Sunday, January 1, 2017

Round 6 - The NPC House

All Who Live Here:

Joy (Chef) Wilkie - Knowledge - Max out Skills

First Wishes - See a ghost, get Charisma 9, woohoo in bed, and gain a skill point.  Joy popped out of the wishing well as the future wife for plantsim Birch Wilkie.

Rose Mamuyac - Popularity - Become Captain Hero

Rose's first wishes:  Rose wants to have a par-tay, meet someone new, win the Music And Dance Hobby plaque, and become friends with Jan Tellerman.

Birch Wilkie - Birch is Rose's brother.  He is a Fortune Sim with an LTW of Becoming Head of the SCIA.  Joy is his wife.

Birch's wishes - Meet someone new, make some money, get Mechanical 9, and talk.

Count Ted Mamuyac - Fortune - Become Mayor  Count Ted popped out of the wishing well for Rose.  Now it is obvious why this is called the NPC house. 

Ted's wishes:  To buy electronics and a bubble blower, play chess, and buy clothes.

Then there is infant Sheldon, just born last round.  His momma and daddy are Rose and Count Ted.  I am up in the air whether or not I am going to cure Ted.  Nobody has rolled it so far...I love playing vamps but I don't want him around forever.

At any rate,  It will be refreshing to play a house where there are NO platinum Sims!  The challenge of lots of wishes to fulfill!

 Go live:  Just as Birch set about to fulfill his wife's wish to woohoo in bed, he realized two death inheritances.  It was for his dad Leo Wilkie, and his step mother Coral (Oldie) Wilkie.  Rose recieved the same.

Apparently it was Sheldon's birthday, and he was stuck in grow up mode when the lot opened.  Mom Rose was on hand to help out.  Wishes upon growing up:  All toddler wishes - potty, talk, and walk.  Be tickled by Rose. 

So Uncle Birch thought it would be a good idea to bring a dog into the fold for Sheldon.  He got on the horn and ordered up a beautiful golden retriever named Otis.

Gratuitous picture of two police cars in front of the house at the same time.  Otis being dropped off, and Rose coming home from work.

Rose received a promotion to Vice Squad.  Up and Up!

Count Ted also received a promotion in politics.

Birch fulfilled a wish to max mechanical...

And celebrated by ordering up a mate for Otis.  This is Tina Burb, from the dogs that John Burb is raising for his LTW.

Joy also maxed a skill, logic.

Then she spun up to be a fire safety expert and managed that while her left arm was still in chess playing mode.  hehe

And Sheldon grew up to be a strapping handsome boy. Wishes:

He wanted  Charisma 5, make a friend, buy electronics, and buy a birdcage.  Birdcage it is, and the lock was moved from Chrisma skill to make a friend. The pink dragon suit will have to go.

Meet Sherlock the cockatiel.  yes, ASimWen is watching Sherlock on Masterpiece, PBS.  I envision Sherlock will be helping Sims build Charisma down the road.  Being that he doesn't die first.  I find it odd that Sim birds die so soon, whereas in real life they can live longer than their human.

The resident brother and sister Plantsims are up all night....all the time.  This night they played chess under the plant light, as Birch was showing a wish and needed the skill point to promote in his job.  Rose received a visit from the games guy, having also showing a wish to gain a logic skill.

Speaking of skilling and hobbies, Birch managed the Hobby Plaque for Mechanical prowess while blogging about tinkering.  This scored a major wish for him, and capping off fulfilling his one true hobby.

Once Sheldon installed Sherlock the cockatiel, he rolled a wish to invite someone over.  Naturally he knew no one but members of his household.  So, the next person who walked by became his friend so he would have someone to invite over.  Enter Alvin Futa.   Thanks Alvin!

John Burb came home in the carpool with Rose...and Rose naturally rolled a wish to dance with someone.  Being that her husband is a Vampire and was in his coffin!  Every single day Rose rolls the play the violin and to play with the BOB 342 by SoundEscapes.  She likes building up that creativity!  ASimWen thinks it is because Rose is only three points away from maxing out Music and Dance, while empty tinkering is her one true hobby.  heh She will push the tinkering later, perhaps when she is perm plat.

