Sunday, August 11, 2013

Veronaville Round 3 - The Capp Mansion

Helloooo Veronaville!   My favorite EA hood ever.  Here we go.

All who live here:  (Plus dogs of various ages)

Consort Capp - Fortune - LTW - Have 5 Top Level Businesses.  Nope.  He already fulfilled "Earn $100,000".  At least he is perm plat.

Beginning wishes:  Tell inside joke to Ariel Capp, get hobby plaque in Games, Abby gets promoted, and earn some money.  First wish fulfilled - earn money (from money tree harvest). 

Renee Capp the Atrociously Evil Witch - Knowledge - LTW - To Become Cheif of Staff.  Um, no.  She is an elder.

Beginning wishes:  Play with stray dog Duke, tell inside joke to husband Tybalt, flirt with Tybalt and tell a joke to Tybalt.  First wish fulfilled:  gained a cooking skill point.

Tybalt Capp - Popularity - LTW - To Have 20 Pet Best Friends.  (ummm maybe)

First wishes:  Meet someone new, be friends with Kimberly Monty, be friends with townie Adrien Lewis, and be best friends forever with townie Geroge Akagi. First wish fulfilled:  Meet someone new

Hermia Capp - Family - LTW - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens.

First wishes:  Get gold in toymaking, dance with Puck, talk to Puck, and go to University.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk to Puck.

It was a bang up start this round, with Tybalt getting demoted at work.  He is lookin' pretty happy here, but it is because he likes seeing snow.

Consort had retired last round, not because he wanted to but because he wanted to play games worse than he wanted to work.  He finally made it to the Zone.  And none to 5:55, the hobby plaque appeared in his inventory, and the gaming dude was on his way to congratulate Consort.

Consort chose this moment to go outside to the family grave yard to greet Grim.  His tombstone fell nicely in line with the rest, and also being the only platinum headstone there.

Consort tried desperately to have top influence at his death, but didn't make it.  He was, however, generous with Capp cash.  Some of this money will be well received.  Buy-bye Consort.

Puck grew up last round. so the couple must wait until Hermia grows up as well for any romantic interaction.  Once she talked to Puck, she threw wishes for the dogs she had...after all she is raising twenty of them.

These wishes included to adopt one:

And so she did.  This is in addition to the puppies that were naturally born on her lot.

Shortly after adopting puppy Haya Monty, Hermia earns the hobby plaque in arts and crafts while working toward the gold toymaking badge. 

The latest group of pups grow up, adding 3 to Hermia's LTW.  Boris was immediately sent off to the animal shelter, as Tybalt had reached BF with him as a puppy, leaving two more to make the friendship grade with Tybalt.

On Wednesday, Hermia had her cake up day.  Up to now her wishes had centered around the dogs.  Now she wants to move out, still get the gold in toymaking (I think that is stuck, she has been making toys like crazy), flirt or get a kitten.

 ACK!  No fashion sense at all...this means a trip to the store.  Just as Hermia grew up, her old witchy sister in law Renee walked into the room, stealing her birthday thunder.
The day after she grew up, Hermia spun up "Ask Sim On Date."  After playing wishes, I know this is a Family Sims' way of saying "Bring me my intended, so I can spin up marriage".  haha.  And so it happened!  I carefully stayed away from romantic interactions during the date to try to avoid it, (I want her to get those dogs raised) but she spun it up anyway during a pillow fight.

Hermia skipped engagement.  She went right for the jugular.....MARRIAGE.  heh  And so it was!  :)  Hermia suggested to Puck that he should move in, and he did, naturally bringing a whopping $1,600 with him.  Oh that's right, the Summerdreams have a mansion, but no money. 

Puck Summerdream - Popularity - LTW - To Become A Celebrity Chef

Upon moving in Puck wished for:

To marry Hermia, give backrub to Hermia, dine out with Hermia, and dance with Hermia. thinks this is a good match.  :)  First wish fulfilled:  Marry Hermia

A quickie marriage was done in the Capp dining room, the two could not wait. 

