Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vernoaville Rnd 3 - Monty/Capp - Regan and Cornwall

All who live here:  Cornwall Capp - Fortune - LTW to become a Hall of Famer.  Regan (Monty) Capp - Fortune - LTW - To have 6 Pets Reach TOC.  Twins Elgar and Fay, and toddler twins Aubrey and Avalon.  Yes, both sets, natural.  ASimWen never pushes twinsies anymore with cheesecake.  Then there is Kim the cat, working for Regan's LTW.

Cornwall - First wishes - Reach top of career Athletic, woohoo in bed, get Creativity one, and talk. 

First wish fulfilled:  Woohoo in bed

Regan - First wishes - Woohoo in bed, talk, meet someone new, earn some money.

First wish fulfilled: Woohoo in bed

Elgar - First wishes - Win a game against his cousin Avery Capp, be best friends with Avery, win a game against cousin Erlina, and play with Erlina.

First wish fuliflled:

Fay - First wishes - Be friends with Avery, talk to Avery, get a skill point, and Kim learns a command.

First wish fulfilled:

Aubrey - First wishes - Be tickled, read to, snuggled, and get a logic point.

First wish fulfilled:  Be tickled.a

Avalon - First wishes -Be tickled by Cornwall, be read to, and get a logic and creativity skill point.

First wish fulfilled: Be tickled by Cornwall.

Right off the bat the household gets approximately $4,000 from Consort Capp for his passing.  Bless you Consort.

Kim is working her way up the corporate ladder.

It's the day for promotions . This fulfills a very nice wish for Cornwall and cool 25,000 in aspiration points fills the coffers.  New LTW?  To become the Hand of Posiedon.

Come Tuesday, Regan began wishing for expensive Fortune Sim type items.  After fulfilling a wish to woohoo in bed (thank goodness no chimes) even though she didn't need it she wished for an exercise machine which was plopped down in the back yard.  Then she wished for the item that keeps on costing...a butler.  Darn Fortune Sims.

And of course, he went right to the stove to cook and burned the food straight away.

Kim reaches the top of her second career.  Time to get her started on the third career!

Tuesday sees lots of birthdays.  Fay was the first to grow up, and immediately gets grossed out by her parents showing some affection for each other.  Fay grew up as a Pleasure Sim, and wants 50 Dream Dates.  Ugh.  Wishes upon growing up:   Buy a cell phone, flirt, buy a TV and a bubble blower.  Wish fulfilled:  Buy a cell phone.

Fay's twin Elgar grew up next.  He is a Family Sim with a wish to marry off six.  heh  Wishes upon growing up:  Buy a handheld game, flirt, first kiss, and meet someone new.  First wish fulfilled:  Buy a handheld game.

Aubrey was next...first wishes upon growing up:  Make a friend, buy electronic entertainment, get A+ report card, and get logic 4.  Wish fulfilled:  Buy electronic entertainment.

Then Avalon.  Wishes:  be BFF with mom Regan, get logic 7, make a friend, and buy electronic entertainment..  Hmmm seems like the kids wanna go shopping.  Wish filfilled:  buy electronic entertainment.

So off the Capp family went, to H&M Veronaville.  Elgar is having Family Sim type thoughts aleady.

Not finding a cell phone vending machine there, they set off for Sims Gone Wired:

Elgar gets his handheld game, and Fay gets her cellphone.   A television set and a game console were in the Capp's living room upon their arrival home, further fulfilling wishes for the kids.  However everyone was too tired to watch TV or play, and went to bed as it was now 2 am, Wednesday.  It would be a wonder if the kids would be able to get up to go to school.

It was not bad.  Everyone managed to make it out of bed, and worked in some wishes besides before the school bus pulled up in front of the house.

Fay and Elgar managed to return from an early morning hike before the school bus came, and Aubrey was all about throwing command after command at Kim.

Avalon spent the morning jumping rope, and gained a couple of body skills besides.

After school, the teens wanted to fulfill wishes concerning the opposite sex.  Elgar brought home a townie girl from school with him, Bliss Merry.  She is from a family I was playing in Veronaville before this 5 wishes style of play.  I made her and her family townies.  When Elgar aged to teen, she aged up too.  Pretty girl.  Here Elgar and Bliss have a date.  She finds him impressive.  Woooo.

Fay fulfilled a wish to ask a sim out on a date.   This is Yoosung Gaither, from another experimental family in Veronaville who was turned into a townie like Bliss.  In his former life as a playable, his father was Mr. Big.  He also grew to teen when Fay did.

The date was a resounding success, ending with Yoosung and Fay going steady.  And Fay received her first Dream Date.  Only 49 to go.  They are a one bolt couple.

Regan and Cornwall get in on the romance act by watching the stars.

Gratuitous Townie Picture
On Thursday when no one was home during the day but the butler, Makoto St. Julien came around and kicked over the trash can with the butler looking on.  Perhaps he is angry about the seven year old glasses Juliet (Capp) Monty gave him during his make over long ago. 

