Monday, October 14, 2013

Veronaville Round 3 - The Summerdreams - Oberon and Titania

All who live here - Oberon - Knowledge - LTW To Max All Skills. Titania - Family - LTW To Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens. Bottom - Knowledge - Become City Planner. Aelita - Grow Up.

Welcome to the Summerdreams.  I think I like them so much because they like everyone in Veronaville.  They have no argument with anyone, unlike two other families I know.  *AHEM*.

Oberon - Knowlege - LTW - To Max 7 skills.  Beginning wishes:  To max creativity, tell inside joke to Mercutio Monty, and appreciate Antonio Monty and son Puck Summerdream. First wish fulfilled:  Appreciate Puck.

Titania -Family - Raise 20 kitties or puppies.  Beginning wishes:  Scold pet cat Snookie, play with Puck, chat online, or plant a seed. First wish fulfilled:  Plant a seed.

 Bottom - Knowledge - LTW - To Become City Planner.  First wishes:  Go to University, sneak out with Kimberly Monty and (townie) Opal, tell an inside joke.

Aelita - Grow Up - First wishes:  Be friends with and play with Puck, eat lunch meat sandwiches, and get a skill point.  First wish fufilled:  Eat lunch meat sandwiches.

The first thing Titania did was cash in the two treasure chests that Puck gave her.  This poured a cool $10,000 into the coffers.

Oberon earned his hobby in plaque in Arts and Crafts while working to fulfill a wish to get level 10 in Creativity, and while painting a picture of his beautiful wife.

Tuesday morning the social worker showed up.  No one paid much attention her, and finally she left.  Didn't even get out of her vehicle.  Hmmm..

At 3 o'clock she returns, just as Titania returns home from work, and Aelita gets home from school.  What an evil woman.  Titania has no idea what is going on, Aelita has been a happy child, with good grades.

After a stern lecture, the social worker leaves.   Poor Titania is bewildered.  (and so is ASimWen!)

Titania decides not to let Aelita know about the close shave with the social worker.  Aelita was so happy with the A on her report card!  It would do the child no good to know about this event.

In the meantime, Bottom's Knowledge Sim tendencies finally surface. She is throwing wishes for skills, and to learn other things from books. Like Physiology.  She is not thinking about the boys she dated.... Alon Monty (two bolt) or his nephew Benedick Monty (three bolt).

Of course, this meant that she just had to max body came pretty easy after studying Physiology...

Shortly after Bottom's resounding success with maxing body skills, her mom earns her hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts while using the potty wheel.  And what is really more amazing is that she did it while wearing mittens.  Now she wants a gold badge in pottery.  Locked in.

The sisters have fun playing with the cats, especially Aelita.  She throws numerous wishes for daily interaction with the kitties.  During these moments, she has no idea that her mother is going to tell the kittens goodbye as soon as they grow up.

Oberon has put painting on hold for a while to feed the academic side of his brain with a little logic skilling.  In the mean while, Titania hits the energizer before heading off to work.  She is hoping for a promotion on this day.

The same day, the kittens grew up.

Debbie Summerdream
Kari Summerdream
Steve Summerdream
Wow.  These cats are actually good looking.   Oberon gets on the horn and has animal control come and get them before Aelita and Bottom get home from school, and before Titania gets home from work.

Titania arrives home from work, touting the promotion she was hoping for.  She noticed the kittens were gone, and persuaded Mr. Huggles and Snookie to try for more babies.

On Thursday at 10:00 am the Social Worker showed up again to lecture Titania.  This was becoming routine.  Except this time it didn't sound like an empty threat.

She left right away.

She visited the Summerdream house again at 1:00 when Bottom got home from school with the same threat.  However at 3:00 when Aelita arrived home from school Ms. Social Worker did not come at all.  The Summerdreams were at a loss as to why she kept showing up in their happy home.

The next morning Bottom hit the energizer before leaving for school after a night of piano playing to get creativity skills she had been wishing for.  Todd Gergis dropped by to give her a hobby plaque for her hard work.

Friday Titania finally earned her gold badge in pottery.  In between throwing clay, spending time with Oberon doing the simple things like hugging, telling jokes, and having tickle fights kept her going strong.

Mr. Huggles the cat thought maybe he would get  a hug or two from Titania now that she was through with the pottery wheel.

The same day Aelita reached a milestone as well, and had a birthday.  She aspired to be a Family Sim like her mother.  But unlike her mother, she does not want to raise 20 puppies or kittens, *whew*  She wants to graduate three children from college. 

Wishes upon growing up:  Buy a handheld game or an mp3 player, meet someone new and flirt.  First wish fulfilled:  meet someone new.

