircases came out. I most always put those in prebuilt houses.

      Don't know what George will do when he comes out of Uni, tho. By the looks of it, the sisters are going to have a good long life with all that aspiration building up daily.

  4. Yeah I think whoever built those homes never thought much of multi-gen's living in the house!
    Fair play to Mark, he left nice inheritance all around the hood, Dina's expression is cracking me up in that shot of her with Kennedy- she's so NOT amused.
    Go George getting in the zone before college- his salad days will be leisurely I think, and Margaret is a cute kid, even if she is surrounded by oldies. :D

  5. Ooo...Nina's back on the market. That should be interesting! Yes, all my houses pretty much get the new staircase, so that two sims can be on it at the same time without the infuriating stairs drama. But I enjoy remodeling and building as much as playing, just at different times.

  6. A successful round, even with Mark dying. It might be fun to see some dogs for awhile in the hood. There have been LOTS of cats. :)

  7. Dina's LTW in my game is to Have 6 Pets reach TOC too :(