Sunday, January 5, 2014

Veronaville Rnd 3 - Antonio Monty

All who live here - Antonio Monty - Knowledge Sim - LTW Max out 7 skills.   Beatrice Monty teenager - Popularity Sim - LTW Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends.  Benedick Monty teenager - Romance - LTW to become a Celebrity Chef.

Antonio first wishes:

Max all skills, gain a skill point, talk, invite someone over.  First wish fulfilled:  Get a skill point.  (mechanical).

Beatrice first wishes:

Sneak out with townie Elizabeth Ng, sneak out with cousin Kimberly Monty, reach logic 1, and go to University.  First wish fulfilled:  Reach logic 1.

Benedick first wishes:

Sneak out with cousin Kimberly Monty,  sneak out with Kimberly's brother Alon Monty, get a pet, and go to University.  First wish fulfilled: go on a hike.

Upon opening this lot, the first thing I spy is a $4,000 vase sitting on the corner of the lot.  It was immediately sold, as this family only has $16,000 in liquid cash, and a sparsely furnished house.

Antonio is poor in cash, but rich in tastes.   The last visit to this lot found Benedick constantly cooking lobster.  On this day, Antonio threw a wish to learn how to make it himself.  So it was.

Antonio called the Garden Club after he finished eating his lobster.  Oh, and after he slept all night.  While he was not showing a wish to get into the Garden Club it was probably a good idea to have a wishing well on the lot for the Pop Sim and the Romance Sim teens.  Antonio sunk $15,000 into worthless junk to put out on the lawn that he knew Garden Club President Joe Graham would like.

During the inspection, Antonio weeded, weeded, and weeded the vegetable garden.  As soon as the Garden Club inspectors set foot on the lot, naturally weeds started springing up.  During the inspections, Benedick and Beatrice came home from school.  Benedick took over the weeding and Antonio went to bed, exhausted.  The wishing well was won, and Benedick sold back the giant fountain, the sculpture, and all the crazy flowers and ornamental lights that was put out for the inspection. 

After school on Tuesday, Benedick was harboring a wish to ask a Sim out on a date.  He immediately called his three bolt love Bottom Summerdream, but she had no phone!  Whaaa?  Oh yeah, she is in the Uni Bin.  Erm.  What a faux pax on my part.  So he called the first girl in his 'lil black book he had a high relationship with, and was not a relative.  Townie Trista Riley.   She immediately fell in crush with Benedick, but there are no bolts here.  She is good to help him get his wishes for the day.

When returning home from work Tuesday, Antonio wanted to stargaze, hunt bugs, and go bird watching.  Stargazing was a shoo in.  However he was not successful at catching a bug, and decided that bird watching was safer.  He was pleased to see when he got home that the contractors had been there and had enlarged the porch.  Important space for receiving date and outing gifts.


Beatrice and Benedick had gotten up early to play a little chess.  As I was zooming in on them to 'talk about hobby' ect to fulfill wishes...the game froze.  I was like, Aww is getting ready to crash....  nope.

Idiot Antonio is turned into a PlantSim, after spraying approximately a dozen times.  I remember when it took 25-30 sprays or more to get  a Plantsim.  He had taken a hit on the energizer so he would weed the garden all night.   Seeing how this was not in my plans for this lot, what to do, what to do.  Well, let it go for now until I figure out how I feel about it.  Well at least he was awarded an immediate gold badge in gardening.  Good prosperity points.


Back to Benedick and Beatrice.  Beatrice realized a 'have a good reputation' wish and talk about hobby.  Then Benedick wished to talk about hobbies too.  While I didn't feel he really needed to fulfill that wish I let him.  He would be dating Trista after school as he was also wishing to ask a Sim out on a date.  Locked in.

Hm.  Fay Capp came home on the bus with Benedick.  Since Ben's last three bolt relationship is in the Uni bin, the game found him another one.  I guess this is where Benedick is going to get his after school date.

Oh geesh...Uh-huh.

