Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Wolosenko & Jordan - Sunflower & Mitch, Brian & Sharon

Two families live here, the Wolosenkos and the Jordans.  This lot is the product of Marry off Six Children LTW thrown and fulfilled by and for Leo Wilkie who married Coral Oldie.

The Wolosenkos:

Mitch the Grocery Guy - Romance/Family.  LTW is to Become and A Hall of Famer.

First wishes:  To get fit, flirt with, dance with, and give back rub to wife Sunflower.  First wish fulfilled:  Flirt with Sunflower.

Plantsim Sunflower - Pleasure.  LTW is to Become a Professional Party Guest.

First wishes - To reach top of Slacker career, stay home from work (that seems like a conflict of interest to me, heh), influence someone to serve food, and look at neighbors.  First wish fulfilled - Woohoo with Mitch.

Robert Wolosenko - Grow Up

First wishes:  Be best friends with Harry Burb and Emma Copur, win a game against Harry, and be best friends forever with Ida Burb.  First wish fulfilled:  Eat a hamburger.

The Jordans:

Former Uni YA Brian Jordan -  Knowledge - LTW to Become Hand of Poseidon

First wishes:  Talk, woohoo in bed, invite someone over, and get a skill point.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk.

Sharon Jordan - Knowledge - LTW - To Become a Prestidigitator

First wishes:  to woohoo in bed, ask Sim on a date, see a ghost, and get a skill point.  First wish fulfilled:  Ask Sim on date.

It is hard to tell the plantsim sisters apart as they work the greenhouse garden.  All the men have gone off to work, and they are left to tend garden and fish.  Yes, they are both risky woohoo pregnant.  This will make for a very full house in a short Sim while!

EEehhhh....okay this is the first set of twins in this neighborhood.  Sunflower has a boy named Louis, and a girl named Alice, at 2:30 am Tuesday morning.  Sharon calmly studies mechanical feeding her inner Knowledge Sim.  Not paying attention to the fact her sister just had twin human babies.

While Sunflower is taking care of her newborns, Sharon decides it is time to have her baby.  She had a beautiful daughter named Annie.

That makes eight Sims in this home, so much for keeping households small. heh  Thank you soooooo much, Risky!  But, having twins did not stop Sunflower from going to work just a few hours later.

Sunflower has met her lifetime want.  Her new one?  To have 50 dream dates.  Um, lemme check her age.  She is only halfway through adulthood.  But with an overstuffed house, I don't think I want to concentrate on her and Mitch constantly dating.  I think I will bypass this chance at Prosperity points.  Upon achieving her LTW and getting a nice cash bonus besides, this Pleasure Sim now wants to buy a car, ask sim on a date, buy a bubble blower and buy a game.  Ask sim on a date it is!  Get all those wishes knocked out at once.

Margaret Caliente (daughter of Nina (Caliente) and deceased Mark Landchild) comes home on the bus with Robert.  She gives this stray dog a good scolding for barking at her.  Robert rolled a wish to tell an inside joke, but ended up telling it to his father instead of Margaret.

This same night was Robert's birthday.

Robert rolled Family.  His LTW is to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens *sigh* .  Upon growing up he wished to buy a hand held game, a cell phone, and an mp3 player.  Oh yes, and he wanted to sneak out with Ida Burb.  Sneak out, it is~!  haha

What an exotic looking young man!

His Aunt Sharon is ecstatic about maxing mechanical.  She had been easy to keep in platinum so far by fulfilling wishes, as all she wanted was mechanical skill points. Upon maxing this, she wished to talk to her husband Brian, catch a fish, be bff with Mitch, and see a wolf. Well being that the men are at work, Sharon opted to fish the pond on the property.

Wednesday Edward Dreamer, son of Nichole (Thompson) Dreamer came home from school with Robert.  Robert wished to become friends with him.

Annie's Uncle Mitch was on hand to help her grow up on Wednesday evening.  Her dad Brian was busy punching the punching back trying to get 10th skill point in body, and her mom was fishing aiming for a silver badge.

And Brian makes it to level ten body.  Missed is daughter's birthday to do it.

Having a Family Sim in the household comes in handy.  Here Robert takes time to bathe his little cousin Alice before heading out to school.

Alice is helped along that evening with her birthday by her mom Sunflower.

Louis is helped along by his cousin Robert.  The house is already feeling chaotic.