Mr and Mrs. Puck Summerdream.  :) :) :)

The Summerdreams both spun up 'Go on a tropical vacation' so Puck made the call.  He invited the Capps to come along...Tybalt and Renee, seeing how they didn't go on honeymoon when they got married.  This seemed like a good time for the two couples to bond being that they were sharing living quarters.

Huh?  What a pretty tour guide.  I have a mod in my game that allows the alien features to be randomly chosen for NPCs.  It must have the ears in it too.  I am used to seeing the chunky looking guy for the tour guide.  heh

Hermia wanted to go to the beach and build a sandcastle as soon as they checked in, and Puck took that opportunity to take a picture of Hermia playing in the sand.  Then he somehow managed to rub on some suntan lotion through his wet suit and laid down to sun himself.

Tybalt and Renee joined the hula dancers.  I was pleased to find this right away, usually I have to search and search for the hula.

Dancing over, everyone troops inside the hotel to eat.  This little boy is staring at Hermia, because she pulled a fast one and swiped his plate of food to eat herself. HAHA!  I had never seen a playable do that.

This woman approaches Tybalt for conversation.  Her name is Daisey.  If she looks familiar, bit is because her counterpart in Wishful Thinking in TS2 Pleasantview married Alexander Goth.

In the meantime, as the sun sets Hermia and Puck enjoy some romance on the beach.

Foolish tourists....sitting around the campfire while it hails.  It hailed so hard, that even the fire dancer left the beach and went inside....  (see him in the background..haha)

The happy group finally left the beach, went back to the hotel and witnessed many plates of food being stolen in the dining room.  I guess I never really paid much attention to this, as my Sims usually get room service.  heh  Poor Tybalt had his stolen twice before he got a chance to take a bite on the third order.

After dinner, Tybalt and Renee retired to their room, as did Hermia.  It seems their wishes are pretty generic at this point, hard to fulfill on vacation.  Skill, have parties ect.  So they went around doing vacation type things.  Puck decided to dig for a little treasure, and found it.  He will take that back to Veronaville and give it to his mom.  The Capps certainly don't need it.

Stealing food is rampant.  As soon as Puck's plate hit the table, I was clicking on it for him to eat it.  It was unselectable.  That is because the game already gave it away.  heh  I think everyone will leave the hotel and go out to eat.

And they did just that.  Off to the Majestic Ruins of Jumbok IV they went, being they hadn't visited this attraction on Twiki Island yet.

While there, Puck made an offering to Jumbok, and received this.  A nice little souvenir!

Soon it was time to go back to Veronaville, but not before some.....

beachcombing took place...sometimes nice things were found, sometime not.

A little bit of shopping as well.

It was back to business as usual.  Tybalt resumed making friends with all of Hermia's dogs.  Two more dogs were sent off to the animal shelter once they hit BF status with Tybalt, then the dogs Leroy and Abbey successfully tried for more.

Haya Monty grew up....rrr...oh my...what a errrr...'good' looking dog....heh  She was immediately picked up by animal control, as she and Tybalt were BFs.  A new puppy was adopted to take her place.

On his way to the curb to pick up the new puppy, Tybalt's sister Juliet runs over and picks an argument with him.  Sibling fight!!!!  Tybalt was peeking through the telescope before the new puppy arrived and apparently he was peeking at Juliet.  So.  Juliet has replaced her grandfather as the neighborhood peek-a-boo curmudgeon.

Meet Carlton Monty. This is a pretty nice set up because Hermia gets the LTW points for dogs growing up, and Tybalt gets LTW points for being nice to them and becoming BFs with them. Nice.

Since the two couples arrived home from vacation, the wishes were small easy to fulfill ones, but not high aspiration points.  Talk about about hobby.  Flirt, ect.   Hermia is now waking up and realizing she should be friends with her dogs when it seemed Tybalt was taking over the dog pen by constantly being out there playing, cleaning and feeding.  She wanted to make friends with the new puppy Carlton. 

