Friday, November 28, 2014

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Coral (Oldie) and Leo Wilkie

All who live here:

Coral (Oldie) Wilkie 

Family - LTW to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens - met.  New LTW - Graduate 3 Kids from College.  Nope.  Time for you to have your Grim party, Coral.

First wishes:  Earn some money, get a job in Oceanography, woohoo in bed, invite someone over.  Since Coral is perm plat, her wishes will be met last. 

Leo Wilkie

Family - Marry off Six.  Done.  New LTW -  Graduate 3 Kids from College.  No.

First wishes: - Dance with Chloe, dance with Alvin (really!), be friends with Chloe, and have a grandchild.

Grass Oldie:  Grass is the last plant child born to Leo.

Grass is a Popularity Sim who's LTW is have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends.  Not so difficult since there is a wishing well in the back yard.

First wishes:  Be friends with Debbie Johnston, catch a fish, be friends with Margaret Caliente (Nina's daughter with Daniel Pleasant), and be friends with Frank Dreamer, Dirk and Nichole's son.

Contessa Kari Oldie

Contessa Kari is Grass's bride from the wishing well.  This marriage completed Leo's wish to marry off six children. Contessa is a Pleasure Sim who's wish is to become a Professional Party Guest.

Kari's first wishes - Reach Charisma 1, play with someone, entertain someone, and invite someone over.  Her backpack came stuffed with all kinds of loot that made it so no one would ever have to work again in the Oldie family if they didn't want to.

And then cats Gary Lothario and Lutie Caliente left over from Coral's animal raising days. 

When I opened this lot, I realized it had been 6 months since I played TS2, and a year since I had last been to this lot. Darn you, TS3 100 Baby Challenge, and New Release TS4! After all that, I found I needed some simplicity. Back to my old friends in TS2. I am totally in my comfort zone now. (I got up to 50 babies by the way in the 100 Baby Challenge).

Now then Contessa Kari and Grass had just gotten married, it was just after midnight Tuesday morning. Contessa attempted some vampiric hijinks on Coral. Coral would have none of that, and just shooed her away.

Once the light of day hit, Contessa went to sleep in her coffin (which took up all of the room in the master bedroom in this tiny mobile home like house). Grass set about doing the yard work and the gardening, and Leo slept in the tent out back. Grass took time to wish for friends out of the wishing well and was rewarded with three fine human specimens.

I knew either Coral or Leo would go on this day. Buh-bye Coral, you have been around a while. Thank your LTW to raise 20 puppies or kitties for your longevity.

This put the lot up to around $89,000. Nobody need be in a hurry to work, although Countess does have a career related LTW so will be looking for a job.

Come that same night, the Contessa awoke with a wish to go on a dream date, and Grass was more than happy to oblige.  It fulfilled wishes for both for the entire day. It was at this point I shut down the game, and went to the store.  Came back, fired the game back up, and realized the Contessa was right in the middle of biting Grass.  The date had not finished.  I must have been out of it when I shut the game down!

Great.  Just what this hood needs...a plantsim/vampire combo.  (Hi Herb!)

I never get tired of this animation.  :-)

Here we go!  Let's just hope he throws a wish to be cured!

On Wednesday day...Leo had his Grim party the day after Coral did.  He seemed to take it in stride; no crying or gnashing of teeth.  The vampires slumbered away in their coffins and didn't even take note.

Well.  He left quite a bit of wealth for everyone.  This pushed the lot cash up to nearly $100,000.  I like these inheritance things . I miss it in other TS games.  When I have played much larger and well established hoods, it was always so much fun to open a lot I hadn't played in a while and suddenly see the money tombstones spin above my Sims's heads.  Then it was delving into the memories to see who they were getting money from.  Sometimes it was more than one Sim!

Ok I think this is good enough.  Wednesday night Contessa woke with a wish to cure Grass.  :-)  Plus she wants to ask a sim on a date.  I think all this can be accommodated!  Contessa gets on the phone and asks the matchmaker to stop by.

 Again, great animation.  Grass turns back into his old self, and Contessa gets a wish fulfilled.

Immediately the two run around back to do the fire dance.  The cat is watching from the other side.  Once the fire burned itself out it was time to fulfill more wishes before the Contessa had to slip back into her coffin.  Grass was pretty low on sunlight, but a little time spent under the plant light would get  him by until sunrise.

A great date was had, and both Grass and Contessa had no trouble getting five wishes.  Grass exited the tent in the back yard after woohoo and hit the telescope which had a plant light suspended over it.  While gazing....

Contessa slipped out of the tent and announced her pregnancy.  This must be from the date the day before when Grass turned into a vamp.  Thank you, Risky!  Ah well.  Since she was up, she thought to check the computer for a job in the Slacker career as a Professional Party Guest.  Alas, it was not in listed that night.

Well well apparently the cats were pregnant.  Enter Cary Oldie, a little male.  Contessa immediately called animal control to come get him.

