Monday, February 9, 2015

Neighborhood Corruption

Hi there.  We all know that TS2 hoods tend to corrupt often speeding into outerspace wrapped up neatly in a big ball-o-fire, only to burst into flames in the outer reaches of the universe never to be played again.  However, if we back up before we do anything drastic, we can usually save our hoods from the big ball-o-fire.   Sometime, all this backing up doesn't do a darn bit of good.  That happened to this hood.

My laptop had been running badly, so badly I decided to do a C drive format.  I manually backed up all my TS2 hoods, and backed them up again using Dell DataSafe, a back up proggie that came with my laptop.  I even backed them up using SimPE.  By golly, nothing was going to happen to this hood.  *sigh*

Well, I was full of good intentions.  But sadly, good intentions wasn't enough.  I unpacked the TS2 hoods from the manual back up I did.  Looked ok.  The hood I started in 2005, Prosperity Falls, came through unscathed, opened right up for play like it had done for 10 years.  But Pleasantview?   Where I was playing 5 Wishes?  No.  Crashed on neighborhood start up.   I checked the other two backups I had of it, and apparently DellData Safe aint' so safe.  It only carried over picture files, no data files.  I thought I would never play the hood again.  Then our Simming friend Bubbs (Lynn from Houston) suggested I try the Neighborhood Corruption Checker from ModTheSims2.  I thought, what could it hurt?  The hood was already unplayable.

Well, the checker found a bunch of  "missing Sims".  Ah.  No doubt.  So I had it repair all that..clean it up.  Woah.  The hood opened.....but looked strangely bare.  It went from 17 playable lots to 8.  Brandi Broke's children were all were the Pleasant twins and their tact seemed to be the Lothario house, the Caliente house, and the original Goth well as Brandi Broke's house, and the Dreamer house, and the Burbs, and a couple of splinter lots.  How did Uni fare?  All three uni hoods were scrubbed clean of any EA Sims...but the one dorm I was using for my Uni bound Sims seemed ok.

But when I try to enter the lot, the game crashes.  When I try to enter ANY lot, the game crashes. 

Well, I was pretty low about the whole thing.  Ugh. I have one more place I can check to see if I have a complete N001...and that is on a backup "cloud" drive that I backed a few files up to late last year.  If it is on there, it may be playable.  But first I have to install the drive software.......So one of these days when I have an afternoon to mess with all that network stuff I will see if it is there.  Until then...



  1. Aw, I'm so sorry! That's so frustrating, even more so because you tried to be so careful about it! (I am not so careful and almost never do back-ups!) Hopefully there's a backup on the cloud and you're able to salvage the **original** 5 Wishes a Day hood! :)

  2. Oh no! I make regular backups of New Maximiliania and keep them on a USB stick. So far I've needed it only once, when I got a new computer some years ago, and it worked OK. But you know how towards the end of my last round some graphics bugs started to appear... I hope that won't mean New Max has become unplayable! Maybe I should scan it with the Neighbourhood Corruption Checker you mention.

  3. Such a sad "update" to have posted. I hope eventually you can manage to get the houses to open. I did love this hood, and I probably don't keep quite as religious backups as I should and every time I hear a story like this I tend to go back up everything again. I would hate to lose any of my hoods, and was really worried when I switched far so good for me, but I haven't even checked Breeze Point....

  4. I'm so sorry, Wen! I hope that last backup might be okay.

  5. That really stinks and on my grandma's computer my game got corrupted but I just noticed it a few weeks ago when people on the wiki told me that my game was corrupted.

  6. Wen, I've never quite emotionally recovered from losing my S2 Yelena/Million-Dollar-Challenge hood years ago! Backed up on Carbonite (they couldn't resurrect the corrupted file). EA even tried to resurrect the file (back when we got actual customer service from EA). S4 is less problematic--if my game explodes into a giant fireball that can be seen from space, all my Sims and houses/lots are saved in EA's "gallery", and I will not shrink from just using cheats to re-create everyone's jobs, skills, relationships, etc. (The cheats are REALLY good for S4.) But I feel your pain, girl....

    1. Wow it is impressive that you received so much help trying to resurrect the file. I wondered what happened to the Yelena/Million-dollar-challenge! I eagerly read every entry to get ideas for my game. I do have TS4 installed on my machine...bought the camping pack but haven't played it. I do intend to get the careers EP. I love TS2 so much and can't make myself get away from it for very long. I now have the WDCloud back up system on my home network (which saved my game!) that backs up my game every time any files in it change. Hopefully I won't lose a hood ever again!