While Fay and Benedick were having their date inside, Beatrice decided to hit up the wishing well to get started on her LTW of 20 simultaneous BFs.  Who should pop out of there but Yoosung Gathier, Fay's steady.

In the last entry in this blog, the two had several dates.


Benedick had no desire to break up Fay and Yoosung, so he said goodbye to her after getting his five wishes.  He retired to his homework, thinking about Fay and Yoosung.

Beatrice had a good time with her new friends.  She and Yoosung have a two bolt attraction.

Thursday saw lots of Nature wishes being fulfilled.

Since Antonio is now a PlantSim, he was awake all the time.  He had plenty of time to take excellent care of the garden, and spendt hours holding the fishing pole.  A hike or two is not out of the question.  Benedick when not wishing for dates, liked to hike as well.  Here Benedick harvested the excellent apples his dad grew.  I think gardening is the thing I like the best about TS2, and the ability to make the various juices.

Thursday also saw Antonio's birthday.  And elder PlantSim.  heh

Friday was the twins birthday to adulthood.  As they did not show the University wish but once when the lot was first opened, they will not be going.  They got on the school bus for their last day of school, and Antonio went on a hike after tending the garden all night.  He hit the big one, and recieved the hobby plaque while out hiking, fulfilling a nice wish for him.  Now he glowed when doing nature related activities. 

Since is was Birthday Day....Beatrice threw a party.

People began arriving.  This is Aelita Summerdream, Kimberly Monty, kid from wishing well, Alon Monty and Spencer Monty coming to party and watch the twins blow out the candles.

Beatrice realized a long locked wish and gets 10 BFFs as the party gets underway.  Bottom Summerdream (in the green shirt and cat makeup) could not be reached through the phone for the party, so she was brough in via the Simlogical Teleporter.

I immediately made her selectable to see if she if she had a phone.  She did.  Hmmmm.....normally when a Sim is in the Uni Bin they can still be reached.  Don't know what is going on. 

The kids were dancing, when it happens.  Apparently Bottom Summerdream was dating both Alon Monty and Benedick.  Heh.  SMACK SMACK SMACK.  lol

The twins stop all the jealousy drama by drawing everyone to the candle blowing ceremony.

I don't believe I have ever grown these two up.  Of course, both of them had regrets about not throwing more wishes for University.

Benedick first wishes upon growing up:  Flirt, woohoo in bed, meet someone new, and be BF with Fay.  First wish fulfilled:  meet someone new.  Woohoo locked in.

Beatrice first wishes:  Influence someone to play with another sim, to play with another sim, dance with someone, and be friends with townie Rosemarie Jitmakusol.   First wish fulfilled:  dance with someone.

Kimberly Monty:  Oh I am so mad at myself!!!

Kimberly:  No wait, I am angry with Bottom!
Bottom:  I am so angry with Alon!

So ASimWen figures Kimberly is mad at Bottom because she cheated on her brother Alon and hurt his feelings.  Yup.

Rosemarie Jitmakusol eating burgers with Beatrice
The party was a Good Time.

 Antonio:  And I am furious with Benedick.

ASimWen is trying to figure this one out.

The party was over, the house quiet, and Antonio was doing his nightly duty of taking care of the garden, an fulfilling fishing wishes.  What's this?  After fulfilling a wish to catch a large mouth bass he throws a wish to woohoo, right out of the blue.  Per the 5 Wishes rules, it is locked in.

Antonio took his turn at the wishing well and received Dora Ottomas.

Love at first sight.  :)

Another kiss.  Even before ASimWen suggests they should go to the bedroom, Antonio had negative thoughts about Benedick.  Benedick happened to be up at 3 o'clock in the morning, and in the bathroom right off Antonio's bedroom.  It is like he knew.

Benedick decided to go downstairs and get some breakfast, and the two elders headed upstairs to Antonio's bedroom.

WooHoo wish fulfilled.  Good for you, Antonio!  ASimWen now gave Dora a phone and put her and her family in a house so she is accessible in the future for Antonio's happiness.  Hmmm.

