Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Dustin and Angela (Pleasant) Broke Lot

All Who Live Here:

Dustin Broke:  Fortune - LTW Graduate 3 from College.  Hm.  Odd. Oh wait, his secondary aspiration is Family.  Well, we won't be meeting that neighborhood bloating LTW.  He has already met:  Became Hand of Posiedon, Achieved 5 Top Ranked Businesses, and Became a Prestidigitator.

Starting wishes:  Meet someone new, make some money, be friends with Rose Mamuyac, be friends with Dongsool Wren, resurrect Leo Wilkie (just died on the prior lot), and be friends with Clarence Pleasant, son of Lilith Pleasant.

Angela (Pleasant) Broke:  Popularity - LTW become A Space Pirate.  She has already met:  became a Media Magnate, became City Planner, and became World Class Ballet Dancer.

Starting wishes:  Have a party, see a wolf, play with, tell an inside joke, make a BFF, and reach top of Adventurer career.  First wish met:  tell inside joke.

Their daughter Anna is away at University, apparently. heh  My my my...their house is stuffed with career rewards.

Upon opening the lot, this is what the Brokes were doing.  heh  It is only an hour before Angela's ride comes for work so a quick inside joke was told to get the first wish satisfied.  Dustin decided to take a seat at the computer to try to chat up someone he didn't already know so he could meet someone new. 

Ahhh the spinning tombstone.  This one is for Leo Wilkie, the guy he wants to resurrect.  No wonder Dustin wants to bring him back.  Money money money!  Angela has a memory of her grandma Coral dying, but apparently Coral didn't leave her any money.  Sad.  Not like the Brokes need it, they are doing pretty well financially.

Both of these guys are perm plat and per my personal rules, I don't need to control them.  But they are the only ones on the lot.  hmmmm...So okay here is what I will do.  I will control them to do things, but not to take care of their own needs.  :)  Thus, I will push these guys to earn hobby plaques.  They have 4 or 5 already, might as well complete the collection for Prosperity points~!

Angela  headed off to work, and Dustin is spending his time being really productive here.  Hmmmm.  Looks like he is bored, bored bored.  Well, relaxing on the back deck close to the orchard can't be a bad thing.

Yes, get to work on harvesting the fruits of your labors.  You have many apples, lemons, and oranges to harvest.  You should also get things ready in the house.  It is Angela's birthday.

Angela returned home from work with a promotion to International Sim of Mystery. It won't be long before she is a Space Pirate. Dustin had already called out for folks to come to the party. Lilith came, as well as Dustin's younger brothers Beau and Charles, along with their (pregnant) wives.

Dang you are looking a little washed out, Angela. A turn at the mirror could put a little color in your cheeks.

Dustin attended the party in his pajamas. Oh looky, Anna made it home from college to attend her mom's party. She is certainly a lovely girl. She grabs this opportunity to have a nice chat with her dad, Dustin.  Beau being the ever the perfect Romance Sim, ogles his wife Brenda who is pregnant with their third child.  The sisters Angela and Lilith who used to feud so much now spend their time serenely watching their family interact instead of creating havoc at this family gathering.

Anna takes this opportunity to tell her dad about her engagement to Joseph Burb.  (dang, I had to go back to August of 2013 to see why she was talking about engagement.  To refresh your memory read it here. )  In the background Dustin and Angela's sister in law Frances is exercising at the ballet barre to keep in shape with the new little one on the way.  She is married to Charles, the baby Brandi Broke is pregnant with when the neighborhood is first opened.

Much better. :-)

Anna also gets a nice chat in with her mother, and the two have a good time doing the Sims University cheer.  Angela confirms that Anna will be moving back home when she graduates.

The party was a roof raiser, certainly a party to remember for years to come!  No pictures of Charles, he seemed to disappear right after the party started.

Now that the party is over, it is time to get busy on the hobby plaques.  Dustin already had a good start on Film and Literature, so got busy writing a book.  Almost immediately he received the membership card.

