Sunday, December 8, 2013

Veronaville Round 3 Monty/Capp - Kent and Bianca Capp

All who live here:  Kent Capp - Knowledge LTW Become A  Game Designer, Bianca (Monty) - Family - Raise 20 Kittens or Puppies, twins Avery and Erlina - Grow up. Various cats.

Here we are in  another house with a raise 20 pet want.  Eh. 

ASimWen: HiYa Kent.
Kent:  Hi ASimWen.  Howzit goin'?
ASimWen:  Fine.  Hey Kent, I thought it was your wife that wanted to add puppies and kittens to the family.  You are showing wishes for them.
Kent:  I know.  I just want Bianca to know I am on her side.  Liking the same things she does, and all.  If you notice, I also want to work out, and bring my dad back from the dead.
ASimWen:  Good luck with that, Kent.  Do you know the Grim Reaper?  He can help you with that last one.
Kent:  No, I sure don't.  Really?  How can he help?
ASimWen:  Get a job in Paranormal, and that's all I'm going to say.
Kent:  Thanks for the tip, ASimWen!
ASimWen:  Do you really wanna bring you dad back from the grave, Kent?
Kent:  Not really.

Bianca:  You better not bring your dad back from the dead, Kent!
ASimWen:  Woah!  Good morning, Bianca!
Bianca:  Hey ASimWen.   You hear me, Kent!  If you carry through with this scheme to bring your dad back I will spend more time on the phone talking to and entertaining people.  Now come here.  I want to woohoo.
ASimWen:  Okey dokey then.  *ASimWen backs out of the room smiling awkardly*
(First wish fulfilled:  Woohoo in bed)

ASimWen:  Hi Erlina, you cutie, you!
Erlina:  *Toddler Babble* translated:  I want skills in charisma, logic and creativity, and to grow up well.  First wish fulfilled:  Logic skill.

ASimWen:  Hey there, pardner.
Avery:  *blah, blah, blah* translated:  I want to skill in charisma and to get charisma 1, want to learn a nursey rhyme and to grow up well. First wish fulfilled:  Be snuggled by Kent.

Tuesday was a rough day for the twins, and it was also their birthday.

Erlina passed out from exhaustion, could not get the butler to pay attention to her to put her to bed.  But eventually he did so.

Then Avery began begging for bed.  He didn't make it to bed before he passed out as well.  By the time the butler put Avery to bed, Erlina was already awake, Bianca was home from work, and let her out of bed.

Ugh, okay, upon growing up she kept the same hair style she was born with.  I lived with it for a while but  by now I could clearly see this was not for her.

Much better.  :-)

Wishes upon growing up:  Get mechanical 7, make friends with townie Greg Custer, get electronics, tell an inside joke.  First wish fulfilled:  Get mechanical 7.

After his father arrived home, Avery grew up as well with townie Greg Custer in attendance.

Wishes upon growing up:  Get charisma 3, make a friend, buy a piano and a bird cage.  First wish fulfilled:  buy a piano.

After the twins grew up, Bianca and Kent got around to fulfilling a few wishes of their own and that was to have a date.  This ended with a smug look on Kent's face, as the sound of chimes floated through the bedroom.  I honestly did not think that this would happen, being that there were 5 cats on the lot, and four humans.  But Risky had her own ideas.

Upon growing up, Avery started throwing wishes to boss the cats around.  Duke is more than happy to oblige.

Wednesday Kent threw a wish to win a cooking contest, so off to Sue's Kitchen he and Bianca went.

Kent was up against Miranda (Capp) Monty, Chef Owens, and the barkeep Benjamin London.  Kent sure has a dreamy look in his eyes, perhaps he is dreaming about winning that blue ribbon!

And da winnah is!!!!  Gee, that look on Miranda's face is priceless.  This is another wish fulfilled for Kent!   And, blue ribbon number 5 for cooking.

After the contest was over, Kent and Bianca sat down to enjoy lobster and salmon.  Yum!  Then they returned home after a nice afternoon out, fulfilling wishes for the entire day, as Bianca spun up a wish to date as soon as they stepped foot on the community lot.

Baby Capp number 3 makes him/herself known.  Why Bianca, you look surprised.  No need to be, this is a result of all those dating wishes you throw.

Kent threw a wish for a hot tub, so a back deck was built onto the house, and the hot tub installed.

