Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pleasantview Rnd 6 - Alexander and Daisy Goth

All who live here:

Alexander Goth - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens.  Unmet.
Daisy Goth - Family - Reach Golden Anniversary .  Unmet
Henry Goth - Knowledge - Become Education Minister - Unmet
Albert Goth - Grow Up
Fred Goth - Grow Up
Bertha Goth - Infant

Now, I had this lot halfway blogged when I thought I had lost the neighborhood.  (see prior post).  I came into Blogger, and deleted what I had finished up to that point.  WAAAHHH!!!  I deleted pictures, everything.  So here I am starting over here.  But considering everything that happened, I really didn't lose too much.  I guess I can be thankful for that!  Let's get started.

Beginning wishes:

Alexander Goth - Woohoo in bed, woohoo in the closet, hustle pool, and max nature.  As you can see, even though Alexander hasn't reached his LTW of raising 20 puppies or kittens, he is perm plat from maxing aspiration.  His wishes will not be filled unless it suites me, but he will continue raising cats to reach his LTW.  First wish fulfilled:  Woohoo in closet, just because that seemed fun.  :)

Daisy Goth - No wishes for you!  Let's just hope this is just the normal game bug, and not a sign the hood didnt fully recover.  I did try to get her to spin up wishes with Pescado's bat box, but nada.  We will see.  I do notice she has a big splotch on the bodice of her dress.  That used to be a custom content flower I put on there to dress her up some.  I did have a bunch of bad custom content I cleaned up, so apparently it was deleted by the Sims 2 Pack Cleaner and Installer.  I will fix her. Since I don't know what she wishes for, she will work on skills she needs for work.

Henry Goth - Sneak out with Griff, reach logic 1, see a ghost, and attend Uni.  First wish fulfilled:  Get logic 1.

Albert Goth - Get Cleaning 1, play with, get Creativity 9, and be friends with Professor Robert Livingston.

Fred Goth - Get Cleaning 5, get an A+ report card, eat omlettes, and eat pancakes.  First wish fulfilled:  got an A+ report card.

Alrighty then.  Alex and Daisy ducked into the closet for a quick woohoo, and the kids got on the bus and left for school.  The butler came to take care of baby Bertha.  Then, Alexander left for work.  Of course he was in a terrific mood!

Captain Hero Alexander

Henry came home from school that day still harboring the wish to get a logic skill point, and his mother needed one for work.  This seemed like a good idea.  Henry quickly gained the wished for skill point, and immediately rolled a wish for a second logic point.  Daisy now had 3 points of logic, useful for her job in Culinary.  She started this round as a hostess.

Tuesday morning Daisy seemed to make up her mind and was able to wish, once again.

She threw wishes for cats.Unfortunately only one of them actually lived here, the Siamese kitties lived elsewhere in the neighborhood.  The orange cat Ringo was there on the lot, so she paid him a visit in the cat corral.

"Come here, Ringo!  Right now!"
Once Ringo fulfilled Daisy's wish, he then received praise from her, fulfilling another wish for her.  Go you, Ringo!

Daisy still wished for more logic points so came inside and resumed time at the chess board.  As soon as she really got into her game, she missed this:

Two more for Alexander's LTW.

Barb and John Doe Goth.  :-)

Eventually Henry once again joins his mother at the chess board, and finally maxes out logic, fulfilling a big wish for him.  He immediately spun up 'max all skills'.

Soon it was time for birthdays, and brother Henry helped his little sister age up. Alexander called in all the Goths to help celebrate.

Happy Birthday to you!

Henry was glad to see Bertha grown.

Parties are always a great opportunity to stay 'in goods' with his Auntie Cassandra, as Henry is the heir to the Goth mansion.  Upon graduation from University, that is where he will move.  

Parties are also a great place/time to provide musical entertainment which Albert did, and sent aspiration points pouring into the coffers with a major wish fufilled.

For Bertha having her birthday to toddler meant ASimWen now needed to make sure she was taught her toddler skills, which Alexander was happy to do, being a Family Sim and all.  This resulted in many wishes filled for both father and daughter.  Then it was play time.  Not sure it is smart to be tossing the kid around on the balcony.....

Now, I have noticed crazy little things about this hood since it's 'near demise'.  Like, seeing NPCs that I never have before...having different names.  And....I don't believe Harry Burb, son of John and Jennifer, had a hat before all that.  He came home on the bus Thursday with Henry.

ASimWen NEVER puts those ball caps on Sims.  Ugh.

At this point I want to take note of Henry's wishes. He has been stuck on these four wishes all week, and it is Thursday afternoon.  Darn Knowledge Sims!!!  I think he will just ship off to Uni to get him out of the house...

Buh-Bye Henry....
In leaving for Uni right at this moment, he missed his brother's birthday party.  The Goths once again dragged themselves across the street for the party; and the ones who came home on the bus with the kids hung around.  That being Harry Burb, Annie Jordan, and Alice Wolosenko.

