Thursday, January 31, 2013

University Round 5 - Pleasantview

All Who Are Here:

Frank Dreamer (Dirk Dreamer and Nicole Dreamer) Knowledge - LTW Become a Space Pirate. First Wishes: Go To Class, research with someone , write term paper, do assignment. First wish fulfilled:  Do assignment.

George Caliente (Nina Caliente and Daniel Pleasant) Fortune - LTW - Become a Business Tycoon.  First Wishes:  Carbon copy, same as above, heh  First wish fulfilled:  Do assignment.

 William Dreamer (Cassandra Goth Dreamer and Darren Dreamer) Knowledge - LTW - Townie Ian Ku goes to Uni, be friends with Frank and George, and go swimming.  First wish fulfilled - Talk to Pamela Gundstrom (during campus trip to buy clothes).

Alright.  The first thing I notice upon opening the dorm lot in Uni is how much money the boys have.  Urg.

They've got half a mil.  ???  LOL !   My game is doing strange things with money.  I will just have to keep a close eye on it and act accordingly.  In this case, I spent a nice sum upgrading every dorm room with a top of the line bed that lends lots of energy and comfort, and recovered the walls/floors, new desks/chairs/dressers, a computer in every room, and some decorative items.  But that didn't even scratch the surface of using up the money.  heh

Then the three boys went to town to buy clothes and phones.....and to meet chicks, get makeovers.  It was time to chuck the look they had as teens.

William Dreamer after his makeover.

William's nephew Frank Dreamer all made over.

 George Caliente looking like a serious ivy league man in his argyle sweater and beard/glasses.

William is quite the chick magnet...literally.  He was taking a crazy walk down the hallway....and I realized his date was suffering from 'invisible dormie' syndrome.

This is Pamela Gundstrom, the girl William dated back at the campus boutique when the boys first came to Uni.  The two have a two bolt attraction.  He has been rolling wishes every day to talk to Pamela, ect.  He is not behaving at all like a Knowledge Sim...heh Watching this with great interest to see if it goes anywhere. 

 Frank's dorm mates look on with admiration when he completes the fire safety program.

George remembers that this is the day he earned $50,000, and called home to talk about it.  Eh, this is because of the large sum of money the boys had when they moved into the dorm, and the stock market paying out so nicely.  I should have done a money adjustment right away.  Urg.

 Frank Dreamer - Learned Anger Management - check.

All three of the boys finished freshman year without incident.  None of them seem to like each other much, especially Frank and William.  They have a negative relationship, just can't say anything nice to each other.  George keeps to himself and wants to sit at the chess board all the time.  Blog about games,  play chess, talk about hobby, play PC game, or video games.  All the boys rolled 'Talk to Mary Pleasant'.  I don't know what it is about her.

That is where we end this installment of University, Round 5.



  1. Well, Mary Pleasant is rather beautiful. :D
    Love the boys makeover and how jealous that they got such a fund! Heh- that worked out a treat for refurbishing the dorm.
    I've not seen an invisible date before! How funny.
    Looking forward to the next installment! :)

  2. The invisible date is something I don't think I've ever seen in my game, either!

    Wow, that is A LOT of money for three students...! Are they going to take the money with them once they graduate?

  3. HOLY COW! That is a LOT of money. I LOVE the makeovers. William and George especially turned out to be REALLY handsome with their makeovers. I don't think I've ever had an invisible date before....all the crazy things I have learned about/see in blogs after all this time is really fun.

  4. I've seen invisible dormies Before, but not on dates! Will be interesting to see where this lot ends up