Bianca received a call to go on an outing which was not a roaring success, but it was 'fun' and the others in the group thanked her for attending. They went to Peerless Park, as Bianca was harboring a wish to go fishing.

I don't think I have ever seen so many Sims fishing at the same time.

The next crop have kittens have grown up, and sent off to animal control.  So far, 6 down, 14 to go for Bianca's LTW.

After a nice date with Kent outside in the yard during middle of the summer, (to fulfill wishes)  Bianca goes into labor in true Sim fashion, in the bathroom.  heh

A little girl named Zena is born.  She has her dad's light skintone, and her mother's brown hair.

The next day was Saturday, and Bianca took to her bed after having Zena.  Kent observed the butler wasn't of much help in serving burned toaster pastries, so he took Avery and Erlina fishing at the park as they had been wishing all week to get out of the house to fish.

And fish they did, fulfilling wishes all around.  Kent's attetion then turned to the pile of boards at the park where he lit a bonfire.

Avery had a hankering to roast marshmallows.  What fun the kids had with their dad at the park!

That night Kent got a promotion at work to Game Designer, and reached the top of his field.  Good for Kent!  His new LTW:  Become Chief of staff.  What an about face from playing video games to being a surgeon. heh This fulfilled a nice wish for Kent.

On Sunday Erlina awoke and had omelets with her family, and developed a belly.  She had been throwing wishes all week to jump rope before school, and returned to the rope to try to melt the belly fat.  While working on the wished for 9th body skill point, the gym guy stopped by and gave her membership to the local gym.  By now Elrina is up to 'hard' jump roping, but jumping at this rate does not seem to make the fat melt any faster.  Sounds like the dilemma ASimWen has in real life.  ;)

The Capps had been unable to get Duke and Zara to mate again.  As soon as the kittens were born they fought constantly and had developed a -45 attraction.  Okay...buh-bye breeders.

The end of the week on Sunday finds the Capps lounging about the house in their pajamas, and eating delicious grilled rainbow trout caught the day before on the fishing trip.  Avery is telling some tale about aliens, to everyone's delight.


It took me a while to play this lot, as real life is taking over more and more for me.  So really I have been working on this for about a month.  Ha.  So here is the summary, as much as I can remember.

Kent was extremely difficult in fulfilling wishes toward the begining of the week, he was throwing 'get fit' and such.  He didn't get any wishes fulfilled for two days when the lot was first opened.  Once he got his hot tub and 'got fit' everything started rolling better for him.  Have a good reputation, talk about hobbies, ect.

Bianca wanted to date, date, date.  Enough said, she was an easy play.

Avery and Erlina rolled the typical kids stuff....go fishing, make friends, jump rope, get an A report card, command the cats around.

Ending wishes:

Kent:  Ask sim on a date, serve food, talk about hobbies, and have a good reputation.

Bianca:  As sim on a date, have a good reputation, learn about parenting, and catch a bug.

Avery:  Be best friends with cousin Elgar Capp and townie Gwyneth Merry.  Command Duke the cat to Come Here and Sit Up.

Erlina:  Command Zara and Duke to Come here, command Duke to Sit Up, and gain a skill point.

Zena:  Infant.

Have happy holidays, and keep on simmin'!  Or as we say in the ASimWen household...Merry Christmas, have a happy New Year. 


  1. This was a great round, I so love to see Sim-family life!
    Every time one of my Sims has the wish to have a good reputation, it is a Sim who already has the best possible reputation, and the wish remains unfulfulled even though it should be fulfilled, so I guess that is a bug in the game. Or does that happen only in my game?

    1. The way to fulfill the have A Good Reputation wish is to have the Sim wishing it to go to another Sim he/she knows well and tell a joke. If the Sim receiving the joke has a good reaction to it, the wish if fulfilled and the Sim harboring the wish gets 5,000 aspiration points.

    2. Cool! Thank you! So it has not much to do with the actual reputation a Sim has already built up.

  2. Another great round and very amusing narration. :)
    So glad Bianca and Kent had another baby, lots of kids and kitties.

  3. Busy busy household here. Too bad the cats decided to hate each other, but I'm sure there will be plenty more to come from others. I loved the day with the kids at the park. It makes me think I should put a bonfire area on my lake lots. I love seeing so many people fish....I get those some days during my "Saturday at the lake" days. I honestly think the more families who go on certain days, the busier those days get. I have families go on Saturday and people are in and out all the time. I had a family go on Sunday and the lake was a ghost town. Might be a fluke, but it was strange.