Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - John and Jennifer Bub

All who live here:

John Burb - Family - LTW to raise 20 puppies or kitties

Beginning wishes:  Woohoo in bed, get fit, get a grandchild, and relative gets married.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Jennifer Burb - Fortune - LTW - Become The Law

Beginning wishes:  Get a grandchild, woohoo in bed, relative gets married, and makes some money.  First wish fulfilled - woohoo in bed.

Harry Burb - Knowledge - LTW - Become Chief of Staff

Beginning Wishes:  Go to University, tell an inside secret, get logic 1, and go steady with Margaret Caliente.  First wish fulfilled - Go steady with Margaret Caliente.

Harry's twin Ida Burb - Family - LTW reach 50th Anniversary

Beginning wishes:  Go out with Eddie Dreamer, go to University, get fit, and play with Beau Broke.  First wish fulfilled:  Go out with Eddie Dreamer.

Upon arriving home from school, Ida hit the telescope while waiting for her mother to come home from work.  She wanted to get permission to go out with Eddie Dreamer.  Harry was all about calling up Margaret and asking her out on a date.  As soon as Margaret got there, Harry gave her a great big hug and smooch.  Wow he sure didn't act like the typical stoic knowledge sim!

Getting Margaret to go steady with him was not an issue.  A check of Harry's relationship panel shows zero attraction between the two. It must have been purely hormonal.  heh  5 wishes easily worked in via the date.

Margaret's mother Nina Caliente barged into the house, very angry with Ida for peeking at her through the telescope.  Margaret was thoroughly embarrassed her mother would treat her boyfriend's family that way and became very upset with her mom.  It will be interesting when I play the Caliente lot again in the future!

In the meanwhile...

Eddie arrived to take Ida out, fulfilling a nice wish for her.

While this did not fulfill a wish for Jennifer it is a nice milestone.  That piano has by far a fun factor set far too high.  If there is not a family member on it, visitors plop themselves down in front of it and tickle the ivories, even if they don't know how to play.

Uh huh.  This fulfills a wish to max creativity.  Because she has been gaining skill points at such an amazing speed, Ida keeps a wish to attend University.

Margaret calls Harry up at one point and asks for another date, so he takes her to the bowling alley.  Mrs. Crumplebottom was in attendance doing a little kegling herself, so there was no huggy body kissy face happening.  The two knocked down a few pins and had a hamburger.  Being waited upon by the alien faced waiter.  heh  The date was "a pleasant way to spend time".

Harry picks up a thinking cap to bone up on mechanics much to the approval of the butler and his dad.  Much like Ida, he keeps wishes to skill and thus keeps a wish to attend University.  (When he isn't dating Margaret).

Speaking of dad I didn't realize until Wednesday morning that John wasn't permanent plat so therefore I needed to start fulfilling wishes for him.  He throws mostly wishes to spend time do things with Jennifer.  Jennifer is perm plat doesn't get wishes fulfilled on a regular basis.

Wednesday afternoon Ida finally dropped the wish to go to University and wished to kiss instead.  So she calls up a date.  Harry was still harboring Uni and skilling wishes even tho Margaret came home on the bus with him.  She can be seen outside just behind Ida playing the the dogs.  Incidentally Family Sim Ida always finishes her home work first over Knowledge Sim Harry.

Eddie Dreamer it was. 

After a quick joke, Ida got her first kiss.  Wish fulfilled.  Then ASimWen remembered that Eddie threw a wish two lots ago for 10 first dates.  Ida asks Eddie on a date to help him along with his wish.

This date did not get Eddie his 10, but it put him one closer.  And it helped Ida get her 5 wishes in for the day.

While Ida was having fun with Eddie, Harry settled down to fulfill skilling wishes whilst his girlfriend hit the ballet barre.  Harry spent the rest of the evening and night working on mechanical, and once nightfall appeared, he used the telescope for logic.  Easily getting in 5 wishes, and a few for the next day as well.

Thursday while everyone (except Jennifer) was at work/school, Benny the dog had his Grim party putting his mate Abbey into a spin.  She wailed and wailed.  And while this was going on, their latest batch of pups grew up and promptly started fighting.

When the Grim party was over and the fighting done, Jennifer called animal control to come and get the three puppies on the lot putting John closer by 3 to his LTW.  The population suddenly dropped by 4 on the Burb lot.

Ida now had all sorts of thoughts about romance, being a Family Sim.  Thoughts about attending University would only delay staring a family so she no longer thinks about it.  So, being Thursday in Spring, meant Ida needed some romance.

This time it was George McCarthy, whom she had a one bolt attraction to.  The date was a dream date.  Within an hour after she returned home, he called her out again, and they went to the museum.  But in between dates she had time to....

Greet the new kitten John adopted. 

Friday found Ida wanting to pursue romantic interests again after school.  Typical, typical Family Sim.  This time she called fellow Family Sim Robert Wolosenko.

 They fell in love during this date.  Ice skating was super fun....these two have a one bolt attraction. 

Now Ida wanted to go steady with two different boys.  Oh what to do, what to do.  Nothing.  She had her five wishes in for this day, and will not be considered again for wishes until the next day.

Saturday Ida chose to go out with George, and it was a dream date.  At this point, I go take a shower and forget to pause the game.  It is late in the day now...exactly 2 am on Sunday.  These things are found in the front yard.  I assume they are date gifts for Ida. heh They are slipped into her backpack to be used at University.

Yes the Burb twins will be attending University.  Harry would lose the wish only occasionally in between wishing for skills.  Buh-bye Harry.

Ida lost the wish on Wednesday whilst her mind was on dating and fun, but then she spun it up again on Sunday instead of a bunch of romance wishes.  Off she went.

And this is where we end this chapter with the Burbs.


John:  John's LTW is raise 20 puppies or kittens, and has seen 12 actually grow up.  He is 3/4 through his elder years at this point.  Benny passed away so John began adopting kittens to ensure he would see enough animals grow up before he passed away himself.  He turned perm plat on Saturday, so no more wishes will fulfilled for him.  He wished to do things with Jennifer.  Ending wishes: Reach cleaning 9, kiss, be flirted with, and see a shooting star.

Jennifer:  Blog about music and dance, play the piano, dance with someone and talk about hobby.  Jennifer was largely ignored, unless needed to help fulfill wishes for John. 

I didn't get Ida and Harry's wishes before they headed off to college.  Urg.  Thinking of sending George McCarthy to Uni with Ida, I have never played him.

Have fun, and keep on Simmin'!



  1. I think Ida would be happy for George to go to college too! I like the npc teens as they are so well skilled. :D
    I wonder if Harry and Margaret will end up together? Nina is the one in my 'hood too to come and bash everyone for peeking at the telescope.
    A great round for all the family I think, John is working his way to his LTW, nightmare that it is, :D

  2. Rather an action-packed week at the Burbs'! Love Ida - she seems such a nice Sim, and I wish her all the best for her time at uni and beyond.

  3. The Burb's might not be most people's favorites, but I like how this family is turning out. I wish the kids luck in Uni.

  4. Haba the kids are so cute but Burbs make beautiful ones. XD :^)