Monday, April 8, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - (Tellerman) Burb - Lucy and Komie

All who live here:

Lucy (Burb) Tellerman - Fortune - (New) LTW - Become Criminal Mastermind.  Starting wishes:  Hustle pool, woohoo in bed, meet someone new, talk, invite someone over, play with.

Komie Tellerman - Fortune - LTW - Become a Business Tycoon.  Starting wishes:  Talk, invite someone over, meet someone new, get a promotion.

Walter Tellerman - Grow up - Beginning Wishes - Grow up well, sing nursery rhyme with Lucy, get creativity 7, play with Lucy.

Arthur Tellerman - Grow up - Infant.

Okay.  I don't like this not controlling Sims.  heh  I just won't make it a point to fulfill wishes for platinum Sims.  Ugh.  I suppose at this point in time during this neighborhood I have figure out how the wish system works.

Right away on Monday Komie gets a promotion as he climbs the ladder to Business Tycoon.  He is nearly the next perm plat Sim in Pleasantview.  I am still thinking over this business of controlling perm plat sims or not.  Komie is not perm plat, but his wife Lucy is.

On Tuesday, Lucy decides to throw a birthday party for both of her boys.  (That is an elder Dustin Broke there in the background in his crazy looking outfit).  Walter grew up looking very much like a Burb, although it looks like he may have the heavy cheekbones of his father Komie Tellerman.  Upon growing up, Walter wanted to make a friend, get creativity 9, get a lemonade stand, and buy a game  He went to work on the easel, and a chess set was bought.  

Arthur grew up to look pretty much the same as Walter did as a toddler and did not get somebody to put him on the potty chair before unselectable gramma Jennifer Burb whisked him up to play with him.  Upon growing up, Arthur wanted all this toddler skills and to be tickled by Lucy.

 The party was a great success, and the Tellermans decided to go away on an Oriental vacation.  Both Lucy and Komie were showing the wish, and I decided to give in to shake up this lot a little.  Both had been working very hard on their careers,  (Lucy having already reached the top of Dance, and now just a promotion or two away from top of Criminal, and Komie nearly to the top of business) and they had born two fine boys.  Time to get a way for a while.  This will be Lucy's second trip to the Orient, and Komie's first.

Upon arrival at the Hotel, Komie wanted to learn a new massage or get a message, get a logic point or take a tour.  Lucy wanted to go on a tour, learn a new massage or get a massage, use the sauna, learn to teleport (locked in) or become bff with tourist Tyson Dawn.  Komie headed to the message table, and Lucy headed to the sauna.

I was driven to help Lucy meet the Ninja.  Never in all my TS2 playing years, have I ever been able to get a Sim to learn ninja teleportation.

Lucy and Komie drug from lot to lot for three days.  They laid down for many massages to keep up their energy, ate lots of steamed rice at the vendor's counters, and drank gallons of tea.  The ninja would appear, then flip way just as Lucy would get to him.  Finally, on day three, Lucy caught up with him.

She put on her best face and asked to learn to teleport.  The Ninja replied:  I will teach you to teleport if you can answer this question.  Which must you know better, yourself or your enemy?  Lucy answer, YOURSELF.

YAY!  First time ever for me, ASimWen.  :)  I now have a teleporting Sim.

Lucy and Komie were able to relax the last two days of vacation, and do fun things.  Like calmly sipping tea.

The day that Lucy learned to teleport, she and Komie went back to the hotel, and Komie flopped into bed, exhausted.  Lucy's energy was full however, and she decided to go digging for treasure.  She found a tattered old map that lead to a pagoda in the shadows.  She thought this would be a fun thing to do so she set out, waving to the other hotel guests as she left the lot without Komie.

The walk was a long one, but finally she found the place.

Lucy found a little wise man calmly meditating.

Lucy teleported into the pagoda and bowed to the old wise man, convincing him that he had indeed misjudged her after all. 

He taught her the old legend, nothing that any other normal Sim knew.  Lucy was in awe, and felt that she could now return home a whole Sim.

Lucy and Komie enjoyed breakfast together the next day.  It was nearly time to return to Pleasantview, but there was still more to do on this vacation.

Lucy paid homage to an ancient civilization by throwing a coin into the Lucky Fountain.

She and Komie played mahjong with the locals.

And they learned ti chi.  (Erm, there is teen Michele Kearney at the register.  She sure gets around, even cashiers in the Orient.)  heh

It was finally time to go back to Pleasantview.  The Tellermans were happy, and well rested.  This vacation was worth every penny!

