Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Wilkie - Silver Maple and Brittany (Upsnot)

All who live here:

Silver Maple - Fortune - LTW to own 5 Top Level Businesses  (ugh).  First wishes:  Get a logic skill point, get a creativity skill point, dance with Brittany, and give back rub to Brittany.  First wish fulfilled - Get creativity skill point.

Brittany (Upsnot) - Popularity - LTW - have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends.  First wishes:  Talk, meet someone new, entertain, and play with.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk (to Bertha).

Bertha - Grow up - First wishes - Get skill points in logic, creativity and charisma, and talk to her dad Silver Maple.

Silver Maple maxes creativity with a flourish, and fulfills a wish.  He now needs a logic skill point for promotion in the culinary field.

Hm.  The old lady is Joy Wilkie.  You might remember her from the Dustin and Angela Broke lot where she just walked right in to their home and never left for days.  It is 2 pm on Monday, and she has just walked in, has just done the same thing here, but left after 12 house at 2 am.  She is an NPC who was wished for out of the wishing well by plantsim Birch Wilkie.

Brittany hits 10 best friends, halfway to her LTW, and fulfills a major wish.

By Wednesday, it was time for Bertha to grow up to child.  To celebrate, Pop Sim Brittany called out for a party, to beef up those friendships she needed to fulfill her LTW, and to get wishes fulfilled for the day.

And the party commenced.  Many of Brittany's University friends came to help the family celebrate.

Bertha's wishes upon growing up:  Be BFF with her dad Silver Maple, tell inside joke, get creativity 5, make a friend.

The next day was a snow day, which Bertha started the fun day by jumping rope, telling her mother an inside joke, playing red hands, and getting swung around, twice.  Then her mother's university friend Allegra Gorey called her to see what she was up to.  Bertha was thrilled to talk with her.

This was much more fun.

Yay for you, Silver Maple!  Great prosperity points. 

Silver Maple would paint all night long while his wife and daughter slept, as he kept wishes to sell a masterpiece.  He finally made it to the Zone!

Brittany hosts another party on Friday, and found Malcom Landgraab walking by the house and invited him in for the fun.  Here they gossip about Don Lothario, and Allegra Gorey listens in and cannot believe her ears.  Heh

Later that night Silver Maple gets called on an outing with a bunch of college kids.  He is puzzled by this, as he never went to University, and didn't know any of them.  With the exception of the girl to the far left, she is the one who called him out.  She is one of his coworkers.  Funny thing, when he agreed to go, a message popped up that he needed a babysitter.  I am like no.....Brittany is home...but he agreed to let Nanny come anyway.  When the taxi came Brittany loaded into the car too even though she was not invited.  hehe!

Saturday morning sees Silver Maple promising this orange tree that rain is coming soon.  It is also the first day of spring, and he has love on his mind.  (Ask Sim on Date)

When Saturday morning chores were done, the family headed out to Pleasantview Pets, as Bertha harbored a wish to obtain a pet.  Silver Maple could not help himself...he steps aside fanning himself per his attraction to Brittany.  He is rarin' to get on with that date!

Brittany notices that the business has the 'Best of the Best' plaque on display.  Remember Dustin Broke worked this pet shop to Best status long ago.

Bertha finds the fish tank to be especially fun and interesting.

Eventually she picks out this adorable Chihuahua who she named Pumpkin, a sweet female dog.

Then she picked out this male Jack Russell, whom she named Raspberry.   Yes, the Wilkies are going to get into the dog breeding business.  It seems like the number of Sims in the neighborhood with the Raise 20 Kittens or Puppies lifetime want has increased.  heh

In the mean time, Brittany and Silver Maple get on with their date.  It was a good day for everyone!

And we end this entry with Bertha getting in some playtime in with Raspberry before heading off to school Monday morning.  there is nothing like bringing pets into a house to throw some good wishes for a child.

Ending wishes:

Silver Maple:  Be flirted with, ask Sim on date, kiss, sell a masterpiece.  Yes, it is still spring time, and even though he is a Fortune Sim, Silver Maple is driving wishes to be romantic.  Nope, no Romance sub aspiration here.  I think it is cute.  I think it is the game enticing me to get the Wilkies to put another bun in the oven.  heh  All throughout the week Silver wanted to sell masterpieces and buy things.  Early on he wanted to reach TOC in culinary, which he did, then the wishes for masterpieces started.  Once he sold a couple of paintings, he wanted to quit his job, so he did.  I think next round he will probably throw a wish to get a job.  He did want the dogs to get jobs, but I managed to circumvent that.  I want the dogs to breed.   Silver earned the hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts.  One thing that he didn't want anyone to know, his crop of eggplants died because he didn't realize the sprinkler was broken.  As a plantsim, this was very embarrassing for him.

Brittany (Upsnot) - Be BFF with Joe Carr, get a good reputation, meet someone new, and be BFF with Heather Huffington.  Brittany is only 4 Sims away from reaching her LTW of having 20 Best Friends.  Normally I reach this LTW easily with a wishing well and just wish for friends.  But being that ASimWen was not focusing on getting the well and the garden died, no well was available. So the LTW is being reached the long hard way.  heh  Not bad I supposed to go back to the old fashioned way of doing it.  Right at the end of the week, Brittany was able to choose a second aspiration.  She rolled Romance.

Bertha - Play with Raspberry and Pumpkin, torment someone, and get an A+ report card.
Bertha threw lots of child type wishes like swing me around, play with relative, ect.  Then the dogs came to the house, and then came the pets wishes.  Easy peasy.

That is it for Wishful Thinking for a while.  Back to TS3 for a bit.  In case you are interested, I do have a TS3 Blog for the Completion Challenge called The Cartwrights in Sunset Valley.  Check it out!

Keep on simmin'!



  1. Aaaw! I hope you will keep playing this 'hood again, and not let me wait for an update forever :-)
    Funny how Silver Maple was invited to join the college kids, and Brittany went with him even though she wasn't invited.
    Also fun to see that she threw a party in her PJs :-)

    1. Just call it a pajama party. hehehe! It is hard for me, I do enjoy both Sims games the same. I do not know how things will go when TS4 comes out next year. heh

  2. Is TS4 coming out?! What? (Sooo outta the loop!). I hope it's better than 3! (or that the Sims are, at the very least). :D
    What a great update. Poor Joy, she must be lonely that's why she keeps turning up to your sims' houses.
    Nina just had a party full of college kids just like Silver, weird eh?
    Bertha has grown up well, she's never going to be lonely with the doggies and their puppies when they come along- it's a good idea to prepare for the next lot of 'raise 20', I agree!
    Glad Brittany finally gave Silver his much wished for date. :)

    1. I didn't know it was either. There are a lot of things I hope they do differently then 3. I might actually play it if that was the case.