Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Dirk and Nichole Dreamer

All who live here:  Dirk and teen townie Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer, alien son Edward (Eddie) Dreamer, son Frank Dreamer and his wished for Uni love Jane Stacks, and Samuel Dreamer, born to Dirk and Nichole last round.  Then of course there are two cats.

Dirk Dreamer  - Fortune, LTW and the platinum life was met long ago when he became a Hall of Famer.  He has since reached the top of Education, and became The Law.  He currently wishes to become a Space Pirate.

First wishes:  Grow up well, tell joke to Emma Copur (Don and Ivy Lothario's daugther), hustle pool, appreciate-talk to-win a game against Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie.

Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer - Fortune, went solid platinum long ago when she became a Criminal Mastermind.  She has since become a Business Tycoon and currently wants to become a Hall of Famer.

First wishes:  Sell a great novel, grow up well, become a Hall of famer, cat Ginger gets a job in Security, Ginger gets a job, and cat Andy gets a job.  First wish:  Ginger gets a job.

Their son Frank Dreamer - Knowledge - LTW - Become a Space Pirate.  Frank is already perm platinum having maxed 7 skills.

First wishes:  Ginger gets a job - in security - in show biz - and be friends with, be friends with Margaret Caliente.  And the one wish there with the burglar....See Ghost of Jessica Ebadi.  Frank held this wish for his entire childhood, (locked in)  I finally unlocked it when he went off to college.  Now it is back.  Long ago Jessica robbed the Dreamer house, then via a diabolical plan was eaten by the cowplant.  Her grave resides in the Dreamer yard.  Perhaps she will haunt, and Frank's long held wish can be realized.  First wish fulfilled - Ginger gets job.

Jane Stacks - Family - LTW -  Marry off Six Children

Okay, so I don't know why she only has 5 wish slots instead of six.  I played her through University without cheating. heh

First wishes:  Get mechanical 8, be friends with Nichole, Dirk, Andy and  Ginger.  First wish fulfilled:  Get mechanical 8.

Eddie Dreamer - Pleasure - LTW - Become a Game Designer

First wishes:  Gain a skill point, be BFF with Margaret Caliente, go to University, and have 5 first dates.  First wish fulfilled after school, go to community lot.

Samuel Dreamer - Toddler

First wishes:  Be snuggled, tickled, and read to; get a skill point.

The House:

It is the original Dreamer home.

Oops, forgot to trim the edges.  heh  Here you see Frank and Jane getting ready to kiss.

I had left the house pretty much the way it was when the lot was first opened as a new play 6 rounds ago.  However I realized I needed to change up things and get another bedroom in there.  So here it is.

First floor.  Not much different.

The crowded back yard.  An overgrown garden, the cow plant, and the grave yard, along with some skilling rewards.

The graves belong to Darleen Dreamer, Ti Ning Dalton, and Jessica Ebadi.  Ti Ning was an unfortunate passer by who couldn't resist the cow cake.

Dirk and Nichole immediately headed off to work, and Frank hopped on the computer to take care of business.  Well what do you know.  Frank's desired job came up first thing.  Looks like he will be perm plat soon.

The second order of business was to fulfill some pet wishes by getting Ginger a job.  Not like the Dreamers need money. heh

Eddie returned from school with friend Biff Bansfield in tow.  The boys decided to take a trip to town, fulfilling a wish for Eddie to go downtown.

The boys get a gyro.....

Eddie freestyled for tips, fulfilling a wish....

Eddie then felt like he would like to show a bit of music prowess by preforming music for tips.  The boys decide to visit My Muse...however Biff realized his wallet had been picked.

The boys decided to worry about the wallet later. Eddie realized his wish by winning some simoleons playing the piano, and the outing was 'fun'. I guess Biff had some money in his pocket to tip here, after all his wallet was stolen on the last lot. Eddie managed to get all his wishes fulfilled this day.

Nichole reaches another LTW the same day, fulfilling a wish.  New LTW - Become a Mad Scientist.

To celebrate, she decided to become friends with her future daughter in law.

This fulfilled a wish for Jane.  She wants to become friend with everyone in the Dreamer household.