Now by this time Benedick is thinking he would like some woohoo.  (remember it is locked in)  Can't just be anywhere either, it has to be in a bed.  Whoooo oh whooooo?  His dad already used the once a day wish for the wishing well on this day.

Benedick sent dad off on a hike and made the call. 

Romance Sim Benedick is sure Trista Riley (who had a birthday on the same day he did) would be willing.  Doesn't he look confident?

As soon as Trista arrived, she offered Benedick a job.  While it is not his LTW in culinary, it least it is a job, and not level one.  He took it, and gave Trista a BIG KISS.


Benedick quickly realized he wanted to marry Trista.  (And wanted to fall in live with Miranda (Capp) Monty at the same time).  Per the 5 Wishes rules, Benedict must become engaged to Trista.  She was not who I had in mind for him, but it is what it is.  Benedick knew his Sim heart! 

Trista, will you???  Will you???

And there it is.  :-)

Apparently he had a fear of the engagement as well.   At the same time, Beatrice fulfilled a wish for a good reputation by telling cousin Spencer Monty a joke.

Benedick's woohoo wish is fulfilled.

Sunday saw Benedick going off to work for his first day in law enforcement, but only after fulfilling a wish to go fishing.

Beatrice decided to get a makeover...

She seemed to think it was okay.  She celebrated her new look by fulfilling a wish by:

Having her first party as an adult.  Cousin Spencer Monty was on hand to dance the evening away.  Beatrice fulfilled many Pop Sim wishes this day.  The party was a Good Time.  After it was over, Beatrice retired to her bed to take a nap.

Benedick arrived home from his first day of work just as the party was clearing up.  Being a Romance Sim of course the first thing he wanted to do was Ask a Sim Out On A Date.  Hello Trista!  Benedick was able to work in all his wishes for the day.

And we end this time with the Montys with Antonio getting a gold badge in fishing.  Yeah!


Antonio ending wishes:  Go hiking, birdwatching, catch a bug and blog about nature.  Antonio was extremely easy to keep happy once he became a PlantSim.  I will say it again,  I didn't plan it.  Fun to play a PlantSim though when I didn't plan on having one.

Beatrice:  Ending wishes: be BF with Dora (Ottomas) get logic 9, study couples counseling, and buy a drum kit.    Beatrice was fun because she liked to party and make friends.

Benedick:  Ending wishes:  Buy a juicer, have public woohoo, buy a tent, and reach maximum enthusiasm in nature.  I love playing Romance Sims, they are so outgoing and easy to please.  What can I say.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. Got to love the plant Sims. He does look better that way than before.

    1. I think he does too. That is why I didn't turn him back. :-)

  2. Wow - that was an action-packed week, with some surprises thrown in! I like Trista Riley (of course I am biased towards all Sims who share my surname) and am glad she'll become part of your game :-)
    Beatrice is a very pretty lady, she looks good in my game with very short hair, but equally beautiful with the new long haircut you gave her.
    The picture of Antonio serving lobster while the kitchen counter is in bad need of a good scrub made me laugh :-)

  3. What a fun round, so great that Antonio got to be a plantsim, it's odd how sometimes they can spray a hundred times and nothing and others just a few and bingo! He and Dora make a nice couple. (Thank god they can't have kids), LOL.
    Benedick and Beatrice are both handsome adults, I've always enjoyed playing them and what fun they are having in your game.
    I wonder if Benedick broke something in the house (the toilet maybe?) which could be why Antonio is mad with him. Will he marry Trista next time? His romance self won't like that much, :D

  4. Lots going on here for this week. A fun household and the kids look like they are all doing well, now as adults. Will they eventually move out on their own you think? I have yet to get a Plantsim in any of my hoods, but I'm hoping it will happen someday, what fun.

    1. Wow I don't know if Benedick or Beatrice will move out or not! Heh The house is tiny, so there is a good chance one of them will!