Angela had the day off from work after her party, so started studying up more on cooking.

The first of many books to come.  I have no idea why the trimming lines are still there around the text.  Oh well.  :-)

After a day of studying, Angela earns the hobby plaque in Cuisine.  Her thoughts then turned to what she could earn next.  Why, why not set up a sewing machine in the nursery?  She thought it would be great to learn to sew clothes, and pictured herself making Anna's wedding gown.

And "sew" it was!

At last Dustin was able to tear himself away from the computer!  The Film and Literature hobby plaque was his!  Next he decided to work toward:

The Science plaque.  Yeah!

Way to go Angela.  Since you are a Space Pirate, what are you going to do now?  Earn a gold badge in sewing, and the Arts and Crafts hobby plaque?  OKAY!  :)  (I can't help it, I get excited for my Sims).  That is four careers now Angela has worked her way to the top.  New LTW:  Own 5 Top Level Businesses.  No.  That I can't get excited about.  Angela immediately retired to have time to sew.

Late Friday evening Dustin earned the Science plaque.  Good job!  It is a wonder he didn't get abducted.  by this time Angela was up to a silver badge in sewing.

Oh but wait...

Shortly after, the gold badge appeared.

Then while trying on a new outfit she had sewn, she was awarded the hobby plaque in arts and crafts.  Way to go Angela!

Come Sunday around noon Angela and Dustin were working on their last plaques.  Can you tell by looking at the picture what they have left to get the complete collection?  :-)

Yeah Angela!  Fitness!

 And Dustin gets the Sports plaque.  By this time it is 1:45 am Monday morning, this week with the Brokes are nearly over.  In order to work in all these plaques, the Brokes would just hit the energizer when they grew tired working for the plaques.  Yes, ASimWen was a slave driver.  This is the first time I have ever had a house with all the plaques.

Not going to bother posting ending wishes, as these guys did not have any wishes filled since they are perm plat.

These are all the plaques in the Broke house.  All the ones on the left are Angela's and the ones on the right are Dustin and Anna's.  Anna has the nature plaque, all the rest are Dustin's. 

Until next time.....keep on Simmin'!



  1. what to do with elder sims who are on perma plat not a lot but getting their hobby plagues was good idea, keeps you entertained and something for them to do. You're getting right back into sims 2.

    1. Having fun playing, that is for sure! thank you for following along. :-)

  2. Wow!! Your elders certainly know no boredom! The picture of Dustin in the orchard made me remember that I still haven't got any wishing wells in New Maximiliania. Maybe someone will actually be able to get one before the round is over - if I remember!!
    Angela really looks nice as an elder after her makeover. I like the outfit she's wearing when she receives her hobby plaque for sewing.

    1. I made a blog entry for How To Win The Wishing Well. Just look under all the blogs I have at Blogger. :-) Angela thanks you for the compliment. :-)

  3. Well done Wen- I've never had one house get all the plaques before! Way to make those Elders pass the time productively. :)
    As an aside the portrait in one of the first pictures here made me think of The Fat Lady. :D

    1. Ha yea! I never thought about that painting like that! In fact I forgot it was hanging up there until I threw up the walls to take the picture.

      Getting all the plaques gets a lot of points for Prosperity, I just might reserve that for the elders to do when they retire to take care of the grandbabies. :-)

  4. Nice to see that someone besides myself plays Sims2. I have been falling behind on blogging, though... :)

    1. Yeah, I love this game...I guess because I attach a lot of fond memories to it. I do play TS3 and 4, but don't like them enough to really get into blogging. Please blog! Gotta keep TS2 going!

  5. Wow, that is a lot of plaques. I've never been able to do that yet, but maybe some day. I have been so far out of playing, but now that I have a new computer and ensured TS2 works (although I can't get it work in windowed mode anymore) I will start playing again. I miss it, and love that you also get excited for your sims. I never got attached to the sims in 3 like I do in 2. :)

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