Once back home, life got back to normal.   Lucy taught Arthur to walk, talk, and potty fulfilling wishes for him, and Komie spent alot of time on the internet.  Walter went to school for the first time.

Lucy was struck by lightening while harvesting the money trees out on the balcony.  Too bad this didn't happen in the Orient when she had the wish for it.

Lucy spun up the wish to hustle pool, another one of those things I usually ignore.  I had to install a rec center with a pool table in it heh.  She hung out for a while, then found a willing target in Joe Carr. 

On Friday, Lucy once again reaches TOC.  Her new LTW?  To become a Prestidigitator. 

Arthur grew up on Friday.  He and Walter look much alike...they certainly look like brothers!

Saturday dawned with the boys showing a wish to go fishing, so off the family went to the park.  Arthur is on the left, Wlater on the right.  My oh my.

Komie was harboring a wish to play chess, and Lucy was more than happy to oblige him with a friendly game.  Why look, they even have a spectator!

Sunday saw the same thing all over again, a trip to the park to fish.  Lucy even spun up a wish to fish, but Komie stayed home to play chess.  At this point in time, I got up to go check laundry and left the game running...

When I got back it was well into the evening on Sunday and they were all hungry and tired and mean.  They immediately went home to fullfill needs.

And this is where we leave the Tellermans for this week.  At 1:00 am in the morning, Komie is making salmon, Walter and Lucy are dancing, and Arthur is fulfilling wish after wish by collecting cleaning skills.

Ending Wishes:

Komie:  Get TOC Business, play Marco Polo, max logic, and win a gaming competition

Lucy:  Play games, watch a movie, play chess, talk about hobby, play Marco Polo, and become a witch.  (locked in).

Walter:  Grow up well, go hiking, catch a bug, get an A+ report card.

Arthur:  Eat pancakes, go hiking, get cleaning 7, and get an A+ report card.

Have fun everybody, and keep on simmin'!



  1. What did you decide about the perma-plats, or did you? I think not controlling them at all would make me nuts, but I can see not bothering with their wishes much. Letting perma-plat grandparents be controllable still would help a lot with getting toddlers trained and such.

    1. Yeah I found that not all perm plat sims could be unselectable as sometimes they are the only ones on the lot, like the Coral Oldie lot and all her cats I have. In cases of perm at elders, players desgretion, including elders. On this lot, Lucy is perm plat. However her boys threw wishes to do things with her, tickle, snuggle, ect. Since Lucy had worked hard and was now floating around in perm plat bliss, I concentrated mostly on Komie and the boys. At this stage in her life, Lucy was throwing the usual talk about hobby, ect. Redundant stuff. Only when she threw something interesting would I lock it in and do it.

  2. Congrats for having your first Sim being able to teleport!!
    He he so funny about Michelle Kearney working everywhere behind the counter, even in Takemizu Village!
    The boys really look identical. And one of them went to the park in his PJs... :-D
    Good to see Lucy leading such a great life in your game, when in mine, she died way too early during her first year at university :-(
    Why do they have money trees? With both adults working full time, money surely isn't a problem in this family, is it?

    1. Ha those money trees are left over from Lucy's days before she was perm plat and she would throw the Fortune Sim wish of "make money". They did get disposed of this round, too much trouble to keep up with.

  3. I wonder if Michele Kearnay has a gold badge for cashiering. It's too bad that they couldn't have made a oriental NPC to run the register. Maybe she was earning money while on vacation herself.

  4. Congrats on your first teleporting sim! I love that action- I use it for my lazy sims a lot as they won't 'run here'. :D
    Learning the dragon tale is useful too for building friendships.
    I think Walter and Arthur are a cute combo of Lucy & Komei.
    I am just started with round 8 in Pleasantview myself and I think I'm going to stick to just not controlling elders who are perma plat (for now anyway).

    1. I agree about playing elders like that. It is just nonsense to keep fulfilling wishes for them unless maybe they throw something interesting. Wow you are really far into the neighborhood! I take TS3 breaks now too and switch between the two games. I am right on the cusp of some big playing points in TS3 but decided to break from it. I had been playing solid for three weeks.

  5. Nice vacation! Are the boys clones?

    1. Ha yeah they look like twins, don't they! I am curious how different they will look as they get older.

  6. The boys are cute. They do kind of look like they might be clones. The vacation looks like fun and congrats on the teleportation. It took me forever to get Ame (I think) that skill in Breeze Point.