Thursday, August 8, 2013

University - Pleasantview Round 5

Here we go, more on University. 


Anna Broke:  Pleasure - LTW to become a Celebrity Chef 

Beginning wishes:  Get in Greek House, woohoo with Joseph Burb, paint a masterpeice, townie Elmer Miguel goes to Uni, and townie Abhijeet Turner goes to Uni.  Anna is the daughter of Dustin and Angela (Pleasant) Broke.  First wish fulfilled:  Woohoo with Joesph. 

Frank Dreamer:  Knowledge - LTW :  Become a Space Pirate.

Beginning wishes:  Three wishes directed toward Mary (Pleasant) Caliente:  play with, flirt with, and tell inside joke to.  Then, he too wishes to get into the Greek house, and he wants his little brother Edward to come to Uni.  Frank and Mary Pleasant shared some dates as teen, seems he still pines for her even though he is engaged to Jane Stacks.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk about hobby.

George Caliente:  Fortune - LTW:  Become A Business Tycoon

Beginning wishes:  Wants to get into Greek house, wants mechanical 7, have a party, talk and earn some money.  He is the son of Nina Caliente and Daniel Pleasant.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk (to William Dreamer) 

Joseph Burb:  Romance - LTW:  Become a Rock God

First wishes:  Be bf with student La Shawn Barakat, get into Greek house, woo hoo with his fiancee Anna Broke, Emma Copur (daughter of Don Lothario and Ivy (Copur) Lothario) comes to Uni and townie Lakshmi Cameron comes to Uni. First wish fulfilled:  Woohoo with Anna.

William Dreamer:  Knowledge - LTW:  Become a Mad Scientist

Starting wishes:  Catch a bug, go bird watching, play the bass, get gold in fishing and graduate with honors.  William is the son of Cassandra (Goth) and Darren Dreamer.  He has not rolled any skilling wishes, being that he is sub GCS as well.  He got on a nature kick last play.  We will see if he loses it this round.  Seems to have no interest in women, but that is fine.  His cousin Henry Goth will inherit the Goth mansion anyway to carry on the Goth name on that location.  First wish fulfilled:  Catch a bug.

This tent on the dorm lot has two functions.  It is there for those to sleep in who are earning points toward the Nature hobby plaque, and it is the official woohoo station.  heh.  As Anna and Joseph get on with fulfilling their first wish, their dorm mates have mixed emotions about this public display of woohoo. 

R.I.P. NPC Noelle Lewis over zealous cheerleader.  She stayed at the dorm for two days straight studying and cheering, apparently she forgot to eat.  Heh  How great to have a ghost on the lot, this will open up new possibilities for game play.  Nobody gave a nod to her passing.  All that is left is an urn in the common area on an end table.

It wasn't long before a new cheerleader showed up to spread school spirit.  And she was more than happy to indulge William's cheesy tales.

Speaking of William.  He had been throwing mostly nature and GCS type wishes.  When, during the first semester of his senior year, he finally throws a skill wish.  It is quickly locked in for future posterity!

After maxing body skills William rolls to max all skills.  It is autumn, and an excellent time to do so!  Notice he has now thrown a couple of wishes more befitting a Knowledge saved from death and see a ghost.  Hopefully Ms. Noelle will make her first haunt befitting William.

 In the meantime, engaged couple Anna Broke and Joseph Burb are kept happy simply by dating once a day via the "Ask Sim On Date" wish, George Caliente still is rolling gaming wishes, and Frank Dreamer is wishing for Music and Dance.  At one point he wanted to invite his fiancee Jane Stacks over, so it was done and a few wishes were filled.

The first one to get into Greek House was Anna Broke, fulfilling a wish.  Yay!

Just as Frank learns lifelong happiness (fulfilling a wish) William maxes cleaning.  Only two skill points away from maxing all!

And Knowledge Sim William Dreamer maxes all skills, fulfilling wishes and gaining nice Prosperity points.

Fellow Romance Sim Marsha Louie keeps stalking Joseph Burb.  She can be found waiting outside of the tent while Joseph and Anna are dating, hanging out in the cafeteria during meals, and will even slip into his bed to sleep while he is elsewhere.  I don't think she can make it any plainer.