Friday sees Fay fulfilling many wishes when she asked Yoosung out on a date.  A little skunk showed up and scampered about the yard, and a passing townie stopped to pluck the money trees.  Nothing like being alone on a date....

In the meanwhile, Elgar called Bliss Merry over for a quick date.  However when she found the chess board, he found...

Aelita Summerdream.  She came home on the bus with him, and it was one thing after another to try to keep him interested in Bliss.  He was attracted like a month to a flame to Aelita.  Who knows....

Amidst all the raging teen hormones, Cornwall managed to get to the computer and check for his dream job in Oceanography.  Yah!

On Saturday, Avalon decided he wanted to see his cousin Avery Capp, and invited him over to play.  The boys settled down in front of Saturday morning cartoons and had a good time, fulfilling wishes to talk and play.

Ah Cornwall aged, and ASimWen was not on hand to order up a birthday cake.  So sad.  But hey Cornwall makes for a handsome senior.    Since he is platinum not a whole lot of concentration is thrown his way for fulfilling wishes.   It was fortunate that his second career came up on the computer before he aged.

Saturday was spent with friends, dating, and having birthdays, with plenty of wishing going around for everyone.

Yes Fay, you are beautiful.

After primping in the mirror, Fay realizes a wish to sneak out with Yoosung.  My goodness, he must be doing pretty well for himself.

Being the responsible Family Sim Elgar studies up on fire safety, fulfilling a wish to do so.

Shortly afterwards, Aubrey completes his lesson in Physiology.   Time to eat.

Sunday evening Avalon scowls at (another) townie who has come by and kicked over the trashcan.  Nobody really knows why this is happening.  On the other hand, it might be because the yard gnome that Elgar found while hiking is not placed so that it can be picked up and stolen.  So the angry would be gnome stealer knocks over the trash can instead.

Fay asks Yoosung out on a outing so she could go to town and fulfill a wish to buy clothes among other things.  The girl feels she can find happiness by buying things, like her Fortune Sim parents.

The outing was a rousing success.  Upon returning home Fay took Kim out for a walk.  When the two returned home, Yoosung stopped by and left a huge fountain on the Capp porch.  Heh.  It was stashed in Fay's backpack for future posterity along with two expensive stereos she wished for among other things.

This is where we end this entry with the Capps.


Cornwall:  Ending wishes: Get a promotion, read a novel, and both Elgar and Fay get a scholarship.  Cornwall was basically left on his own after he reached platinum status.  However as a Fortune Sim he wished for all the usual things include items for his job; then when Elgar and Fay grew to teen it was constant wishes for scholarships. 

Regan:  Earn $50,000, both Elgar and Fay get a scholarship, and make a friend.  I have to admit I didn't pay much attention to Regan either even though she is not perm plat.  She really should have promoted onward and upward in her job.  But being that her LTW is not tied to it she didn't try really hard. I was having so much fun with Fay and Elgar.

Elgar:  Play marco polo, go hiking, catch a bug, and play a computer game.  Elgar wished for lots of hiking, studying, computer stuff, and wished to have interactions with Bliss.  Once Aelita came home on the bus with him , he stopped wishing for all items regarding the opposite sex.  Odd.

Fay:  Ask Sim on a date, play marco polo, play chess, buy (another) stereo.  Fay has been really fun to play that is fulfilling wishes for this Pleasure Sim.  Jump on sofa, go on outings, perform for tips, shopping.  I love playing her.

Aubrey: Jump rope, get a n A report card, play marco polo, and command Kim to Come Here.  Both Aubrey and Avalon wished for the same kid type stuff.  Doing things with friends, jump rope, boss the cats around.

Avalon:  Play marco polo, win a game against Aubrey, get A report card, eat cereal.  Carbon copy above.

Gad.  I didn't realize ALL the kids wanted to play marco polo.  Anyhow, happy new year everyone, and keep on simming!



  1. Everyone gets their wishes. Will Bliss go to college with Edgar??

  2. Happy New Year to you, too!
    That was a fun update. Your Sims seem to like going to community lots in their PJs ;-)
    Nice idea to make Sims you formerly played into townies, and incorporate them in your game again.

  3. Happy New Year Wen!
    What a fun round, I thought it was only the Butler in my 'hood that burnt the food- every time. :D
    Poor Fay, 50 dream dates! I've done 50 1st dates quite a few times in the course of this challenge but not had 'Dream' to contend with.
    You could be right about the trash can/ gnome scenario- it happens quite often in my game for no reason that I can think of.
    Regan and Cornwall still loved up, I miss my Veronaville but am enjoying living through your version. Great that your guys had the two sets of twins too after being barren in my game! :)

    1. 50 dream dates is not so difficult - your Sim can have all dream dates with the same person. And if they are already in love with each other anyway, and live in the same household, they can have several dates every day, end up in bed together and make it a dream date every time :-)

  4. Fun round....reading your Veronaville makes me very excited to finally get there in Megalahood, but I've got a ways to go I think. :)