Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Brandi (Broke) Ebadi, Tyson Ebadi

All who live here:

Brandi (Broke) Ebadi:  Family Sim - LTW Raise 20 puppies or kittens.  Perm plat.

First wishes:  Have a grandchild, learn parenting, get silver in toymaking, and relative gets married.  Her wishes spun as soon as I took the game off pause.  First wish fulfilled:  Ask Sim on date.

Tyson Ebadi:  Fortune Sim - Have six pets reach TOC.  Tyson has already reached his first LTW of becoming a criminal mastermind.  Perm plat.  First wish fulfilled:  Slow dance with Brandi. 

First wishes:  Meet someone new, get a skill point, make some money, go swimming.

The Broke House

This is a smart one floor rancher.  I am extremely partial to this lot, it is in every single neighborhood I play. I built this house, using a layout I found in a magazine.  I built it for Xuan Robbins and his wife Joy in Prosperity Falls.  If you would like to have it for your game, it is downloadable here.  I am not sure but I think the version I have for download has an 'invisible garbage pile' in the living can be gotten rid of with Pescado's lot debugger.  It really isn't hard to play with that in there, but Sims constantly complain about it.  If you download it, you will find nice things in it left behind by Xuan.  :)

And here is the floor plan.  As you can see, the car has to stay parked in the driveway, as the garage is full of Brandi's pet supplies, and skilling machines.  Man looking at this I realize when I left the lot last time, it was left a mess!!!!  haha

Brandi went off to work in the criminal field as soon as the lot opened. She never would have worked in that field, except Tyson worked as a criminal mastermind, so she wanted to be one too.  Don Lothario came home from work with her and caught on right away to the fact Brandi had a dog farm, just by taking a whiff.  haha.

On Tuesday, puppy Chiquita was born.

Another one for Brandi's LTW, but this pup has to hang around and grow up.

Also on Tuesday, Brandi received the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts, her one true hobby.  She was actually on a quest to get a gold badge in toy making so she could make water wigglers for the dogs to play in to keep clean.  Other than that, what else is a Sim to do when they are perm plat, elderly, and no kids at home to raise?  Work on hobbies.

Come Wednesday I finally get the idea to have Tyson turn on the cleaning bot.  Of course it breaks down, but Tyson has 10 Mechanical, so he is always around to fix it.

Finally some of these pups grew up.  Tyson gets on the horn to have them taken to the shelter.  When the two dogs and their mother were carted away, Tyson decided to adopt puppies so as to bypass time wasted with gestation.  However there were no puppies for adoption; so three kittens it was.  Ann Goth, Jim Caliente, and Nora Lothario joined the household.

After all the animal shelter hoopla was over, Tyson put some time into the garden.

Suzie gave this kitten some momma type attention.  Aww.  Suzie is too old to have any more puppies.  She had ten in her lifetime.  Her mate Jake is already an elder; ASimWen was torn between sending the elders to the shelter in favor of opening up more adoption slots to help Brandi get her LTW, or "doing the right thing" and letting them live out their life with Brandi and Tyson, to whom they made a great service.  They stayed.  According to calculations, Brandi has seen 12 dogs actually grow up.  Add the puppy and the three kittens on the lot, that makes 16.  She won't see her LTW this round, and will have to take at least one hit of elixir.  She should see it next round.  What will happen then to the Broke house?  Well, there is a Broke living in the original homestead house trailer (Charles) so it just may go bye bye off the play list.  Tyson is only 63 and has a lot of life to go, so....hmmmm.  ASimWen will have to figure out what to do with him.

Jake decides to try his hand at chewing up the cleanbot.  heh.  He didn't manage to make a dent in it.

The three adopted cats grow up and are shipped off to the animal shelter.  Three more are brought in.  This means that Brandi will meet her LTW next round, and will have her Grim party besides.  She has taken two hits of elixir.

The round ends with Tyson scoring the gold badge in pottery making.  Go you, Tyson!


I had a tough time getting TS2 to work on my machine, it continued to crash on load up.  I played TS3 for a while and made a lot of headway there with the Cartwright family.  I decided to give TS2 another go and see if it would boot up.  Nope.  There seemed to be something actually wrong with the CD drive in my laptop.  I took out the TS3 disc and put in the TS2 disc and just got a peculiar clicking sound. Oh noes!  the disc wouldn't eject either.  Well, I managed to get the laptop to reboot.

The game did finally start, but was very slow doing so.  I don't know what is going on, but hope that a new drive is not in my future.

Tyson:  Ending wishes:  Talk about hobby, blog about arts and crafts, go hiking, and gain a skill point.  Tyson always held a wish to get at that pottery wheel, and finally did manage the gold badge.  Other than that, being perm plat not much wish fulfilling went on but his wish panel always had hobby type wishes in it.

Brandi:  Ending wishes:  Relative gets married, Jake learns to roll over, buy a train set and get a grandchild.  Brandi is still rolling family wishes along with pet wishes.  She unclogged one toilet and all of a sudden she wants a train set.  As mentioned a minute ago, she will see her Grim party next round, and I am glad of it.  I am looking foward to a lot falling off the play list.  thinking about killing off Tyson..but dunno.

Anyhoo, off to update my Prosperity score sheet for this couple, they will add lots of points!

Have fun, and keep on Simming!



  1. It very much sounds like your laptop does indeed want a new drive. That clicking sound is very "telling"!
    Good round - I hope Tyson will soon be able to make water wrigglers, they are the best thing since sliced bread for any household with dogs.
    I like the house, it really looks highly "playable", and I can understand why you want to have it in each neighbourhood you play.

  2. I'm so glad you got to play! It's a pain when things need upgrading but well worth it I think, ;)
    I like Brandi's house, am going to download it.
    They had a good round with all the new-born's and additions. It's a hard wish to fulfil for sure.

  3. Love the house, I might have to go download it. :) This family has done very well for themselves and deserve to have the simple elderhood they currently have. Lots of kitties and puppies growing up, and I LOVED that sweet interaction between Suzi and the kitten. So cute. I'm glad you kept the two elder dogs, they should be able to go in peace where their home was. :)