Time to win a skill point to make the wishes spin again, might as well be a body point.  It is needed.

Happy birthday Nichole!!!


Same to you too, Dirk!

Samuel aka Sammy realized a wish to learn a nursery rhyme with the help of his dad. 

On Tuesday the Dreamers decided to try for the Wishing Well, (prosperity points) even though the garden was not in good shape.  That is the only reason ASimWen can think of for the start of the garden itself last round.  The best thing about this Garden Club inspection....

was...that the cowplant was full. There were many negative comments about the bad condition of some of the plants. But the full cowplant generated mega points, making up for the pathetic tomato plants.

This day was also Sammy's birthday.  

Strange but I kept playing Sammy like he was Frank and Jane's boy  hehe  First wishes:  Be BFF with his mom Nichole, make a friend, buy a game and buy a bird cage.  First wish:  Buy a game.

What luck!  Naturally since there was a birthday today, the ghosts came out to haunt.  Knowledge Sim Frank finally sees Jessica's ghost after years and years of wishing for it.  Doesn't he look happy?

Ginger the cat gives birth to Lionel and Kim.  They were immediately shipped off the the shelter to be raised in the future by a Sim who wishes to raise 20.

After Jane fulfilled two wishes to talk about hobby and play computer games she finally started rolling wishes to do things with Frank.  Classic dance.  It just so happened that Frank was wishing to dance with someone.  That someone was Jane.

Wednesday saw Eddie wishing to ask a Sim out on a date when he came home from school. What an excellent excuse to put the wishing well to work. He wished for romance and received Debbie Olshfski. He immediately asked her out on a date and easily fulfilled five for the day.

For Sammy the after school wish activity was to make friends with Annie Jordan, daughter of Plantsim Sharon and Brian Jordon.  She came home on the bus with him.

Just as Frank was heading out the door after accepting an invitation to go downtown, Jane learns how to fight fires, fulfilling a wish.

Frank took his friends to Peerless Park and cooked hot dogs for everyone.  I wonder what he sees up there in the sky???  Anyhow, after chowing down, it was over to the fishing hole as he was showing a wish to fish.  The outing was 'fun'.

Eddie has found that the wishing well is an endless resource for fulfilling his wishes to date different girls. This time his date is with Lakshmi Cameron, who was known to  also date Joey Burb.  Easy peasy getting five wishes a day.

To prove Frank had a great outing with his Uni buddies, Aiyana Grove left a bouquet of sunflowers for him. 

*game crash*

This time she left a potted plant.  Heh.

By now it is Friday in the wee hours, and Jane and Frank realize they have not wed yet.  ASimWen starts thinking about making an honest woman out of Jane.

Wooo Friday Lakshmi calls Eddie out a date downtown, and the two decide to go to the 50s Diner.

They had a good time playing pool, ect.  Finally Eddie made his move and asked Lakshmi if she would dance with him, a slow dance at that.  Little did he know that Emma Copur's little sister Gayle Lothario was there, and saw the whole thing.  Emma and Eddie had a couple of dates at the Lothario home.  Gayle saw Eddie as cheating on Emma.  There may be fireworks in the future!

The date rated 'dream' and Eddie headed home, a happy guy.

Annie came home with Sammy again on Friday, which was a good thing because he was harboring a wish to be bf with her, and it was easily achieved. Sam also wished to make friends with Annie's cousin Alice, which he did so later over the phone.

Saturday was Wedding Day for Jane and Frank.  The happy couple decided to have the wedding party early in the day, as Frank had to go to work in the afternoon. He was sure he was going to get promoted to Space Pirate.  The wish was locked in.

The wedding arch was erected in the side yard, and the couple's wedding chums attended.  Nichole took it upon herself to turn to the audience and profess her love for Franks' father, Dirk.  heh

And it was done.  Presenting Jane and Frank Dreamer.


The party was a roof raiser, and everyone went home having felt it was worth it to come.  Frank left for work in his wedding clothes, where he went on to become a Space Pirate.  New LTW:  Become a Criminal Mastermind.