This night Count Ted arose from his coffin to help his son with his homework, while Uncle Birch studied cleaning, that being needed for his next promotion.

Two puppies born for the benefit of all those Sims with the 20 puppies or kittens LTW.  Rose immediately sent them off to the pound before Sheldon had a chance to play with them.  Then, Birch immediately asked them to try again, and were successful.

Count Ted receives the Hobby Plaque in Science, fulfilling a big wish for him.  Go you, Ted!

Rose was showing a wish for Creativity, (no doubt to feed that wish for a hobby plaque in Music and Dance) so she asked Joy to give her a hand.  In no time, she maxed this skill.

Speaking of Chef Joy, the season was now autumn, and the prim time of the year to skill via book.  Joy needed three more skills in cooking to max out all skills, her LTW.  Nice points here, and one less Sim to control in this full house.

The wee hours of Saturday saw it...Count Ted was abducted.   ASimWen's sound was turned off, so do not know if Count Ted was going to become a father.  Remember...the dogs were pregnant to stave off over population on this lot.

Alas, he kept popping  out of his coffin to cry about being abducted, and could not revive his needs . ASimWen would direct him there, and he would come right back out to think and cry about the abduction.  Grimmie finally came to put him out of his misery after he tried to sleep in Chef Joy's bed.

What a way to go.  What an ending insult.

There was much crying and gnashing of teeth for the next several hours...then the Plantsims in the house did a wonderful thing.....

Spores of Happiness....then all was right in the Sim World again.

Since Rose was happy again, she was able to focus on fulfilling the wish she had held for so long for the Music and Dance plaque.  Bravo!

Puppies!  Sent right to Animal Control.  The dogs immediately tried for puppies again, and were successful.

Another hobby plaque for Birch.  Kudos!

This is the last lot in the round in Pleasantview.  It ends with Birch doing yard work, working toward that Nature badge.  Shouldn't be difficult for a Plantsim.

This was a FUN play.  ASimWen loves playing Vamps, and LOVES abductions  When they both happen in the same play it is a bonus!


Count Ted:  Well he met his demise.  Before that though...he wished to date..alot..and he dated Plantsim wife Rose.  As soon as 5 wishes were met for both he and Rose, the date was stopped short before someone rolled WooHoo.   He was easy to slap onto the telescope every night to keep him out of trouble, or making trouble for others in the household.  He did earn a hobby plaque for the house toward Prosperity Points so that is a plus.  The need to cry about being abducted outweighed his need for vampiric rest.  RIP Count Ted.  I clicked on Birch to Plead for Loved One with Grimmie, but nothing happened...think I was too late.  Maybe should have chosen his son Sheldon?

Chef Joy - Joy often rolled to play with the musical instruments, like Rose.  And being a Knowledge Sim would roll skill points.  Easy Peasy.  Now that she is perm plat, she can help others skill up.  She may perspire next round.  Great Prosperity points here.

Rose - Being a PlantSim was a little weird to finger the wishes.  I was always glad when Count Ted would roll dream date, then she was easy.  She often rolled to make friends, so she spent time on the phone.  When Ted dissolved into a heaping mound of dust, she cried and cried.  Then ASimWen remembered about Spores of Happines.  Yay.  She would roll to do things with Otis, since he comes with skills, and playing with the musical instruments.

Birch - is a real PlantSim's plantsim.  He kept wishes for hobby plaques for what ever hobby he was close to winning.  I must admit he spent lots of time on that, and did not get 5 wishes in.  But he did contribute a couple of plaques toward Prosperity points.

Sheldon - Would roll to do things with Otis, and give love/play with Tina.  Occasionally roll a skill.  Not really much else in the way of child like wishes.

So this is it!  Next up, University!

Keep on Simming, and the family is always number one.



  1. I bet this round has taken a long time lol. No it is nice to see lots of updates, your def getting in some sim playing time.

  2. A fun round! I hope there will be a half-Alien baby for Ted. Looking forward to your uni update, maybe it will give me some ideas about my own gameplay at uni.

  3. I also love vamps and abductions! It does make for a fun household in that it's more challenging, especially with the vamps. Sometimes this game got too easy with all the EP's, maybe that's why we like a break now and then.
    So glad to see you back and congrats on finishing this round! :)