Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Goth - Alexander and Daisy

All Who Live Here:

Alexander Goth - Family/Romance - LTW - To Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - First wishes:  Ask Sim on date, woohoo in bed, hustle pool, and play with.  First wish fulfilled - Ask Sim on date.

Daisy Goth - Family/Popularity - LTW - To Reach Golden Anniversary - First wishes: Purchase community lot, get a job in culinary, music, or entertainment.  (geeze, what is with all these job wishes?) First wish fulfilled - Entertain Alexander.

Henry Goth, child - First Wishes - Be BF with Edward (Dreamer), win a game against Edward, get logic 1, tell an inside joke  First wish fulfilled - talk about hobby, after school.

Toddler twins Albert and Fred Goth

Albert first wishes - Sing nursery rhyme with Daisy, get charisma 1, logic 1, creativity 1.  First wish fulfilled - be talked to by Daisy, after his nap.  :-)

Fred first wishes - Sing nursery rhyme with Daisy, be snuggled by Daisy, be read to and be tickled.  (He is in red aspiration due to Mortimer's death).  First wish fulfilled - sing nursery rhyme with Daisy.

We start this round with a birth of two new kittens, Jessica and Roger Rabbit Goth.  (Heh, can you tell what movie is on my TV at this moment?)  If my calculations are correct, this puts Alexander at the halfway mark for 20 kittens born.

Anyway, Alexander rushes off to work with no time to fulfill any of his beginning wishes.  It will wait.  That leaves Daisy to work with the kids all day.  Her wishes fulfilled will come last for the day, as I really don't want to get her a job or buy a community lot for the Goths.  Her wishes will roll to match Alexanders when they date after Alex gets home from work.

Tuesday morning found poor little Fred in green, even after fulfilling 5 wishes on Monday, then again right after midnight the poor feller couldn't get over his grandpa's death.

Henry joined his mom and dad for breakfast.   Alexander and Daisy are completly sated after a dream date.  However that occured before midnight, so their wishes still need to be fulfilled for this day.  Henry is throwing usual talk about hobby, play.

Daisy also is still showing a wish for a job culinary, still.  So the job hunt will begin.  Urg. 

Heh.  It comes up the first day she checks.  Any other time, it wouldn't!

This same day, Tuesday, was Henry's cake up day.

Naturally a nice assortment of Goths and Dreamers were invited.  Especially Aunt Cassandra Dreamer, as Henry is the heir to the old moldy Goth Mansion.

Henry rolled Knoweldge, fitting, fits along with Grandpa Mortimer.  LTW - Become Education Minister.  I see another University grad.  heh

On Wednesday, the twins grew up without a Goth party.  The household was getting read for a headmaster visit, but 5:00 came and went, an no headmaster.  Then I realized that the call for him had been done after midnight.  Eh.  So that meant another day of waiting.

Poor Fred has been a difficult child.  First wishes upon growing up:  Make a friend, become BFF with his dad, buy a lemonade stand, and tell an inside joke.  He was so exhausted when he grew up that he fell on the floor asleep.  The butler the Goths have is worthless.  Went right to bed, so no wishes were filled.

Albert, on the other hand was just hungry.  First wishes upon growing up:  buy a lemonade stand, make a friend, tell an inside joke, buy a toy.  First wish fulfilled, buy a toy.

Of course, Alexander had 'ask sim on date' showing on his wish panel.  and Of ended in woohoo...chimes were heard.  Number 4 is on the way for the Alexander Goth family.  Thank you Risky.

Jessica and Roger Rabbit are grown up, come Friday.   A call was placed to have them sent off to the animal shelter, and Alexander immediately persuaded Josette and Ringo to try for more babies.

Blog hog Gale Lothario (Daughter of Don and Ivy Lothario) came home on the bus with Fred.  I was so glad to see this, if the kid could make a friend, perhaps he could cheer up some.  He rolled to play with, tell a joke to, make friends with Gale.  It worked.  :)

Henry promised to study if his mom and dad would buy him a drum set and a guitar.  So the Knowledge Sim starts his studying journey, fulfilling skilling wishes the whole way.

