Sunday, January 15, 2017

Veronaville Round 4 - Capp - Tybalt and Rene

Ah, here we are in Veronaville.  The last time  ASimWen played this hood was back in February 2014.  That is way too long!  Let's get on with it!

All who live here:

Rene (the Atrociously Evil Witch) Capp - Knowledge - Wants to Become Chief of Staff.  Won't happen.

Tybalt worked up his relationship with Rene back in the day when he threw a wish to have a kiss. Rene was the lady he had the most points with and so it was.  Rene wishes to be saved from death, win a gaming competition, buy electronics, and see a wolf.

Tybalt Capp - Popularity - To Have 20 Simultaneous Best Pet Friends

Tybalt wishes to entertain, meet someone new, hustle pool, and play with (anyone).

Puck Summerdream - Popularity - Become a Celebrity Chef

Puck wishes to invite someone over, talk, play with, and entertain.

Hermia (Capp) Summerdream - Family - Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Hermia is married to Puck.  She wishes play with, talk, entertain, and have a baby.

Monday was easy.  Many wishes were filled for all to talk, play and getting along as a family.  The family dynamic really changed with Juliet moved out and married Romeo, and then Consort died.  Possibly the only person who did not get 5 wishes filled on Monday was Rene.  Tybalt has that wish to befriend 20 pets so much time is spent with and all the dogs Hermia is raising for her Raise 20 Pets wish.

Hermia being the ultimate Family Sim, threw wishes for cooking skills.  Eventually the chef from Sue's Kitchen showed up to invite her to cook in his kitchen.

Tybalt spent much of his time in the dog pen, making sure they were well cared for.     Of course, many of his daily wishes surrounded the dogs.

He has worked up to 9 pet best friends by now, and wants one more to make 10.  Get this,and he will but halfway home.  He wants to command Abbey here for two easy wishes to rack up.

ASimWen did the math.  There was not enough pet BBFs in the works for Tybalt to reach the 10.  He needed to get a pet to come to the house to make friends with. Puck wished to have a party, so he invited his family over, along with one of the family pets, Snookie the cat.

Tybalt got on very well with Snookie.  In no time, their daily friendship was up to 100.  Given enough time, it the lifetime would raise high enough to bring Tybalt another BFF.

Juliet was happy to be home again eating with her sister, and had a good time talking with the Summerdreams.

One of the puppies on the lot grew up.  Off to Animal Control.  Tybalt cried and cried, as his relationship had grown to "Master" with this dog.

Puck wants to learn as much as he can about mechanical...and Tybalt wanted to help out a relationship in trouble.  So he learned couples counseling.  You never know.

After getting a few mechanical skill points under his belt, Puck wanted to interact with his wife, finally.  He rolled play with, talk to, admire.  He was finally in platinum!

Tybalt wished to play a little chess, and Knowledge Sim Rene sat down to play as well.

It seemed there was not enough opportunity for Tybalt and Rene to get time together.  Their time was short.


Two more puppies grow up.  ASimWen though that these dogs looked nothing like their parents, Abbie and Leroy.  Took a look at the family tree, and these doggies were adopted, apparently.  Off to Animal Control they went, then it was time for Abbie and Leroy to try for more pups.  But alas, Abbie was too old to be a mamma again.

Doggie Genetics

A new potential mate was brought in for Leroy.  She was fierce!

Apparently Tybalt already knew Haya.  The played together like old friends, their friendship scores were already 100/100

Haya immediately put Abbie in her place.  She already knew Leroy too, and in no time puppies were in the works.  Perhaps she was raised here in the past? 

It had been a great day for Tybalt and Rene.  Breakfast together, a little chess.  Rene had to attend to her part time job then upon her arrival home met a very unwelcome visitor.  Goodbye Rene.  Not many wishes were fulfilled for her, there really was no desire to keep her around.

Poor Tybalt did not see Grimmie come and take his wife.  He had passed out from the heat while playing in the dog pen.  Gotta keep those doggie friendship up!  Hermia splashed him with water bringing him back around.

This same day, Puck was called out on an outing.  Hermia went too, it was great  to get out of the house.  (Secretly, ASimWen wanted to shake up her wishes).  Off to Four Corners the group went.  The outing was Fun, and everyone was glad to have attended.

Oh yes, Hermia's wishes shook up alright, but all to adopting more pets.  I am thinking she is not happy with waiting around for them to be born before they grow up. 

Meanwhile Tybalt continued making friends when this friendly wolf wondered up into the yard.  Thinking he could make a quick doggie friend, Tyblat taught this wolf to play dead, but the friendship meter did not move much. 

Early Sunday Haya and Leroy's puppies were born.  Two boys and a girl.  Tybalt wasted no time making friends. 

Finally Hermia threw some wishes for some new kitchen appliances, to match the cooking skills she had been wishing for and fulfilling.  Good show!

And this is where we end this week with the Capps.

Ghostly Occurrences

The ghosts at Capp Manor are a problem for sure.

Poor Puck was constantly scared by this one incessantly...who's urn is inside the house.  He nearly died.


Rene - I must admit this was rough to get through.  It was extremely fun last round bringing Rene into the household, but then found that everything she wished for was obnoxious and difficult to play.  Tybalt and Rene did not throw any wishes for each other at all.  So she came and went to her job and finally had her party.  Good riddance. 

Tybalt - Ending wishes - Still holds the Make 10 Best Pet Friends wish, locked in. Talk about hobby, play guitar, and  dance with someone.  Really though he would meet the 10 best pet friends by the end of the round.  *sigh*  It occured to ASimWen this round that Tybalt needed to have an heir so the Capp name could carry on at Capp Manor.  He may just end up adopting because he is so disagreeable to play.  But at any rate, at the beginning of the round Tybalt threw lots of wishes to interact with the dogs, but by the end of the week wanted to play the instruments out in the courtyard to gain creativity points. 

Puck - Ending wishes - Be friends with (townies) Regina and Johnathan, win a dance competition, get creativity 7.  Puck was easy to keep in platinum once he got over a bad funk he had the first couple of days.  He won a lot of aspiration points by getting a good reputation, hitting the phones and making friends, and would always throw a skill wish when needing it for job promotion.  He checked the computer every day for his desired job in culinary, but it never came up.

Hermia - Love this girl.  Ending wishes - Win a cooking contest, max Creativity, win the Music and Dance Hobby Plaque, and win a dance contest.  I remember last round having her toiling away at the toy bench to get the gold badge so the water wiggler so the dogs would not have to be bathed.  This round I realized she was not maxed out on creativity, so it was taking forever.  So she worked on that this round, and eventually started throwing wishes for creativity over cooking. 

Next is the Montys - Isabella.

Remember, family is always first. 

Thanks for reading! 



  1. Lovely to see the Capps in their original house! As you know, in my game, Tybalt's life has taken a very different course than in yours. He is now an elderly gentleman and I hope he will live long enough to see the rest of his children getting married.
    Out of the top of my head, I can't remember where Puck is and what happened to him in my game. That's what happens when it takes so long to complete one round, with breaks in between for other games or real life! :-)

  2. Love that you're posting again!!!