Sammy on the other hand was the only one in the house wanting to go on a Saturday fishing trip, so his brother  Eddie took him to the park.  Eddie was feeling down, as he had not had any wishes fulfilled that day, and planned to visit the wishing well at his first opportunity.

On this day Lainey Barthlet popped out of the wishing well.  The date lasted until only five wishes were fulfilled, and then Eddie sent Lainey on her way.

Jane on this same day not only got married, but wanted a skill point.  Having been disappointed at her appearance in her wedding gown, she asked Nichole to give her some pointers with the punching bag.  She and Nichole worked at it until 3 skill points were earned, and Jane lost that caboose she was pulling.

Eddie hit the wishing well again on Sunday, and received newspaper delivery girl, Amy Jones.  It was during a rain storm, with many lightening strikes putting trees and bushes on fire.  Even though Eddie got his five wishes in, the date was lame because of the fires.

Sammy wanted to order the cats around and praise them, and Jane was running a gammut of 'talk about hobby', ect.

We end this entry with Darlene Dreamer and Jessica Ebadi haunting in the wee hours on Monday.  Darlene apparently has issues with Frank.  Her thought bubble would exhibit her husband Darren, the Frank with a big red X over him.  Hmmm...


Dirk:   Dirk spent most of his time working the garden, and gained a gold badge in gardening.  Otherwise since he is elderly and perm plat, he was allowed to do as he wished.  (In other words, I ignored him....haha)

Nichole:  Nichole also did as she wished.  She did help with skill development every now and then, and spent time with Eddie and Sammy playing red hands and what not to keep them happy.

Frank:  Having gained perm plat status long ago, Frank was also allowed to do as he wished, but did have alot of interaction with his bride Jane.

Speaking of Jane:  Ending wishes:  Have a baby (locked in) be BFF with Dirk and Nichole, play a computer game, and be friends with townie Dickson.  Jane threw lots of generic type wishes, nothing really earth shattering.  Talk about hobby, have a baby, make freinds with so and so, get skills. 

Eddie:  Ending wishes:  Ask Sim on date, have 10 first dates (locked in), dance with someone, and talk about hobby.  Eddie was a blast to play, it was like playing a romance Sim.  Easy to keep happy, just a date a day.  He ended up being asked out on 1 outing, and three dates off the lot.  Heh.  Whatta kid.

Sammy:  Ending wishes:  Go fishing, get A+ report card, talk about hobby, and command cat Ginger to speak.  Sammy wanted to make lots of friends, and order the cats around.  Fun kid.

It was a good play with the Dreamers!

Have fun, and keep on Simmin'!



  1. A fun round indeed! I like the Dreamers' house, but it is currently empty in my neighbourhood. Maybe I should change that.
    I had no idea ghosts come out after a birthday!
    Funny to see the wedding party dressed formally, but Nichole in her track suit :-)

    1. Ha well there is no certain programming that makes the ghosts come out on the day of a party, but it is really coincidental! Same with Grimmie making visits!

  2. Darlene is never happy about anything is she? lol. Guess being burnt to death does that. :D
    I really must make more effort to get my sims into the garden club, only a couple are in Pleasantview and it would be very useful to have that Wishing well for Pleasure sims!
    Nichole turned out really nicely didn't she? Shame she was satellite fodder in my game. :D
    Glad Frank and Jane became 'official', wonder if they'll have lots of babies?

    1. I like the wishing well, it is almost like cheating..hehe It keeps romance/pleasure sims happy with lots of love, keeps pop sims happy with lots of friends, and then of course can make a sim rich. It is just hard for prosperity scoring to win one for every single lot. About Nichole, I always put that hair style on her. She looks good in it. I don't know if Jane is pregnant or not; she and Frank did the woohoo on Sunday night, I had the sound turned off so don't know if there were chimes.

  3. Another very successful round and I am officially caught up on this hood again. :) I have never gotten a wishing well....I really should try for one soon. Maybe when I get back to Breeze Point. :) Fun to see all these family and I'm interested to see where wishes take me when I finally reach them in Megalahood.

  4. I have never played Nichole but I have a plan to make her playable using cheats when I play my sims2 again. Sims3 is evil heh and where did you get her hair?

    1. Gosh I don't remember where I got her hair. heh