Saturday dawned with wishes to go fishing, so Henry accompanied the twins Albert and Fred to Peerless Park.  Who should show up but the college guys...Joe Burb and Frank Dreamer, and a college professor.  heh  These guys had gotten in large amounts of fishing here last lot.

Upon returning from the fishing trip with his little brothers, Henry maxes creativity, fulfilling a wish and pouring aspiration points into the coffers.

Fred finally realized there were pets to be ordered around.  Here he commands Ringo Caliente to 'come here'.

In the wee hours on Sunday, a girl is finally born to this Goth family.  :)  Clara.

Henry maxes body.  Yeah. Get rid of the poochy belly.

It was on this day that Alexander had had so many wishes fulfilled, that his lifetime aspiration meter was now full,  he was now in perm plat status.  Still needs to reach is LTW of raise 20 puppies or kittens.

This was largely an uneventful round for the Goths, played mostly on speed 2 and 3.  heh

Ending wishes:

Alexander:  Catch fireflies, catch butterflies, talk about hobbies, and get hobby plaque in nature.  Alexander is now perm plat and throwing lots of nature wishes, once he got Daisy pregnant again.  Before that, it was all about dating and paying attention to Daisy.  I should have known Alexander had tricks up his sleeve.  Alexander had wished for a tent, which was fulfilled, and I thought he could begin sleeping in it to meet his wish for the hobby plaque in nature, but it kept disappearing off the lot along with the energizer.  Ugh.

Daisy:  Play with Clara, buy a baby toy, play with Rainbow (their pet bird she wished for), invite someone over.  At the beginning of the round, she wanted to become a working mom and get a job outside of the house, and held this wish for two days, so the wish was locked in and satisifed.    Aside from all that, she still threw wishes to do things with Alexander, even though he had given her another baby.

Henry - Dance with someone (??)  talk about hobby, see a ghost, and go to Uni.  Knowledge Sim, what more can I say.  Skill, skill, skill, easy peasy.  He  will be going to Uni next round.  Want him to stay in the house for a couple of days next round as it is autumn now, and he can get some good skilling in for scholarships before going to Uni.

Fred - Get cleaning 5, get A+ report card, eat an omelet or pancakes.  Fred had an awfully difficult time at the beginning of the round, being bottomed out in red I am assuming due to Mortimer's death.  Don't really know.  He didn't come out of it until Wednesday, then it was hard just to keep him in gold.  He wanted to order the cats around, and spun up child wishes like spin me around, and call friends.

Albert - Get A+ report card, eat omelets, get creativity 9, and eat pancakes.  He was a skiller.  Once he maxed out cleaning, he started wishing for creativity.  Go to it, kid!

Clara - Infant.

Keep on simmin'!



  1. Poor Fred. Glad he finally came out of his funk. Hope it doesn't mean he's going to have a rough life ahead of him.

  2. Isn't it typical that when you want a job you can never find it and vice versa?! lol.
    I'm liking Alexander's siamese looking kitties.
    So glad Daisy & Alexander got their girl. I've had lots of date requests from some of my simmies- so much for keeping the population down eh?
    Looking forward to seeing how Henry gets on, 'heir to the old moldy Goth Mansion'... made me laugh. :D

  3. Fishing in the park looks nice, and congrats on kitties and baby!

  4. It's probably already there somewhere on your blog, but can you still tell me who Daisy is? (A former townie? born in-game?)
    I always love to see how the various strands of families come together in our different neighbourhoods.

    1. Alexander wishes for her at the wishing well. I think she probably came from Twikki Island.

  5. Those cats are pretty, and very interesting looking. I like them. YAY for a baby girl. I felt bad for Fred, he had such a round time, glad he was able to get out of it finally.