Since the house is kept filled with dogs, no wishes that usually have an outcome of pregnancy is thrown.  (Ask Sim on Date, ect).  See how it works.....?  heh

On Saturday, Puck threw wishes to do things with the cats back at the Summerdream house.  So he called up his mother Titania and asked her to bring over Snookie and Mr. Huggles. 

Giving love to Mr. Huggles...

And Snookie.  Puck was glad to see the kitties again.

Puck chose this opportunity to give his mother the $5,000 treasure chest he found on vacation, and a second $5,000 treasure chest he dug up a day later.  This cash will come in handy in the Summerdream home.

On Sunday, a new puppy was born, Moneypenny Capp.  (Yeah, watching James Bond on TV).   Tybalt immediately entered the doggie pen to make friends with her.

Monday morning finally rolled around and found Tybalt furiously playing the guitar right outside of the doggie pen.


Renee Capp the Atrociously Evil Witch - Renee is in this family only because Tybalt wished for her last round.  I had not really wanted to play a witch.  However her wishes centered around skills, mostly.  When I wasn't paying attention to her, she could be found sitting on her thrown with needs full.  Smart witch.  Ending wishes:  Be saved from death, win a gaming competition (she had been fulfilling alot of logic by playing chess), get a hand held game, and see a wolf. 

Tybalt Capp - Ending wishes:  Have ten best friends, meet someone new, win a dance contest, and command Abbey to shake.  When Tybalt realized he was going to be made to fulfill his LTW of 20 best pet friends, he began throwing wishes for the dogs.  However they would only net 250 aspiration points into his coffers, thus he stayed in green aspiration much of the time.  On the reverse side, this is pretty good, maybe he won't live to be so long or achieve platinum aspiration before he completes his LTW.

Puck Summerdream - Ending wishes:  Have a good reputation, play the violin, play the bass, and play the drums.  Puck consistently kept the 'have a good reputation' wish which was easy to fulfill by simply telling someone a clean joke.  Being that there are instruments in the courtyard at the Capp mansion, Puck could often be found wishing to play them.

Hermia (Capp) Summerdream - Ending wishes:  Command Abbey to come here and to stay (seems like that would confuse the dog) eat a hamburger, and go fishing.  After Hermia got married and had her first woohoo, she seemed to constantly throw food wishes, as if she were craving.  But being that the house is kept to the brim with dogs, there is no room for a little Summerdream.  She always wanted hamburgers or mac and cheese.  She never did acheive the gold badge in toymaking, and currently has over 40 sit and spins in her inventory.  I think it is stuck.

This has been a fun play with the Capps, I am excited about fulfilling the '20 best pet friends' LTW.  It will be a first time for me.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. A lot going on! I don't think I've ever seen Sims steal each other's dinner plates, must pay attention to that in the future.
    Titania really looks nice with that hairdo.
    How did Hermia and Puck skip engagement? I didn't know it is possible for two Sims to get married without being engaged first.

    1. Yes, Hermia and Puck did have to get engaged before they could marry. It is just that Hermia didn't wish for it. She wished for marriage righta away.

  2. Exciting round! I love Titania's hair btw! :)
    I like Hermia & Puck together- now I may just visit Veronaville again after my last house in Pleasantview! It'll be good to see how we all compare. :)
    Great idea with the dogs fulfilling both Hermia & Tybalt's wishes.
    Consort did well too, good lot of friends.
    No babies maybe but lots of um, interesting looking puppies. heh.

  3. The dogs are....interesting at times. Looks like everyone is doing really nice. It's got to be nice to have 20 puppies LTW with 20 Pet BF's in the same house. I've completed pet best friends once. It took FOREVER! I really dislike that LTW, but it's what Biyu over in Breeze Point wanted.

  4. Puck wants to have 20 pet bf's in my game while Consort wants to have 5 top-level businesses and I forgot what Hermia and Tybalts' LTW's are ;)