Speaking of Robert, Robert who is only getting one or two wishes fulfilled a day, wanted his first kiss.  Since there was no wishing well on this lot, he called the matchmaker and dolled out $5,000 to get a girl who might kiss him on the first date.  This is Marylena Hamilton. It was a two bolt attraction, but didn't go anywhere.  Marylena drifted over to the pond and fished with Sharon, all night long.

In the mean time, Sharon gets a hobby plaque in Nature, and a gold fishing badge.  go you, Sharon!  She kept wishes to fish, catch certain types of fish.  Badges.  Upon winning the gold badge, she wanted to see a wolf, and to see Annie get an A+ report card, to get Annie into private school, and to buy a bass.  Yes, by this time Annie and Alice had grown to child.  The house was so crazy just trying to manage 8 Sims, I did not make note of wishes, ect. heh

 In the meantime, Mitch loses his job in Athletic at the Superstar level due to a bad chance card.  Ugh.

So he immediately calls the boss and pleads for his job.  This is the first time I have ever had this work.  heh  Usually some kind of language is used like 'you are a deadbeat don't call us anymore' and the Sim is lost to the job forever.  lol

So Mitch starts out at the bottom again as a Mascot.  He seems happy about it nonetheless.  At least he has all the skills needed for the job.  :)

Annie is throwing fishing wishes like her mom Sharon, and has found that she likes sports when a basketball hoop appeared on the lot.

Louis grows up Sunday evening.  He looks far too serious.  His wishes upon growing up:  Be BFF with his mom Sunflower, get mechanical 8, make a friend, and tell a secret.

On the right, Alice, enjoys an omelet with Annie.  Looks like Annie stayed outside too long fishing.

Mitch gives his sister-in-law Sharon some punching lessons.  This slimmed her right up.  Once she was slim again, she fulfilled a wish to fish, which was something she kept constantly.

And this is where this chapter ends.  It goes without saying, 5 wishes were not fulfilled for everyone every day.  I would say the most fortunate ones were Mitch and Sunflower, being Romance and Pleasure Sims, they wanted to date.  And it was easy to fulfill that.

Ending wishes:

Mitch:  Ask Sim on a date, appreciate Sharon, be BF with Alice, and go on vacation.

Sunflower:  Ask Sim on a date, buy a bubble blower, influcence someone to cook a meal, and stay home from work.

Brian:  Gain a skill point, do tia chi, go jogging, go birdwatching.

Sharon:  Get body six, get a skill point, get Annie into private school, and be BFF with Annie.  Sharon got a gold in fishing this round, and the hobby plaque in nature. 

Robert: (who has shown zero wishes for Uni, thank goodness,)get an mp3 player, eat chili con carne, get first kiss (still), and eat cereal.

Alice:  Go fishing, jump rope, eat omelets, and get A+ report card.

Annie:  Get bronze in fishing, get A+ report card, eat omelets, and jump rope.

Louis:  Get A+ report card, jump rope, torment someone, and talk about hobby.

Heh.  Busy house.

That is it, keep on simmin!



  1. Wow, awesome update! That's a packed house but they are fun to play.
    I think Robert is very exotic looking- LOL at his folks' smooching in the background 'photobombing' his birthday pic!
    TWINS! yay- Louis looks like Robert a bit I think.
    Poor Mitch losing his job, but nice you got to use the 'reward' to get it back, I've never seen that before! :)
    Ok, I gotta get to work, heh. :D

    1. Ha yup Robert's parents are a three bolt attraction and are constantly on each other, unless I get them to do something else. I was very pleased that Mitch was able to get his job back, kinda anyway. :)

  2. Busy house indeed!!! Do you have 10 Sims living there now? I thought 8 is the limit, but I think there's hacks for having more than 8, right?
    Robert definitely has something Vulcan about his appearance, especially on that first shot of him as a teenager.

    1. Oh my, I read back over my entry. In a couple of places I say there are eight Sims, and another place I say there are ten. That shows how busy the house was! I edited the article to the corrected amount, which is eight. I also fixed a bunch of misspellings. You would think I didn't read back over it before I published it. lol

      I had the same thought as well, that Robert looked Vulcan, Mr. Spock the second. He doesn't have the pointy ears tho...his plantsim mom (Sunflower) had human ears. However Sharon has them, but I have not looked at Annie to see if she inherited them. Her hair style covers her ears up. :-)

  3. That is a very busy house. Lots of kids, but fun all the same. The kids are all pretty exotic looking, but fun, I like the girls look.