It was also Cam and Gloria Summerdream's birthday.  Two more for Titania's LTW!

Aelita goes to the mirror for a make over and chooses a cute ponytail to go with the poodle skirt she aged up in to.  She also chose some face paint as does every member of the Summerdream family.

On Saturday she wanted some new clothes so she went to H&M Veronaville, formerly owned by Consort Capp.  She came away with a new short/tank top outfit, and new pajamas.

Oberon being as good a Knowledge Sim as he can be only wishes to skill.  Titania has to pull him away from his books for attention.  On this day, Saturday, he learns all he has in his library about cooking.

The following day on Sunday, and he received a hobby plaque in cooking from Warren Owens.  Cuisine was his one true hobby.

Chef Owens then left the Summerdream home muttering "Well, that was a passable experience...."  ??

In the mean time, Titania was called out on an outing, by Chef Owens.  Who did not show up downtown leaving Titania by herself for the outing.  Heh.  Passable.

Titania uses this opportunity to meet some new friends.  This is Lydia Sims.  She really liked Lydia's last name. 

She took her picture in the photo booth.

Scored a free computer when she said hello to Jaun Patch.

Met Gina Johnson the Infallibly Good Witch who was very nice and tactfully whispered to Titania that she should shower if she wanted to make any more friends.  At this point, Titania slinks home and hits the shower.

Bottom had been feeding her Knowledge Sim self and had been skilling like crazy.  The desire to attend University flipped in and out constantly.  She will be attending.

Poor Aelita passes out from heat stroke, while standing up in the bathroom.  She had been gardening all day in the huge Summerdream yard in the heat of summer to gain nature enthusiasm. 

Her father saves the day, and douses her with cold water rousing her awake.  She did earn 4 points in nature enthusiasm.

After her close brush with certian Sim death, and after she cooled off, Aelita decided she wanted to try for the Garden Club.  That will happen on another day was late Sunday night by this time.

And we end our visit with the Summerdream home with Bottom heading off to University.


Oberon:  Really fun to play this round.  He won the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts and Cuisine, then spent his time wearing the thinking cap and skilling.  What an easy *and productive* play for Oberon.  He stargazed alot, and I was hoping that he would get abducted, but it did not happen.  Ending wishes:  Aelita gets scholarship, serve food, max logic skill, talk about hobby.

Titania:  Won the hobby plaque in Arts and crafts, earned the gold badge in pottery and reached TOC in the Slacker career. Titania wished for lots of interaction with Oberon, didn't think about the kids much or the cats.  Ending wishes:  Make a piece of pottery, get logic 1, blog about arts and crafts, and talk about hobby.

Bottom:  Earned hobby plaque in Music and Dance.  I failed to get her ending wishes before she left for University, but one of them was 'attend University' which was locked in.  Bottom wanted to skill, skill, skill.  What more can I say.

Aelita:  I really was afraid the Social Worker was gonna catch up with Aelita and take her.  I don't know why she kept coming around, and I don't know why Chef Owens complained about a poor outing with Titania before he even went out with her.  I hope the Summerdream house is not getting borked.  As a child Aelita wished for interactions with the cats, and other child like wishes like 'swing me around'.  However as a teen she started with 'flirt', 'kiss' and such for her Family Sim self.  I failed to fulfill any of those for her.  All the more reason for the Summerdreams to earn a wishing well next round.

I want to mention that Pinstar and his wife ImaginingMystic are active in the Sim community once more.  ImaginingMystic has started a Legacy blog here

Anyway, have fun everyone, and keep on Simming!



  1. Thank you for mentioning the legacy blog, I am going to have a look at that for sure!
    That was a fun and really productive update. Odd stuff about the Social Worker and the Chef. It does indeed sound as if the lot is getting corrupted.
    Interesting to see that a Sim can indeed have the wish to join the Garden Club. I have seen that in my game, but probably because my Sims are very rarely nature enthusiasts (unlike me in real life!). Loved the picture of the two cats, and Titania really is very beautiful.

  2. Aww, this was great- if a little weird. Thank goodness Aelita grew up before the pesky social worker took her away!
    Truth be told my Veronaville is now unplayable- All the newest toddlers have LTW's which I know is a very bad sign of corruption in the 'hood. I've got sims that have disappeared and even after putting in an older save nothing has helped. I've read that the pre-mades are pretty corrupted in this hood which appears to be true in my case). I have another plan though, just got to finish my last house in Pleasantview before I reveal it. :)

  3. Sounds like a very productive round here, though hope all the weirdness isn't signs of the production of corruption in your 'hood.

  4. Man, what a crazy round with the social worker. Like all the others, I hope it doesn't spell disaster for this hood. It was a great round, very productive.