Now that things were getting back to normal, Grass continued with his quest to get 20 best friends.  Contessa laid her pregnant body down to rest in her coffin and Grass hit the wishing well.  3 more best friends immediately served up.  Then chimes were heard.  Grass had sent Lutie and Gary to try for more kittens.

The days were long when the Contessa was asleep.  Being that Grass never slept, he spent his time making friends, working in the yard, and keeping cats Gary and Lutie  company.

Playing games with Gary
His wishes were easily met by dating Contessa when she was awake and the wishes he would roll to make friends.  He could not wait for his little baby to be born.

Grass received a membership to Peerless Park while tending to his parent's graves.

I love this couple.  They are such opposites, yet so right for each other.  When Kari is awake, she is constantly hugging and kissing Grass.

Sake the stray stopped by for a visit during feeding time in the cat pen.  Grass obligated his request for affection while the Contessa filled the food bowls and wiped down the bedding.  Lutie doesn't mind that Grass is giving his affection to another cat.

Ah.  Baby girl Shirley.  Grass is very happy.

And later that day...

Two more kittens were born, Teltu and Coco.  Grass called the animal control to come and get them.

I am not sure if she is unhappy about changing a diaper, or if this is just the face she makes when stalking. 

Hi Shirley!  What a pretty little girl.

It is now the wee hours Monday morning, and the Contessa still hasn't managed to nab onto a job in the Slacker field.   Yes, you see it right.  There are three big screen TVs in front of Grass.  When he has friends over sometimes all three are going.  Coral and Leo had gotten them as gifts.  Grass has another one in his backpack.

This is where we leave the Oldies for this round.

Ending wishes:

Grass:  Meet someone new, and be BFFs with  Toby Todd, Glen Awon, and  Nery Hutchins.  These are all guys who came out of the wishing well at some point and became BFF with Grass.  Grass kept wishes for friends or to meet new people, but would flip to wishes for the Contessa when she asked him out on a date.  These two are a very good match.

Contessa Kari:  Gain a skill point, get a car, buy new clothes and play a computer game.  Every night at 7:00 pm when she woke for the night she would always have a wish to ask a Sim on a date and Grass was always handy.  Easy to keep happy, and to work in five wishes.  Sort of wish that her job in Slacker would have come up so the challenge of a working vampire could have been played.

Shirley:  Be played with by both Grass and Contessa Kari, get potty trained and learn to walk. Shirley has already been taught to talk by the Contessa, and is nearly there for potty training. 

That's it for the Oldie lot this round!

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. nice to see you again. I have heard of the ts3 100 baby challenege. 50 babies wow a lot of babies. A lovely read. It is nice to go back to sims 2 after while and remember what they have been up to.

    1. I still have the TS3 100 baby challenge open to play it more. I do hope to finish it someday. I think I have it down on how to make a TS3 mom have a multiple birth! :)

  2. Hello and welcome back to the world of TS2 :-) I don't have TS4 yet, should be getting it for Christmas. Anything you can tell us about it yet?

    Aaaw, the Oldies... Coral and Herb have been so long gone in my hood that it was really nostalgic to see them again, if briefly, on here!
    Any plans on moving the family to a different place, now that they are so wealthy?

    1. TS4? Well I am not impressed. I keep looking for features that I am used to having in TS3...even in TS2 as well. I am giving it the old college try though. These days my time is so little to play games I really have to give some thought as to which one I want to play the most!

      Naw, I will probably keep them in the same house for a while longer It depends on how many kids Risky gives them. Will keep pumping out kittens to keep the population down.

  3. This was lovely to read Wen! I have some TS2 to blog but I cannot sign in to blogger and and can't see a way to reset a password as the info I originally gave (such as phone number/email) I no longer have. grr.
    Anyway- I enjoyed reading about Coral and Leo, Grass and his Contessa. Now I see it I do miss TS2 through TS4. I haven't had much playtime as I've had family issues but when I do play TS4 I quite enjoy it- it's quite scaled back even though there is a lot to do, if that makes sense. It's as if they have to make it too convoluted when in fact it could be simplified so much more. :D

    1. Oh my! Hope you can figure out a way in! I love reading you blog! I am still trying to like TS4. I did make a version of Xaun Robbins from Prosperity Falls and plopped him down in town. I gave him the same job he had culinary, except he is in the mixologist branch. It is a gas to see him go to the bar to practice.

  4. I love these two together, and the torch of the Oldie name and house has been passed down to a fun couple. :) It's always a little sad for me when a sim dies, but Coral had such a long and successful life it was time. :)

    I don't think I will ever really leave TS2. I have tried to get into TS3 and while I can have some fun with it, it's just not what I want out of a Sims game in too many ways. :) I've heard a lot of mixed feelings about TS4, but maybe after some time has passed I'll give it a try just to see.

    1. I have an "eh" *shrug* attitude about TS4. I download all the updates, ect, but never get into it. I do like TS3. Alot. But TS2 is my it.