Time for Graduation~

Frank Dreamer graduates first.

Frank didn't really attach himself to any one thing.  He wanted to blog about music and dance, play instruments, study, and write his term paper.

OOPS - I didn't get his ending wishes.  However, he did wish for love in his Junior year, and wished for love out of the wishing well.  He received Jane Stacks, who he then became engaged to almost right away.

William Dreamer graduates.

While he waits for the taxi to arrive to take him back to Pleasantview, he makes no bones about the way he feels about Anna Broke, despite her polite send off.

William Dreamer:  Ending wishes:  Go birdwatching, play bass, catch a bug, get gold in fishing, get a job in the medical career, and buy a telescope costing $2,000.  William was all about nature wishes and GCS.  Occasionally threw a skill wish or a music and dance wish.

George Caleinte makes the call for a taxi next.

George is rather stoic as the last two students from Pleasantview at the dorm wave goodbye to him.

George's ending wishes: Get cleaning 8, play a computer game, get a job in Medicene, have a snowball fight, buy a car, and talk to a relative.  George was mostly a gaming fella, although the last year of University he felt the skilling clock ticking and gained a few skill points.

The next stop:  Sim State!

Jane Stacks and her two roomates, Allegra Gorey and Martin Ruben.

I am only actively playing Jane, however I won't let Allegra or Martin die.  heh

Jane is a Family Sim, with a lifetime want to marry off six.  Ugh.  First wishes:  Play with Frank, tell Frank and inside joke, get cooking 4, and flirt with Frank.  Jane is a senior.

Frankly I played this lot on mostly 2 speed, sometimes 3.  I did endeavor to fulfill Jane's wishes which was packed with serve food, talk about hobbies, study mechanical and cooking.  She often kept thought bubbles of having babies and adopting children, typical of a Family Sim.  After the initial wishes for Frank spun away, she only thought of him one more time, and that was to talk to him.

She did spin up wishes to interact with Martin.  He was a good conversationalist. 

This is mostly what went on, on this lot.  Allegra and Martin did do some skilling for class, I did find myself by habit fulfilling their wishes.   They are no longer freshmen, they are now in the second semester of their sophomore year.

In no time Jane graduated and took the taxi back to Pleasantview ready to begin a life with Frank Dreamer.  It will be a while before we actually get to see it though, as the next play will take us to Veronaville to see how the Capps and Montys are getting along.  :)

Ending wishes:  Get mechanical 8, play a computer game, ice skate, talk about hobbies, and learn fire safety.

Keep on Simmin'!


End of round score:


  1. My next stop will be at college, too, so your post sort of set the mood for me :-) (Tina Traveller's first year).
    I am a bit puzzled as to the timeline in your game: Jane Stacks was still at uni, while the Brokes, Dreamers, Calientes etc. already have the next generation of students there. Is that because you only started playing Jane Stacks after she appeared in the Wishing Well, and not when you started the neighbourhood?

    1. You are absolutely correct. I started this style of play only playing the founding EA families in Pleasantview. I considered any other characters to be 'NPCs', which included the playable EA characters in University. None of the NPCs get played unless they are wished for by my playable characters. This is really interesting for me because in the past all my Sims had arranged marriages, disregarding who else they might wish to be with on the side.

  2. Wow, I've never seen an NPC die in college before- awesome fodder for the ghost watchers!
    I'm loving the match up of Jane and Frank and looking forward to seeing Anna & Joseph's life together too.
    Might get around to playing myself this week- been super crazy at work just lately! :)

    1. I had never had that happen either, totally surprised me. She was sitting on the sofa studying, suddenly she got up and ran to the next room, cheered, then did the 'I'm starving' gesture, and down she went. I happened to be on long range view of the lot and saw her run. I zoomed in when she did the gesture...haha....I had a Sim die one time from sitting at a poker table so long. He sat there for a couple of days playing and playing. Finally he got up, keeled over, and he was gone. heh

  3. Wow...never had an NPC die on me before. I didn't even think they could. lol A nice uni round. I am a long way away from playing Jane Stacks, but I do like her little house. Excited to see these couples, although it I'm sure it will be awhile.