Rarely happens in my game....the twins grew up right at the same moment.  A little late....didn't make it before 6pm even though there was a party going on, the guys didn't get to blow out the candles.  Results:

Albert threw Family like his dad.  He wants to be a Captain his dad.  Naturally, the first thing he spun up was "First Kiss".  Well, he doesn't know anyone well enough to lean in for a kiss, and be successful!  He also wanted to meet someone new, flirt with someone, and get a gameboy.  heh

At any rate, the wish to kiss meant a trip to the wishing well.

A Simmer can always depend on Family Sim Tosha Go to pop out of the wishing well.  Wish fulfilled.

Fred rolled Romance, like his dad's sub aspiration.  He wanted to be a Celebrity Chef. Upon growing up to teenager, he wished for Cleaning 5, meet someone new, flirt with someone, and first kiss. Isn't amazing how the Romance wishes and Family wishes mirror one another?  Since his brother used up the one wish a day for the wishing well, Fred could not get a kiss himself.  So he had to settle for meet someone new off the computer.

Fred still harbored the First Kiss wish when he came home from school on Friday, and it was safe at that time to use the wishing well again.

Fred's wishing well partner was Minnie Pleasant, daughter of single mom Lilith Pleasant.  :-)  At least it was someone who is playable.  Minnie immediately helped Fred out to get his five wishes for the day by agreeing to go on a date with him.

Freds First Kiss Day was also Bertha's birthday.  Again.

The Goths came naturally.....

HiYa Bertha!  Shall we call you Bertie?

First wishes upon growing up:

Be BFF with Daisy and Alexander, get a bird cage, and make a friend.  Yes, she wants a bird cage.  Rainbow the bird had passed and the cage unceremoniously deleted out of the home.

The next day was Saturday, and Bertie and Albert shared the same wishes.

While Fred's days were spent dating Minnie...but poor Albert did not think of Tosha ever again.  So fulfilling his wishes were like pulling teeth out of a turtles head.  Oh, he did spin up 'get a skill point'.  So being that he was on a little of the sim-tubby side, he hit the weight machine.

This has got to be the funniest animation/pose in this game.  Albert had now shed every ounce of fat on his body.

We know what the old lady creeping away from the house means.....

And naturally someone in the house immediately spun up a wish to make a wish.  heh

Well, money wasn't needed...didn't want to be prem plat...didn't want to bring someone back from the dead.  Ok.  Beauty it is.

Beauty, beauty, beauty.  I really don't know what this does for a Sim, but being a Family Sim it certainly doesn't hurt to have some Beauty in the back pocket.

By this day, it was Sunday afternoon, and Daisy ended it with a nice promotion.

Next round she will make it to Celebrity Chef.

Her promotion day was also her birthday, and Alexander's.

Daisy aged beautifully.  We all know what an aged Alexander Goth looks like.  ;)

Wishes upon growing up for Daisy:  Have a snowball fight, BBF with Dongsool Wren, be friends with Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie, and make a wish with the genie lamp.

And this is where we leave the Alexander Goth residence for Round 6.

I can't say that everyone had 5 wishes fulfilled every single day, but came pretty darn close to it.  Henry was being impossible so he got booted out of the house.

Next up:  The PlantSim House.

Have fun, and keep on Simmin'!



  1. Wonderful update ;) and the kids look good :)

  2. That was a great morning coffee read for me, thank you!
    Loved Bertha's birthday picture :-) And it's always great to see the family gathered together for parties.
    I think that the beauty wish means a Sim will then be very attractive for Sims of the other sex. I've noticed it with Zombie Beaumont DeBateau in my game, and with Chester Gieke - nearly every female Sim who knows them has 3 bolts for them since they wished for beauty.

  3. nice too see update, yeah the game sometimes puts a spin in the works by putting the wrong clothes or even changing the ltw.

  4. Welcome back Wen! What an action packed week at Alexander's house.
    It's annoying when a Sim has wishes that won't change. That's why dating or taking them out of the house often helps, although not always :D
    I do find the Genie wishes limited for teens and kids as I don't want perma-plat kids or teens particularly, that would be too easy.
    Looking forward to seeing if Fred and Minnie stay together :)
    Daisy really did age beautifully, I think she's the prettiest elder I've seen.

    1. I am very pleased with Daisy...she is an NPC from Twikki Island. I am not sure how many of the kids I am actually going to marry off...don't want the hood to over populate (thinking Prosperity Falls). So not sure about Fred and Minnie. I will see how it goes for them as time moves on. :-)

  5. The beauty wish makes all sims mutual three-bolters for your sim. It last a LONG time, but not eternally. A side effect is that other sims might come by any time of day or night and ring the doorbell, preferably just before 6am...

  6. I thought Bertha's name was Clara

  7. Wow that was quite a round for this family. It can be irritating when you get those sims that don't roll up any wishes that are not seriously time consuming. :) So glad you are back.