Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pleasantview Rnd 5 - Broke - Charles and Frances (Bartlett)

This is a new lot, the home of Charles and Frances Broke.  Charles is the son of the beleaguered single mom, Brandi Broke.  Frances is Charles's childhood sweetheart, a townie rescued from towniedom, and married into the family of playables.

Charles and Frances moved back into the Broke trailer.

Charles is a Romance Sim who's LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest.  His first wishes:  Be friends with, talk to, flirt with, and give back rub to old lady Lindsay, have a party, and earn some money.   As you can see, his life meter is full meaning he is already perm plat.

Frances is a Popularity Sim who's LTW is to Become A Celebrity Chef.  Her first wishes:  Entertain someone, talk to, hustle pool, meet someone new, play with, and invite someone over.  First wish fulfilled:  Talk.

My thought was to have Charles throw a wedding party to fulfill his party wish, but I realized he and Frances weren't even engaged!  haha.

So the deed was done. Yeah, they are in their underware. Frances' talk interaction threw 'woohoo' right away. No chimes.

Charles's elderly brother Dustin was right up front for the nuptials, with his beautiful wife Angela there in the back ground, along with their daughter Anna.  Beau was also present, and their mother Brandi (who decided it was better to go into a corner and smustle than watch her son get married).  All Charles's wishes for the day were easily fulfilled during the party using the 'influence' interaction.

The party was a roof raiser, and everyone left happy.  Even Brandi.  heh.  As soon as the party was over, Charles got a call from one of his college chums for an outing downtown, so down to the park they went to drink espresso and play a little chess.  Upon return...

Charles's preferred job in Slacker came up on the computer.   Yay!  However, there was nothing open in culinary for Frances.

On Wednesday...

A job came up in Culinary for Frances. Heh, yeah, she is pregnant. Woohoo wishes started flying along with 'ask sim on a date' for both Frances and Charles. Not suprising, being that a Romance and Popularity Sim are living under this roof.

Either Frances or Charles get asked out on an outing every night.  This outing turned out to be a flop.  Frances didn't manage to hit the energizer before going out, and wanted to go home right away because she was tired.  But not before a fight broke out between two creepy old men.  heh

A few hours after returning from that outing, natural twins Bob and Skip were born.  (Not a good picture I know, but accidentally hit the unpause when I didn't want to).  The boys are named after their grandpa and great grandpa, Skip Broke and Bob Newbie. 

The next day Frances goes for her first day at work, as does Charles.

 She makes this big haul on her very first day.  Go you, Frances!

Both are promoted:  Charles to Freelance Web Designer, and Frances to Restauranteur.  Upon returning home, Charles spins up 'woohoo' as Romance Sims are want to do when they come home from work.

Aww come on Frances!  The twins are just 24 hrs old!  hahahaha!  Darn you, Risky!  heh

It has been incredibly easy keeping these two happy fulfilling wishes.  Dating, talking about hobby, and serving food occasionally.  Nothing special going on here.

Her second day of work, Frances becomes top dog.  New LTW:  Become a Hall of Famer.  As much as I like playing TS2, playing a Uni Sim can get quite boring.  Top of the career many times before they retire. Frances quit her job in culinary to stay home with the kids.

On Sunday evening, the twins grew up.  Skip was first. First wishes:  learn to potty, talk, be played with by Frances and Charles.  First fulfilled:  Be played with by Frances.

Then Bob.  First wishes:  Be snuggled by Charles and Frances, be played with by Charles and Frances.  First wish fulfilled:  Be snuggled by Frances.

Monday morning came 'round, to an uneventful end. 

Ending wishes:

Charles: Reach top of Slacker Career, teach Bob and Skip a nursery rhyme, be best friends with Brittany (Upsnot) Wilkie, buy a car, and meet someone new.  Being that Charles is perm plat, I don't concentrate so much on fulfilling five wishes every day for him.  I lock in ones that I want him to keep. 

Same with Frances:  The usual stuff - talk about hobby, smustle, meet someone new, have a good reputation, serve food, and dance with someone.

The Twins:  Bob - learn toddler skills walk and potty, be played with by Charles and Frances.  Skip - leran to walk and potty, be read to by Frances, and be played with by Charles.

It was a fun easy lot.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. What a sweet idea to name the twins after their late grandfather and great-grandfather!
    Odd choice of wedding outfits for the couple :-) And so nice to see Dustin and Beau whom I know so well from my own game.

    1. Wedding outfits: When I realized they weren't even engaged, I wanted to hurry through everything. Which included not taking them downtown to find wedding outfits.

  2. Yay, twins! haha, you're catching up with me now. :) Pregnant again- go Risky! Always when you don't want it eh?
    The 50K bonus should help make some room though I think. :)
    Good to see Charles as a fun-loving dad.

  3. Lots of kids in this couples future I think, with all the woohoo. :) I like the idea of passing down family names, it's sweet.

  4. I love the wedding outfits :) Makes me think Halloween theme or LARPer wedding. Unique and very interesting for pics